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The Impact Coaching Podcast - Self Development Made Easy!

The Impact Coaching Podcast - Self Development Made Easy!

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In this podcast we give you the tools and techniques so you can positively change your life to get the results you want. Filling in the gaps that your education never taught you. James Hackney is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner who has a passion and experience of helping people all over the world to go from feeling stuck, confused and trapped in their life, to living with passion, success and true happiness. These short to the point episodes focus on how you can set powerful clear goals, increase your self-confidence, feel more motivated and greater self-belief in your ability. If you are ready to unlock you extraordinary potential and impact your life and transform your mindset then tune in.
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Life can get busy, it can feel like you are spinning plates and not knowing where to place your focus. In this podcast, I want to help you break down the most important areas of your life, get clear on what is important to you and where you need to place your focus!10 X Your Confidence -
Do you feel like you like tasks take longer than they should and time gets away from you? In this episode, I am going to be helping you to be more intentional with your precious time, get more completed in your life and get more time back to yourself! If you are struggling with time management and tasks running over, this is the podcast for you!GOAL SETTING & ACTION TAKING WORKSHOP -
Lets give you some secrets, some empowering ways and techniques you can grow you confidence by using your body language! These will be help to feel more confident, increase others confidence in you and help you to command the rewards your skills deserve!Goals Setting & Action Taking For Success - X Your Confidence -
Are you trying to BE more confident and struggling to actually feel internally confident? Confidence is not something you be, it is something that you DO. In this podcast, I want to help you start to take actions through habits, routines and things you DO to help you BE more confident. If you want to BE more confident and finding it a struggle, this is the podcast for you!GOAL SETTING & ACTION TAKING -
When looking for a life coach, it can be a minefield. I want to provide with a checklist for when you are looking for a coach, you are making sure you are making the right investment for you and your time! So you can have more success, achievement and progress in life.10X Your Confidence - Goal Setting and Action Taking Group Sessions -
I want to take you on a journey of reflection about what I have learnt from achieving a BIG GOAL that I set myself and how you can apply these learnings in your own life and goals. These learnings will help you to have a more resilient mindset, more confidence in your ability and great sense of achievement !10X Your Confidence - Goal Setting and Action Taking Group Sessions -
Feeling unconfident to confident. How do you bridge the gap from having low confidence to being the confident person you want to become? If you are struggling to start to be confident and are confused at what you need to do, this is the podcast for you!10 X Your Confidence -
Your perspective today and during this pandemic will determine your destination  and outcome. Your perception is so important, it can determine your happiness, growth, confidence and success in life. If you feel you are really hating on 2020/2021 and its getting you down, listen now to see how you can change that and feel more positive!10X your confidence -
Are you allowing external events and challenges in your life define your confidence? Making you feel unconfident which then affects other areas of your life? In this podcast, I talk over how you can have more confidence in your ability and how to define your confidence!10 X Your personal growth -  
How often do you do things that you know you shouldn't be doing? Why, because it holds you back from where you want to be, what you want to do and want to have in life! In this episode, I want to give you a question to help you check with your habits and actions and how they serve you towards your success, being a confident person and achieving your goals. 10 X Your Confidence -
The Truth About FEAR

The Truth About FEAR


FEAR can feel so real at times and yet is it? You may fear taking action, doing something you want to do out of fear of judgment or failure which causes you to procrastinate! In this episode, I talk through how fear builds and how to start to overcome fear!10 X Your Confidence -
Are you feeling pulled and pushed in all directions during your week? Not achieving goals you have set yourself or just coasting through life? If so, this is the podcast episode for you because I want to help feel in control, have focus in your week and start taking action!10 X Your Confidence -
Life can be so hectic that we never pay attention to what we are actually thinking. Negative self talk and limiting beliefs are just a few things that maybe holding you back currently. In this episode, I talk through a recent experience of finding time to be in silence and how it can help you!10 X Your Confidence -
Im stripping goals down the bare bones in this podcast and keeping things simple. If you want to change any part of your life to be happier, more successful and have greater fulfilment, these 4 things need to be in place for success. If you are struggling with change in your life, procrastinating and not getting the results you want, this is the podcast for you! 10 X Your Confidence -
Money is important in life, just not for real motivation. We all aspire to have more money yet we lack action, direction and motivation to do the things we know we need to do. In this podcast, I answer the question behind why you lack motivation to increase your bank balance, go for that promotion and grow your business further and HOW you can tap into true motivation so you can have more success!10 X Your Confidence -
Are you frustrated in your career and unfulfilled in your job and yet feel it is too late to change? In this episode, I share with you a way to view where you truly are during your "working years" and how to overcome the excuse of being too old to change. 10 X Your Confidence -
With 50,000 thoughts per day, how do you regain control and become more positive? If you feel that you thoughts control you and you are loosing control, this is the podcast for you! It is time to take back control!10 X Your Confidence -
Are you working towards a goal that doesn't inspire or excite you? One that causes you pain and you are hoping to achieve for all the wrong reasons? Millions of people are working towards this goal every single day and its causing them pain. Are you?10 X Your Confidence - 
Going through the motions, coasting through life and feeling unfulfilled are feelings that come with being at a stationary point in your life. It is down to you to decide if you accept or decline this way of life. In this podcast, lets help you raise awareness to where you are currently!10 X Your Confidence -
Sick and tired of believing you don't have the confidence to do what you want in your life? In this episode I want to give you the questions to allow you to question the lies you have been telling yourself so you can feel greater confidence, more control over your life and empowered to be better than you were yesterday!10 X Your Confidence -
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