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A weekly podcast brought to you by The Information, a subscription tech news site doing deep dives and investigative looks at the tech and media industries. Each episode highlights some of the major happenings in tech business world, featuring the reporters at The Information. It's interviews, analysis, and wrap-ups to help give you insights into what the biggest companies in the industry are thinking.
204 Episodes
Wayne dives into the world of leakers in Apple's supply chain and how the company fought back. Alex talks about his profile of David Marcus and gives recaps his testimony in front of congress.
Chris Stern joins to talk about AG Bill Barr and how his time in the private sector informs how he'll handle investigations of tech companies. Cory dives into the massive winter losses at Bird and why the company thinks it's turned a corner.
Jessica Toonkel explains how Netflix is trying to be smarter about its spending. Priya discusses how Alexa was once hailed as the next big platform after mobile but doesn't seem to be getting there.
Zoe and Cory join to talk about the stories they both wrote about Softbank backed companies. Zoe discusses the travails at Brandless after Softbank invested in them last year. Cory explains why WeWork's valuation isn't what it seems.
Jon unpacks Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency plans and the sour reactions from lawmakers. Tom and Alex highlight the power players who are turning around the ship at Snap.
Kevin discussed why the AI hiring frenzy has slowed and how Larry Ellison is more involved in Oracle's product development. Alfred talks about how Uber CEO was protected from a drop in its stock price.
Alex dives into Facebook's cryptocurrency plans and why they've ceded control to an outside foundation. Beejoli talks about Endeavor's IPO filing and why the company's internal structure is so complex.
Matt talks about his investigation of Tesla and the lack of data to support Elon's claims about Autopilot's safety record.
Cory talks to VC and real estate policy expert Kim-Mai Cutler about tech and its influence on the Bay Area's real estate problems. Juro discusses Huawei's options as it faces harsh restrictions by the US government.
Ashley talks about Trump's social media bias survey and tech's tough week in DC. Aaron dives into Apple's relationship with Intel and Qualcomm over modems and the future of how it sources wireless components.
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