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Topical discussion, motivation, DIY and other tutorials, industry interviews, and product reviews. The complete podcast for the independent filmmaker.
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Filmmaker Eric Toms chats with me about his new film that he just finished shooting in Belgium. We talk about the film as well as his experience with production. We also talk about his monthly short film showcase called "Night of Shorts Night".
Alex Ferrari, filmmaker and host of Indie Film Hustle chats with me about his new film "On the Corner of Ego and Desire". We also discuss the business of filmmaking, being an indie filmmaker, and more. Here are some links for Alex: Indie Film Hustle - Indie Film Hustle TV: Netflix for Filmmakers - Shooting for the Mob - Bulletproof Screenplay -
Special effects can be subject to budget, although small to no budgets also have access to really cool FX techniques. The key is to be true and as real as possible without looking like you're trying to hard to do what you don't have the resources for. Be true, real, and committed to a truthful effect.
The most memorable characters are the ones that are relatable. They may be relatable to us personally, or they may be relatable as someone we know in our lives in some way. Making characters relatable and showing them as human make them memorable.
Filmmaker Usher Morgan (Prego, Pickings) talks about films, filmmaking, and his new book "Lessons from The Set". This book chronicles a filmmaker's journey from idea to distribution, and everything in between.
Let's chat about writing for what you know, real life, genre writing, and writer's block. Have you thought about crossing over genres? If nothing else, it could be a great exercise.
Writer/Director David McCracken and Josh Riedford join me to discuss their feature film "BULLITT COUNTY". This film was released theatrically in AMC theaters, and is now available on Amazon. Check out our conversation, and see this film.
You know Jay and Mark Duplass from films like "The Puffy Chair" and "BagHead". Their very first film "This Is John" is in The Screening Room. If you haven't seen this short film, you gotta go to The Screening Room and Watch. This is the perfect grab a camera and shoot something, and make it interesting film.
Zeke Zelker talks about his new film "BillBoard" and the medium of TransMedia. Zeke is a pioneer of transmedia, which is the method of telling a story simultaneously on multiple platforms.
Continuity - IFP 147

Continuity - IFP 147


Continuity is one of those all important must haves in your film, just like great sound inconsistencies in your film will leave a bad impression. Focus on continuity and keep the story fluid.
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