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The most important stories, explained through the lens of business. A podcast about money, business and power. Hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson. The Journal is a co-production from Gimlet Media and The Wall Street Journal.

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Several recent corporate financial scandals have had one thing in common: the main companies involved were all audited by Ernst & Young. WSJ's Ken Brown explains how problems at one of the world's largest accounting firms might signal issues for the wider world of auditing.
Melinda Gates has been involved in distributing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. Kate talks with her about how now, she's focused on the coronavirus and the inequities the virus has revealed. To hear our full interview with Melinda Gates, you can join the WSJ Tech Live Conference at
Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently launched a digital bank to serve communities of color. He explains why he started the bank and why Black banks are so important in closing the racial wealth gap.
States rushed to distribute unemployment benefits to millions of people in the spring. In the process, thousands received more money than they should have. WSJ's Lauren Weber explains how some states overpaid pandemic assistance and why they're now asking for that money back.
The Trump Organization has over $400 million worth of debt coming due over the next several years. WSJ's Brian Spegele explains the debts and the myriad challenges that will come with refinancing if President Trump wins a second term.
Next week, Judge Amy Coney Barrett will face senators during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. WSJ's Siobhan Hughes looks back at Barrett's previous confirmation hearing in 2017 for clues about how she might handle next week's questioning.
Regal Cinemas is shutting down across the U.S. today for the second time in the pandemic. We speak with the head of Regal, Mooky Greidinger, about what caused him to pull the plug and what's needed to reopen the theaters.
Headlines from RT, a Kremlin-backed outlet, have appeared on the websites of prominent U.S. publications. WSJ's Keach Hagey explains how a news aggregator dominated by conservative media sites has helped RT reach U.S. readers.
President Trump's illness is pushing Vice President Mike Pence into a larger role in the campaign. WSJ's Andrew Restuccia explains how the president's diagnosis is changing the race and previews the vice presidential debate Wednesday.
After Florida granted the right to vote to felons who've completed their sentence, the state legislature passed a law requiring them to pay off all fees, fines and restitution first. WSJ's Jon Kamp and Coulter Jones describe the scramble to raise money and the ramifications for the election.
President Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 and is displaying mild symptoms, according to the White House. WSJ's Rebecca Ballhaus takes us through Trump's packed schedule over the past few days and explains what his diagnosis may mean for his campaign.
There are only four Black CEOs in the Fortune 500. What's stopping Black professionals from getting the top jobs? Dr. Adia Wingfield explains the concrete ceiling many Black workers face, and Telisa Yancy, COO at American Family Insurance, tells her story of making it to the top.
Michael Le is one of TikTok's biggest stars, and he's leveraged that fame to buy a house and support his entire family. Now, President Trump's potential ban of the Chinese social media app is putting all that at risk. Le talks about his rise to fame on TikTok and what his plan B looks like.
The police shooting of Breonna Taylor has put a spotlight on Louisville, Ky. and its police department. We speak with Yvette Gentry, the city's incoming police chief, about how she hopes to change the department.
The electric-truck startup Nikola promised to transform trucking with clean technology. WSJ's Christina Rogers explains why Nikola is now scrambling to address serious questions about its business.
Back in March, The Journal began talking to people around the country about how the coronavirus was reshaping their lives. Six months into the pandemic, we call them back to ask how they're coping now.
The pandemic is forcing election officials across the U.S. to prepare for unprecedented numbers of mail-in ballots while also ensuring that in-person voting is safe. We speak with the chief elections official in North Carolina about whether the state is ready.
When the stock market went plummeting in March, many companies shelved plans to go public. Just six months later, we're in the middle of a historic IPO boom. WSJ's Corrie Driebusch explains what is driving the rush to go public and some of the unique ways that people are cashing in.
Exxon's Stunning Decline

Exxon's Stunning Decline


Just seven years ago, Exxon was the biggest company in the U.S. Since then, it's lost about 60% of its value. WSJ's Christopher Matthews tells the story of the oil giant's rapid fall.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death injected the prospect of a bitter nomination fight into the final weeks of the presidential campaign. WSJ's Siobhan Hughes explains the origins of that fight, and Viveca Novak looks at how it could affect the cases before the court this year.
Comments (26)

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes

this kid is the least relatable hero you could have picked for this story

Oct 6th


New member. You must have a goal and stay within your means!

Sep 10th

Chris Considine

haha Trump staying on message? this aged like milk

Sep 9th

Curt Coleman

since they have such strong opinions... I wonder how they feel about the people being oppressed and murdered in China?

Sep 2nd

Charlie Spierto

why not discuss the elephant in the room? Cut public pensions like the private sector has done?

Jul 21st


It's a European company, you stupid jackass. Are you going to tell Li Ning that their sports brand lacks diversity because it features mostly chinese people?!

Jul 1st


'trump came in and lied about his polling, then lied about the virus, and continued to lie for the entire interview' WSJ why give the lying criminal any platform?

Jun 24th


What did you think was gonna happen when you invested in a commie company, dumbass!

Jun 13th


His business got looted, he's still protesting. Anti-riot protesting?

Jun 6th

Lisa D

Excellent program. Solid questions that I wanted to ask Dr. Fauci. Thank you for this.

Apr 8th
Reply (1)


It's a pissing contest. The saudis are rich, they will last. The russians are taking money from the chinese, they will also last.

Mar 14th


If a Republican declares he's running on a "democratic nazism" and those millions of deaths in the 20th century were not the result of "real nazism." I think that guy would have been burned on a stake.

Feb 29th
Reply (1)

wendy awiti

Very insightful episode.

Feb 1st

Jacob De Leon

Great info, in depth reporting on various topics.

Jan 31st

Amy Byrket

This should have had a warning for content inappropriate for kids. Listeners often have kids in the car. This isn’t a podcast that would contain sensitive content

Jan 16th

Pratap Nair

Y is this podcast not working. Unable to hear any of the episodes

Dec 13th


taylor is just being taylor -- an immature little girl. no matter how much she has. nothing to see here.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)


This also shows you these so-called socially conscious organizations like Hollywood and the NBA, doesn't give a damn about your social justice. it's what sells. when things really matter and they have to make a true stance between right and wrong, they pick money even if it goes against everything they allegedly believe in. left learning liberal groups are not more than hypocrites.

Oct 12th


What's the solution? Bring the whole crumbling to the ground that's called the chinese communist government. That God-damnn government is brainwashing china into a loser country. Take it down. Take it all down!

Oct 12th

Elijah Claude

Not one mention of Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend.... Which is one of the only programs where both the left and the right can agree on in some way. The only plan that holds corporations accountable... 🙄

Sep 14th
Reply (1)
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