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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.
67 Episodes
What happens if you don't like your extended family (or your spouse's) but you want your children to have a relationship with them? What happens if your parents want you to play sports but you don't want to play? This week's episode attempts to answer these listener questions.
How do you know if you made a good decision? A lot of people look at outcomes to decide but what if that way is flawed? This episode looks at how to determine if a decision was good or bad.
It is probably actually healthy if you do not like everyone.
What if a healthy relationship is actually on the other side of distress? What if a major skill you need for your relationship is actually the ability to tolerate distress? This episode explores the need to be able to tolerate stress inter personally and gives some practical ideas on how to develop this skill.
A friend from college drops by (virtually)and we talk about how the story in your head impacts almost everything in our life.
What if the answer to three simple questions could improve your relationship with your spouse?
Parenting. Summer Break. The NFL. An under performing team. Frustrated parents. What do these all have in common? Listen and learn, my friend.
Have you ever looked at your kids and wondered if they were aliens? Do you feel like what you are currently doing is not working? Then, this episode is for you.
We all experience hurt. We have to process it. When we don't the results are often devastating for us and those we love. There is another way though.
Do you want to tell a compelling story with your life? We are all telling a story with out lives. What is the type of story you are telling? This episode gives you five questions to ask about the story you are telling and gives you tools to tell a great story in your life in a great way. Plus, there's a little rant about that Cubs fan who gave away that kids baseball. (Yes, I saw the DeadSpin story).
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