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Ever wonder how successful people achieve success in everything they do... Time and time again, no matter the industry? The unspoken truth is that all success is formulaic. Each week on The Jeff Fester Show I interview the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities, like Drew Brees, Dan Fleshman and David Meltzer, to decode and reverse engineer their success formulas.

When you listen, you’ll discover why I fundamentally believe that experience is the most overrated prerequisite for achieving success. Then you’ll learn how to create your own personal formula for success to get everything you want in life, with help from me and the most successful people on the planet.
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 The Key to Achieving Unconventional Success....   On this episode of 'The Jeff Fenster Show', Jeff Fenster sits down with Jordan Harbinger to discuss the keys to success and building quality connections. Harbinger shares his insights on navigating challenges and leveraging relationships for personal and professional growth. They explore strategies such as skill stacking, networking, and continuous improvement, highlighting the importance of authenticity and thinking creatively to stand out in competitive environments. Tune in to learn how to prioritize meaningful connections, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success.
On this episode of the podcast, Jeff Fenster interviews Morri Chowaiki, the creator of the Hanukkah tree topper. Morri shares his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, from pitching on Shark Tank to working closely with industry leader Damon John. He emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and building meaningful relationships based on value and empathy. This episode is packed with valuable advice on entrepreneurship, knowledge, reliability, and networking for long-term success. To listen to the full episode check us out on all your favorite platforms by searching "The Jeff Fenster Show" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📖 Want to unlock the keys to make friends, have fun, and attract lifelong success? Grab a copy of my book, Relationship Bank Account: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Text JEFF to 33777 to get a FREE copy of his network to millions playbook! Or Click the link to access a free download on his website: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📲 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 📲 I believe success is formulaic and anyone can achieve it if they understand the formula. That's why I'm passionate about sharing my secrets and bringing successful people on to share theirs. Don’t miss a single insight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LET’S CONNECT 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Leave a comment on this video and it'll get a response. Or you can connect with me on different social platforms too: • Instagram: • Tiktok: • Twitter: • Linkedin: • Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching 🧡🧡 – Jeff
On this episode of the podcast, Jeff Fenster interviews Emily Ford, a transformational coach and personal branding expert. Emily shares her inspiring journey from desperation to success, highlighting the importance of servant leadership, forgiveness, and authenticity. She also discusses the value of mentors, personal branding, and staying true to oneself. Tune in to learn how Emily's company, Fortify My Brand, helps individuals establish authentic personal brands and the significance of vulnerability, consistency, and sharing personal experiences to connect with audiences.   Tune into the full episode! or search "The Jeff Fenster Show" on all your favorite platforms!
In this captivating episode, Jeff Fenster interviews Tony Whatley, an automotive tech entrepreneur who left the oil industry to pursue his passion. Tony's journey from oil refineries to web design led to the success of, where he emphasizes the importance of monetizing passions. He shares his perspective on influencers versus community leaders, highlighting the value of creating a strong community. Tune in to learn about Tony's personal growth, overcoming imposter syndrome, offering valuable insights into success in business and in life.
Welcome to another episode of Jeff Fenster's podcast, where we dive deep into the stories of remarkable individuals who have overcome adversity and achieved great success. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Marco Contreras, a true inspiration whose journey from humble beginnings in Mexico to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the US is nothing short of remarkable. Marco's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of embracing the journey towards success. Growing up in Mexico, Marco witnessed his mother's logistics business and was inspired to follow in her footsteps. He became a customs broker, combining his passion for business with his desire to give back to the community. Marco emphasizes the significance of personal development and positive influence in achieving both personal and professional success. He believes that taking care of oneself and continuously growing as an individual is essential to effectively help others. By focusing on self-care and personal success, Marco has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.
Have you ever wondered how some people turn their passions into successful careers? In a recent podcast episode hosted by Jeff Fenster, content creator Roger Rojas shares his inspiring journey from capturing moments on tour to discovering his true passion for videography. Through his story, Roger emphasizes the importance of curiosity, seizing opportunities, and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals. Tune in to hear all the nuggets on the the game behind the camera!  
Jayson's story begins with a heartbreaking loss - the sudden passing of his mother. This tragic event forced him to reevaluate his life and confront the pain he had been numbing through work and alcohol. It was in this moment of vulnerability that Jayson embarked on a journey of self-discovery and improvement.  One of the key lessons Jayson learned was the importance of authenticity. By embracing his true self, he found that success naturally followed. Authenticity not only attracts opportunities but also builds genuine connections with others. Jayson's success as a retail real estate expert is a testament to the power of being true to oneself. Another crucial takeaway from Jayson's journey is the significance of continuous self-improvement.  Learn how Jayson was able to be a big part of serving his clients like Starbucks and Chipotle and how he has been able to constantly challenge himself and others around him to pursue greatness.  Learn all this and more on “The Jeff Fenster Show”!
