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The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio

Author: Dave Asprey

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For a decade, Dave Asprey, “the father of biohacking,” elevated what you knew about the capabilities of your mind and body across a thousand episodes of Bulletproof Radio. Now, he’s evolving it even further in his plan to upgrade humanity. You’re invited to expand your knowledge, explore your own performance and embrace possibility with The Human Upgrade™.

You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who push the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human performance in every way imaginable. You’ll learn from experts around the world who elevate what it means to be human.

Every guest you listen to, every topic you learn about, every new idea you discover on this podcast moves you forward.

Join The Human Upgrade™ with Dave Asprey on this next evolution to upgrade your mind, body and life. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...Cool Facts are quick hits of new human and world science curated into short bursts of information just for you. This fun compilation publishes one Friday a month.Migraines diminish the quality of your deep and REM sleep.Microbiome bacteria can either help or harm people with Type 2 Diabetes.A safer contraception option for men means no testicle injections.Kids learn to manage big emotions by playing specially designed video games..New studies show 6.5 hours of sleep could be surprisingly good for you.EPISODE SPONSOR: Control Blood Glucose with Pendulum. Visit, sign up for membership to get monthly supply delivery, use code DAVE20 to save $20 on your first shipment.LISTEN: "Follow" or "subscribe" to The Human Upgrade™ with Dave Asprey on your favorite podcast platform.REVIEW: Go to Apple Podcasts at and leave a (hopefully) 5-star rating and a creative review.FEEDBACK: Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form!SOCIAL: Follow @thehumanupgradepodcast on Instagram and Facebook.JOIN: Learn directly from Dave Asprey alongside others in a membership group: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Cut Your Cardio:, use code DAVE to get $100 off your orderNervous System Recovery: to get 10% off an Apollo Neuro deviceUpgrade Your Magnesium:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off. You’ll also get FREE bottles of BiOptimizers’ best-selling products with select purchases. Exclusive discount through November 30, 2021.IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™……  you’ll find out how Alzheimer’s impacts women more often than men and how symptoms begin decades before you think they do. Six million people in America are experiencing Alzheimer’s. Two-thirds of them are women. My guests, Maria Shriver and Dr. Lisa Mosconi, are championing an increase in research, raising awareness and providing resources about this topic to find out why. The Alzheimer’s spotlight falls twice yearly because it’s just that important: November for National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month, and June for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. A lot of the research happening to understand Alzheimer’s can benefit everyone. It can teach you how to lessen inflammation in your brain and get a handle on or prevent immune and metabolic brain disease. When you learn how to do that, you unlock cognitive performance and longevity. Maria and Dr. Mosconi offer some great insight and practical tips.Maria Shriver is a champion of Alzheimer’s awareness. For two decades she’s been reporting, writing and fundraising for it, specifically relating to how it impacts women. She founded the The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a nonprofit that brings together doctors, researchers and brain experts to support Alzheimer’s research, clinical trials, and information sharing. It also provides public education, prevention tips and tools for brain health.“I think what happens is that there are small moments along the way that we all disregard,” Maria says. I think the challenge to be present in our own lives is a challenge, really, for all of us. The challenge to take note of our health is a challenge for all of us.”Dr. Mosconi is a neuroscientist and neuro-nutritionist focused on brain science, the microbiome and nutritional genomics, specifically the early detection of Alzheimer’s. Her research on women’s neurological health has changed the way science approaches the female brain. She speaks to the more than 10 years of research that shows Alzheimer’s starts with negative changes in the brain years – if not decades – before any clinical symptoms emerge.“It’s really important to take care of ourselves, and our brains are really one of our most important assets,” Dr. Mosconi says. “And the best way to engage in prevention is now. It's never too late to start, but the sooner we start doing it, the better.”Learn even more about how Alzheimer’s affects women and what to do about it:Maria Shriver On Why Alzheimer’s Is A Woman’s Problem – #497The Women’s Alzheimer’s MovementThe Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’sWomen, Menopause and Alzheimer’s: XX Brain Connections with Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D. –“The XX Brain: The Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Maximize Cognitive Health and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease”“Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power”See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Support Immune & Digestive Health:, use code ASPREY to get 15% offTrack Your Health:, sign up to get your promo code for 25% OFF storewideMeasure Brain Function: Learn more and get a special discounted package at, use code DAVESPECIAL OFFER FOR THE HUMAN UPGRADE™ LISTENERSGet Your Sleep Temperature Right: Go to to save $250 on the Pod Pro mattress padIN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™……you’re going to learn a bunch of brand new sleep hacks, taken from over a million nights of sleep data. Those hacks will come from my guest Matteo Franceschetti. Matteo defines high performance—having been a professional skier, high-level tennis player, competitive race car driver and practicing lawyer. He didn’t get much sleep doing all those things, so he co-founded Eight Sleep and set out to create and advanced sleep improvement device so he, and everyone else, could sleep better and perform better.We can all agree: “Sleep is a pillar, a fundamental pillar for your health,” Matteo says.Eight Sleep tracks biomarkers that measure your sleep quality. Then it uses machine learning to make automatic adjustments to your sleep environment. This helps you optimize your sleep, get the reset and recovery your body needs, and well, wake up feeling better than you have in years. Best of all, you don’t actually have to do anything. You just go to sleep, exactly like you did last night, and the technology does all the sleep hacking for you. TIME Magazine named Eight Sleep one of its “Best Inventions” of both 2018 and 2019, and Fast Company listed it as one of the most innovative companies of 2018. They’re a sleep hacking company making big inroads into understanding and regulating your body’s temperatures while sleeping. This affects your REM sleep the most.“While you are in REM your brain deactivates all the temperature controls in the body,” Matteo explains. “It doesn't let you fall into REM if it's too hot or too cold because you could potentially die. Changing the temperature based on your sleep stages and the different stages of the night is fundamental to maximize your deep and REM stages.”And Eight Sleep has a fix for that.