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A show where we use our imaginations to talk about the big feelings we all have.
27 Episodes
Has your child ever been so angry that they wanted to smoosh something? Have they ever been scared of the babysitter? Have they ever had a hard time putting the phone away? The Imagine Neighborhood is the show for you, and your kids.   Each episode tells a story that’s amazing, fantastical, and maybe a little bananas, while it tackles the big feelings that come with growing up. And the Imagine Neighborhood gives you and your kids fun activities to do at home, in the car, or anywhere you talk to each othe  
How do you feel when you’re scared? Does your heart pound? Does your tummy feel tight? Today, Count Vacula feels a tiny bit scared. But with some help from Scotty, plus a couple of heart-pounding songs, Vac (and you!) will learn to talk about how being scared feels in your body.   In this episode, we talk about feeling worried about the babysitter. Vac and Scotty talk about how being scared feels in your body, and about how talking about those feelings can help you feel better.   Practice discussing worried feelings with your child. Talk about something that makes you feel worried sometimes, and explain how it feels in your body. Then ask your child if they’d like to tell you about something that worries them… and how it makes them feel.     The Imagine Neighborhood is all about feelings, and if you'd like some more resources about ways to have these conversations, check out our friends beSproutable.  They have a great blog post about other ways to understand, and deal with, big feelings around separation anxiety. This week's songs are Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine and Monster by the Mighty Underdoggs
Getting excited can feel great! And cake is SUPER exciting. But how excited is TOO excited? This week, the neighborhood’s grown-ups make a cake mistake so exciting that they run wild! Only Scotty’s pal Doctor Apocalypso can save the grown-ups from themselves (and the dump) by helping them calm down. In this episode, we talk about feeling excited and calming down. Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso discuss what it feels like to be super-duper excited, and why it’s important to learn to calm down so that you can pay attention. And when the neighborhood grown-ups get stuck in the garbage, Doctor Apocalypso helps them escape by teaching them to calm down using belly breaths. Practice identifying feeling excited, and calming down. Think with your child about things that make each of you excited. Talk about how being really excited feels to each of you. Then, practice calming down using belly breaths: put your hands on your tummy, fill your belly up with air, and exhale.   Powerhouse by Raymond Scott Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno
In this special bonus episode of The Imagine Neighborhood, we meet Dr Sherri PhD.  She's a developmental psychologist, and gives us some tools to help parents talk to kids about feeling anxious about the news.  With a lot of kids home from school due to Corona Virus concerns, we hope this episode helps you talk to your smaller persons about changes in their schedule, or fears about the world at large. For more information, head over to
Macho Supreme, the toughest space marine in the galaxy, is at Scotty’s door – and he can’t get out! Can he make it through the doorway and boldly go inside for a playdate? With a little help from Scotty, Macho learns that accidents happen to everyone, and that it is totally macho to ask for help.   In this episode, we talk about accidents. Sometimes things happen even if you didn’t mean them to – like Macho Supreme getting wedged into a doorway. Scotty helps Macho Supreme learn that accidents (like getting stuck) happen to everyone, and that when they do, it’s okay to ask for help.   Practice asking for help or apologizing when accidents happen. Think with your child about something silly that might happen by accident. Then, think about how you would address the situation, and whom you might ask for help.   Songs in this Episode: Macho Man by the Village People Old Magic by Maree Sioux
The Phone Gremlin

The Phone Gremlin


What happens when it’s time to finish up screen time and switch to something new? Does it ever turn you into a scaly little monster? Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso are about to find out! When Doc’s dad turns into a naughty gremlin, it takes a lot of weird ideas (and some awesome tunes!) to get him to take a deep breath and put down the phone.   This week, Doctor Apocalypso’s dad has so much trouble putting his phone down that he turns into a gremlin! Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso explore coming up with many ideas and choosing the most practical one to solve a problem. They practice saying, “Pause, breathe, finish up” when it’s time to finish an activity or put down a device. Think with your child about a problem they might encounter. List lots of ideas to solve the problem – the sillier the better! Then discuss which idea makes the most sense to each of you.Practice saying, “Pause, breathe, finish up” together in kooky voices. Then, practice finishing up an activity, putting down a device, or leaving a place like school or the playground. Your child can also role-play as the adult, asking you to pause, breathe, and finish up what you’re doing.This episode was produced in partnership with Common Sense Media and their easy-to-use digital literacy curriculum. Click here to check it out!   This week's songs: You are Smart Changes
It’s pixie season in the Neighborhood. Everybody has to stay inside – even Macho Supreme. Macho was really looking forward to the Glamour Flex contest, and now he can’t go! Scotty and Macho discuss feeling frustrated, why we sometimes need to stay in to help everybody out, and tons of stuff you can do while you’re stuck inside. In this week's episode, Scotty and Macho discuss how it feels to be frustrated, and why it’s disappointing when you can’t do the things you were looking forward to. Feeling disappointed can feel like a real loss, so it's important to acknowledge those feelings before jumping in with alternative things to do. If you’re stuck at home, have you tried making new friends… from scratch? You and your child can try building your own Cardboard Scotty, or other friends, family, or imaginary characters. You can draw signs or pictures to put up around your house or your neighborhood (which you can share with us on the Imagine Neighborhood website!) And you can discuss how it feels to be frustrated or disappointed when you don’t get to do something you were looking forward to. This week's music is Cornerstone by Benjamin Clementine.
Frustration and disappointment are powerful feelings, and Scotty needs a little help talking about them while he’s stuck indoors. In this bonus episode, we call up Dr. Sherri for some tips on how grown-ups and kids can talk about frustration and disappointment, and how to tell the two feelings apart. It’s important for grown-ups and kids who are stuck at home to talk about how they’re feeling… and it’s a great time to find new ways to show the people you love that you care about them! You might want to send a card to someone you miss, like Dr. Sherri did, or help out a family member you know is feeling frustrated.
Crossing Lava Avenue

