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The Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show

Author: Joe Mueller

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The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
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INVESTOR BROKER SPOTLIGHT!  Yes, we're putting another one out there!!! We started something inhouse in the TANIS Group Realty office recording episodes with our own people, brokers, investors, wholesalers, etc with the goal to motivate and inspire our own people internally!  Well, Why not share it with the rest of the world!!! This episode features Mike Salvaggio, Broker and Associate Manager with TGR, and his experiences flipping and working in this industry successfully for over 20+ years!!! Interesting in talking to Interested in talking all things TANIS? Discount investor title company? Like Fishing/Diving/Boating in Sunny Florida?  Why not look into Renting my Florida Keys Airbnb? JOIN OUR MEETUP AND COME SEE US LIVE!!! All my stuff below!!! Happy Investing!!! Joe Mueller TANIS Group Realty Investors Title Services LLC TANIS Group Construction LLC REinvest Homes LLC Joe's Junk
New release for a limited time only!!  INVESTOR BROKER SPOTLIGHT! We started something inhouse in the TANIS Group Realty office recording episodes with our own people, brokers, investors, wholesalers, etc with the goal to motivate and inspire our own people internally!  Well, Why not share it with the rest of the world!!! This episode features Katherine Trevino, a real estate broker with TGR, and her challenges and successes marketing, partnering, acquiring and flipping property in the Chicago area! Interesting in Calling Katherine?  Well, Interested in talking all things TANIS? Discount investor title company? Like Fishing/Diving/Boating in Sunny Florida?  Why not look into Renting my Florida Keys Airbnb? JOIN OUR MEETUP AND COME SEE US LIVE!!!   JMUELLER@TANISGROUPLLC.COM Happy Investing!!! Joe Mueller TANIS Group Realty Investors Title Services LLC TANIS Construction LLC Joe's Junk Hauling
So this week's 5 MIN FRIDAY is A QUICK ROUND-UP of 2 incredible real estate networking opportunities on the immediate horizon. First is the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit which is NEXT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY May 11th and May12th, 2018, beginning at 7am both days. Grab more info and buy tickets here:   The other is the INFAMOUS IMN Single Family Rental Forum EAST Conference taking place in beautiful South Beach Miami on May 21-23rd 2018. We have all heard me blab about how important networking is, and how it can MAKE YOU MORE MONEY hand over FIST every year if you just....Show...Up... I will be at both events, connect with me if you are going: Happy Investing!!!
PART 1 of the REAL ESTATE ROCKSTAR SERIES will feature BILL POWERS of RTO Properties. Bill Powers is a Lake County, IL based investor and also on the Executive Board of the Lake County Property Investors Association. -225 Rental Properties in his Portfolio -40 Fix and Flips Completed -9 Flips CURRENTLY in Process -7 Rentals CURRENTLY in Process -Rent to Own Strategies -Managing Contractors and Costs -Finding Opportunities in this market Bill is a REAL ESTATE ROCKSTAR who's FAN-CLUB you need to JOIN RIGHT AWAY if you want to HEAR more about bringing your Real Estate Investment Business to the NEXT LEVEL in 2018!!! Hear Bill Powers on the following Podcasts:
JV means Joint Venture. A Joint Venture deal is basically another way for saying "1 Time Partnership" or "1 Deal Partnership" specific to a transaction or property or group of properties. Not a business like an LLC, but 2 separate individuals or entities coming together to consummate a successful deal or transaction. On Today's 5 Min Friday we cover the Points of Success to a Working a JV Deal... Do YOUR Homework in Advance (Markets/Comps/ARVs) Know Your S%&* or Know Someone Who Does Utilize Existing Relationships to Create Success (External Business Partners i.e. Brokers, Lenders, Appraisers, Inspectors Don't Re-invent the Wheel-Use Bread and Butter, keep the Jelly to the side Make Sure the Numbers Work! Fill the Void Your JV Partner Needs That's it.. Listen to ALL our episodes for Super tidbits like this on achieving real estate investing success in ANY Market!  