“Based on your sleep stages and based on your biometrics, we adjust your body temperature during the night,” Matteo says. “It's not that we are inventing the wheel. Your body is already changing temperature during the night. It's part of your physiological process. We just enhanced that process to maximize your sleep performance.”And then I wanted to know, “How many hours of sleep per night do you think you can save people, by just changing temperature?” The point isn't necessarily to get less sleep, but it's to live more. Right? If you just got everything you needed and it was as good as what you have today, but you had enough time to do two hours of reading or learning every day or meditating or parenting or whatever else, it's not about working more necessarily. It's just about living more. It’s exciting to talk to Matteo because he brings a whole bunch of new biohacking ideas to the table, er bed. He and I get into a bunch of sleep topics during this conversation, including:How you can instantly increase your deep sleep by 40%, starting tonightHow you can reset your energy levels in the morning just by regulating your sleep temperature at nightHow you can compress sleep down to 5-6 hours a night, while actually getting more rest and recoveryWhy sleep consistency matters (and is still the hardest thing for people to do, well, consistently}Why machine learning is the future of personalized healthIf your sleep could use an upgrade, check out this episode for hacks you can implement right away and learn about what’s next in sleep technology. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Supplement Bioavailability:, use code DAVE15 to save 15% on your first order Find Out Your Biological Age:, use code DAVE to get 20% off testing packagesNature’s Nootropic:, use code DAVE15 for 15% offIN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™…… my guest fits right into the podcast transition to The Human Upgrade because he gets into the grittiness of what humans can do to level themselves up. No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Robert Greene shares science-backed knowledge about human nature.You know you want to be more powerful, more in control and excellent at what you do.Robert’s insights help you do just that. He gives you actionable tips that help you unlock limitations you may be putting on yourself so you can move your life upward and forward. (Similar to something I like to tell my team is great momentum: “up and to the right.”) World leaders, military generals, business executives, philosophers, and hip-hop moguls alike revere Robert’s books.After writing about mastery and power for more than two decades, he’s now become a TikTok sensation and the universal truth for a new generation. He’s one of my favorite authors who’s profoundly influenced my own life and been on the podcast twice before. Both episodes are must listens: The 48 Laws of Power – #380 and The Laws of Human Nature – #575. I asked him back to talk about his latest book: “The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature.” “In “The 48 Laws of Power,” I talk about deception and con artists,” Robert says. “But in The Laws of Human Nature, it's almost about self-deception, how we're con artists with ourselves, how we create an image of ourselves as being morally right, being a good person, being intelligent, being rational, being empathetic. Whereas in fact, we're usually quite far below that ideal. … Because your default position is to always look externally and blame other people.”In “The Daily Laws,” he distills the best of his previous books and never-before-published material in to one amazing life guide for you. He lays out themes for each month of the year: Power, seduction, persuasion, strategy, human nature, toxic people, self-control, mastery, psychology, leadership, adversity and creativity. Within these themes he features a “daily law” for you to follow.“By not looking at ourselves in an honest way, and glossing over our own flaws and weaknesses, we become trapped in patterns of behavior that we cannot control,” Robert says in his new book. “As the years go by, and the misreadings, missteps, and unrealistic decisions pile up, we can become bitter confused, and damaged.”“The Daily Laws” is designed to reverse [these] toxic patterns and reconnect you to reality,” Robert says. “It takes aim at the various delusions we have all absorbed and seeks to attune your mind instead to the most entrenched traits of human nature and how our brains actually operate.”Listen on for the truth bombs.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE HUMAN UPGRADE™ LISTENERSGo to and use code UPGRADE10 to get 10% off the Urolithin A subscription plan of your choice.IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™……I’m going down a rabbit hole of exciting scientific research and clinical studies supporting Urolithin A’s influence on your mitochondrial health. The short version? Urolithin A stimulates mitophagy and renews your mitochondria. Specific big things to know? It upgrades your cells, your strength levels and offers pretty powerful anti-aging benefits.And a fun thing to know? The origin story of Urolithin A has to do with beavers. (!)To find out the basis of Urolithin A and its relationship to pomegranates, check out my previous podcast featuring two experts on the subject: How to Get Fitter Cells, Stronger Muscles and a Longer Life – Timeline Nutrition with Dave Asprey – #772.This time, I’ve invited Dr. Anurag Singh to the show. His expertise lies in clinical development and translational research. That means he translates new discoveries in science into real-world stuff you can actually use. He’s worked for several consumer health and biotech companies; authored more than 30 articles for top science journals; and designed and led more than 40 clinical trials over the last 15 years. As Chief Medical Officer of Amazentis, the parent company of Timeline Nutrition and the maker of Mitopure, a Urolithin A product. “A lot of times in the nutrition world, people put extracts and blends of probiotics together and they just give it to healthy people and expect magic to happen,” says Dr Singh. “Here, we've actually done the deep dive of the signs and how this molecule hits mitophagy and mitochondrial health. Then, bringing it to human translation and commercialization. This is really the holy grail for real world evidence.”He’s spent seven years focused on Urolithin A research and clinical trials. His initial round of research with Urolithin A showed that it could increase aerobic endurance and increase grip strength. Urolithin A also is the first postbiotic shown to repair mitochondrial health via mitophagy. Mitophagy is the process of renewing your mitochondrial growth as you age. As healthy mitochondria get older they accumulate free radicals and reactive oxygen species. They lose shape and stop communicating with one another, too. These faulty mitochondria have need to be replaced. Urolithin A revs up the mitochondrial recycling.Dr. Singh explains how you can get the benefits of Urolithin A and how to take it to achieve results.“Our gut microbiome is very complex ecosystem with hundreds of millions of different species interacting with each other,” explains Dr. Singh. “They need to be interacting in perfect harmony to release these postbiotics, which is the way I look at it is the perfect gut health relationship within the microbiome. So it's not one bacteria. It's not one strain that you can isolate and give. It's really got to be multi-species. I think you can probably conceptually find that strain or probiotic that could do it, but the process will be so inefficient that the best way is to short circuit it and provide the postbiotic, which is Urolithin A, directly in a pill or in a food product.” Another direction for Urolithin A is sports performance. Amazentis teamed up with renowned researcher Dr. Louise Burke in Australia to look into how Urolithin A affects mitochondrial health in athletes. Those results will be available in 2022.The future of Urolithin research keeps going in exciting new directions, including brain health. “So, there's a lot of research going on around this molecule,” Dr. Singh says. “[The] Buck Institute of Aging in California just got a multimillion grant from the National Institute of Health to study the effects of Urolithin A on the cognitive aging and how it can reverse some of the neuronal circuitry to look youthful. So we are actively looking at it and keeping our eyes and ears open for exactly feedback like this because brain cells also after muscle cells have the highest number of mitochondria that decline with aging.”See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Control Blood Glucose:, sign up for membership to get monthly supply delivery, use code DAVE20 to save $20 on your first shipmentSupport Immune & Digestive Health:, use code ASPREY to get 15% offNervous System Recovery: to get 10% off an Apollo Neuro deviceA SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE HUMAN UPGRADE™ LISTENERSThe Levels closed beta program includes a waitlist of more than 140,000 people. Skip that line and participate in the early access program with this link: Levels is available only in the U.S.IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™…… you’re going to learn how to upgrade your metabolism and optimize your diet for your unique biology.  