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Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. We might not have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.
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In this episode, the sisters are joined by two special guests - Tricia Hodges and Nana (Lucia Hames) from You Are An Artist Chalk Pastels. The sisters are asking all your questions, from why it's valuable to include art in your homeschool to what to do if your child gets frustrated. You'll love hearing from this sweet duo! Plus, Cait and Kara share the details on the upcoming Kindred Conference - sign up by Feb. 19!
The sisters are back with Season 8! Listen in as they catch up - they promise this isn't an eye doctor podcast now - and dive into co-ops and copywork. Are either necessary? When do you need them and when can you do without? Cait and Kara are sharing thoughts and their own experience!
In this week's episode, the sisters are answering two listener questions - about strong-willed kids and kiddos who need to move. Cait and Kara have experience with both (um, wink), so they share what has worked in their own homes, book suggestions and ways to keep your kids learning, even if they need tons of movement. If you feel like you're clashing with a strong-willed child, or you have one that hops up so often that chasing them counts as cardio, this episode is for you!  
Oh sisters! In this final episode of Season 7, Cait and Kara are talking to the author of one of their favorite books - Katrina Kenison. The sisters and Katrina discuss her book Mitten Strings for God, and how it impacted Cait and Kara as young moms. And they get to find out more about Katrina's philosophy of slowing down, embracing the ordinary and being present with our kids. This might be a new favorite, sisters, especially as the holidays approach!
The sisters are sharing their favorite cozy tips in this hyggeschooling replay! Hygge doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but the closest word is probably coziness. So in this episode, the sisters are talking twinkle lights, cocoa, books, games, recipes and other ways to slow down your homeschool and embrace the most hyggeligt time of year.  
The sisters are joined by author Melissa Camara Wilkins today to talk about her fantastic new book, Permission Granted. Cait, Kara and Melissa are talking why we so often feel like we need permission in the first place, how releasing ourselves from perfection helps release our kids too, and more.  Melissa's book is available now wherever books are sold, and it's definitely a Sisters favorite!
The sisters are joined this week by one of their favorite adventurers, Greta Eskridge! Cait, Kara and Greta talk adventure, a bit about the myth of balance, and Greta's homeschool challenges as an extrovert and Enneagram 7. She also shares a peek inside her local adventure club, and why she decided years ago to make weekly outdoor excursions a priority in her homeschool. Plus, you know that Greta has a book on the way, right?! #happydance
The sisters are so thrilled to welcome Cindy West to this episode. Cindy is a homeschool mom of three who has loved nature pretty much her whole life, and now creates fantastic products and classes to help parents learn about nature with their kids. Cindy, Cait and Kara discuss easy ways to add intention to nature walks, how Cindy's own homeschool nature study has developed over the years and what to do about nature journaling if you have a kiddo who really wants their trees to look like trees ... wink.  This one is for parents new to nature study, those who want to beef-up their outdoor time, and even those who don't think they are "nature" types, i.e., one of the sisters ;)  
Do you need to go to a homeschool conference or convention? Nope! In fact one of the sisters has never been to one! But, if you'd like to attend one or the other, this is the episode for you. Cait + Kara break down the differences between conferences and conventions, what to look for a in a conference and how to find one that's a good fit. Plus, the sisters spill the beans with a major announcement about where they will be speaking TOGETHER this year!
Kate Snow of Kate's Homeschool Math Help is back! And this time, she's answering listener questions. Kate - a Harvard grad, full-on smarty and possible math fairy brings her signature mix of calming support and deep math knowledge to this episode. She addresses what to do about math if you're brand new to homeschooling, how to know if your child really "gets" a math concept and more. This one is especially good for the math-phobic  - so get cozy and let Kate put your anxious soul at ease.
If you've ever dreamt of hitting the road (or open water!) with your family, this episode if definitely for you. The sisters are joined by Celeste Orr of Wandering Nation and Togetherness Redefined to talk about the ins and outs of traveling as a homeschooling family. Cait and Kara are asking your questions - how to homeschool in a tiny space, how to function without going to the library weekly and without a co-op and the BIG one - how do you keep everyone getting along when you are all together 24/7 in an RV! So bring your wanderlust - even if you don't plan on traveling full-time soon, this episode of full of ideas for your next roadschool vacation plus how to make your time together count.    
