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Bob McEntee, a former AF Pilot,  discusses the importance of Hardening the Grid against an EMP. An Electromagnetic Pulse could disable all the power of a city, a State and a Nation, rendering all communications and every electrical item, (including automobiles), useless. Russia, Japan, China, Israel, and even Iran have already taken steps to harden their grid against an EMP.  It is time for the US to do the same! Bob McEntee is a 1988 USAFA Graduate, with a BS in US Military History, and a minor in German. He was a SAC Alert Force KC-135 Instructor & Navigator from 1990-1991, and a Single Integrated Operations Plan (SIOP) Instructor & Planner. He received the SAC 1994 Omaha Trophy on behalf of the 43rd ARW. He is a USAF Squadron Officer School Graduate, a Combat Air Tactics Training Graduate, a Red Flag Planner & Flying Graduate, and a USAF Contingency Wartime Planning Course Graduate. He is also the recipient of 3 Air Medals for Combat Support/Missions in 5 Continents, with over 5,000 hours of flight time.
Amelia Powers Gardner Utah County Clerk/Auditor talks about the success of Utah County when it tested using a new online voting software called VOATZ using BlockChain Voting.
Dalane England had a vision for teaching people about the Constitution. She created Freedom’s Light Foundation, an organization that presents an annual hands-on educational event for the whole family. Come and meet many of the founding fathers and the early colonists of America.  Visit Ellis Island and go through the citizenship process.  Meet William Bradford, the first Governor. See a replica of the printing press and print your own Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  Get your picture taken in front of the Statue of Liberty. This event is held in the main Bountiful City park on September 19th, 20th, and 21st.  For more information go to
Seth Needs is a Utah attorney.  He discusses some of the claims made in the State Legislatures Strong Futures Utah Task Force and debunks much of the data as either inaccurate or misleading. Seth presents the facts as obtained directly from the State of Utah that show that income from State Sales Tax has been rising with the rate of inflation over the last 20 years.
Neil Walters, CFA, former professor at Dixie State and a CEO of a Commercial Real Estate company, speaks against a new broad based sales tax. The Legislature never should have submitted a bill the last week of the session.  The intent was obviously to raise taxes at the last minute before the public became aware of it. No “Gee Wiz” charts that create something that does not exist.  Sales tax revenue is NOT falling in the State of Utah.  State publishes an annual financial report.  Looking back to 1995, 1.06 billion was collected  in sales tax, and in 2018 it has risen to 2.6 billion in sales tax revenue. That is 1.6 billion in new sales tax revenue in nearly 25 years. 
Joseph Woodbury, Silicon Slopes Founder of Neighbor.Com wrote an article in the Silicon Slopes Magazine discussing the issues of “Tax Modernization” and the critical negative results of taxing services. He discusses how Connecticut, one of the most liberal and highly taxed states in the nation, tried to tax all services but couldn’t get it through the state legislature. He explains that we don't have a revenue problem, we have a surplus, and an allocation problem. He discusses the possibility to change the Utah Constitution to allow all revenue, including Income Tax revenue to go into one bucket. This would require a change to the 1930 State Constitution amendment that requires all income tax revenue to go ONLY to education. Utah is the ONLY state with an earmark to force all Income tax money to go to education.
Larry Meyers, Attorney and member of the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee discusses his resolution directed at the State Legislature stating the UTGOP was opposed to new taxes, as had been presented with HB441 at the last week of the 2019 legislative session. His resolution was presented at the first State Central Committee meeting of the new party Leadership and SCC that was held in May.
Jonathan Johnson, current CEO of and President of Medici Ventures, discusses the Stronger Futures Task Force on Tax Modernization. Jonathan, a successful businessman and former Utah candidate for governor, details the issues with Utah’s tax system and explains why Utah has an allocation problem, not a revenue problem. He argues there is no pressing need to create a new tax on services, which additionally could harm businesses and taxpayers around the state. 
The Ignis Project, setting the record straight with News, Politics, and Lifestyle. TIP also focuses on what's happening in the State of Utah.  Unfortunately, today's supposed news media is very slanted to the left, always following the liberal agenda.  It doesn't matter where you live or where or how you get your news, you still have to sift through it to get to the truth.  Sometimes the truth is nowhere to be found.  We have created a podcast that focuses on issues that impact the political landscape of our state and nation.  We don't dance around sensitive or political correct subjects, we hit them head-on. We provide news and commentary without a slanted agenda, and we call it like it is.  Ignis means to illuminate, it means to shine the light, and when you turn on the light the roaches scatter.  let the light shine, the Ignis Project is on!
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