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Author: Rudi Riekstins and Anniston Riekstins

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Life isn't happening to you, it's happening FOR you. How you perceive the experiences in your life will shape your reality. Join Rudi and Anniston as they, and special guests, share powerful stories and tools that will guide you into living a life of freedom, abundance, and happiness.
87 Episodes
In this episode, host Rudi Riekstins sits down with Michael Chernow, a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, wellness expert, and restaurateur, who has turned his life around from the depths of addiction to a life of purpose and success. Michael shares his inspiring journey of sobriety and how foundational habits have played a crucial role in his transformation. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube:’s Links: Website: of Habit:
In this episode, hosts Rudi and Anniston Riekstins tackle the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome. Together, they explore the psychological patterns and emotional responses that underpin this phenomenon, offering practical insights and strategies to overcome it. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube:
Today, host Rudi Riekstins engages in an inspiring conversation with Natalie Dawson, a leading business figure, co-founder and president of Cardone Ventures, and bestselling author. They discuss Natalie’s journey, leadership insights, business scaling strategies, and her latest book, "Start the Work." Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Visit Natalie’s Website:’s Podcast: Natalie’s Book: Natalie on Instagram: with Natalie:’s YouTube:’s TikTok:
In this episode, host Rudi Riekstins has a transformative conversation with Bryce Henson, an inspiring individual who has continually pivoted and evolved to create a fulfilling life. Bryce shares his journey from a challenging childhood to becoming the CEO of the fastest-growing indoor fitness franchise, FitBody BootCamp. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Visit Bryce’s Website:’s Podcast, ‘The CEO Show:’ Bryce on Instagram: with Bryce: Bryce on Facebook:’s YouTube:
In this episode, Rudi is joined by Kris Krohn, a highly successful entrepreneur and author. Kris shares his journey from financial struggle to achieving immense wealth and freedom. This episode is packed with insights on how to transform your financial life and reclaim your time.This is a must-listen for anyone looking to transform their financial life and reclaim their time. Kris Krohn's journey from financial struggle to success is an inspiring testament to the power of determination, mentorship, and strategic planning. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Work With Kris: Kris on Instagram:’ YouTube Page:
This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in personal development, coaching, and redefining success in life and business. Ajit’s profound insights provide actionable strategies and thought-provoking ideas that encourage listeners to explore their potential and redefine their paths.Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Visit Ajit’s Website: ‘Live Big:’ Ajit on Instagram:’s Facebook:’s TikTok:’s YouTube:
Today's discussion features a remarkable guest, Wade Lightheart, a three-time national natural bodybuilding champion, successful entrepreneur, and author of "The Ultimate Nutritional Bible.” Wade shares transformative insights on health, well-being, and personal development, illustrating how anyone can achieve their health goals with the right mindset and tools. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Get 10% Off "The Ultimate Nutrition Bible:" Code: inpowered Visit Wade’s website: free educational courses: Wade on Instagram: with Wade: Wade on Facebook:
Welcome to another episode of The InPowered Life podcast! This episode dives into the transformative power of aligning with your aspirations and the practical steps to embody the change you seek in your life. Whether it’s personal growth, career advancement, or fulfilling your dreams, hosts Rudi and Anniston share their personal experiences as a guide on embodying the roles they aspire to achieve.    Visit our website:  Follow along at:  Stream on YouTube: 
Join us as host, Rudi Riekstins talks with Nick Connor, a former professional athlete turned personal development coach, to explore what it means to live an empowered life. Nick dives into his journey, detailing how he transitioned from the world of professional sports to becoming a renowned speaker and author, and how personal development has been integral to his and his clients' lives. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Visit Nick’s Website: Nick on Instagram: him out on X: him on Facebook: with him on LinkedIn:
Join host Rudi Riekstins and guest Justin Roethlingshoefer as they take a deep dive into a topic that resonates with many—living a life full of intention and purpose. Together, they explore the profound impact that intentional living has on our physical and mental health, and Justin shares transformative insights and practical tips that can be applied to everyday life. Whether you're a longtime follower of wellness practices or just starting to explore the realm of personal health, this episode will offer valuable perspectives on making lasting changes that lead to a more empowered and vibrant life. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Pre-order Justin’s book, ‘The Power of Ownership:’ Justin on Instagram: with Justin on Facebook: Justin on Twitter:
In today’s episode, Rudi Riekstins introduces us to two extraordinary individuals, Shawn Finnegan and Debbie Hart, who have turned their entrepreneurship journey into a platform for empowering others. Both Shawn and Debbie have navigated through various industries, achieving significant success. They share their wisdom and learnings to support, develop, and inspire others in entrepreneurship. Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Tune in to Shawn and Debbie’s Podcast, Ignition Point:
