DiscoverThe James Bond Files – Description Deep Dive
The James Bond Files – Description Deep Dive
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The James Bond Files – Description Deep Dive

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Explore the visual world of Double O Seven with audio describer JJ Hunt. Test drive the cars, experience the gadgets and cold war espionage of all 25 James Bond films.
4 Episodes
In the fourth and final episode, we'll cover Daniel Craig and the period from Casino Royal (2006) to the upcoming No Time To Die (2020). Craig will bring an emotional depth to his Bond not previously seen in other depictions.
The James Bond franchise moved into a new era with the hiring of British theatre actor Timothy Dalton. Kitsch and Camp are on the way out as a Dalton (and Brosnan) bring a moodier and more professional style to the role. This episode covers movies released between 1984 and 2005.
Episode 2: Roger Moore

Episode 2: Roger Moore


In this episode we'll cover the longest serving actor in the role of James Bond, Sir Roger Moore. All the groovy style of the 70's and early 80's will be on display in these films, so warm up the lava lamp and get ready for a new era of Double-O-Seven.
On the first episode of The James Bond Files we’ll dive into the world of Double O Seven and the first seven films starring Sean Connery, as well as the single performance by Australian, George Lazenby.