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The Industry Rockstar Show with Kane & Alessia
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The Industry Rockstar Show with Kane & Alessia

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This Podcast is focused on helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to navigate through the complex web of strategies and human development issues they face as they look to upgrade their impact, success and income. Kane & Alessia, founder & president of Industry Rockstar, lead the podcast. They are two of the world most prominent Advisors for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and have presented their rapid growth concepts to over 3 Million business owners live in 32 countries in massive stadiums and conferences of audiences up to 20K participants at one time. They are Award Winning Serial Entrepreneurs, International Best Selling Authors, World Class Presenters, Investors and Philanthropist. The focus in this Podcast is to explore the depths of the greatest minds and techniques available to help Entrepreneurs Launch and Scale Rapidly! Episodes are released weekly and often more frequently.
60 Episodes
Starting in several major productions and a world class voice over expert, L.Michelle talks about how to find ones voice both physically and metaphorically!
  Tony Whatley is a business mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host. He is best known as Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community which grew into the largest of its kind, with over 300,000 registered members. This business sold for millions in only five years after starting. Amazingly; it was just his part-time business! Tony once led a successful corporate career with over 27 years experience in oil/gas, managing $100MM+ international EPIC projects. He has built and scaled project management departments, and consulted within Fortune 100 corporations on systems, processes, and leadership. Tony also has extensive experience in procurement and contract laws, as well as contract negotiation. In 2015, Tony decided to focus on building businesses full-time, and left behind a multiple six-figure salary range to do what he loves. Tony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, from The University of Houston. He is also a Certified Project Manager, as well as serving as club president of Toastmasters, a public speaking and leadership training group. When he is not doing work to build his legacy, you can find him and his wife, Lisa, exploring the world or racing high performance cars.
The old saying "you have to bring value to a market place" is totally wrong. In this Podcast, Kane Minkus, founder of Industry Rockstar, explores the five different types of value that exist in a business relationship, and how you can use them to help you increase your success. If you haver ever felt the pressure of needing to bring lots of value to a marketplace, you will discover how to turn that on it's head and use the five types of value in your favor to succeed faster!
As Entrepreneurs we need to consistently come up with creatively brilliant ideas. What pressure! This podcast explores ways you can consistently have brilliant ideas coming to you regularly. If you are someone who needs to come up with a good business idea, marketing campaign, packaging idea or anything creative, Kane Minkus, Founder of Industry Rockstar explores how the best make that happen. With stories from his time with Billy Joel, Livingston Taylor, Microsoft COO Rick Belluzzo and more, Kane wittingly shares strategies and ideas about how to always have a Stroke Of Genius!
RC Peck has spent his life studying the top wealth growers in the world. In this interview, RC shares critical Mindset Hacks to change the way you relate  to building Wealth. In discussing the difference between the Earnings World & the Growing World, NLP Certified and a Certified Financial Advisor, RC is a cross between a human behavioural specialist and an investment advisor. 
In this podcast, Kane Minkus, Founder of Industry Rockstar, who has launched over 40 online digital products, generating tens of millions of dollars, as well as having a dozen internet based companies, talks about how to think about getting the wheels in motion around strategising a marketing campaign. He takes you through topics like Traffic Relationships, Types of Marketing, Targeting and Retargeting and much more!
Having owned and run dozens of online companies (even prior to Google existing), plus having coached hundreds of thousands of businesses on their digital marketing strategies, there are a few conversion areas that most business owners fail to understand online. In this Podcast, Kane Minkus, founder of Industry Rockstar, takes you through five critical concepts that will immediately change your ability to convert and cause action online (and offline for that matter!). Warning: Learning these techniques will make you dangerously effective! Please use responsibly! or
Since this is the second time we have Vishen on the Podcast, it shows how much we love Mindvalley and the work he is doing! Vishen is an icon of our generation pushing forward alternative and conscious evolutionary education online. Check out this interview we did at an event we hosted in Singapore with Vishen where we discussed how to evolve oneself as rapidly as possible!
Sean Stephenson recently passed away (2019), but was seriously an angel on earth! He was born with a rare genetic disorder, which ended up only allowing his body to grow to around 3 feet tall. But he let nothing stop him, and not only defied the odds of survival, but also went on to thrive massively in life and professionally. From being coached by Tony Robbins, to becoming an assistant for President Bill Clinton, to completing University studies and becoming a top international motivational speaker - if Sean could conceive it, he did it. In this interview, Kane Minkus got a chance to finally meet a long time hero of his (Sean). Both Sean and Kane knew each other from the Speaker industry, but never got a chance to connect until when they were presenting at an event together. The Interview you will hear, is from a very impromptu opportunity to get some time together talking about how to become a top speaker. 
