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Get a daily burst of global illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents as they dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath—and to stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.

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Calls for the resignation of Carrie Lam, the territory’s leader, are intensifying. Hong Kongers may have put a recent freedom-crimping bill on ice, but more challenges to their independence await. We speak to the mother of a child genius who reveals the private agony of being an exceedingly clever kid. And, a new podcast in Latin gets our columnist thinking about language evolution and resurrection.
America has blamed Iran for yesterday’s tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. If that’s true, Iran is playing a dangerous game that involves the whole of the region. The violent militias that control much of Rio de Janeiro might be easy to beat if they weren’t so well-connected. And, a breakaway hit reveals the racial fault lines in country music.
An investigative journalist’s release may look like a press-freedom win in Russia—but it represents much more than that. Democratic presidential hopefuls have no shortage of transformative ideas, yet Senate arithmetic ensures there’s little hope of realising them. And, we visit a place where malaria rages while a cure literally grows on trees.
Half of humanity is now online. What will the second half do when it logs on? The same as the first: friendly chat, personal expression and a lot of cat videos. Despite appearances, racism in America is actually going down; the problem is that America’s politics is increasingly fractured along racial lines. And, why is it that screams are so prevalent in popular culture?
A proposed change to the judicial system is just the latest sign that mainland China is exerting pressure on Hong Kong’s autonomy. Authorities seem ready to quell further demonstrations. Although solitary confinement is widely condemned, it’s still common in America; we speak with an inmate who’s spent half a lifetime in solitary. And, the sheikhs of Iraq who help resolve disputes—and are available for hire.
In the end, President Donald Trump’s tariff threat did what he had hoped: Mexico has pledged to tighten immigration flows. But such weaponisation of tariffs bodes ill for the future. China’s “green Great Wall” of trees—a bid to halt desertification—may be doing more harm than good. And, we meet some of the Filipino sailors who keep the global shipping industry afloat.
Today Theresa May stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party, and would-be replacements are already lining up. There’s little hope that any would be able to arrange an elegant exit from Europe. Also, we take a look at the astonishing range of ailments that could be treated by magic mushrooms.
European officials have threatened a substantial fine if Italy doesn’t shrink its debt and budget deficit. Whether or not it follows through, markets are already punishing the country. Tens of thousands of refugees have snuck into Canada from America, but as an election looms, the government is rethinking its openness. And, the plague of “presenteeism”: when your work is done, just go home.
Nearly two months after staging a coup, military leaders have brutally cracked down on protesters in Sudan. Talks with the opposition have fallen apart—as have hopes for a resurgent Sudanese democracy. We examine the rise in gun violence in Latin America and how much of it can be pinned on American-made weapons. And, a look at the striking effects of a striker: how one footballer’s image is reducing Islamophobia in Liverpool.
On the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square tragedy, our correspondents reflect on a dark and confusing day—and the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress the memory of it. Could such widespread dissent flare up in today’s China? Also, why laws requiring immigrants to speak host-nations’ languages are counter-productive.
Comments (28)

Daniel Flores da Cunha

So, the guy can't read and write, but he is allowed to drive...

Jun 12th


Daniel Flores da Cunha No, He can read and write in his native language but can't in English. The only thing you need to remember is how people are using technology to create new opportunities for themselves.

Jun 12th

Muhammad Tohir Sulaiman


May 29th

Jane Kim

..I see what you did with the title 👍

May 28th

Dolapo Femi-Oyekola

I just want to applaud the team for the captions used for the episodes. this one about the EU living in interesting times had me chuckling. 👏👏👏

May 16th


on the comments made above - just because it's a different perspective than yours, doesn't mean it's incorrect, biased or influenced. I'm a Hindu Brahmin with RSS heritage and I think Modi has not delivered on the promises he made in 2014. His fear mongering election campaign is a typical text book political strategy. widen your horizon on Modi, he is concerned with power and control like any other politician.

May 1st



Apr 20th

Rishabh Sharma

Totally biased report

Apr 19th

Sarthak .chand

This podcast is biased and pro Congress. I am suspicious about the fundings here. In many ways the presentor deliberately undermines the economic development India had in last 4 years. Job issue is a fake agenda created by Congress and propagates foolishly by this podcast. My suggestion to the presentor : 1. Get you facts correct. 2. Look for information from independent and reliable news sources rather than cramming Congress manifesto which is the most corrupt government after Venezuela and Uganda. 3. Reveal your funding sources All the best. Your act of spreading misinformation will have less or very less effect on all the intellectual mass here. But, you will loose your little left credibility. In the ocean of information [Internet] you are a bad fish.

Apr 18th

Bethy Simony

thats great

Apr 16th

Karan Patel

problem with you guys are you see him as Hindutva person but he opens bank account of 90% indians, gave free gas connection to 8cr+ family, free medical treatment under AYUSH for 50cr people, giving benefits of 6000rs to 20cr+ kishans, subsidy of 2.5lacs for new home buyers. under his tenure home loan is just 8.5%, inflation is at 3.5%. all cast of people benefited by his policy. his schemes benefitted all hindus & Muslims. probably the first indian election where inflation is not a issues. still you foreign funded media term him as PM of Hindu.

Apr 15th

Joy Matwale

Karan Patel well, it is a good thing that you commented on this podcast because you've broadened the perspective

Apr 17th


Glad to have found this podcast, finally a nice way for me to get into news (previous outlets of news I tried getting into just made me turn off or apathetic - robotic fake delivery, cringe and propaganda). Liking the speakers voice and pacing. Nice length and summaries with insight & interesting background music . This is the how news should be done now. Cool branding and art that embraces truth and intelligence. Keep up the good work, lifetime listener from here on out.

Apr 13th

Julianna Adamkiewicz

We need to embrace people as they are . I consider myself gender fluid but of course it is difficult for traditionalists of grammar. If like in Germany we accepted the third gender we would be much better off. Our culture would be richer as gender fluid and trans people offer unique insights into human beings, being somewhere in the middle. In the Bible eunuchs are mentioned, so if a book written 2000 years ago can't change our view of historical convexities of gender we are wavering. It is time to be open to change! Look at African cultured where gender changes according to how many daughters or sons you have-nots and that applies to men and women. Just another argument for the complexities of gender identities.

Mar 14th

Faizan Ali Khan

You got an Indian to review the Pakistan /India situation. Not at all biased.

Mar 4th

Faizan Ali Khan

Pooja Singh hahaha.. petty comments by little minds.

Mar 8th

Pooja Singh

Faizan Ali Khan Maybe you people actually deserve such terrorists since you are so much in denial. that's why you're home to so many terrorist organizations. We'll find a way to block them. god bless Pakistan with such a mentality

Mar 8th

Maire Reier

I like this channel so much! great length and content!

Feb 25th

Satvika Khera

great episode!

Feb 23rd

Mal Keri

this is just an advert

Jan 28th
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