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Author: TJ Shafer

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An informative and legit podcast covering all things hunting!
95 Episodes
In this Episode we discuss all that needs to be done before the 2022-2023 deer season.  There is so much to do and we discuss it all!
As the boys of The Huntcast begin to prepare for the 2022-2023 Hunting Season a new challenge begins to brew.  Also we discover more terrifying hunting news that will make you wet the bed!
In this Episode TJ, Paul and Jason discuss a few issues including murder, right and privileges.  In fact your wife may want to listen to this to get her "murder mystery" fix.  Not really, but it is a good episode!
Here is our second episode after our long break.  Things get a little awkward as we learn to adjust to talking into a mic lol.  But there is plenty of hunting talk to go around!
We are BACK!  The boys from The Huntcast are back to podcasting from a much needed break!  Get ready to meet them all over again!
TJ and Jase talk while driving to South Texas to turkey hunt with longtime friend John Gerrish of Houston, Texas.  They are heading to Uvalde, Texas to hunt the Annandale Ranch, a 14,000 acre Texas treasure.
In this episode we review our most recent turkey hunting trip and as usual the Huntcast boys have plenty to tell!
Ever wonder what it's like running a hunting lease?  Well TJ gives Jase and Dirty T a hard time about Bird Mountain and its membership.
After a shit storm beginning of 2021 we are back with a new episode.  Be prepared to be mesmerize with stories of misfortune and chaos!  Yes, as always, we talk hunting too!
This episodes introduces our listeners to the tragedy that is unfolding on Reelfoot Lake, TN.
After a month long break we are back!  I wish there was some epic topic to cover in this episode but we simply catch you all up on what we've been doing!
This episode is packed with bullshit with some hunting mixed in!
In this Episode we catch up on the last two weeks since we did not record an Episode due to the Thanksgiving Weekend.  We cover our latest hunting adventures at Bird Mountain and tell the wonderful story of another kid killing their first buck!
Here comes the sad, sad story of the damn thief that stole my Polaris Ranger and my 14 year old daughter's fourwheeler.  Hope they rot in hell.
We find out where Dirty T has been hiding and announce the winner of the recent contest.  Also, one of the Bird Mountain Kids get a buck!
Here is the story of Jason Owens and last weekend's hunt where he killed a massive 153" buck.
Yes, you read that right, Dirty T's got the rona!
In this episode we discuss the results of our opening weekend hunts!  Good stuff all the way around!
Twas the night before hunting season 2020 and all The Huntcast Crew is going freaking nuts!
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