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The Immigrant's Path

Author: Sarraf Gentile LLP

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Showcasing the successes, challenges and the many paths to America. Hosted by Joseph Gentile, partner and co-founder of Sarraf Gentile LLP, the show interviews people with interesting and unique perspectives on the immigration experience, their personal story and the many lessons that can be drawn from them. Sarraf Gentile LLP is a New York law firm representing individuals in immigration and other complex litigation.
15 Episodes
Through intelligent work and persistence, Juan Palacio created a classic American Dream story. His company,, is one of the fastest growing companies in America and has collaborated with multiple big names including Martha Stewart and the NY Botanical Garden. Check out his company and their offerings at
Always fun to talk with talented artists. Tari is on the cutting edge of producing digital art as NFTs (non-fungible token). She also generously donates some of the proceeds from the sale of her art to advance women's rights in Nigeria. I encourage everyone to check out her wonderful work.
Fr. Greg Boyle needs no introduction. He hasn't given many interviews on the topic of immigration. In this discussion, he gives his candid perspective on this topic.  
A wide ranging discussion with Partha as we explore his views on immigration, American values and his latest entrepreneurial venture, Infinite Water,  We also discuss an Op-ed he wrote on General Colin Powell,
Onur Gungor is the brilliant CEO and Founder of Allegory -- a Toronto-based insurance technology startup. Allegory leverages technology, data, machine leaning, contemporary design, behavioral and actuarial science to reduce risk and provide more affordable mobility insurance. You can learn more about Allegory at
Sachi Dely is a talented artist who came to the US as a refugee from a Montagnard tribe in Vietnam -- an example of just how much refugees continue to enrich the culture of the US. America is so fortunate to continue to attract people like Sachi and learn from what they have to offer. To view and potentially purchase some of Sachi's art, check out the following links: and
A great overview of immigration options for Start Up founders and entrepreneurs by the Silicon Valley's favorite Startup Immigration lawyer -- Sophie Alcorn!
Erika Jurado Graham is a trailblazer on how to use social media to educate a community about their immigration rights. Her story is a great example of using technology in a way to amplify impact.
The next time you hear a bad lawyer joke, point the teller to Leta Sanchez. Leta embodies the idea of law as a noble profession. Through her work as a private attorney and pro bono volunteer, Leta has improved the lives and provided care for countless clients. Much of her work revolves around working with clients on the margins, such as survivors of crime and domestic violence. 
Members of the leadership team at ASISTA shine a light on the violence issues affecting immigrant communities and some of the efforts made to address it. For more information on ASISTA, and how you can support their important work, visit
An interview with Rodolfo Delgado (, who combined his passion for tech and real estate to create Replay Listings -- a pioneer in the real estate world and the first company in the US to focus on unedited videos of property listings. 
An interview with Sara Saedi, writer of iZombie and the upcoming HBOMax iteration of the Green Lantern, and author of several books including "Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card", about her personal story of being an undocumented immigrant from Iran. 
An Interview with Simone Tong, acclaimed owner of the Silver Apricot in New York City, and among the chefs at the 2021 Met Gala, about her journey to culinary success.  
An interview with Oballa Oballa where we discuss his experience being born in Ethiopia, spending 10 years living in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp, moving to the US and then running for, and being elected to, public office in Minnesota.  All before the age of 28.
Tracing the story of Mustafa Bayramoglu from childhood in Turkey to Y Combinator, to Green Card, to Startup. We discuss asylum, Preflight, TechCrunch and the startup culture.
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