After working with hundreds of thousands of businesses, I still, every year talk to thousands of them who have been misled by poor coaching or advising about how to determine their target market. In this podcast I explore a critical and totally unique way to determine how to define your target market. If you have ever used classic techniques, or even advanced techniques about how to define your target market, you will discover a completely new way of looking at how to identify how to define and go after the right prospect. Unlike anything you have considered before, and doused in the Human Potential, Consumer Psychology approach that Kane & Alessia are so well known for - in this Podcast I reveal the REAL way you need to consider identifying your target market. 
Mark has spent the last 21 years building tribes online and offline. He has been featured in over 200 Media outlets for some of the dynamic stunts he has done to build his tribes. He has also built a highly engaged tribe of over 33K professionals in just a few years that are like family, and in this Podcast, Kane Minkus dives deep into his techniques and secrets for building an engaged tribe rapidly for any business owner. 
Les Brown is literally a living Legend. With over 50 years as a professional speaker and presenter he is considered one of the world's most powerful storytellers and motivational speakers on a stage. In this interview Industry Rockstar's Kane & Alessia interview him about different dimensions of what it takes to become a world class speaker. There is also a bonus interview at the end with Les' daughter Ona Brown. Now has also become a highly accomplished speaker and powerful presenter in her own right. As a duo many times they present together and Alessia from Industry Rockstar interviewed Ona Brown on her story and journey from a shy introverted person to a global presenter and speaker. 
Randi Zuckerberg is a total powerhouse Entrepreneur and Innovator! She is creator of Facebook Live, which has revolutionised our world around communicating and marketing, the founder of Zuckerberg Media, a 2 time Tony Award Winning Director. She is also the creator of the Animated TV Series "Dot" - which is focused on inspiring young women into a world of technology! In this podcast, Randi joined us at a live Industry Rockstar event in Stockholm, Sweden with over 1K Entrepreneurs, where Alessia interviewed her on a variety of topics to hear her perspective!
Dean Graziosi knows how to create success. From extremely humble beginnings Dean started with a firewood business in high school, to a collision repair shop and his first real estate deal before the age of 20. From there he went on to create a multimillion dollar real estate business, became a Multiple NY Times best selling Author, 16 years everyday on TV and is one of the most watched real estate and success trainers of our generation. Most recently Dean partnered up with Tony Robbins to launch a new product and technology, and we got a chance to sit down with Dean and go through the Industry Rockstar System we have taught over 3 Million professionals world wide and get his thoughts on each step of the Secrets Success System!
Bryan Franklin is one of the world's most successful executive coaches for the last decade and his clientele is a who's who of Silicon Valley. He has helped multiple businesses go from startup to over $1B in valuation. Plus being a successful Serial Entrepreneur he has built and sold many of his own companies. He is also a well respect teacher and author and has been featured on the Mindvalley Platform, being honoured as one of the best global teachers on how to have breakthroughs in your businesses success. In this interview Kane Minkus dives deep with Bryan on his new book called "The Last Safe Investment". 
Since 1993, Alex Mandossian has been a leader in digital marketing. He has generated over $415 million in sales and profits for his marketing students, clients and joint venture partners on six different continents. He has taught many of the most famous digital marketers alive today including Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss and many others. Alex is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Digital Marketing and online systems, and in this interview, Kane Minkus from Industry Rockstar probes him for the deep execution secrets on the most profitable experiences you can run globally - live virtual summits!
Mitch Russo started a software company in his garage and later sold it for 8 figures. He then went on to work directly with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes to build a $25M business together in the area of Certification Programs. In this interview, Kane Minkus from Industry Rocsktar sits down with him to get the details on how businesses can benefit by launching Certification Programs. 
Max Markson's list of clients is a who's who of the most famous people around the planet. From dignitaries to famous actors, Max has worked with everyone. As IR's PR agent in the Australiasia region he was amazing at teaching us how to secure the attention of the media and the public once interviewed! In this raw and authentic interview Max shares some of his best secrets openly, as well as, some funny stories about famous clients that have had blunders with the media!
A big challenge in business wil always cause anxiety and fear. Without technique, an Entrepreneur will get stopped or stuck quickly under the weight of overwhelm. In this podcast Kane Minkus explores the whole experience and gives valuable lessons, techniques and entertaining stories about how to quickly overcome the first step of any big adventure. Whether you are a new Entrepreneur or a Seasoned Business Owner, any new pivot or massive challenge will inspire some new fears and concerns. Learn the techniques to manage and move through that quickly, as well as, the Neuro Science behind fast achievement., 
Michelle Chong is a former Singaporean host, actress and film director. She has appeared in both English-language and Chinese-language television dramas and programmes aired by MediaCorp. She is known for her roles in the comedy-satire shows The Noose and Black Rose. Her sassy comedic style catapulted her into massive success in Singapore and in this Podcast she discusses her Brand building approach as well as her serial Entrepreneurship activities!