In today's fast-paced world, where success is often measured solely by professional achievements, it is easy to neglect our health and personal well-being. However, entrepreneur Carlos Reyes reminds us that true success lies in finding a balance between health, business, and family. In a recent podcast hosted by Jeff Fenster, Reyes shares his inspiring journey of transformation, highlighting the importance of prioritizing well-being and the power of resilience in achieving holistic success.  Reyes begins by emphasizing the significance of prioritizing health and well-being. He candidly admits that he once neglected his own health, focusing solely on his business endeavors. However, he soon realized that neglecting his well-being was detrimental not only to his physical health but also to his overall success. By making conscious changes to his diet and lifestyle, Reyes experienced a remarkable transformation, both personally and professionally.  Tune into all this and more on “The Jeff Fenster Show”  
In a world where success stories often seem like overnight sensations, it's refreshing to hear the journey of someone who has truly embraced perseverance and resilience. Scott Kaplan, a self-made entrepreneur, shares his remarkable story in a series of engaging podcast episodes with Jeff Fenster. From a blue-collar background to founding a social media platform and later a B2B software company, Kaplan's experiences offer valuable insights into personal development, entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of sports. Perseverance and finding joy in one's work emerge as recurring themes throughout Kaplan's discussions.  He emphasizes the importance of pushing through challenges and setbacks, never losing sight of the ultimate goal. Kaplan's journey serves as a reminder that success rarely comes without hard work and dedication. By embracing perseverance, individuals can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Time management, self-reflection, and aligning actions with personal values are also key factors in Kaplan's path to success. He stresses the significance of managing time effectively, prioritizing tasks, and staying focused on the bigger picture. Tune into the full episode on all your favorite platforms by searching “The Jeff Fenster Show”  
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with Jeff Fenster in this captivating episode of The Jeff Fenster Show, featuring an enlightening conversation with breathwork expert Francesca Simpa. Francesca's story is a testament to the profound impact of breathwork on emotional healing, personal growth, and success. In her interview with Jeff, Francesca shares her remarkable journey of leaving behind a high-stress corporate job to follow her intuition and explore alternative practices like breathwork and meditation. Through her experiences, she discovered the transformative power of conscious breathing, leading her to develop her unique 'hypno breathwork' style. Francesca's 'hypno breathwork' combines traditional breathwork techniques with hypnosis to induce altered states of consciousness, offering practitioners a deeper and more profound experience. Through her guidance, listeners gain insights into the therapeutic benefits of breathwork, including emotional release, expanded consciousness, and personal transformation. Tune into the full episode on all your favorite platforms by searching “The Jeff Fenster Show”  
Welcome to another compelling episode of the Jeff Fenster Show! Today, we dive deep into the inspiring story of Kale Goodman, an exceptional entrepreneur who has triumphed over adversity to carve a path of success. Kale's journey from navigating the challenges of teen fatherhood to becoming a thriving business owner serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to many. From Teen Dad to Successful Entrepreneur Kale's narrative is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Despite the hurdles of early parenthood, he refused to relinquish his dreams. Embarking on the entrepreneurial path, Kale tirelessly built his businesses, driven by a steadfast commitment to provide for his family and pursue his aspirations. His unwavering resolve in the face of adversity is nothing short of admirable. Be sure to tune into the full episode and search “The Jeff Fenster Show” on all your favorite platforms!   
The Path to Success: Lessons from Entrepreneur Jerry Norton In the world of entrepreneurship, success stories often serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for aspiring business owners. One such story is that of Jerry Norton, a successful entrepreneur in real estate and software development. Through his journey, Jerry has not only achieved remarkable success but has also imparted valuable lessons to others seeking to follow in his footsteps.  From the importance of passion and community building to the power of perseverance and continuous learning, Jerry's story offers a wealth of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Passion and Long-Term Vision Jerry Norton's success can be attributed, in large part, to his unwavering passion for his work and his clear long-term vision. Throughout his career, Jerry has consistently pursued opportunities that align with his passions, allowing him to stay motivated and dedicated to his goals.  Learn all about Jerry’s story, community, and passion for the lessons he’s been able to learn along the way!  
In today's digital age, where personal branding and public perception play a vital role in success, strategic PR efforts have become more important than ever. In a recent podcast interview with entrepreneur Ulyses Osuna, hosted by Jeff Fenster, the power of PR in shaping personal brands and controlling the narrative took center stage. Ulyses, the founder of Influencer Press, shared valuable insights on the significance of PR, the evolving landscape, and the keys to achieving business growth while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.  One of the key takeaways from the conversation was the importance of strategic PR efforts in building a personal brand and shaping public perception. Ulyses emphasized that PR is not just about getting media coverage; it's about controlling the narrative and shaping how others perceive you. By strategically positioning yourself and your brand through effective PR, you can influence public opinion and establish yourself as an authority in your field.  Be sure to tune into the full episode to pick up all the gems on controlling your story telling and opening new doors of opportunity!
