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#1109 - Matthew Walker

#1109 - Matthew Walker


Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book "" on Amazon.
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special thanks 😊

May 25th

behrouz yadegari

whats wrong with this podcast? I can not find any of the episodes other than just 1.

Apr 12th
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Johnothn Watkins

I woke up genuinely sad the other morning. I had a dream like never before. When I woke up, the thing in my dream that made me never before happy was just gone. I was so sad and I'm still not over it. In this dream I had a baby gorilla (I know, right? lol). I have never wanted a gorilla before in my life but, now...I want a gorilla. I remember playing with him in the front yard and him giving me fist bumps and stuff. #NeverForgottenBabyGorilla

Apr 6th

King Geedorah

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Mar 18th
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Cathy Higgins

where are current episodes? more censorship from the Woke Gendarmes?

Mar 3rd


Any clue why it only shows this episode for me?

Mar 2nd
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Dan Burdick

nice app...

Feb 19th

Mike Smith

If you like narcissistic junk...

Feb 1st


love this app to my core lol if anyone has any ideas for some great podcasts please let me know.

Feb 1st

Nick Grayson-Todd

Why are there only 10 random episodes viewable?

Jan 5th
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Fkyamindgames Freeman

i just cringe when so called "experts" say shit like Natur needed 3.6 million years. baseless Nonsens. and i always think on that one saying: "history is a bunch of lies .. told by idiots who wasnt there" ask a honest historian if that doesnt describe our history!

Jan 4th

Keithen Hamilton

as a person with a wife and 4 kids working towards my masters while working 13 hr nights... this episode made me cry. it explains sooo many of my struggles and gives me hope but also scared cause I don't know what to do to get off nights. thank you so very much!!!

Dec 27th
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soo dae

I was thinking about what happens in Grey's Anatomy all the time during this episode till the guest mentioned surgents🤦 and all became true.

Dec 22nd

Bruce Banner

How much time are you allowed to be awake before needing the 7-hour minimum sleep? How effective is it to break up let's say an 8-hour sleep into 2-4-hour sleeps? I sleepwalk and talk a lot and most of the time I will freak out about something I'm dreaming about and as I'm trying to get everyone else in the house up to avoid a shark or an alligator in the floor, or an earthquake etc My wife will talk to me I'm just dreaming and the visual danger will slowly start to vanish until I realize it's a dream. once I was without sleep for almost exactly 48 hours straight and what made me go to bed was I felt a tap on my shoulder looked over and it was a rotten human head talking to me, I freaked out and went outside and it was raining a slow motion sparkle rain. how am I able to see things that aren't there.. Are dreams a hallucination of the senses? and is it possible to dream or hallucinate things that are from memory stored in your DNA?

Dec 17th


Castbox has removed the 👎???

Dec 14th

wolf wall street

عالی بود دمت گرم 😂

Dec 5th

george henderson

What happened to all the episodes? I only see one

Dec 1st
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So it took him over one thousand episodes to finally get proper audio? Pity they don't have the rest of the episodes here.... :/

Nov 25th

Mohamed Morad

doesn't work with me

Oct 27th

Kendra Molly Ellyce Monforton

Your awesome!!!! Wish you were still on this platform! Keep it going!

Oct 22nd
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