Dr. Casey Means started her career as a surgeon, where she saw firsthand, day after day, the devastating long-term consequences of poor metabolism, from cardiovascular issues to cancer. She decided to refocus her career on helping people prevent metabolic disease in the first place, instead of treating the results.  So, she began researching the causes of metabolic disorders. She quickly discovered a bigger and more subtle problem existed than she’d even realized.  “A recent UNC study estimated that 88% of American adults have at least one biomarker of poor metabolism,” she says. “And this is likely part of the reason why nine out of 10 of the leading causes of death in the U.S. are related to, or worsened by, dysregulated blood sugar levels.” What does this lead to? “Healthcare costs are going up each year...and we’re getting sicker, fatter, and more depressed,” Dr. Casey says. That’s why she co-founded Levels Health. Levels created a wearable device that continuously monitors your blood sugar levels, then gives you a personalized nutrition dashboard based on the results. Blood sugar imbalances are a strong predictor of inflammation and long-term metabolic disease. Keeping your blood sugar on an even keel is a powerful way to gain stable energy all day, keep your metabolism running strong, and even lose weight. Everyone’s metabolism is different, which is why Levels uses your personal data to make food recommendations. It can tell you which foods to eat, which ones to avoid, the best times to eat, and even whether you’re eating too much or not enough. I’m a big believer in quantifying your health. When you have objective numbers about your biology, you can start to tweak things and make them better.Levels gives you the power to measure your blood sugar throughout the day—and Dr. Casey hopes that this kind of insight will help you eat better, lower your inflammation, supercharge your metabolism, and become a stronger, more capable version of yourself. In this episode, you’ll also learn about:The worst foods for your blood sugar (quick preview: Chick-Fil-A and Coca Cola are at the top of the list)How your metabolism affects everything from Alzheimer’s to acne to erectile dysfunctionWhy the calories-in-calories-out model of nutrition is flawedSimple changes you can make to build a stronger metabolismAnd much more!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!High-Performance Leadership: for Healing, Cognition & Performance:, use code UPGRADED10 to save 10% on Dave’s Bulletproof BundleEat Good Keto Bread:, use code DAVE to get $10 off the starter bundle. That includes two superfood cubes and a four pack of freedom chips!A SPECIAL OFFER FOR LISTENERS OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™Go to Use promo code DAVEVIP for a special discount. IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™……you’re going to learn how to revamp your sleeping environment and get awesome sleep. If you aren’t hacking, tracking, and prioritizing your sleep, it’s time to start. Sleep is a pillar of high performance that affects pretty much everything you do. If you want to perform at your best, you have to get deep, restorative sleep. You know that, but are you doing it?I’ve interviewed many sleep experts on my podcast. (Psst… I even created a 14-Day Sleep Challenge that teaches you how to hack your sleep.) This interview, however, is a bit different. I’ve invited a new kind of sleep expert on the show.Jack Dell’Accio spent the past 16 years studying mattresses. He set out to hack every aspect of mattresses, from pressure relief to posture support to toxin-free materials. You know that plastic, chemical smell that fills your bedroom when you get a new mattress? That’s caused by off-gassing—a combination of volatile chemicals that turn into gas and fill the air in your bedroom as you break in your mattress. Research has found that many off-gassing chemicals are respiratory irritants and can cause you to develop chemical sensitivities[*][*]. They’re nasty compounds and you don’t want to spend eight hours a night breathing them in. That’s where Jack comes in. After years of research, Jack created a new type of memory foam – a natural rubber latex-based foam – that provides support and pressure relief, without the off-gassing irritants that you find in old school memory foam. Jack founded Essentia, the first mattress company that uses materials that are good for your body, your health, and your environment. It’s a major upgrade over memory foam, both in terms of sleeping experience and chemical content. Essentia manufactures its mattresses and sleep products in its own GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic factory. These are the two most important certifications when it comes to organic mattresses and organic mattress manufacturing. They’ve also had their mattresses tested by experts at Johns Hopkins.In today’s episode, you’re going to learn the science behind building a better mattress, and why upgrading your mattress will improve almost every aspect of your body and brain. Jack and I also cover:The many chemicals hiding in cheap mattresses Why, thanks to a backwards California law, most mattresses contain several pounds of flame retardant chemicals (and how Essentia makes their mattresses without those chemicals.)Why 25% of NHL players use Essentia mattressesThe connection between cheap mattresses and chemical sensitivitiesHow Essentia created a proprietary EMF barrier foam formulaHow a high-quality mattress makes your brain work betterA sleep surface has to have six key elements to establish a sleep environment that regenerates the body during sleep. Essentia mattresses score at the top of all six. Here’s what to look for:Temperature Control (natural thermoregulation/ active cooling)Allergy Friendly (allergen-friendly materials)Accelerated Recovery (support and pressure redistribution)Optimized Sleep (adaptive accelerated response to reduce movement interruptions)Organically Clean (clean, non-toxic materials & an organic mineral formula that drives EMF patterns)Proper Posture (eliminates negative space to properly support the back)The mattress you sleep on matters just as much as all the other high-performance lifestyle choices you make. In this episode, you’re going to learn the science behind building a better mattress and why so many professional athletes choose Essentia.