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Author: Jimmy Wienholz

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A Horrific Podcasting Network that is dedicated to bring you 3 shows surrounding everything that is horror.
174 Episodes
The gang returns as they watch 1989's The Puppet Master and discuss if it should it be included in this year's virtual scare park, their favorite puppet and what they might sound like if they had a voice!
Jimmy, Justin and Shalita break down the cult classic Eight Legged Freaks as well as the Marvel Zombie franchise and discuss if they would be good additions to this year's virtual scare park on this week's show.
On this episode Jimmy, Rick and Nichole are live from The State Theatre as they get ready for a showing of the original Child's Play.  Listen in to hear some of their favorite Chucky moments.
Sean Haitz has spent the better part of seven years putting together his new horror film "Big Top Evil" that is being released later this month. Austin Judd is the film's leading actress playing the role of "Candy". Hear all about the production here!
It's a live podcast in a new location as the group previews where their live meetups will be at Regal Theatres for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Jimmy reads some of the best scary stories to the group, haunt season is previewed and more! Find out if Scary Stories makes it into this year's scare park!
On today's show we welcome in the celebration of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion's 50th Birthday with some fun facts and an original recording of The Haunted Mansion LP that was released back in 1969!
This week on Campfire we look at the classic "The Legend Hell House" and classic horror themes that it brought to the genre. We later discuss if it would make a solid addition to the genre.
On today's show, Jimmy and Jon look at Great America's first year of doing a Halloween Event. They talk scare zones, shows and mazes such as Club Blood and Corn Stalkers.
THP #194 Sherilyn Fenn

THP #194 Sherilyn Fenn


Sherilyn Fenn has had success in her career in both television and film.  He has starred in hit shows Twin Peaks, CSI, Swat, and Gilmore Girls.  He has also appeared in films Of Mice In Men, Boxing Helena and The First of Warrior. Listen to her panel from Sinister Creature Con on today's show!
Charlie, Jon and Jimmy recap the virtual scare park's rides that been filled and then talk about 2017 movie Deathhouse which has been regarded as "The Expendables of Horror" and decide if it should be a scare zone or haunted house in this year's event.
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