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The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice
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The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice

Author: Michelle Beltran

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Psychic Medium, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Michelle Beltran invites you to join her for The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. This podcast will teach you how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice. In her own unique style, Michelle raises her vibrational energy to link with higher realms delivering insightful messages with grace, integrity, and the utmost care. Listen in and expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.
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Everyone can set aside a short time each day to increase motivation, face fears, and experience their true worthiness. You are truly priceless. All you need to do is relax, breathe, and follow your inner guide. Here is a soul-nourishing guided meditation to help instill simple methods of awareness that benefit every aspect of your life. Join Michelle today and add this Becoming Motivated Guided Meditation to your daily mindfulness practices to bring significant, positive life changes. We’re excited to share some great news! Michelle is a Top contender to be featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS along with a $20,000 cash prize! As a performance mindset coach and former professional cyclist, Michelle is breaking barriers as she returns to the pro women’s ranks at 50+. And get this, if she wins the grand prize, she plans to channel the funds into furthering her advocacy for health and fitness by developing innovative community fitness programs that encourage active lifestyles. Can we count on you to cast your vote for Michelle? Public voting starts on May 6th.  Learn more at 
In this enlightening episode, we explore the captivating intersection of intuition and energy colors, a realm where innate understanding meets the vibrant spectrum of unseen forces. Michelle will guide you through the fascinating ways colors influence our energetic field, shape our gut instincts, and ultimately, steer our life choices. Listen in to discover how to tap into the power of energy colors to amplify your intuitive senses and make more aligned decisions in your personal and professional life. You'll learn how to begin reading auras and also the specific meaning of various prominent colors that show up and how to interpret and use them!  Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just starting to attune to your inner compass, this episode promises to shed light on the subtle yet profound ways we interact with the world of energy around us.
Join Michelle for one of her most popular and deeply moving guided meditations as she shares an ancient story that’s been passed through the generations about the mind and how it works very much like the ocean.  Use this meditation daily to uplift, rejuvenate, and find your balance. As you understand the mind, you can control your inner world and you are then able to control the world around you.  Listen in and discover how.
Join Michelle as she explores the power of your intuition through the gift of Clairsentience. Embark on a sacred passage designed to enlighten your path and awaken the silent whispers of your inner wisdom. Don't miss the second half of the episode, as Michelle guides you through a meditation to expand your Clairsentience right along with her! You will be cradled in serenity with a guided meditation that promises to nurture your spirit and align you with the deeper currents of your consciousness, tapping right into this psychic ability! Join us on this heartfelt journey to nourish your soul and expand your inner horizons.
Enjoy this popular episode of the Intuitive Hour where you'll learn about the 7 stages of spiritual awakening to discover where you are in the journey. We're constantly being pushed into the realm of the superficial, where our egos take hold. As a result, many people don't realize that what they're truly yearning for isn't a promotion, a vacation, or a new car. It's a spiritual awakening! If you often find yourself feeling lost or frustrated, it's possible, your soul is seeking more spiritual understanding. By giving in to that desire, you can begin your journey along the spiritual path. You may be on that journey already without even knowing it.  
In one of the most impactful episodes of the "Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice," Michelle invites listeners on a profound guided meditation titled "Cultivating a Sense of Agency to Overcome Trauma." This episode stands out as a testament to the healing power of mindfulness and agency, and it’s clear why it resonates deeply with so many. The meditation begins by gently guiding listeners into a state of deep relaxation, setting the stage for the transformative work of releasing trauma. Michelle emphasizes the importance of acknowledging one's capacity to influence their healing process, an aspect known as 'agency'. By doing so, individuals can begin to traverse the path of recovery with empowerment, rather than feeling at the mercy of their past experiences. Listeners are left with a powerful reminder of their innate capacity to steer their healing journeys. By cultivating a sense of agency and allowing themselves to fully experience and cherish moments of joy and accomplishment, they can reframe their relationship with trauma. It stands as a beacon of hope and a tool for anyone looking to foster a deeper connection with themselves and their ability to overcome the challenges of the past. "Cultivating a Sense of Agency to Overcome Trauma" is more than an episode; it's a companion for those on a path to healing.
Do you feel like you don't quite fit in with this world? Are you drawn to the stars and space? If so, there's a good chance that you're a Starseed!  Listen to this popular replay and learn all about the types of starseeds, how to discern if you are one, and tips to navigate life as one of these unique souls on the planet. If you enjoyed this episode of The Intuitive Hour, please consider rating, and reviewing the podcast wherever you listen in. Your feedback helps get the message out to more people just like you! And be sure to click the "Follow" button to get notified when new episodes are released.
In today's fast-paced world, finding peace and quiet at the end of the day can sometimes feel like a distant dream. Our minds, bustling with thoughts, worries, and plans, often refuse to slow down enough to allow us to drift into the deep, rejuvenating sleep we so desperately need. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Our Simple Sleep Meditation is your gentle guide into the world of restful nights and refreshed mornings. This guided meditation is crafted with the sole purpose of easing you into a state of deep relaxation and sleep. It begins by acknowledging the common struggle many of us face - a mind too active to transition smoothly from wakefulness to sleep. Instead of fighting against the current of your thoughts, this meditation offers you one last opportunity to confront them head-on, giving them the acknowledgment they crave before firmly sending them on their way. As you mentally sort through each thought, you're encouraged to give it only one chance to present itself. The magic here lies in the act of letting go. This conscious release of repetitive thoughts creates space in your mind, allowing your body and mind to feel lighter, more at peace. Imagine each thought as a leaf floating down a stream, acknowledged and then released, its presence no longer heavy on your consciousness. Join Michelle and get the restful sleep you're deserving of!
Have you ever felt a sudden urge to scrawl words on paper, where the pen seems to have a mind of its own? Occurring in a state of meditative or altered consciousness, automatic writing is a phenomenon known to many. Writers and creatives throughout history have claimed that automatic writing has been their secret to tapping into the wellspring of their imagination, a feat so intriguingly mysterious that it's almost supernatural. Join Michelle for this exciting episode on automatic writing where you'll learn specific steps to tap into this well of knowledge and so much more!
Seeking an antidote to the persistent soul-drainer called procrastination? Prepare to silence the whisper of delay and indecision with Michelle's "Guided Meditation on Procrastination" — the auditory oasis that gently molds your mindset into an unstoppable productivity powerhouse. Unwind as we take you on a mental odyssey, redirecting your energy to the substance of your goals. From clearing the cognitive clutter to breaking free from outdated patterns of postponement, our meditation works to reprogram those spikes of procrastination. Feel the reinvigoration as we delve deep into the recesses of your determination, affirming your strengths and bolstering your resolve. Visualize success with crisp clarity, ensuring your thoughts and actions march to the beat of your life's purpose. This meditation is not just a break from the chaos but the bridge to regaining control over your time and your life. Ignite change, from the sanctuary of your consciousness, as this Procrastination Meditation aligns the stars of your potential. It's time to act, not later, not tomorrow, but now – because the life you want awaits the creator, not the spectator.
Whether you're a seasoned medium or an apprentice to the arcane arts, understanding which crystals resonate most with psychic energies and how to harness their power can be an essential part of your spiritual journey. Join Michelle as she talks all about crystals and how they support your psychic development!
Unlocking our full potential as humans means tapping into abilities and skills that go beyond the physical realm. One of these powerful gifts is psychic development – the ability to tap into our intuitive senses, connect with higher consciousness, and access information beyond what can be seen or heard. But how do we develop this incredible skill? Listen in today as Michelle explores five specific sutras from ancient texts that hold valuable teachings for enhancing our psychic abilities. Whether you are a beginner or already in tune with your intuition, incorporating these sutras into your practice can take your psychic development to new heights!
This week on the Best of The Intuitive Hour, Michelle teaches you 4 easy steps to give yourself an Akashic Recording reading!  There is a place where every human word and deed throughout all time has been recorded. Those records—a collection of every human event, thought, word, emotion, and intent that has occurred in the past, present, or future—are called the Akashic records. Michelle talks all about this massive etheric repository of information that is here for your divine guidance! You learn what the Akashic Records are, who can access them, and how an Akashic Record reading can support you.  
This week on the Best of The Intuitive Hour: Relax and enjoy this transformative guided meditation where Michelle journeys with you to call in and give birth to your highest intentions and deep-seated dreams and goals. Profound inner shifts and changes will take place. This meditation holds the power to help you change your life, find answers to your life calling, and establish new beliefs about who you really are.
Join Michelle in this popular, divinely guided meditation replay to explore your Tree of Knowledge - the potent and divine source that contains the answers to all the questions you've ever wanted to know. 
Listen to this popular replay about Numerology and what your numbers reveal about you. Numerology can be used to support us in all areas of our lives, from our health and relationships to our careers and finances. Don't miss this jam-packed episode as Michelle explores the history of numerology and how we can use it to gain insight into our lives. You'll learn how to calculate your Lifepath Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, Master Numbers, and Destiny Number. Make sure you listen to the end as Michelle reveals the numerology numbers that are most powerful and what they reveal about us!
Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation


Join Michelle in this powerful meditation to support you in your own healing as you forgive and release energy that is ready to be released.
In this popular guided meditation, Michelle supports you in accessing the psychic powerhouse, your pineal gland. This is an important step on your journey to developing psychic and spiritual abilities. The pineal gland is located in the center of your brain, is shaped like a pinecone, and is the epicenter for intuition, creativity, and spiritual awareness. When you learn how to tune into and access the power of this gland, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities for yourself including heightened psychic abilities.  
If you’re curious to know what your dreams are trying to teach you, join Michelle today! You'll learn some tips for analyzing dreams, as well as what some dreams likely mean. Michelle will highlight the different types of dreams you may encounter during sleep as well as how to discern when you're having a dream predicting the future! 
As a rare exception, Michelle brings you a valuable snippet directly from teachings she offers in her classes with students. On tap: 1. Reading a Client Before the Session  Yes, indeed, a reading with a client before the reading! Michelle talks about about different ways to read a client.  2. Asking for Clarification of Information Michelle shares with you how to gain clarification of information in the context of a reading. Often times the information you receive isn’t immediately confirmed as significant or meaningful to the client. Other times you, as the intuitive/psychic, aren’t sure what you are seeing, feeling, hearing or experiencing. These situations will arise! Join in today and learn how to navigate your sessions effectively! Psychic Medium, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Michelle Beltran invites you to join her for The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. This podcast will teach you how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice.
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