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Grounding Gear for Your Feet:, use code DAVE20 at checkout to get 20% off all grounding footwear and socks.Non-Tobacco Nicotine Alternative:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off your first order of pouches, gums, or lozengesGet Salty AF:, from unflavored to flavor-burst watermelon to classy combos like mango chili.IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™️... …you’re going to learn how to biohack joy—and why it’s simpler, and more necessary, than you might think.Radha Agrawal is an author and successful entrepreneur with a singular purpose: to bring people together through joy and genuine human connection.She’s the founder and CEO of Daybreaker, a morning dance, music, and wellness movement that spans five continents. Through Daybreaker, Radha has built a community of more than 500,000 people across the globe who wake up early to dance together.She’s also co-founded, sold, and invested in multiple nine-figure businesses in the wellness space. MTV named her “one of eight women who will change the world,” and she recently toured with Oprah, bringing live music and dance to more than 150,000 people.One of the things Radha has learned over the years is that, for all the superficial connection available in the Digital Age, people are starving for true community—and real human connection seems to be harder to come by now, not easier.Radha thinks one of the biggest things we’re missing is vulnerability.“Every single person listening right now has a backpack full of their own history,” she says. “So, we all carry around this invisible backpack with all of our history in it. [With real community], you start pulling out, ‘My father died in an accident,’ or, ‘this happened,’ or, ‘I got betrayed by this person.’ All of a sudden, there's a depth of tenderness...that’s where community starts.”She goes deeper into the importance of human connection in her book, “Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life.”This conversation meandered through several unexpected topics, too. Listen on to learn:How to hack your brain for more joy (and how to quantify the joy in your life) – all backed by scienceWhy drugs are a poor substitute for human connection How to build true community in the Digital Age Why dance and music are the future of medicine How Radha went from a small idea to an enormous, successful company—without a single investor The bittersweet reality of being a pig farmer How pain and tragedy can make you stronger, not weaker The importance of forgiveness (and why we have to stop cancelling people) By the end of this podcast, you’ll have practical tools to become a more joyful person. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Nervous System Recovery:, sign up to get 10% off an Apollo Neuro deviceSupplement Bioavailability:, use code DAVE15 to save 15% on your first order Upgrade Your Magnesium:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off. You’ll also get FREE bottles of BiOptimizers’ best-selling products with select purchases. Exclusive discount through November 30, 2021.IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™️...  Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, visionary and spiritual master who spreads wisdom around the world, clarifies the meaning of karma (no, it’s not a checklist of good and bad deeds) and explains how much you’re in charge of your own karma. His most recent book, “Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny,” breaks down the ways in which karma frames our lives.“It’s time to unpack the most overused, abused and yet indispensable world in the spiritual vocabulary of the world,” says Sadhguru in his book. “It is time to examine how karma is connected to some of the most vital areas of human inquiry: the meaning of life and above all, how to live it.”See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...Cool Facts are quick hits of new human and world science curated into short bursts of information just for you. This fun compilation publishes one Friday a month.Examining the relationship between autoimmunity and pain.Plants up regulate their own autophagy to bring nutrients back in balance.How autophagy supports stressed-out cells.New genes found! Nearly three times more cause obesity than prevent it.EPISODE SPONSOR: Trigger autophagy with Spermidine. Visit and use code DAVE25 to get 25% off your first month’s order.LISTEN: "Follow" or "subscribe" to The Human Upgrade™ with Dave Asprey on your favorite podcast platform.REVIEW: Go to Apple Podcasts at and leave a (hopefully) 5-star rating and a creative review.FEEDBACK: Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form!SOCIAL: Follow @thehumanupgradepodcast on Instagram and Facebook.JOIN: Learn directly from Dave Asprey alongside others in a membership group: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Mattress Temperature Tech:, use code DAVE to save $250 on the Pod ProControl Blood Glucose:, sign up for membership to get monthly supply delivery, use code DAVE20 to save $20 on your first shipmentHealth Upgrades with Custom Lab Testing and Your Data:, use code DAVE to get 20% off your first month of membership.Support Immune & Digestive Health:, use code ASPREY to get 15% offIN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE...  If you find yourself deeply questioning parts of your life that you haven’t before, you’re not alone. People are asking more existential questions about their lives than they were two years ago, and Jonathan Fields joins the show to guide you through some answers.Jonathan maximizes human potential, especially in the realm of meaningful work. He’s the bestselling author of four books on self-development, most recently “Sparked: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work that Makes You Come Alive.” He also hosts the popular Good Life Project podcast.“I started into this topic two decades ago,” Jonathan says. “The fact that the last two years have dropped literally the entire world into the biggest existential questioning in generations is not something that I saw coming. But we are in that place, as we sit here depending on the research that you look at, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of people either have quit their jobs or are in the process of quitting or seriously considering it.”He aims to help people realign the work they’re paid to do, with the actual work that nourishes them through something called Sparketypes. They’re the 10 different archetypes that are sparked by different kinds of work. You may be a maven, maker, scientist, essentialist, performer, sage, warrior, advisor, advocate or nurturer. started with the Sparketype quiz at Once you determine your particular Sparketype, it can be easier to find work that lights you up. Knowing your Sparketype also can lessen the fear of a career pivot and show you how to take your enthusiasm for one passion into a different line of work. You then can confidently build a career with a sense of purpose and direction.“[People] may not know what the bargain is that they want to step into,” Jonathan explains. “But what they're getting clear on is the fact that the way that work has made them feel has satisfied certain needs, for sure, security, safety. The more existential needs, which tend to really become more important when we get a little bit further in life, those have generally been set aside. Part of that bargain was maybe later. Later is here.”Enjoy the show!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Measure Brain Function: Learn more and get a special discounted package at, use code DAVESleep Better on Natural Memory Foam:, use code DAVE25 to get 25% off any mattressNon-Tobacco Nicotine Alternative:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off your first order of pouches, gums, or lozengesIN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE...Akshay Nanavati’s story of perseverance includes overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism that pushed him to the brink of suicide, depression and PTSD from fighting in Iraq with the U.S. Marines.“That's when I fell in love with the experience of adversity and the struggle because boot camp was terrifying,” Akshay says. “Everything about [it] was terrifying but it was so alluring that I started to look for other ways to confront myself—ultimately to go to war with myself.” He believes that the path to inner peace is the pursuit of a worthy inner war. He went on to build a global business, run ultramarathons, conduct humanitarian work in post-conflict zones, and explore some of the most hostile environments on the planet—from mountains to caves to polar icecaps. “Nature became my playground to explore my fears and ultimately, systematically push through them one inch at a time.”