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Author: Jennifer McCollum

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The Jennifer Chronicles is a Gen X podcast about childhood, faith, family, and motherhood. It’s a companion to my longtime blog (, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Generation X, which offers memoirs and field notes about my life and generation. It’s designed as a simple offering for Gen-Xers born, by the broadest definition, between 1961 and 1981. It features words of hope, short compositions, generational touchstones, and beautiful prayers.
3 Episodes
Nameless Generation

Nameless Generation


Based on interviews historian Neil Howe did in the early 1990s, Gen Xers identified early with collective failure. Back then, we felt like a great big nuclear disaster. We were our own Three-Mile Island. And, the X, with its “identity-cloaking effect,” didn't help. While other generations felt pride, Xers struggled to find a “generational center of gravity.”  Nevertheless, on the day you were born you were cherished by the Living God, by the Father of Lights from whom all good things come. And, now, from sorrow and rejection come spiritual advantages you can use to heal the world.
Catholic Annulment

Catholic Annulment


Episode 2: Divorce is a beast; a death without the casseroles and condolences. There is no wake, no eulogy, no funeral mass. Just a searing loss without bereavement leave. Somehow, the Catholic annulment of my first marriage by the Church, a concept I initially found utterly ridiculous, brought me healing from years of shame and rejection.
Episode 1 is about finding a World War I scrapbook of the Lost Generation, and an old friend. It’s about coincidence and God working anonymously; ordered steps and crossed paths. Show Notes: To view the World War 1 album posts click here or visit
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