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Critical thinkers Jack Thomas & Cristina Collazo discuss all range of topics in simple childish ways. With rampant speculations clarified into horrifying possibilities and conspiracy theories and an occasional guest in a no-holds-barred discussion, learning how absurd the universe can be is unavoidable. Philosophical. Scientific. Uncensored. Politically Incorrect. Objective. Analytical. Thoughtful. A show for Stoners, Drunks and Intellectuals alike!  The Just Conversation Podcast ”Take Nothing Personal”
70 Episodes
3.02 Gods & Couches
This episode the philosophers are joined by Dave ‘The Klone’ of ‘The Hollow9ine Podcast Network’ and the ‘Tangent City Podcast’. They debate Alpacas, Alien Octopus, the Human Brain, Starwars and Reality.Story:In a secret underground laboratory odd and creepy experiments are conducted on animals and creatures of all sorts, some of which escape. Among them is the strange Octopus. A shape-shifting, camouflage capable creature of high intellect. Cristy, Dave and Jack roam the labs in the higher floors conducting experiments on the human brain, when one of these odd creatures stumbles in. The trio quickly pull out their scientifically accurate light batons and engage in battle with the creature. Little does the trio know, this monstrosity is capable of ripping open portals to other dimensions and so it does, escaping through the tear. In an attempt to find where the creature has ventured, the heroes explore space in search of a civilization that’s accomplished inter-dimensional travel. On their long journey they question what being alive even means. Finally coming across a civilization capable of inter-dimensional travel, they follow the creature to the 7th dimension, where God, the couch, rests watching a sports match before a screen of unlimited potential. The trio each asks a question of the Couch God. What is Reality? What is Infinity? And what is the Purpose? After getting their answers they finish watching the game with Couch God, enjoying the announcers from The Uneducated Experts Podcast. Shortly thereafter they venture to higher dimensions where they find the octopus playing Horizon: Zero Dawn where the beings are creatures of lower dimensions. They destroy the octopus once and for all and head back in time to watch serial killer documentaries on Netflix.All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.Take Nothing Personal.+ Episode DetailsTopics Discussed:ExperimentsStrange AnimalsLlamas, Alpacas and OctopusThe Human Brain FunctionsComputerized BrainsRobotsStarwars and Light SabersStar TrekScientific InaccuraciesRealityInfinityCouchesGodHigher DimensionsSpace ExplorationAlien VisitationsVegans, Vegetarians, Organic FoodReligions and their SimilaritiesLooping RealityNPCsHorizon: Zero DawnMarriage & Last NamesThe Uneducated Experts

3.02 Gods & Couches


3.01 Meat Canyon & Therapeutic Art
This episode focuses on motivation to create and how many people struggle to break from their cycle of excuse making in order to pursue their dreams in the first place. We all want the success but refuse to do the grind and hard work that’ll lead us to it in the first place. First the philosophers discuss the Marie Kondo 30 Books craze and how the social structure is of outrage culture at the moment. Then, Jack has a sit down with cartoonist Hunter Hancock of the animation Youtube and Instagram channels ‘MeatCanyon’ to discuss art, creation, motivation and goals. The creator discusses what interests him about art in the first place. His views on mainstream art and the over-saturation of money fueled safe art instead of risky creativity. ——————-Story: the Philosophers are joined by Hunter Hancock of Meat Canyon animations. Together they help emperor Palpatine get back to his previous glory as ruler of the galaxy by teaching him to practice his skills in order to improve them. Palpatine takes a dark turn when he clearly doesn’t understand comedy structure and makes a bunch of cancer and rape jokes. The philosophers and Hunter teach him to not take his art too seriously, but Palpatine quickly sells out for the money train. Soon thereafter, Palpatine joins the media binge movement that is destroying societies attention span. Finally, the philosophers and Hunter play a game of Dungeons & Dragons while watching Kristen Stewart in Disney films.All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedPracticing Skills to Improve ThemOvertly Polished Unoriginal WorkDifficulties of WritingUnderstanding AudienceLearning Comedy StructureOriginal Artistic Work vs FamiliarThe Therapeutic Nature of ArtNot Taking Our Creativity Too SeriouslyComic Books vs TV CartoonsCreators Playing it SafeArt Run by MoneySocieties Shrinking Attention SpanBinging Killed The Excitement of WaitingOzark on NetflixPolitics and Over-SensitivityMainstream Anger & RageEvery Road Leads to MoneyThe “No Time” ExcuseThe Devil’s Hockey TeamCreating Is WeirdRich People ProblemsAbusing Expectation when CreatingAlex GreyThe Instagram Easy RouteWeird Instagram AccountsVideo Game AddictionDungeons & DragonsHow to be SuccessfulReligion, The Popularity ContestLife CyclesDisney Live Action AbortionsStarwars Sucks
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