“I craved a high I believed I could only get by living on the edge of life and death,” he says in his book, “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.” He’s also spent years extensively researching neuroscience, psychology and spirituality. He combined his life experience with that research to write “Fearvana” and infused it with ways to transform fear, and its counterparts stress and anxiety, into something much more positive. His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote in the book’s foreword, “Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences and find the positive side of our lives.” Akshay now teaches people how to overcome their own fears and how to tap into their brain’s superpower—neuroplasticity.Sounds good, but how do you really move through stress and attain growth? First, you have to learn to disidentify with fear and suffering by remembering you are not your thoughts, feelings or experiences, Akshay explains. “You are simply the one who experiences them. Through this process it becomes so much easier to create a life of fulfillment, It’s a lifelong practice and a great pathway to growth.”You can even learn to "suffer well" in the day-to-day context of your human experience.“I couldn't care less when fear shows up,” he says. “What matters to me is what I do with it once it does. I can let go of the construct I have around the fear and accept it for what it is and then choose what I want to do outside of it.”Take a listen for more tips on how to become fearless. Akshay heads to Antarctica in early November 2021. Learn more about his South Pole journey and how to follow along here.  Enjoy!Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.Be sure to follow or subscribe to The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey on your favorite podcast platform so you don’t miss an episode!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Across 10 years and nearly 1,000 episodes, this podcast elevated what you knew about the capabilities of your mind and body.Now, I’m evolving it even further in my plan to upgrade humanity.I invite you to Expand Knowledge, Explore Performance and Embrace Possibility with The Human Upgrade.You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who push the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human performance in every way imaginable.People from around the world who elevate what it means to be human. People who choose danger when it's worth it. Just like you. What are you going to learn from these people in the domains of your biology, your body? What are you going to learn about your mind, your thoughts, your habits, the way you show up in the world, and what are you going to learn about the spiritual side of things? The personal development side, that weird space where you wake up and there's a dream in your mind. What does it mean?You can't just focus on one if you want to be an upgraded human. You upgrade all of them. You start with your hardware. Because when your body works right, you have enough electricity. When you have enough electricity, then you can handle the things in your life that need handling. And you can say, "Well, I have some energy left over. What will I do with it?"Every guest you listen to, every topic you learn about, every new idea you discover on this podcast moves you forward.Join me on this next evolution to upgrade your mind, body and life. Enjoy! Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.Be sure to subscribe to follow or subscribe to The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey on your favorite podcast platform so you don’t miss an episode!Web: Box: Dave Asprey BoxMembership Group: The Upgrade CollectiveBlog: Dave Asprey BlogPodcast: The Human Upgrade with Dave AspreySee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Solve Sitting:, use code DAVE20 and get $20 off any standing deskInfrared Sauna Benefits: Call the number on the website and mention “Dave Asprey” to get $200 off a cabin sauna, $100 off a Solo system, and free shippingNon-Tobacco Nicotine Alternative:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off your first order of pouches, gums, or lozengesIN THIS EPISODE OF BULLETPROOF RADIO... you’ll discover what it takes to be courageous and heroic in your own life.The Spartans used to build temples to fear. They did so to keep fear close, see its power and ward it off. Modern-day philosopher Ryan Holiday is here to tell you how to do that in your own modern life by using courage to overcome fear.“You can have that reaction [to fear], but then you also realize, if you don't act on it, if you push through, there's often something on the other side of it,” Ryan says. “Or you realize that the more you expose yourself to it, the less scary it is each time and the less perhaps even that you feel that thing.”Everyone experiences fear, but those who can learn to go beyond it will find room for courage. His most recent book, Fear is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave is compelling and empowering. It breaks down what it means to confront fear, courage and heroism in order to discover your own grace and wisdom. We talk about how to transform fear into courage and the power of choosing the relationship you have with fear.“Man, people get really uncomfortable when something that they were told by their parents, or their church, or their society, or their social media, and all of a sudden, they face profound evidence that it's not true,” Ryan says.Pulling stories from some of the greatest humans in history he talks about how heroism can change the world, and how history can help guide you through contemporary phenomena rooted in fear, like cancel culture and government mandates. This is the first book in Ryan’s new series on the four virtues of the ancient world: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. Don’t miss Ryan’s previous visit to Bulletproof Radio and the discussion about stoicism and ego: Modern Stoicism & Crushing your Ego: Ryan Holiday #527Enjoy! Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
SPECIAL OFFERS FOR BULLETPROOF RADIO LISTENERSMeasure Brain Function: Learn more and get a special discounted package at, use code DAVEWE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Non-Tobacco Nicotine Alternative:, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off your first order of pouches, gums, or lozengesRevitalize Your Mitochondria:, use code ASPREY10 to get 10% off the plan of your choiceEat Good Keto Bread:, use code DAVE to get $10 off the starter bundle. That includes two superfood cubes and a four pack of freedom chips!IN THIS EPISODE OF BULLETPROOF RADIO... I talked to the co-founder of WAVi at the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida. Physicist David Oakley created a device that’s used to directly measure brain function and gives you a 360-degree assessment of your brain performance.WAVi is an all-in-one measurement platform. Users get objective information about brain function through EEG, visual ERP, auditory ERP, heart rate variability (HRV), Trail Making, standard assessments and more. This full FDA-regulated Class II device measures biomarkers of your brain with detail and precision in under 15 minutes.