Crossing Lava Avenue


To get to the library, Scotty has to cross the most dangerous street in the neighborhood… Lava Avenue. Luckily, he runs into Princess Donnasaurus along the way. Together, they brave rolling boulders, hot lava, and singing Fire Pirates – and learn to cross the street safely.   In this episode, we talk about crossing the street safely. Scotty shows us how to avoid obstacles by using “SPEW” (stop, pay attention, use your ears, and wait) before crossing the street. And Princess Donnasaurus shows us how to use our Danger Voice to be loud and assertive when it’s important to get someone’s attention. Practice crossing the street by pretending the floor is made of lava! Or dream up other imaginary obstacles with your child. Then practice using SPEW and your Danger Voice (or whatever methods you prefer) to practice crossing the street and avoiding pitfalls safely.   Songs in this episode: Improper Dancing by Electric Six Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez
Macho's New Spaceship

Macho's New Spaceship


Macho Supreme takes Scotty along on an intergalactic bird-delivery mission! Scotty’s a little nervous, and Macho’s distracted by the chattering cargo. Fortunately, Scotty remembers the self-talk technique. Thanks to self-talk, Scotty calms himself down, Macho finds the blastoff button, and the grumpy cockatiel doesn’t crash-land. In this episode, Macho and Scotty use self-talk to help them focus, and calm down when they’re nervous. Whether you’re at home, at school, or on a spaceship, anyone can use self-talk! You might use it to remember tasks, like, “remember to deploy the solar sail,” or to keep yourself under control, like, “stay in my seat at dinner.” You and your child might use key words like “focus” or “listen” when you self-talk, to help you finish a task. And you might even use self-talk to calm yourself down when you’re nervous or excited, or to help yourself feel better. “Self-talk” means saying things quietly to yourself. But you can also self-sing! Think of some self-talk sentences that might be useful at school, at home, with family, or even while alone. Like, “Before I put on my pajamas, remember to put away my toys,” or, “Remember to put my lunch in my backpack.” Then, you and your child can set the words to the tune of a song you like, or even make one up!
Princess Donnasaurus’s birthday is coming up soon, but not soon enough! She wants her birthday party NOW! In fact, she wants one every day, forever. When Scotty runs out of cake ingredients and Vac runs out of battery, Princess Donnasaurus learns that waiting is difficult… but sometimes necessary. She and Scotty discuss how to make waiting easier – and maybe even fun. In this episode, Princess Donnasaurus learns that it’s difficult to wait, but that there’s just no way around it. She learns about some things she can do to make waiting more fun, like counting the days, thinking about how much fun her party will be, and playing an ama—(wait for it)—zing! game. Practice waiting with your child. Pretend you’re in line at a store or at school, or waiting until it’s time to get out of bed. Try taking a belly breath to calm down. Then, think of things around you that you can count, or think about things you’ll do once it’s time to get up, or when it’s your turn. You can also play “Wait for the Zing”, and see who can say “Zing!” last, or make up your own ama…zing! version of the game.
Captain Marion and her band of merry Fire Pirates have a big problem: their eternal feud with Fieryous George the Lava Monster is keeping them from reaching their greatest treasure, cheeseburgers. With a little help from Scotty, the Fire Pirates and Fieryous George learn to stop fighting, calm down, name the problem, listen to each other, and find a solution that works for everyone. In this episode, we talk about conflicts. Sometimes it feels like the same argument comes up again and again, and there’s only one way to see it—like when Captain Marion says that Fieryous George always blocks the Fire Pirates’ ship on their way to eat cheeseburgers. Scotty helps Captain Marion, the Fire Pirates, and Fieryous George practice some skills to name a problem without blaming and reminds them of how important it is to calm down so you can solve the problem. For the rest of our season, you can get daily activities that align with each episode from the Imagine Neighborhood. Head over to and check out our Emotional Experiments with Dr. Sherri and our Music Corner with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones!
Wednesdays are for exploring feelings with music! In every episode of the Imagine Neighborhood, we use music to help us talk about how we’re feeling. Once a week, we’ll be joined by a special guest, Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, a Broadway sound designer and composer. He’s created music for movies, plays, TV shows, and documentaries. Sometimes his music is very soft and quiet; other times it’s loud and excited! Together, Scotty and Lindsay will take a deeper dive into music and learn more about how music tells stories and can inspire all kinds of feelings. And each week, Lindsay will give kids a chance to put their own ideas into music.
Mister Music Man, Lindsay Jones, is back for another Music Day episode! This week, Mister Music Man chats with Scotty about how music can help you take someone else’s point of view. And he’s brought some songs along to help! Plus, Lindsay and Scotty have a new challenge for the listeners.



