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Get a daily burst of global illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents as they dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath—and to stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.

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Not long ago, Abraaj was one of the world’s highest-profile private-equity firms. We take a look at its spectacular downfall, and the fate of its charismatic boss, Arif Naqvi. This weekend Australian voters will elect a new parliament. How can politicians win back a disillusioned electorate? And why do sausages figure so strongly on voting day?
As party leaders grill Britain’s prime minister—and with a looming European election the country was due to avoid—we examine how the Brexit mess is dissolving party allegiances. Turkey was once seen as a success story in dealing with Syrians fleeing conflict, but as war has dragged on their welcome is wearing thin. And, kinky and camp meet fraught politics in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.Additional music "Thoughtful" and "Under Suspicion" by Lee Rosevere.
The International Monetary Fund has struck another deal to bail out Pakistan—its 22nd. But how did the country’s economy end up in such a mess? Never mind rising numbers of vegetarians: the world is eating more meat, and in a way, that’s a good thing. And, how French names reveal social trends that census data cannot.
UN negotiators are trying to salvage a ceasefire agreement surrounding the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. The Arab world’s poorest country is suffering mightily, but the patchwork of actors makes a successful deal ever more difficult. In Latin America, democracy has stalled as economies have stagnated. Yet for democracy to succeed elsewhere, its Latin American shoots must be preserved. And, a splashy apartment building in Bulgaria that’s become emblematic of graft.Additional music "Chez Space" by The Freeharmonic Orchestra.
Personalities, not policies, will determine votes in today’s poll in the Philippines to fill some 18,000 government jobs. Loyalists of the firebrand president Rodrigo Duterte—including his daughter—will do well. Also, why is it that amid a growing need for new antibiotics, the incentives to produce them are fewer? And, a trip to the tiny Greek island of Delos, for an unusual meeting of modern art and protected antiquity.Runtime: 21min
Negotiations to end the trade war have been ruffled as the Trump administration again ramped up tariffs. But even if a deal is struck, that won’t address serious systemic troubles in the countries’ relationship. Many diets rely on simply counting calories, but the truth is that the scientific-sounding measure is mightily misleading. And, as Uber goes public, we take an instructive ride through historic disruptions of the taxi industry.
The military junta that runs Thailand almost completely sewed up a momentous vote—almost. After further electoral meddling the generals will now lead a weak government, with a surging youth-led party nipping at their heels. As Russia intensifies bombings in Idlib, the last stronghold of Syrian rebels, we examine how Russia’s involvement in Syria has expanded its role in the Middle East. And, a visit with the soldier-poets of Guinea-Bissau.
Nuclear diffusion: Iran

Nuclear diffusion: Iran


Exactly a year after President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Iran nuclear deal—and days after America moved warships into the Persian Gulf—Iran has announced it will break the terms of the deal. Is it more than just sabre-rattling? We examine an impressive new effort to get inside the minds of those unable to speak. And, why is it that British food gets such a bad rap? The answer stretches back to the Industrial Revolution.
Turkey’s ruling AK party never conceded defeat in Istanbul’s mayoral election in March. Now the result has been annulled, worrying the opposition and international observers. A China-America trade deal has been thrown into doubt thanks to a presidential tweet, but one senator is warning of a grave danger that transcends tit-for-tat tariffs. And, why there’s a growing feminist contingent in a genre of Brazilian music known for its misogyny.
Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive, tells our correspondent that moderating the streaming giant’s content is her biggest challenge. No wonder: every minute, 500 hours-worth of it is added. Also, how West African research is being used to address gun violence in Chicago. And a look at the declining number of royal families, and why some that have survived will stick around.
Comments (24)

Dolapo Femi-Oyekola

I just want to applaud the team for the captions used for the episodes. this one about the EU living in interesting times had me chuckling. 👏👏👏

May 16th


on the comments made above - just because it's a different perspective than yours, doesn't mean it's incorrect, biased or influenced. I'm a Hindu Brahmin with RSS heritage and I think Modi has not delivered on the promises he made in 2014. His fear mongering election campaign is a typical text book political strategy. widen your horizon on Modi, he is concerned with power and control like any other politician.

May 1st



Apr 20th

Rishabh Sharma

Totally biased report

Apr 19th

Sarthak .chand

This podcast is biased and pro Congress. I am suspicious about the fundings here. In many ways the presentor deliberately undermines the economic development India had in last 4 years. Job issue is a fake agenda created by Congress and propagates foolishly by this podcast. My suggestion to the presentor : 1. Get you facts correct. 2. Look for information from independent and reliable news sources rather than cramming Congress manifesto which is the most corrupt government after Venezuela and Uganda. 3. Reveal your funding sources All the best. Your act of spreading misinformation will have less or very less effect on all the intellectual mass here. But, you will loose your little left credibility. In the ocean of information [Internet] you are a bad fish.

Apr 18th

Bethy Simony

thats great

Apr 16th

Karan Patel

problem with you guys are you see him as Hindutva person but he opens bank account of 90% indians, gave free gas connection to 8cr+ family, free medical treatment under AYUSH for 50cr people, giving benefits of 6000rs to 20cr+ kishans, subsidy of 2.5lacs for new home buyers. under his tenure home loan is just 8.5%, inflation is at 3.5%. all cast of people benefited by his policy. his schemes benefitted all hindus & Muslims. probably the first indian election where inflation is not a issues. still you foreign funded media term him as PM of Hindu.

Apr 15th

Joy Matwale

Karan Patel well, it is a good thing that you commented on this podcast because you've broadened the perspective

Apr 17th


Glad to have found this podcast, finally a nice way for me to get into news (previous outlets of news I tried getting into just made me turn off or apathetic - robotic fake delivery, cringe and propaganda). Liking the speakers voice and pacing. Nice length and summaries with insight & interesting background music . This is the how news should be done now. Cool branding and art that embraces truth and intelligence. Keep up the good work, lifetime listener from here on out.

Apr 13th

Julianna Adamkiewicz

We need to embrace people as they are . I consider myself gender fluid but of course it is difficult for traditionalists of grammar. If like in Germany we accepted the third gender we would be much better off. Our culture would be richer as gender fluid and trans people offer unique insights into human beings, being somewhere in the middle. In the Bible eunuchs are mentioned, so if a book written 2000 years ago can't change our view of historical convexities of gender we are wavering. It is time to be open to change! Look at African cultured where gender changes according to how many daughters or sons you have-nots and that applies to men and women. Just another argument for the complexities of gender identities.

Mar 14th

Faizan Ali Khan

You got an Indian to review the Pakistan /India situation. Not at all biased.

Mar 4th

Faizan Ali Khan

Pooja Singh hahaha.. petty comments by little minds.

Mar 8th

Pooja Singh

Faizan Ali Khan Maybe you people actually deserve such terrorists since you are so much in denial. that's why you're home to so many terrorist organizations. We'll find a way to block them. god bless Pakistan with such a mentality

Mar 8th

Maire Reier

I like this channel so much! great length and content!

Feb 25th

Satvika Khera

great episode!

Feb 23rd

Mal Keri

this is just an advert

Jan 28th
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