The sisters are talking homeschool investments in this week's episode - how they meal plan, Cait's new chore chart and the urge to purge. Cait + Kara get tons of questions about how they get the day-to-day stuff done, how they get their kids involved, and how they feed people who are hungry ALL THE TIME. Plus, the sisters are both enthusiastic purgers - find out what drives them to rage clean ;) (Hint: It rhymes with bormones.)
If you ever feel like you're not measuring up to the curriculum, this is the episode for you. Cait and Kara talk are breaking down common curriculum worries, and how to make your resources work for you. Remember - you are in charge, and there are so many ways to homeschool - you shouldn't feel bad all the time! So pour a cup of coffee or tea, and get ready to take charge of your days.
The sisters are back! And in the first episode of Season 7, they're sharing back-to-school and last-day-of-school traditions. Plus, how do you celebrate when you are a learning all the time family? Cait + Kara also catch everyone up on their summers, plants and more!
It's here sisters - tons of book ideas for you, plus your permission slip to read outside this summer! Whether you hit the pool, the campground, or the backyard while your kids jump on the trampoline, Cait + Kara are sharing some books they hope to tackle during "summer break." This is their third Poolside Professional Development Episode. Make sure you check out the first and second installments! The sisters are going on break for a bit. They'll be back with new episodes in in the fall. Stay Sweet. See You Next Year and Love Ya Like a Sis!  
The sibling relationship is unique, especially when we're young and all living together in the same home. Add homeschooling to that, and it's really vital to have some sibling strategies. Cait + Kara have called in sibling expert Lynna Sutherland of Homeschooling Without Training Wheels for this episode. Lynna is a mom to 8 and host of the new podcast Sibling Relationship Lab. She also offers sibling courses, devotionals and more through her site. Tune in to learn how to see our kids as people, get to the bottom of sibling strife, and raise our kids to want to see each other again every year at Christmas.
In this episode, the sisters are joined by Erin Loechner, founder of the international online homeschool community for little ones, Other Goose. Erin and the sisters are breaking down simple homeschooling with kids ages 2-7 - how to make it intentional and fun, without making yourself crazy. Cait, Kara and Erin discuss common early years questions including what to do when your kids don't like your plans for the day, how much "school" we should expect from little kiddos and Erin even shares her strategy for engaging her toddler while working with her 6-year-old.      
In this episode, the sisters are celebrating a book birthday with friend Pam Barnhill. Her new book Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning with Purpose and Peace is available for sale TODAY! Get your copy here.  The sisters are sharing this replay episode from last year - one of their most popular episodes so far. Tune in to learn all about Morning Time, plus all about Pam’s book, Better Together. 
This sisters are joined this week by long-time friend Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool! Jamie has written a new book that is THE guide for introverts and for helping extroverts understand introverts better: Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt and Quiet Joy. Learn about why introversion is a super power, how to make homeschooling work when you need frequent recharge time, and why to put on pants every day! ;)  
The sisters are chatting one-on-one time this week ... How to get it when you're homeschooling and together ALL THE TIME, why it's valuable and what you can do when this just isn't the season for it. Cait and Kara share simple ideas for one-on-one time at home or when you just have a few minutes and how to make the most of the time we get together.
Comments (5)

Amber Newsome

This podcast is such an inspiration to me as a woman, mother, homeschooler, and parent in general. There's a lot to glean and take in for anyone with children or in education. I always feel in a better mood after listening; so encouraging. Child-friendly so you can listen in the car or around your children. mine even pretend they're Cait and Cara. 😁

Apr 18th

Jennifer Rosenbaum

this was the first of your podcasts I listened to. you ladies are hilarious. I don't know if this was the most organized one I've listened to, but you DID admit you started recording after 3 pm. You did make me giggle so much though!!!

Apr 4th

Adrienne Brown

looking for the show notes!

Mar 25th

Chey Re

I loooove these girls!!! Im always inspired and motivated after listening! I get rejuvenated with just about every podcast ♥️🙌

Feb 28th

Brigid Huey

This is a great podcast! I always feel a little better, and a little more confident, after listening. Thanks for making it!

Oct 26th
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