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The Injustice System

The Injustice System

Author: Lee Gaylord

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Our justice system is unjust
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Interview with former 'lifer' Dwight A. Hunter
Oiginally aired 1/12/2010On January 30, 1981, Dwight A. Hunter walked into an old countryside neighborhood store. Bludgeoning the storeowner, Hunter then robbed the old man of his life, his pickup truck and $1,500 in cash. It would be a day he would never forget: Not only was he desperate to feed his familyâ¦it was also his 20th birthday. After serving 28 years of a life sentence for his crime, Hunter was released in April 2009. By that time he was a changed man, determined in knowing that, while he can never return the life he took away, he would spend what was left of his life making amends for his actions. In his recently-published autobiography, âFrom One Thoughtless Act â The true story of homicide and one manâs redemption in the state of despair,â Hunter describes in vivid detail the life he led on the inside, including his multiple nervous breakdowns, sexual encounters, and ultimately, his redemption and faith in the sacrifice of Christ and the mercy of Almighty God. Today, as a public speaker and youth advocate, Hunter now reaches out to other inmates; speaks to various groups regarding the challenges todayâs youth face â and how they can avoid the pitfalls; and serves as a liaison to public servants when requested. He will attend college in January 2011, majoring in Spanish as a Second Language, in his efforts to reach others from diverse backgrounds with his message of hope and redemption. A father, grandfather, son, brother and friend, Dwight Hunter currently resides in NC with his biggest supporter, his steadfast mother, who remained by his side during his 28-year incarceration and beyond.
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