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A professional counselor and author sharing tips on emotional security, relational health and better mental health.
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Change starts in honesty. So often, we lie to ourselves about where we are at in society. We refuse to do the work and then get salty when we fail to see the progress. It's time to change that.
We often cannot control what happens to us, we can control how we respond. We might have to let the initial emotion pass through us without action and then move forward, but we almost always control how we move forward. We can only play the cards in front of us.
Commitment creates capability. Often people stop their commitment because they don't feel they have the capabilities. What if we flipped that idea?
To effectively live well, we must take ownership of our own life. We have to both accept what has happened and look with a plan toward the future.
As we look to a new year, it is imperative that we learn to intentionally evaluate and manage our relationships. We might need to end some relationships intentionally.
What is the circle and the square? They are the very first step in truly empowering yourself and those around you.
Creating a mindset of thankfulness can actually change your life. Part of three of a three-part series on our mindset and the impact on our life. **This episode was supposed to air on Thanksgiving week but did not due to technical difficulties.**
"I might need new friends," is a literal email that I have received numerous times. Why? Because of negativity overload. In this episode, we look at what happens when we realize we have people in our lives who are overly negative? What do we do when we realize we are potentially that person?
2020! What a year it has been. Can we find the power to create a world that we want even in the midst of a pandemic? I believe we can when we utilize our most powerful tool for change. Listen on, my friends.
We all use mental models every day to understand our world and how we fit into it. Today's episodes examines what mental models are and how we use them.
With eight weeks left in a tumultuous year, let's look at how you can create the life you want.
If you can make this one shift in your thinking, you will improve your anxiety management.
When you feel strong emotions, who do you want to be? What actions do you want to show people?
Handing our emotional distress can be a lot like putting a puzzle together. Putting that puzzle together can help us heal as individuals, families, and society.
You can be a great communicator. Regulating your responses to your escalating emotions is the key.
If you haven't heard about Cuties, it's a film on Netflix made in France. Some people call it child exploitation, some call it child advocacy. Some brag that the child actors needed therapy. Let's chat.
No matter how much you learn, how many skills you pick up, today's episode talks about the one skill needed to fortify all the others for change.
This episode brings together seemingly disparate stories and offers this truth: You are not an imposter.
This episode deals with two listener emails. I also talk about the book, Educated, by Tara Westover which leads to a discussion about trauma.
I answer a listeners question about whether or not my kids are spoiled brats and what it means to live and parent to values over power or fear.
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