Today's Guest Damion Lupo is a serial entrepreneur who's mission to free you from your financial shackles will change your though process! Damion Lupo is the founder of Total Control Financial, an alternative investment platform devoted to disrupting the typical IRA model and offering investment opportunities that give control to the individual and take out of the hands of Wall Street. He is no stranger to business development with 40 businesses under his belt. Damion has gained and lost and regained his fortune multiple times, and leveraged his experience into an 8 figure real estate investment business. Today he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do that as well. From a College Bookstore owner out of his dorm room to a multimillionaire in his early 20's owning a portfolio he personally grew to 150 houses before the crash... And then a MAJOR reset on his outlook in life, business, values, and mission for existence. Today's powerful show will knock the socks off your real estate investor mind on multiple levels as we discuss: The QRP and Checkbook Control allowing you to own your own precious metals and hold them in your hand-- legally The Chinese Yuan and the next Global Power Move Determining your core values and your Mission in life "Principles" by Ray Daleo Another episode you CAN NOT Miss from the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show!!!
Whether you're just started out or have been in business, today's 5 Min Friday focuses on the KISS Method "Keep It Simple Stupid." No need to over-complicate the simple by purchasing expensive software programs, book keeping systems, etc etc when perhaps just a pen and paper or an Excel Spreadsheet will do the trick to get started. Today's message is about crawling before you walk, and wading in the water before diving, as you can ALWAYS complicate the situation if needed. Rate us on iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube
This is a LIVE presentation from the 2/27/18 Meetup where we dissect the ACTUAL OFF-MARKET PROPERTY CASH DEAL CONTRACT WE USE in ALL OUR Property Acquisitions!!! Here is the Link to the Contract: Follow along and check out what The Investor Empowerment Series Meetup is ALL About!! Awesome Episode-- Volume may need to be turned up!
On Today's 5 Minute Friday-- We dig into the current state of the market from my investor brain perspective and what you need to look out for and gain from and how to do it. To Sheriff Sale or NOT to Sheriff Sale... Listen in for what's really going on at our Judicial Sale and Auction locations in Chicago. Be safe, Be Careful... and Most Importantly, Don't be Stupid!
What is House-Hacking?  Essentially it's purchasing a multi-unit property as an owner occupant and renting out the additional units OR buying a property with the intent to flip it, moving in and renovating it yourself... Today's episode of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show is ALL about acquiring your FIRST investment property with ALMOST no money out of pocket... Sounds a bit goofy doesn't it?  Like a late night info-mercial maybe? Well folks, this is the real deal, and the program we talk about that makes this opportunity possible is available in IL, but guess what, there are similar programs available all over the US, if you know who to talk to... Our guest on the show today is Chris Davis.  Chris is an investor, flipper, real estate broker, and 3 time podcast guest on our show. He's achieved in 4 years what some investors hope to do in a lifetime. Point to hit home-- Anything is possible... Put your mind to it, surround yourself with the right people, and get out there and hustle and your dream can be yours. If you're interested in more information on the opportunities we discuss today either in Illinois or anywhere in the country please contact me directly at for more information!!! Invest On People! Links discussed: Meetup Group Sign up today! Company page:  
Scott Smith graduated from Albany Law School in 2012 and kicked off his career working in high stakes litigation. Scott has been investing in real estate for years and started developing strategies based on his own litigation experience. Scott invested in all types of asset classes including Single family rentals and multi family residential, commercial, notes, and more. The first property he purchased was a commercial property while in Law School. Scott has personally invested in over 10 different states, and has advised  investors in almost every state in the United States. Royal Legal Solutions, founded by Scott, provides business, tax, and legal solutions geared exclusively for real estate investors. Scott spent 8-years deconstructing real estate investing and has developed strategies to protect assets from devastating lawsuits, maximize tax savings, and more. On today's show we get deep into the nitty-gritty of setting up bullet proof anonymity and asset protection strategies for your real estate investing business by using land trusts, Texas and Wyoming LLCs, and how to NOT lose your A** on a lawsuit. You can't afford to miss it! (512) 757-3994
Joe Ziolkowski is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and home inspector locally based in the Chicago area. Key word inserted here-- "Investor friendly" home inspector that can assist new and experienced investors alike in identifying potential issues when buying your next project. Joe offers a unique approach to working with real estate investors, being one himself, by having multi-tiered options for other investors when in need of an inspection.  The "Investor Walk-Through Consultation" is an alternative option for investors that are just looking to hit the highlights of what to look out for on that next project. Joe and I discuss his start in the business, the Top 3 things to Look Out for when making your next investment, and advice for new investors just getting into real estate investing. You can reach Joe at or via phone at 708-274-7279 A few mentions: The Code Check Complete Book available from Amazon here Sample Home Inspection Report here  
Today's show is a quick review of some of the basics in finding OFF-Market Deals and Opportunities via low to NO-COST ways to search out your next flip, rental, or wholesale deal. Most investors spend thousands of dollars either in marketing or commission to gain control of the next 'deal.' Today we review a few ways to obtain the next 'golden nugget' of a deal for virtually free... Just TUNE it in!