  This week, Scotty and Count Vacula get backstage passes to see Doctor Apocalypso’s band, the Dreadnaughts! Doc loves being onstage, hearing her fans cheer and seeing their flamethrowers. But to Count Vacula, this world is big, loud, and scary. When a bolt of lightning strikes the stage, these two switch bodies and can finally understand how the other person sees the world. In this episode, we talk about perspective-taking: looking at the world through another person’s eyes. Sometimes it can be hard to understand why someone else would act or feel so differently than you— especially when you’re in the middle of a conflict. But by practicing perspective-taking, you’re building a skill that will help you solve problems respectfully. Just like Doc and Count Vacula did by the end of the concert! In this week’s activities, we’ll practice taking on another person’s point of view with a game we call Switcheroo. For the rest of our season, you can get daily activities that align with each episode from the Imagine Neighborhood. Head over to and check out our Emotion Experiments with Dr. Sherri and our Music Corner with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones!  
This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty and Princess Donnasaurus have a big problem to solve: Sock goblins have stolen all of the socks in the neighborhood, right before the Sock Puppet Festival! To save the festival and return everyone’s socks, Scotty and Princess Donnasaurus need to track down those tricky sock goblins and find a way to recover their missing socks—without any sock goblins biting their toes. They explore a few different ideas and those ideas’ consequences before finally settling on the best solution. In this episode, we talk about creating if-then plans: breaking down the problem-solving process into steps to make it easier. It can be hard to find the right solution, especially when big feelings are involved. Creating an if-then plan helps kids and adults see different solutions to find the one that works best and is the fairest. And, like all skills, it’s okay if it’s difficult at first: We all get better at problem-solving with practice. For the rest of our season, we’re providing daily activities that align with each episode of The Imagine Neighborhood. Head over to and check our Emotion Experiments with Dr. Sherri and Music Corner with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones! Plus, if you'd like to make your own sock puppet, check out this special how-to video from Macho, Cardboard Scotty.
Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back on Wednesday to talk about the link between social-emotional learning and music. This week, we’re talking about how important it is to try out different ideas until you find the one that’s right. This is true in problem-solving and in writing music! Sometimes you just need to try lots of different things and see what works. Each week on Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, we put a question out to our listeners and read some responses on the show. This week, you can write your own lyrics to an if-then song and send it in to be read on next week’s show! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners. Tune in to hear how your idea could be featured on The Imagine Neighborhood.
we’re back with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones to explore how music and social-emotional learning fit together. Music can be a great way to communicate things that are sometimes hard to say. We’ll find out how musicians communicate with each other—sometimes without saying a single word! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners. Each week with Mr. Music Man, we ask our listeners a question and read some responses on the show. Tune in to hear how your idea could be featured on The Imagine Neighborhood.
This episode is about how to make amends when you’ve made a mistake. In it, an imaginary monster “smashes” an imaginary village. It was written many months before the recent acts of violence and related protests. It is in no way intended to be a commentary on those events.   This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty starts out having a pretty rough day. When Doc Apocalypso swings by to tell him there’s a giant monster on the loose who’s smooshing villages, the day gets even rougher! Scotty and Doc need to find this monster and figure out what’s going on—and figure out how to make thingsright. Turns out, there’s a lot more to this monster than either of them knew!In this episode, we talk about our angry feelings, what to do if you’ve made a mistake, and how to make amends. It’s okay to have big feelings. Everyone gets angry or sad sometimes. But it’s always important—for kids and for grown-ups—to know what steps they can take to make things right.For the rest of our season, we’re sharing daily activities that align with each episodeof The Imagine Neighborhood. Head over to and check our Emotion Experiments with Dr. Sherri, Music Corner with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, and more! If you made something you’re proud of during one of the activities or drew one of The Imagine Neighborhood characters, send in a picture to be sharedon our Infinite Refrigerator! Follow along on our Instagram page to see what other listeners send in, too.
Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back on Wednesday to explore both music and social-emotional learning! He and Scotty have a great conversation and jam session to learn all about how to ask for what you want – through music! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners! Each week on Music Man Jones, we put a question out to our listeners and read through some of the responses. Tune in to hear how your idea can be featured on the show!
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