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Critical thinkers Jack Thomas & Cristina Collazo discuss all range of topics in simple childish ways. With rampant speculations clarified into horrifying possibilities and conspiracy theories and an occasional guest in a no-holds-barred discussion, learning how absurd the universe can be is unavoidable. Philosophical. Scientific. Uncensored. Politically Incorrect. Objective. Analytical. Thoughtful. A show for Stoners, Drunks and Intellectuals alike!  The Just Conversation Podcast ”Take Nothing Personal”
79 Episodes
On this episode the critical thinkers discuss the World Domination Conspiracy. Cristy explains to Jack the steps on the world domination checklist to be executed by the diabolical union of the UN and NASA.Story:After learning the government was hiding medical corruption from the people the duo investigated further uncovering a plan for world domination between the corrupt UN and NASA. With an elaborate plan the duo steals documents from one of their facilities and in them they find a complex checklist for world domination to be orchestrated in the near future. From technological manipulation to religious brainwashing. The findings are astounding. With no other options left the duo reports their findings to the Illuminati to deliberate a plan to save the world.If on Tumblr listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedFloating CityReligious Brain WashingTortilla JesusTwo way TelepathyUN & NASA TakeoverAlien Invasion in Major CitiesThe RaptureWorld Domination ChecklistManipulation Through TechnologyLucifer & Jesus Dynamic Duo
On this episode the critical thinkers discuss how intoxication culture has taken over the world and what could be pushing it forward.Story:During the investigation into Round Space the philosophers discover the intoxication conspiracy. An elaborate plan designed by the governments of the world in order to get the humans of the planet high in order to believe in flat space. In their attempt to uncover all the secrets of this new and twisted conspiracy against humanity the duo learns that marijuana’s sole purpose has always been to control the populations of the Earth. How it’s done astounds both of them into shock!If on Tumblr listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedRecreational Marijuana UseFast Food AddictionMedia MisinformationElite InformationSelective ResearchIntoxication CultureGlobal GPSGovernment Controlled InternetThe Uninformed WokeHuman AddictsThe Scientific Method
Last week episode 3.04 guest Blake introduced Jack to the tragedy which took place in New Zealand. After the details of the attack were explained, Blake and Jack began to speculate on how this tragedy would shape the world and alter the minds of young individuals which saw the events play out via livesstream. Prediction were made after the analysis, one of which was a future of copycat killers. Several hours after the episode was uploaded a second tragedy took place in California with identical circumstances. A copycat Killer. Blake and Jack have decided on a follow-up conversation to discuss what has happened and how they’re predictions played out. And more predictions are made. + Episode DetailsTAPSnaps Links:Itunes - - - DiscussedMass ShootingsTerrorismTrolling8chan4chanCensorshipThe Dark Web
On this episode the critical thinkers use misinformation to answer questions from listeners related to NASA’s recent reveal of the Black Hole image. From what it is, to where it leads, to how it’s created.Story:Shortly after NASA revealed their image of the black hole the clones of the philosophers were given orders by the Illuminati to misinform the public on the subject. Obeying their orders, Cristy and Jack disguise themselves as the StarTalk hosts and attempt to convince listeners, to the best of their ability, of incorrect information to benefit the CEO of the Illuminati. In doing so they realize they’ve been lied to by scientists and NASA about Flat Space. A complex cover designed to conceal the fact that space is round. After informing the Illuminati of this discovery, they’re ordered to investigate the validity of Round Space. What the philosopher’s clones learn is astounding!If you’re on Tumblr listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedBlack HolesNASASubspaceWhite HolesWormholesFuture ScienceQuantum ComputingSagittarius AThe Big BangSingularitiesRound SpaceFlat Space
3.04 Psyops & Philosophy