Grit... Hustle... Drive... Staying Power... Strength... If you haven't sat down with 'yourself' to work on your 2018 GOALS, do it NOW!!! Start by listening to this episode. Joe Mueller TANIS Group LLC d/b/a TANIS Group Realty Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show Founder/Host Investor Empowerment Series Meetup Investor Title Services LLC Priority 1 Mortgage LLC
Hi Investors: Today's guest is a 26 year veteran of both the mortgage and banking market as well as a long term real estate investor. Bill Spallone, of Prime Lending, is full of facts on what the market has in store for us, some tactics for advantageous landlording, and key factors for financial assistance that can help you and your family plan of the future. Bill has ridden the wave of the real estate and mortgage market for longer than most of us have been investing... and brings a wealth of information to come with him. Bill and his company lend in ALL 50 states of the US, and have a huge amount of products to offer to investors and home buyers alike. Don't miss another phenomenal episode of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show... Show #72. To contact Bill directly please email:
There a quite a few online property auction platforms out there right now.  Initially these websites were seen as potentially taboo, scary, and extremely risky to purchase actual properties from. Now, it's the mainstream... Hedgefunds with millions of dollars are bidding on properties daily.  Sheriff sales are 'marketed' via to increase live auction attendance at the courthouse.  Homes are bought by owner occupants and investors daily. Today's podcast is a LIVE account of an actual auction of a property on, one of the many platforms out there right now. We digest the fees, timing the bids, potential strategies, and ride the roller coaster of bidding via online auction for investment properties. If you are interested in bidding via online auction for properties, or have done it before, check out this podcast!  
Man... You don't know what you don't know.  Today's guest on the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show is Al Willliamson.  Al bought his first investment property 20 years ago when he first got married, by house-hacking a 3 unit. Fast forward 20 years later, and Al is KILLING IT on Airbnb, VRBO and the like with a MASSIVE short term rental business. He's got an 8 unit building, which he's got 60% rented out on short term corporate housing leases, and still a few traditional units that him and his family live off of. And now, he's on a mission to document how to grow your short term rental business to $10,000 a month income in 2 years or less, which you can find out more information about by listening to this podcast. Ever heard of Rental Arbitrage???  Man, you gotta hear about this... How about becoming an Airbnb Host and Landlord without actually owning the property?!! There are a BUNCH of tips and tricks about utilizing Airbnb to double your income on your rentals or at a min make an additional $1000 per month beyond what you're currently getting on a year long lease. Some websites we talk about:    
Every investor goes into each deal with one guaranteed expectation at closing... The Price.  Unless the condition of the property changes, i.e. damages or things getting removed prior to closing after you've seen it, your expectation is you're paying the price on the contract. Why is it that most investors don't pay much attention to the other costs that lead to a higher bottom line on the master statement? Well, we've got a way to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per closing. Announcing Investors Title Services LLC.  A company owned by Investors, For Investors. Our examples in this podcast show savings of thousands of dollars that YOU, as an investor, can benefit from due to the relationships we've established. Interested in learning more on how you can make substantially more money in 2018??  Check out the podcast. Interested in working with Investors Title Services LLC? Contact Joe and Dan at: Phone us 847-443-9676
Josh is a seasoned investor and real estate broker out of the Chicago area. He initially appeared on the podcast in episode #40-The Rights And Wrongs of Managing Your Flip Projects, Working with Joint Ventures and Tax Lien Investing... Check out that episode here On Today's Podcast we cover some of the many apps and tools that are out there for real estate investors to utilize to evaluate deals, find deals, and build their businesses.  Josh evaluates dozens of deals per week utilizing these very resources to continue to grow his investing business:   Real Estate Flip- Investing Software by Software Solutions LLC Deal Check Karl’s Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans  Homesnap
WOW... Today's podcast is beyond awesome with special guest Fernando Angelucci of Titan Wealth Management on how to properly set up your business entity structuring for maximum asset protection benefit and minimum tax liability. Fernando is a go-getter.  At 26 years old, he's built a massive portfolio of rental properties, self storage units, and wholesales dozens of properties per year to other investors in the Chicago area and beyond. When I met this youngin' a few years ago, he was explaining to me how he ran a multi-state operation in the midwest, and how his business was exploding. You can't miss this episode if you're looking to grow your investing business, set up your business structuring or have any interest in investing in the self storage industry. As promised, here's a link to the entity document Fernando made available especially for this show: Link to Entity Document
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