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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.
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What are warning signs of a toxic relationship?
Maybe the behaviors you see in other people that looks like something you don't like is actually depression.
What happens when your family vacation actually drains you? What do you do if your mom and a few friends don't think what you're doing with your life is meaningful?
Sports are a tool. How we use them is what matters. Our response to Andrew Luck's retirement might show that too many of us have lost our minds.
70. Do The Work

70. Do The Work


Work is good for us. Doing hard work is especially good for us. Let's explore what it means to do the work.
Back to school is a great time to do little check in on how our goals are going. And to find some space to grieve.
One of the hardest places to be in life is the in the space between. The space between where you are at and whatever is next. This episode presents a process that you may find helpful in determining what you do next.
Habits tend to get a bad rap in my opinion. What if they could unlock your potential to change? I believe they are your best chance at the life you want.
To love anything is to invite pain. This quote from a friend of mine sums up the inevitable pain in relationships. This episode deals with five foundations for healthy relationships of the every day variety.
What happens if you don't like your extended family (or your spouse's) but you want your children to have a relationship with them? What happens if your parents want you to play sports but you don't want to play? This week's episode attempts to answer these listener questions.
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