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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.
93 Episodes
Learn three proven ways to deal with anxiety in this episode. They're easier than you might think!
Our attempts to remove the tension from things in our life is destroying our relationships. It's time embrace some tension
What if you could do two things to be more happy? I believe you can. This episode deals with that exact opportunity.
On January 26, 2020 Kobe Bryant was in a crash that killed everyone on board. The responses were world wide. What can you and I learn about meaning in the middle of grief?
Do we really value diversity? Do we really want to know people who aren't like us?
Most estimates say 80% of resolutions don't work. But goals are a different story!
Let's talk about kids getting nicer gifts than my kids and one thing that you absolutely must never tell your kids.
It's time to start thinking about what you want to do in 2020 and how you can create time to get it done.
How do we deal with all of the different emotional responses to the holiday season?
This episode deals with a listeners questions regarding family stress during the holidays.
After the turkey and political conversations, let's get started on a great 2020
You'll probably be more trustworthy if you don't get along with everyone. No, really.
Are you wasting the potential goldmine of information and knowledge from your arguments and fights? Also, you should probably practice your arguments and fights so that you get better at them.
What is emotional reasoning? How does it work against us? How can we combat it?
No Episodes For October

No Episodes For October


I am taking the month of October off from production. Come back November 5th for a new episode. I'll see you then.
What happens when we use cognitive distortions to understand our world? Maybe the best of intentions is what is actually leading to a spike in our kids anxiety.
What happens when two strangers meet? How certain should each person be when it comes to their interpretation of the event?
What are warning signs of a toxic relationship?
Maybe the behaviors you see in other people that looks like something you don't like is actually depression.
What happens when your family vacation actually drains you? What do you do if your mom and a few friends don't think what you're doing with your life is meaningful?
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