“People measure their weight every day, right?” David says. “Step on the scale, “Where am I at today?” So, we should be measuring our brains regularly. Someday there will be WAVi in doctors’ offices and you’ll check your brain like you check your weight.”For an introduction to WAVi, listen to Bulletproof Radio episode #619: Your Brain Voltage: Measure It, Raise It, Control It. In this interview, David and I go really deep into the science behind WAVi’s development. We get into physics, neuroscience, brain data, scientific inquiry and what’s exciting about the future of brain performance research. David comes from a long family line of inventors and creators. His own career as a physicist includes research and teaching at universities. He was also a researcher at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and has analyzed data within neutrino astrophysics, a branch of astronomy that observes astronomical objects with neutrino detectors in special observatories.He has published research and articles in the areas of physics, medicine, and art. At mid-life he turned to brain data and created WAVi: a mix of art, science, commerce, and public service.He made the move to study the brain when he met a fellow scientist David Joffee. “He started showing all the [brain] patterns, and I thought, “This is beautiful,” David says. “It's beautiful waves. You can do a lot with it. You can help people. It's about the same as physics, though. It's the same, just voltage versus time series data.”David’s now exploring multiple brain topics, including concussions, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and mental health.You’ll also find out why P300 continues to be an important signature of cognitive processes. It’s a 300 millisecond time frame that measures brain activity. This includes attention, working memory and dysfunction in neurologic and mental disorders. Ongoing research sees it as a potential genetic marker of mental disorders.“As you age this performance drops and the speed drops,” David explains.And then there’s voltage activity that’s happening in the brain. And if you can assess and measure what’s going on in your brain, you can do something about it.So, this is a really big thing. And I want you guys to think about this. Right now you might be saying, "I'm not a brain scientist, I'm just listening to this." But there's, how fast does the brain respond? And how strongly does the brain respond? Because those are different things. And the reason my brain does what it does, I would say is clearly nutrition and mitochondrial enhancement and supplements and all that kind of stuff.It's a fascinating time to be upgrading your brain!  “So, 10 years from now, the happy path is that with the brain scan, the artificial intelligence will know you and know what you need to optimize your brain,” David says. “There won't be a question of, in the ideal world, it's not a question of your brain is slowing down. It will know you on day one and say, “This is what you need to do. As long as you stay with this program, you're going to have an optimized brain. It's not going to slow.” That's my 10-year future.”See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Kratom for Energy & Pain Relief:, use code DAVE to get 20% off High-Performance Leadership: Support Immune & Digestive Health:, use code ASPREY to get 15% offSPECIAL OFFERS FOR BULLETPROOF RADIO #866 LISTENERSDental Detox Kit: davesdentalkit.comLED Teeth Whitener: THIS EPISODE OF BULLETPROOF RADIO... you’re going to find out how your oral health and gut microbiome are connected.My guest today is Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA, the creator and CEO of Primal Life Organics, an all-natural health product company that specializes in oral health and skin care.After more than 25 years as a registered nurse and nurse anesthetist, Trina turned her attention to the mouth microbiome and how it influences all your body systems--whether you know it or not.She focuses on oral health as the gateway to internal health, so discuss topics that could give you clues about your own biology:Saliva is the “lifeblood” of the mouth; Red light (and blue!) can improve gum tissue; andWhat you must stop doing when brushing your teeth and why it matters so much to your oral health.Your Saliva: “Saliva is a secretion no one's talking about,” Trina says. “And it's one of, if not the most important secretion in your body, because it does so many things, including nitric oxide production. If you have an imbalance in the microbiome inside your mouth and inside your gut, nitric oxide declines and your body can't produce nitric oxide. … Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, it's related to internal health, it's anti-inflammatory, it creates better sleep and better brain function.”Your Gums: “Red light therapy is going to help with the condition of your gums, it's going to improve the overall environment inside your mouth, and it's going to help with the right environment to grow the right bacteria that in the long-term is going to help with nitric oxide production,” Trina says. “Red light therapy actually penetrates your gum tissue and will increase blood flow and reduce inflammation of the gum tissue.”Your Brushing Habits: “Brushing too hard, we don't think about it, but it's common sense, but we still do it because you feel like you need to scrub to get your teeth clean and your gums,” Trina says. “But a lot of people just brush way too hard. It's really a soft motion. The softer you brush, the more you actually stimulate detoxification and increase blood flow. It's like a massage. Sometimes when you massage too hard, you create inflammation, you create more problems. And the softer that you massage, like lymphatic massages, are extremely, there's no depth to them. It's very light touch.” (Even with a sonic toothbrush!)Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Find Out Your Biological Age:, use code DAVE to get 20% off testing packages Get Salty AF:, from unflavored to classy combos like mango chili to the new watermelonControl Blood Glucose:, sign up for membership to get monthly supply delivery, use code DAVE20 to save $20 on your first shipmentIN THIS EPISODE OF BULLETPROOF RADIO...Do you know why you make choices that are bad for you? Or why you end up with burnout, bad diets and other things that cause you harm, when you know you’d be better off choosing something else? This episode cuts through the noise, everything you’re sold and told to want, and helps you answer those very questions.Luke Burgis researched and studied the theory that underlies your tendency to follow other peoples’ wants, called mimetic desire. Explored by prominent French thinker René Girard, mimetic theory of desire says humans don’t want anything autonomously and independently. “Girard discovered that we come to desire certain things not through biological drives or pure reason, nor as the longing of our deepest, most authentic selves, but through imitation,” Luke says in his book, “Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.” Desire, as Girard used the word, does not mean the drive for food or sex or shelter or security. But after meeting those needs, we enter the domain of desire. And knowing what to want is much harder than knowing what to need.”In studying the work of Gerard, Luke realized that his goals and dreams were a product of other people’s expectations of him and he was actually following the desire of what he was seeing in others (that’s why he was miserable, burnt out, in poor physical health and felt horrible).  “The truth is that desires are derivative, contagious, and therefore competitive, and that’s why they often lead to conflict,” Luke explains. “The lie is that I want things entirely on my own, uninfluenced by others. By rejecting the truth, I deny the consequences of my desires on other people, and theirs on me.”Luke and I dive into how to get past the innate desires of success and wealth that most of us are taught to value and really move into your own individual dreams and self-desires. “Mimetic desire exists on a spectrum,” he says. “And that there are some things that can't be explained medically at all. Something beautiful like a sunset, or like a beautiful woman that I'm attracted to. There are very clear scientific sort of physiological things going on there. So, let's make a distinction. Mimetic desire exists on a spectrum where those hardwired physiological things like thirst and hunger, those have been met, right? And we're sort of now in a more abstract world.”Armed with this knowledge, you can make better choices about who you trust and build self-awareness around your choices to empower your own life. You can find holistic models that work for you in all areas of your life (not just at your job), and why those models are important to find sooner rather than later.