In this inspiring episode, hosts Rudy and Anniston Riekstins welcome Natasha Graziano, celebrated as the world's number one female motivational speaker by Forbes Magazine and a two-time international bestselling author. Natasha shares her riveting journey from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of success, offering listeners practical insights into transforming their lives through self-leadership and the power of the mind.Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: with Natasha: Natasha’s Website:
Welcome to a profoundly moving episode, where our host, Rudi Riekstins, engages in a deep and empowering conversation with Olivia Young. This episode navigates through Olivia's harrowing journey of overcoming multiple traumas to find her true power and purpose. Through her story, we dive into the essence of living an empowered life, transforming pain into power, and the significant role of self-love and internal healing.Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: Olivia’s website: Olivia on Instagram:
In this episode of The InPowered Life Podcast, host Rudi Riekstins is joined by Michelle Rios, a transformational figure in the realm of personal development, coaching, and motivational speaking. Michelle shares her compelling journey from a childhood marked by early responsibility and challenges to a successful career in corporate America, and ultimately, to her bold leap into entrepreneurship and coaching. Her story is a testament to the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and the relentless pursuit of an extraordinary life.Visit our website: https://www.rudiriekstins.comFollow along at: on YouTube: with Michelle: her website: in to Live Your Extraordinary Life:
Everything in the Universe is either expanding or in a state of decay. In this exciting new episode of "Understanding Expansion with Rudi & Anniston," join us as we delve into insightful discussions about growth strategies, market trends, and innovative approaches to expansion. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from two industry experts as they share their expertise and experiences. Don't miss out on this enriching opportunity to learn and grow with Rudi & Anniston! Follow Rudi & Anniston on Socials: Instagram: / rudiriekstins / annistonblairriekstins Website:
Are you tired of feeling stuck and unproductive? Join us in this week's episode with Rudi & Anniston as they share valuable insights and strategies on how to break through mental barriers and regain your motivation. Get ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with actionable tips from two inspiring individuals. Don't miss out on this transformative discussion! Follow Rudi & Anniston on Socials: Instagram: / rudiriekstins / annistonblairriekstins Website:
Discover the power of focus in shaping your life experiences in the latest podcast episode with Rudi & Anniston. Join them as they delve into how controlling your focus can transform your reality and lead to a more fulfilling life. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on harnessing the influence of focus in this engaging discussion. Tune in now to embark on a journey towards a more intentional and impactful existence! Follow Rudi & Anniston on Socials: Instagram: / rudiriekstins / annistonblairriekstins Website:
Discover the secrets to optimizing your daily routine for ultimate success with Rudi Riekstins in this latest episode. Learn practical tips and strategies to enhance your productivity, achieve your goals, and take control of your day like never before. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to transform your daily habits and unlock your full potential! Follow Rudi on Socials: Instagram: / rudiriekstins Website:
In this brand new episode of "The In•Powered Life Podcast," Rudi interviews the incredible Greg Witz, a recognized expert in personal development. Join us as we delve into the secrets of becoming a better human and realizing your greatest potential. Prepare for an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation that inspires and prepares you to take on the world. To learn more about Greg visit or follow him on IG at @gregwitz. Follow Rudi on Socials: Website:
Welcome to this week's captivating New Episode! Join Rudi as he delves into the inspiring journey of Gary Ramsey. When Gary's near-fatal cancer struck in the summer of 2015, there were few options available to him. His entire reality was uprooted and tossed into yet another, more perplexing and mystifying one. Due to his firm resilience and ability to follow his heart, he slowly emerged from this grim situation into a world far greater than the one he had previously known. He now stands firm in the belief that the wisdom with which we shall achieve our greatest glory here on earth lies within our own self. At heart, Gary Ramsey is an eternal student of the universe, although he has been an actor and teacher for much of his working career. Gary has walked many different paths that have taken surprising twists and turns. He is honored to have worked and served in several different capacities throughout his lifetime. Through it all, his love and compassion for all of mankind continue to grow, as does his ability to live life artfully. In this enlightening conversation with host Rudi Riekstins, Gary reveals his key lessons and the empowering mindset that allowed him to triumph over adversity. Prepare to be inspired and motivated as you witness firsthand how resilience and determination can shape your life. Don't miss out on this powerful episode. Follow Rudi on Socials: Website: Instagram: / rudiriekstins
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