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Author: Steve Koczela; Jennifer Smith; Lisa Kashinsky; Libby Gormley

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A weekly podcast on Massachusetts politics, policy and elections. Hosted by Steve Koczela, Jennifer Smith, and Lisa Kashinsky.
296 Episodes
This week on The Horse Race, Lisa and Jenn break down the Beacon Hill tax reform package, Todd Wallack of WBUR explains why there are so many vacant subsidized housing units, and Steve tells us when to panic and when to plan in response to bad poll numbers.
This week on The Horse Race, Lisa and Jenn talk through elections and endorsements around the Commonwealth, and Jenn explains the current challenge to a foreclosure practice known as home equity theft. Plus, novelty Dunkin' drinks and political piano ballads.
This week on The Horse Race, the MassINC Polling Group's Rich Parr breaks down a new survey on MBTA-area transit habits and opinions, Jenn and Lisa react to the latest prelim results, and Steve pitches a hot take on firetrucks.
This week on The Horse Race, Steve and Jenn are joined by Matt Szafranski to discuss the Springfield mayoral election, and Jenn and Lisa react to learning which ballot measures have been cleared by the AG's office. Plus, the long-awaited return of art thievery content to the pod, featuring a brand new mailbag question for listeners.
This week on The Horse Race, Lisa tells us why the 2024 New Hampshire primaries might not have either Joe Biden or Donald Trump on the ballot, and Jenn explains why Massachusetts may need a program of managed retreat from threatened coastal areas. Plus, fresh polls on Boston parents' opinions of public schools.
This week on The Horse Race, Steve and Jenn talk with the Boston Globe's Tal Kopan about the ethics of Rep. Stephen Lynch's earmarks requests. Plus, Steve breaks down Biden and Healey polls, Jenn breaks down controversy over public money going to church buildings, and we all break down over this podcast's dubious history of pun-based episode titles.
This week on The Horse Race, Jenn and Steve talk with State Senator Becca Rausch about Governor Healey's budget vetoes, in particular a veto of funding for a youth mental health hotline. They also sort through the various renewed efforts to expand ranked-choice voting in Massachusetts, and consider expanding their global media empire into the online lottery ticket gray market.
This week on the Horse Race, Steve and Jenn explain Governor Healey's emergency declaration regarding migrant shelter capacity, and discuss the implications of Ohio's special election for the role of abortion in national and state politics. Plus, shots fired between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and sandwiches stolen by sassy seagulls.
This week on The Horse Race, the budget battles have barely wound down as the ballot battles start to ramp up. Steve, Jenn, and Lisa walk you through the details.
Episode 266:  Drag Us

Episode 266: Drag Us


This week on The Horse Race, we’ve got a stalemate at the State House and chaos in the council chambers with The Dorchester Reporter's Gin Dumcius. Then we pull back the sequined curtain on drag queen story hours.
This week on The Horse Race, we've got a fire at the State House, floods in New England, and pandemic era policies to discuss. Commonwealth Magazine's Jennifer Smith breaks it all down with special guest host Katie Lannan. MassINC Polling Group's Rich Parr joins as well.
This week on The Horse Race, we’re not on shrooms, but you could be soon. Seven years after the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts, is there a new path to decriminalize psychedelics in the bay state? Then we'll take a ride through some of the other potential ballot measures for 2024 with State House News Service reporter Chris Lisinski.
This week on The Horse Race, two new polls show Donald Trump still dominating his Republican competitors in a potential primary. Then, how can the MBTA staff up when the workers they already have are leaving? And finally, we’ll look at the connection lawmakers are making between cell phone data privacy and the abortion fight.
This week on The Horse Race, Governor Maura Healey is launching the nation’s first green bank dedicated to affordable housing. Boston Globe climate reporter Sabrina Shankman stops by to give us all the details. Then we’ll take a look at how Donald Trump’s latest indictment is affecting, or not affecting, his bid to retake the White House in 2024.
This week on The Horse Race, a routine audit uncovers an accounting error that could cost the state billions. And we’ll take a closer look at the Massachusetts Lottery’s new “Billiion Dollar Extravaganza” with Commonwealth Magazine’s Michael Jonas.
This week on The Horse Race, the push to bring back happy hour gets another shot on Beacon Hill and plans for the machine gun range on Cape Cod draw fire from residents and the Environmental Protection Agency.
This week on The Horse Race, we've got two new MPG polls to discuss and two new MPG polling experts to introduce to our listening audience! Research Manager Zayna Basma tells us about a new statewide parent poll that highlights ongoing concerns for students' mental health and academic development. Then, MPG Research Director Olivia Wine dives into a new survey on parents' questions about the Covid vaccine.
This week on The Horse Race, U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Rachael Rollins calls it quits amid federal investigations into her conduct. We’re looking at it from every angle: the report, the background and what happens next.
This week on The Horse Race, we’ve got chaos in the council chambers and a new 56 billion dollar spending plan at the State House. All that, plus we’ll mark the end of the Covid public health emergency in Massachusetts with GBH News reporter Katie Lannan.
This week on The Horse Race, we’re looking at elections. They weren’t races so much, but they were elections as strictly defined. We'll also sift through a new survey of Boston Public School parents by MassINC Polling Group and The Shah Family Foundation. Some of the findings may surprise you. Finally, Jennifer Smith tells us about legislation that would allow undocumented immigrant students to pay in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.
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