In a world often divided by political ideologies and partisan agendas, Tulsi Gabbard stands out as a beacon of unity and service. From her early days as an environmental activist to her distinguished military career and subsequent political journey, Gabbard's life has been marked by a commitment to public service and a deep understanding of the transformative power of personal growth. Gabbard's journey began with her passion for environmental activism, igniting her desire to make a positive impact on the world. However, it was her military deployment that truly shaped her perspective and instilled in her the values of adaptability and critical thinking. Serving in the military taught her the importance of being open to different ideas and perspectives, a lesson she carries with her in her political career. Tune in to hear the rest of her story and plans for the potential future of America!
In a world filled with challenges and self-doubt, finding the path to success can seem daunting. However, in a recent podcast episode featuring Chris and Lori Harder, their personal stories of resilience and self-discovery shed light on the transformative power of pushing past limitations and embracing personal growth.  From their journey from average to extraordinary to their entrepreneurial ventures, the couple's experiences offer valuable insights into building confidence and achieving greatness.
In the world of professional sports, few athletes successfully transition into the world of entrepreneurship. However, Shawne Merriman, a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, has defied the odds and carved out a remarkable career beyond the football field. In a recent podcast interview with Jeff Fenster, Merriman shared his journey, highlighting his ventures in MMA, apparel, and insurance. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of dedication, continuous improvement, and creating a supportive environment for success.  Tune into this episode to learn all about Shawne and the great lessons he has to share with our audience.
In the world of entrepreneurship, success stories often emerge from the most unexpected places. The Mathis twins, Jeremy and Joshua, are a prime example of individuals who have overcome adversity and turned their challenging upbringing into a foundation for real estate success. In a recent podcast interview with Jeff Fenster, the Mathis brothers shared their journey, highlighting the impact of resilience, resourcefulness, and the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in children.  Growing up in a less-than-privileged environment, the Mathis twins faced numerous obstacles. However, they credit their difficult upbringing for shaping their resilience and resourcefulness, traits that have been instrumental in their entrepreneurial journey. They emphasize the role of parental support and exposure to entrepreneurship in their development, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences.  Tune in now to listen into their powerful success journey!
In a world where the glitz and glamor of professional sports often overshadow the harsh realities of life after the game, Austin Ekeler stands out as a beacon of adaptability and foresight. His story, detailed in a captivating conversation with Jeff Fenster on his podcast, is not just one of athletic prowess but of strategic planning and execution in the realm of business. Austin Ekeler's narrative begins in the rugged, competitive landscape of college football, a world where thousands of hopefuls dream of NFL stardom, but few make it. Ekeler's relentless work ethic and determination set him apart, propelling him from a promising college athlete to a distinguished professional in the NFL. However, what makes Ekeler's story particularly compelling is not just his success on the field but his visionary approach to life beyond it. Make sure to tune in to listen to all this and more! Enjoy.
In a world often consumed by material success and external achievements, Darren Prince's remarkable journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of inner growth, resilience, and making a positive impact on others. From his early days as a young entrepreneur to representing some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, Darren's story is one of triumph over adversity.  Let's delve into his inspiring journey. Darren Prince's path to success was not without its challenges. Behind the glitz and glamor of the sports agent world, he battled his own demons, struggling with drug addiction that led him down a dangerous path. However, a near-fatal overdose became a turning point in his life. It was a wake-up call that made him realize the need for change and embark on a journey of recovery. Throughout his recovery journey, Darren Prince discovered the power of seeking support. He surrounded himself with a strong support system, including mentors, therapists, and fellow recovering addicts. This support was instrumental in his healing process. You can also search “The Jeff Fenster Show” on all your favorite platforms to listen into more of our past episodes with other phenomenal entrepreneurs and success stories that we’ve had the pleasure of having on!
In the fast-paced world of business, success often hinges on more than just skills and expertise. It is the power of relationships and the ability to add value that can truly set individuals apart. In a series of engaging podcast episodes, Jeff Fenster and Roland Frasier delve into the significance of building relationships, adding value, and seizing opportunities in business.  Their discussions shed light on the strategies and approaches that can help individuals create wealth, ownership, and long-lasting connections. One of the key takeaways from these conversations is the importance of building strong relationships. Fenster and Frasier emphasize that cultivating meaningful connections can lead to unexpected opportunities and upgrades. By investing time and effort into building relationships, individuals can open doors to new possibilities and create a network of valuable contacts. They stress the importance of making meaningful deposits in relationships by offering assistance, expertise, and resources. By being a valuable resource to others, individuals can create long-lasting, mutually beneficial connections. This approach not only helps in building trust but also positions individuals as go-to experts in their respective fields.  If you want to level up your relationships and access to what you need to accelerate your success then be sure to tune into this episode!