“​​The constant looking to what other people are doing or saying or wanting, or achieving, is just the fastest way to be miserable for one thing, but also the fastest way to miss opportunities, because we're just constantly looking to our right and our left rather than forward or up,” Luke says.Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Light Therapy:, use code DAVEOzone for Healing, Cognition & Performance: Use code UPGRADED10 to save 10% on Dave’s Bulletproof BundleCustomized Nootropic Stacks:, use code DAVE10 to save 10% on your first orderSPECIAL OFFER FOR BULLETPROOF RADIO LISTENERS: Go to Use code “ASPREY” to get a 15% off discount.IN THIS EPISODE OF BULLETPROOF RADIO...Research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, Ph.D., explores the world of microorganisms inside your body. He studies the human microbiome and knows just how much inflammation damages your gut and how your immune system fixes it.He’s particularly adept at explaining practical ways to apply the latest science he’s uncovering.His expertise lies in the newest frontier in microbiology—gut commensal spore bacteria. He partners with Just Thrive Health on prebiotics, probiotics and other gut health product development.When he was on the show previously, we got into probiotics and immune health. (Don’t miss those! Support Immune Health in Two Steps: Modulate Gut Bacteria & Neutralize Inflammation – #677 and Armor-Plated Immortal Probiotics from Space – #629. This time, he makes connections between your microbiome and immune function.“The inflammatory response is the biggest driver of gut related damage that occurs,” Kiran says. “You can also eat foods that are absolutely toxigenic to your microbiome.”The good news? Up to 80 percent of your immune system lies in your digestive tract, Kiran explains. “Your immune system is there, ready and waiting to help with the situation.”In this episode, you’ll learn that lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is the unknown villain of virtually everything. Kiran says it causes damage to the brain, contributes to metabolic disease, drives Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and is the No. 1 driver of diabetes (to name a few).“LPS is the most pervasive toxin we have to deal with and it’s an endotoxin, which is a key because we can’t get away from it,” Kiran says.Kiran has a strict research background in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology. For nearly 20 years, he’s conducted dozens of human clinical trials in human nutrition through his research organization: Clinical Research Organization.His recently published leaky gut study showed reversal of gut enteropathy within 30 days. He’s now involved with a longer, more extensive leaky gut trial. His current research also includes nine other ongoing human clinical trials. Some test the effect of gut commensal spore probiotics on conditions like Thyroid/Hashimoto’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and liver failure.Listening to this extensive interview, you’ll find out cool stuff, like what faecalibacterium prausnitzii is and how it helps you.“We all have all kinds of damage occurring in our large bowel all the time,” Kiran says. “But if you have faecalibacterium, it's constantly repairing it. If you don't have faecalibacterium, at some point, the damage overcomes the repair and you start getting significant inflammation in lining which then puts you at risk for things like inflammatory bowel disease. Right, so we're constantly battling this state of damage, oxidative stress, inflammation, and all that, and then repair recovery and so on. And then as it turns out, microbes are so important for that repair and recovery phase.”You’ll also gain new perspective of your own body biomes and the broader world:  “I've always referred to the human system as a walking, talking rainforest,” Kiran says. “We are a holo-biome which is a super organism. We are an organism made up of a collective of organisms that together in a certain balance will function and work. But we are also in constant osmosis with the ecosystem, and we're designed to be that way.”Another positive for your gut and immune health is the vast number of microbial genes in your system.“We have such limited amount of genetic capability as a species,” Kiran says. “We barely have enough genetic material as an earthworm does, and so we're not that cool or sophisticated. What makes us as sophisticated as we are, is the two and a half million or so microbial genes in our system. And so, being able to outsource functionality to microbes is a big part of being human. There are sets of organisms that we have outsourced through the course of evolution, the ability to modulate and monitor the rest of the microbiome. We're finding that when you start putting in these microbes back into your system, you really start getting the positive changes. They start refereeing the ecosystem and making things more balance and improved.” Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Solve Sitting:, use code DAVE20 and get $20 off any standing deskTrack Your Health:, save 25%Breathe More, Snore Less:; use promo code DAVE10 to save 10%and get free shippingControl Blood Glucose:, sign up for membership to get monthly supply delivery, use code DAVE20 to save $20 on your first shipmentIn Part 1 of our two-part episode with John Jaquish, Ph.D., I talked with him about building bone density—an important factor in your strength and longevity. Don’t miss! Building Strength Isn’t About Weight Lifting Anymore – John Jaquish, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey, Part 1 – #862.This inventor, author, and scientist created OsteoStrong and the X3 System, a series of devices that combine rehabilitation and advancements in human physiology to build bone density. His extensive research into bone density and strength found that you can approach weight lifting much differently than you may think.“It appears that the most biological adaptation comes from not the area under the curve, the total volume of work you did, but has to do with how quickly did you go from zero to 100 and back to zero,” John says. “So, a very brief spike of almost anything causes way more adaptation than spiking up to 70% and holding it.”Now in Part 2, our conversation dives into John’s other findings and lifestyle choices, both as a public figure, a mentor for professional athletes and a fasting enthusiast. We go off the beaten path on a few things:Anabolic rebound after fasting (what fasting does to build muscle mass)Tendon mutations (and how they make people outrageously strong)Taking Viagra (or other non-pharmaceuticals) and carbs to trigger a muscle cell splittingThe difference between fructose, glucose and sucrose (is there any real difference in the body?)We also talk about ways to eat for strength and the quest for longevity that guides him. He knows about the tempting danger of eating to only look good (but you feel like crap). He offers tips to make sure you don’t go there.Check out John’s book to learn more: Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time: So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You WantEnjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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really enjoyed this one. it continues to amaze me how otherwise intelligent well-informed people like the guest can remain so ignorant about this virus and the vaccine. I.e I e. overestimating the risk and uninformed about how useless and dangerous the vax has proven to be. not to mention completely uninformed about a middle or alternate path to addressing the public health issue. heaven forbid public health officials should encourage testing for vitamin d, inflammation and blood sugar regulation. or that they would advocate supplementation and holistic approaches to preparing oneself to win against the virus. heaven forbid they should advocate prophylactic treatment for those at high risk of exposure or infection. no way should this intelligent individual advocate for prophylactic use of proven effective early treatments

