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The Jay Maymi Talk Show brings you your hour of THRIVE TIME...Join me as I tackle issues with incredible guests and content to help you thrive in the areas of life that matter the most to you!

126 Episodes
Global events and the international community can impact your ability to thrive. In this episode, President and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Liz Brailsford, joins me to discuss this vital topic. Additionally, as our Impact Spotlight, the CEO of Cancer Support Community North Texas, Mirchelle Louis shares her thoughts on the impact the organization makes on those with cancer.
In this episode, Jeffrey Hayzlett joins me to discuss the common traits of the successful and those who can't seem to get out of their own way. Additionally, Jolene Risch shares her thought on the unspoken challenge of cognitive bias in the hiring process.
In this broadcast, industry legend Ron Corning shares the life lessons learned from a career as a news anchor and tv journalist. Additionally, Mar Pat Higgins, Director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in Dallas, TX, joins me to discuss what makes the museum a must to visit in Dallas.
In this epic broadcast, Bestselling Author and returning guest Chris Felton joins me to discuss his new book, "Think and Grow You." Additionally, Canadian entrepreneur sensation, performance coach, and top podcaster Ben Spangl joins me to drop knowledge bombs on extracting the best from your people.
In this epic broadcast, I interview the legendary Christian rock band 'David and the Giants' leads David Huff and Kieth Thibedeaux, and their inspired story of musical impact. Additionally, rising star comedian Ron Alexy joins me to share his world philosophy on dating. Hang on, folks!
It takes courage to start something from ground zero. You have to have the ability to see what others don't or won't. This episode highlights two visionaries who had the courage and vision to launch two very different initiatives that are impacting the lives of others in different yet meaningful ways. The CEO and Founder of Bro Dough, Erika Rankin, and the Founder of Single Parent Advocate Org., Stacie Martin, join me on the show.
In this rebroadcast, former NAVY SEAL Phillip Koontz shares invaluable insight into how developing a NAVY SEAL Mindset can help unleash your thriving potential. Additionally, Sales Enablement Guru David Lusk provides his 30-year sales experience, expertise, and wisdom to the show.
Join me as I have a conversation with impact makers who are dedicated to improving the lives of others and their own respective ways. Today's broadcast welcomes Michael Johansson of #BetterBodies and #GASPapparel, Jolene Risch of #RischResults, and Bliss Coulter #WomensBusinessCouncilSouthwest.
In this broadcast, I am joined by two female powerhouses who are driven by their passion to see other women take their rightful seats at the table of highest achievement, worth, and business. Rockstars Christy Rutherford and Serah D'Laine share their powerful insights.
In this episode, I am joined by two legendary business and thought Titans who continue to shape and enhance the experience of others and their communities. Dr. George Fraser and Michael Yorba join me on the show.
Listen in as two former high-ranking US Servicemen share their business wisdom in what it takes to build a winning life, successful businesses, and a culture of achievement. The uncanny Donnie Boivin and new author and executive coach Ron Holloway stop by the show.
This incredibly insightful broadcast will discuss how to live a preemptive life, and special guest Whitney Johnson will join me to share thoughts on personal disruption.
Blind spots can create havoc in your life if you are unaware of them. In this episode, two experts join me to share different areas where blind spots must be brought to the forefront.
As we enter the Season of giving, I highlight 3 highly established and influential CEOs making a contributory impact in their own unique ways. Sergio Pietro from Mayan Technologies, Susan Bryan from MB Group, and Nesa Grider from Journey To Dream join me to share how they are impacting the lives of others.
In this broadcast, my guests and I discuss the health-based enemies of the inner state, which can wreak thrive-inhibiting havoc on our health and well-being without us even knowing it. The famed and well-respected expert, Dr. Steven Gundry, and President and Co-Founder of the long-standing successful company First Fitness Nutrition, Nigel Branson, join me on this show.
How important is neuroscience in improving your brain's ability to thrive? As the creator of BrainTap, Dr. Porter tells us it's everything! In this fascinating episode, we dive deep into understanding how our brains can be aided to perform with greater clarity, energy, and efficiency. Additionally, Leadership and Team Building Expert, Travis Ala, shares what business owners truly need to understand about business to enjoy the freedoms they seek.
In this episode, I am joined again by my Thrive Jive Co-Host, Chris Harris, to discuss how CONSISTENCY plays a defining role in your pursuit of personal progress. I'm also joined by new author of The 10 Pillars of Powerful Parenting, Dr. Davis McAlister, who shares why one of those MUST pillars is consistency. Finally, in our Impact Spotlight, Founder and Director of The Heart of Hearing Foundation, Andy Sterie, joins me to share how his non-profit is helping the hearing impaired.
Join me as I share with you the story of three fantastic new authors, Jeff Savage, Joseph Roberts, and Denise Castille, who discuss their books, the inspiration behind them, and the power of sharing your message with the world.
A business and community can only experience success when it seeks the right resources. In this broadcast, I highlight 2 such resources: Roger Widmer from Collin Corporate College and CPA Susan Bryant from MB Group. Finally, we highlight our community impact Spotlight by inviting Christian Community Action's CEO, Gilbert Montez, to share the amazing story of this 50-year-old Dallas-based non-profit organization.
In this extraordinary broadcast, renowned Space technology pioneer Jim Cantrell joins me to discuss Elon Musk, Space X, the modern-day space race, His new company Phantom Space, his new book, and Alien life. Additionally, the Founder of Blue Family Fund, Stacey Magovern, joins me to discuss how she is helping families of injured or fallen first responders or fallen.
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