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The U.S. Dollar has gotten a lot stronger in recent months compared with other currencies. Today, we dive into the economics of foreign exchange and the pros and cons of dollar dominance.
Matching talent with opportunity is great for economic growth. But when it comes to Identifying talent, we have a lot to learn according to economist Tyler Cowen. He joins the show today to talk about innovative strategies for finding under the radar talent.
Companies with more top female execs are more likely to please customers, be socially responsible, and are more profitable. But we don't know why. Today we talk to Corinne Post, who thinks she's solved the mystery.
Baby formula is in short supply after a voluntary February recall by the manufacturer, Abbott. Today, we explain how the government helped shape the U.S. formula market, and why that structure led to a devastating shortage.
The economy is in a weird place right now. It seems like every day there are new numbers coming out that say economic conditions are either great or poor. Today, we bring you some indicators this week — factory output, credit card defaults and housing — and bring some clarity to the tumult.
With the Supreme Court expected to overturn its landmark decision on abortion rights, more than 150 economists submitted a brief with the court saying there will be major consequences if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Today on the show: How the field of causal inference helps economists decipher the effects abortion policy has had on people's lives during the past half century, and what the likely effects will be if Roe is overturned.
Last year, we analyzed whether or not the Simpson family's lifestyle was attainable for the middle class. A writer on the show listened to that Indicator, and decided to answer that question with an episode of their own. Today, we bring you a sneak preview of their take on America's shrinking middle class.
The United States has hit a million recorded deaths from COVID-19, a likely undercount. Today, how John Burn-Murdoch from the Financial Times tracks COVID-19, and what the true death toll really is.
Are the skills from dealing drugs transferable to the world of legal entrepreneurship? We review the evidence and meet Coss Marte, a former drug dealer who built a successful fitness routine business after a long time in prison.
On today's edition of Indicators of the Week, we bring you the top numbers to know in the stock market, cryptocurrency, and the world's second most valuable company.
Bill Gross is a retired investor known for creating and dominating the bond market. But what exactly made him so successful? Today, we talk to Aaron Brown, who created a mock portfolio to unpack the success of the Bond King.
We often talk about inflation as a bad thing. But for countries in a lot of debt, inflation has an upside. But can a country try to inflate its way out of debt?
The graying of America

The graying of America


America is getting older which is bad news for the state of the labor market. Today, we learn how lower fertility rates and retiring seniors are contributing to shortages in the labor force.
The European Union is poised to pass its latest big tech legislation package. The Digital Services Act could reshape how we interact with big online platforms. Today, we go through some of the highlights of the regulation.
Unemployment is low and job listings are at a record high: This shows up in a chart called the Beveridge curve. What's driving this? We talk to a former brewery manager to find out.
Prices for cooking oil have spiked around the world. You can point to drought and, more recently, the war in Ukraine for reasons why. But palm oil prices were on the rise before those production shocks. Today, we look into the palm oil price mystery.
To try and slow inflation, the Federal Reserve is going beyond its typical tool of raising interest rates, and adopting a policy of "quantitative tightening." So ... what is that, exactly?
Savings bonds are known for their low yields and relative safety. However, the recent inflation spike is creating a heightened demand for the Series I Bond. Today, we learn the mechanics of the I Bond and why it might be the hottest investment of 2022.
The trucking industry saw a boom in the early months of the pandemic as consumer demand for goods surged. This caused a key trucking indicator known as the spot market rate to hit historic highs. Today, we learn what the recent decline in the spot rate could mean for the economy.
Econ Exploder: GDP

Econ Exploder: GDP


The Bureau of Economic Analysis released their quarterly gross domestic product report this week. It showed GDP shrank at an annualized rate of 1.4%. Not good. But there's a mix of stories in the details. We explain with the help of a bit of music.
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Alex McNaughton

the mickey impression was amazing!!!

Apr 23rd

Alex McNaughton

amused that Waylen defined federal reserve; I wonder what % of listeners needed that definition.

Apr 8th

Donna Morris

Skin tight jeans rose and fell before in like the 80s. There is nothing new🙄

Dec 8th

Gabriella Arroyo

isn't the fact that they lost a bunch of money an indication that they inflated the market ?

Nov 19th

Michele S

This episode is tagged as 50 minutes, but it's under 10 like all Indicator episodes. I like the short format!

Nov 16th

Donna Morris

new flavor Orekat. Oreo dipped in KitKat chocolate, wafer in middle of cream center. I'm ready to sample! Cross branding might be ultimate praise.

Oct 29th


Good pun

Oct 19th

Donna Morris

What are people with disabilities supposed to do? When cars are banned and bikes are not really an the disabled have exemptions or are they just supposed to disappear?

Sep 17th
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Daniel Choi


Aug 13th

Paul Rhine

This author is talking about bitcoin being a scam when he heard about it in the '90s but it was not even started until 2009. Sounds like he's not much of an expert.

Aug 9th


Bitcoin didn't come out until 2009.... 🤔🤔

Aug 6th

Anna Manzoni

did I get it right that the average income for 26-39 year old is $82000?

Jul 28th

Lewis Sunflower

by not incentivizing single motherhood

Jul 8th
Reply (2)

Alessandro Zamai

loved having a CBC host on the show!

Jun 25th

Gabriella Arroyo

are yall gna apologize about pretending inflation was impossible and wanting to print a trillion dollar coin six months ago? or are we just gna act like that didn't happen....

Jun 16th

Khalid Shamlan

So Gr8 to hear your voice again

Jun 3rd

Ryan Gratz

Tablet toothpasts at this time do not have fluoride, making them not as effective as tube toothpaste. They do not have the ADA seal of acceptance, hence they do not pass the better.

May 27th

Lewis Sunflower

the racists and progressives sound the same.

May 24th


He's mistaken on how much doge he has if he bought $100 he has at least a few hundred dogecoin. He might be thinking in bitcoin prices lol.

May 21st

Tony Zac

Good job barbie

Apr 27th
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