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Indie Film Talk, Interviews with filmmakers and others in the industry, product reviews, and more. Low to No Budget Practical Filmmaking for the indie filmmaker. Helping to bring Indie Film to the world.
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Hey Crew, we are all in this quarantine thing together. We are all affected. What do we do as filmmakers while being grounded. There are many things that we can do with our time to be productive. I want to focus on one.
Green Screening your Locations may or may not be something that you have considered. However, this is done more than you may think, and it's a great option for indie filmmakers. Let's get into it.
Let's talk about the things the indie filmmaker needs to get the job done. These are things that are very affordable and some are even just plain cheap, and you probably have some of them in your home.
Getting great sound for little to no budget has always been a challenge. It really doesn't have to be. You can get pro sound with very little investment. Especially compared to just a few years ago. Let's get into it.
"PICTURES" directed by S.L. Allred is another of those films that I like to spotlight because of it's minimalistic approach. This is a premise that could have ended up cliche' but because of the thought and creativity behind it, is a good short film. Check it out in The Screening Room.
We are back in The Screening Room with a very cool short film titled "THE SNAPSHOT". Check it out!!!
Director Hicham Hajji Just finished his feature film directorial debut "REDEMPTION DAY". This film Stars Gary Dourdan, Andy Garcia, Robert Knepper, and Ernie Hudson. Hicham chats with us about the film, and tackling a film like this, and directing the cast.
Your role as director has many aspects, but it all boils down to one thing. You are the creative guide for all involved. Let's chat about it.
One of the first things that we learn, or at least should learn as an indie filmmaker is to know your audience. Who are you making your film for? Let's get into that.
Lighting the interior of a car at night can be tricky. We like to see our subjects, but we want it to look natural. There is nothing like unnatural light to take us out of the moment. Let's chat about this.
Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday season, and wishing you a very happy new year!
The power of light is so much more than just setting up proper lighting, or using natural light to shoot a scene. We light with a purpose. Let's get into it.
Having the right lens for the right job is always a point of conversation, or at least thought. Budget and affordability are also a factor. Usually. Let's talk a bit about some lenses that get the job done.
Getting the proper coverage for your film can often be overlooked, especially early on in one's filmmaking career. Let's talk about how to get great coverage.
"An Interview with God" is a great indie film Written and Produced by Ken Aguado, and Directed by Perry Lang. The film is on Netflix, and definitely one to watch. Let's chat with Ken and Perry.
If you are thinking about either buying or renting a high dollar camera, this episode is a must listen. Let's get into the logic of both options.
Can you make a film with zero budget? This is a very common question. Some may say that even if you already have a camera, even a cell phone you already have spent a budget on your film. Let get in to this. Also, this episode is the first video episode on YouTube.
Camera movement is just as a crucial piece of the puzzle as any other part of filmmaking. It is part of the character, and helps convey energy and emotion. Let's get into it here.
Sometimes you need to record ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) and sometimes you don't. Either way, recording ADR will be something that sets your film apart from other films that don't. If you are about to shoot your first film, the definitely plan for it. It's not hard to do at all. Let's get into it.
Having continuity in sound throughout your film is an absolute must! There really is no excuse to have sound that is inconsistant through your film. Let's chat about getting that sound continuity in your finished project.
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Anthony Demings

Film Techology has changed so much it makes sense to rent video equipment.

Aug 13th
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Todd David Jackson

of course , because we are society that has to constantly be fed knowledge, all shapes and forms...

Jul 6th
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