Oct 21st

Kevon Lindenberg

this is the first time someone has explained why memory palaces are useful in our day and age. time to clean off the vines.

Jul 25th

Maria Prado

That is so ualll conversation, i have a teen doughter, She had anorexia and i was trying teach her to make peace whit food with high fat diet is good for the brain and she used to feel less hunger less stressed . Learn with Dr Daniel Amen and i thought that was the best for her.. When she was at psychiatric clinic, they criticize my method i was begging for them not to give her white bread and sugary food becouse she gets into stress becouse od the craving, she also wants too, she keeping saying that she want to do fat diet and fell better this way, they dinied gave to her white flour and sugar and its not good for any those kids, They used every Tuesday teachs kids how to do candys and cakes... They didint exercised and sun shower only thru the window I was lost.. Sad.. puting my kid in sharks mouth.. Was in the best lisbon hospital at Portugal.. We are so far away.. Thank god that i found you and Peter Attia, Jason Fung Mark Hyman, Ben Bikman... 🙏

May 13th

Maria Prado

So precious.. Thanks 🙏💪

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So interesting and nice topic, and very fun becouse last February I had 7 day fast on the beginning of the month and i also had 2 times 48 hours in the end of the month I did 5 day fast total I did 15 days without food i lost 5 kilos, and my period 😕 then I realize that I went to far.. Damm I felt so good.. So hard to me to lose weight, and my inflammation was not there anymore, Rsrsrs thanks one more time Dave 🙏

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Omg thank you very much, love and learning a lot with you and Dr bikman 🙏🙌❤️ gratitude

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😱This is mind-blowing. I'm listing to it while recovering from pituitary surgery.. can't wait to try 🙏

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this woman IS the problem

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Great content but these two things will have me thinking twice about listening to another podcast:. Very disruptive noise of someone opening package, rummaging through contents, taping back up, crying paper, etcetera! Multi-tasking during a podcast is just rude!

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Amazing show!

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Sep 28th

Karl Kleimeyer

listened to this episode 5 times already. this is so awesome. I'm grateful for and Dave Asprey changing the world

Jul 25th

Lionel David

Interesting episode, but is he reading a text? I'm having trouble to follow

Jul 17th

Julien Lemaire

What's the name of the app John mentioned by the end of the podcast ? Staminia ?

Jul 6th


Robert is one of the most inspiring, Profound and humble human I’ve ever heard from. Anyone can get a lot of value listening to him. Thanks very much for interview.

Jul 1st

Matthew Luffman

Hi Guys, Apologies, not sure if this is the correct area to post in. But does anyone know any Bulletproof products that help people with Cerebal Palsy? Many thanks

May 14th

Walter Schumacher

I've listened to 500+ episodes and this woman is my least favorite by far! 🤦🏼‍♂️

May 1st

Tyler Whitehead

Dave plays the devil's advocate so hard here! It's hilarious and at the same time illuminating.

Apr 25th


My goodness, Dave Asprey is not a very likeable guy. He always sounds condescending to his guests. His podcasts would be a billion times more interesting if he had even the slightest hint of charm.

Apr 21st
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