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Take deep dives with Reds broadcaster Jim Day as he interviews current and former Reds players, coaches, broadcasters, celebrities and those that make news in the baseball and sports world. Jim will feature unique and relaxed conversations that will take you in between the lines and away from the field of play or the broadcast booth. Deep dive into what makes these celebrities tick as sports meets pop culture on the Jim Day Podcast.

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We hope everyone is well! To commemorate what would have been Opening Day Week, but more importantly, to provide some much needed laughs, The Mayor Sean Casey is back with his hilarious storytelling. Sit back and enjoy a much needed distraction!
Mature beyond his years, Jim sits down with Reds super-prospect Hunter Greene in a wide-ranging conversation. Labeled as a can't miss high school phenom on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Hunter Greene fends off all adversities, including rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. From inspiring young African-Americans to a star-filled childhood, join us for an uplifting conversation that you can't help but come away impressed.
What is it like to not have a relationship with your Mom for 4-5 years? And then suddenly her sobriety prompts not only a reconciliation, but a complete arm tattoo in her honor. This and other serious subjects are revisited as Nick Senzel returns to the show to further share his struggle of a journey that is not over yet. What is like to deal with constant trade rumors? And of course there are many laughs along the way including an impromptu and unexpected call-in from Derek Dietrich mid-podcast. How Nick was steered away the hard way from poker, and we introduce, "Dr Nick" on the latest edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
The often misunderstood yet immensely popular Joey Votto joins Jim in a wide-ranging and thoughtful conversation. Have a few laughs while also tackling serious topics from one of the best Reds players of all-time. With Joey, you never know what you're going to get but guaranteed to be entertaining. It's Votto being Votto on a special edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
One of the most popular Reds players ever! Corky Miller and his mustache joins the show to discuss life as it exists now for the Corkster. Who is his "pet project" in the Reds organization? The future, past teammates and yes, where did Corky come from? That and more on the lastest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
Another Reds legend joins the show as "Cactus" Jack Billingham sits down with Jim. The always entertaining Billingham talks "Big Red Machine," the sometimes rocky relationship between starting pitcher and Manager Sparky Anderson, and is Jack responsible for Marty Brennaman's on-air demeanor? Say what? That and much more on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
The Jim Day Podcast returns with a visit with 1990 World Champion Joe Oliver. Relive the memories of the "Wire to Wire" World Championship team and what it was like to be the catcher under the demanding manager Lou Piniella, catching the outstanding pitching staff of 1990 and life on a daily basis with "The Nasty Boys." And can you imagine the 1990 team in the social media age? All this and more on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
It's an all-catchers edition as Tucker Barnhart, Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer do a roundtable discussion as only catchers can do and only this trio can do! Filled with of insight, laughs and even singing, this unique episode will even take you to an unexpected ending!
As promised, Marty's back! As the Hall of Famer is about to broadcast his final games, has he thought about what he will say the final time he signs off the air? How emotional has the retirement tour season been? And as usual, Marty and Jim share plenty of laughs and new stories on the latest episode of The Jim Day Podcast.
The former Major League pitcher and for 27 years a Reds broadcaster, Chris Welsh shares stories of the past and present. From his days with the Yankees to the Padres to the Reds, "The Crafty Left-hander" has a few laughs with Jim about their lives in baseball.
It was one of the craziest scenes in baseball as Amir Garrett charged off the mound toward the Pirates dugout. Get Amir's thoughts on the incident, the subsequent suspension and the lessons learned, as well as the normal get-to-know banter you've grown to expect from the Jim Day Podcast. Amir opens up about life, baseball, basketball and teammates.
Go behind the scenes with one of the unquestioned leaders on the Reds team Tucker Barnhart. Find out the intricacies behind the catcher position is today's modern baseball as well as life off the field with one of the most engaging players in all of MLB. It's catcher, team leader, chef, wine enthusiast, and meteorologist all wrapped in one episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
What is it like to be a rookie in Major League Baseball in 2019? And to be able to experience it all with your best friend alongside? Nick Senzel and Josh VanMeter, the best of friends, join Jim to discuss life in the bigs and everything in between. We get to know Nick and Josh, and their teammates, on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
There is only one Bob Uecker! "Mr. Baseball" spans a career as a player, a Hall of Fame broadcaster, actor and comedian. Relive some of the funniest moments as Jim sits down with not one, but two Hall of Famers at once with Marty Brennaman joining the conversation. Scooter Gennett also weighs in on Uecker on a unique episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
What was it like to be a young rookie from Kentucky on perhaps the greatest team to ever play Major League Baseball? Known as "The Glue" of the Big Red Machine, Doug Flynn came out of nowhere and made a life in baseball full of countless memories. From his best friend Johnny Bench, to Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez and the Great 8…walk down memory lane and hear how the rest of the 75-76 Reds team became known as the "Turds!"
He was in the movie "Blind Side," called up on stage by Brad Paisley to sing, and on national TV at age 6, all before becoming the newest Reds funny man. Not afraid to dish on teammates, let Kyle Farmer take you inside the Reds clubhouse as the latest guest on the Jim Day Podcast.
From being a pioneer as the first-ever host of Sportscenter, to the host of the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, to 27 years in the Reds TV booth, George Grande's career has reached heights that few in the business can claim. Join us in a conversation that touches on his countless relationships in the sports world and stories that only George can tell.
It's the incredible transformation of Danny Graves. From Major League All-Star pitcher, to the depths of depression, mental illness, and blowing a fortune of money…to a proud, happy, content man today! It's an incredible journey that we hope will lead to helping others overcome on this very special edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
What is Marty Brennaman's favorite call that he's made in his 46-year Hall of Fame career? What are his top 3 calls? Find out in a very special edition of the Jim Day Podcast, as Jim has Marty listen to some of his greatest calls and gets his reaction to them all.
Jim has a surprising and revealing interview with Nick Senzel. Nick opens up about his personal struggles along the path of becoming the 2nd overall pick in the draft to the Reds top prospect and now everyday center fielder.
Comments (9)

Lady H

these guys are hilarious

Aug 30th

Mike Stretch

Hey Jim, just listened to the podcast with Senzel and Van Meter. Great show. I've got a hot tip for you on a pizza joint. Treat yourself to Two Cities up in Mason. And if wanted to hang out with three lifelong Cincinnati Reds fans, me, Doug and Mark will happily buy you the pie of your choice plus a couple rounds of frosty, malted beverages. Love the show. Keep 'em coming. - Mike

Aug 5th
Reply (1)

Terry Vincent

how can you not mention looping liner?

Jul 10th

Scott Coulbourn

I live in Arizona and am not even a Reds fan but I love your podcast! Great job Jim!

May 7th

Mike Weeks

outstanding 2 parter. I will listen to these episodes over again. Great job, Jim!!

May 1st

Mike Weeks

I heard your podcast promoted during the Dodgers 3:10 start this Wednesday. you are one of my favorite Reds family members. What a great idea for you to do a podcast. Sean Casey killed it!! As did you!

Apr 17th

Mike Stretch

Terrific job, Jim. Love the podcast.

Apr 15th

Matt Perry

love the podcast!!

Feb 25th
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