3.04 Psyops & Philosophy


Guest Blake Weatherly of the Tap Snaps podcast and The Imaginarium discusses the New Zealand mass shooting, the current condition of human psychology and how it’s affecting our world which shockingly seems more and more like an episode of Black Mirror.Story:After living under his rock for years, Jack is informed by Blake Weatherly of the tragedy having taken place in New Zealand. Eager to get more information the two investigate the shooter’s psychology. Conspiracies reveal secret plans crafted by a Joker-esk troll hidden underneath the madness, trying to warp society in his image. This realization leads Blake and Jack to an old-time library where they discover the Elite’s hold the worlds true knowledge and only upload into the internet incorrect alternates to the truth. Enraged at this fact, the two go on Twitter and attack members of the YA Writers community knowing they’ll easily explode in a fit of irrational rage at people not being agreeable with them.All this and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.If on Tumblr, click HERE to listen!+ Episode DetailsLinksBlake Weatherly Twitter: @BlakeEscapeTap Snaps Podcast LinkTwitter: @TAPSnapsPCInstagram: @taps_snaps_podcastTopics DiscussedThe New Zealand MassacreTrollingReal Life JokerEdge Lords RisingBlack Mirror PerformanceCryptic MessagesSubliminal MessagesAttacks on FreedomThe Power of 4ChanVirtual Civil WarOutrage CultureElite InformationClass-ismPeasant InformationYA Twitter
The critical thinkers discuss whether they believe humans destroy or create more.Story:In the midst of having microphone trouble Jack is informed by Cristina that the walruses of the world are dying. Going north to investigate what is the cause of the death, Jack speculates Dolphins as they are the humans of the ocean and might be at war not just with walruses but with one another. Cristy then follows the lead straight to the humans. An arctic underground facility reveals governments are building robots to fight the robots of other countries and this construction is what is destroying the countless lives of the walruses. The only hope left for marina life is the rogue androids eager to join the robot war.If on Tumblr listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedOur Planet DocumentaryDying WalrusesWater HumansDolphins at WarDestruction vs CreationMilitary Video GamesThe Future of WarRobot WarsHacking WarWinning WarsAndroids vs CyborgsThe OlympicsGalactic Dyson SphereWolves to Pugs
Rambling 46: Mass Hysteria

Rambling 46: Mass Hysteria


On this episode the philosophers discuss mass hysteria and how it’s affected people throughout time. As well as simulation games. The Outward video game and Vampires.Story:Hot on the trail of clues leading to true government corruption, our duo stumbles into a facility running virtual simulations with humans as experiments, having them trapped in weird farming simulations for months at a time. The goal? To cause a mass hysteria to later be replicated in the general population. Creeping and sneaking through the facility collecting clues the duo comes across files detailing plans from way back in the 50s explaining how to build a cult using music. Reading through the documents the philosophers discover that the band The Beetles were created to push the ideologies of Neo-Nazis. All that and more on this episode. In on Tumblr click HERE to listen!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedSimulation GamesFarming SimulatorRacing GamesOutward the GameWerewolves & VampiresLore vs ContentDead Body MutilationHow to Kill MonstersMeowing NunsMass HysteriaNuns Biting NunsPokemon Epilepsy EpisodeThe Beetles Created Neo-NazisCharles MansonGovernment ParanoiaClowns Kidnapping ChildrenAnne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles
On this episode the philosophers discuss the strange phenomenon in which doctors aren’t seen as scientists by society. From twisted experiments conducted on people to society taking a doctors words as nearly sacred while simultaneously believing scientists as a whole are working against society. The massive pollution problems threatening the pokeworld is also addressed. Story:While investigating the pollution problem plaguing the pokemon regions of the world, the philosophers encounter a strange sex ring being run by the adults in the regions. They’re using the pollution as a distraction. On their way back to inform the UN the duo is sidetracked by mysterious files depicting crazed experiments conducted by doctors in hospitals which the government has brushed under the rug. This redirects their investigation towards a darker secret the world hides.If on Tumblr Listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedHuman ExperimentationExperiments on ChildrenStrange 40 year projectsSacred DoctorsDoctor ScientistsCorrupt DoctorsThe Past seen as CrimesPedophiliaSex RingsFainted PokemonKilling PokemonPokePollutionLittering ProblemsSentient Garbage
Guest Jesus Pagan discusses mental illness caused by religion and the healing power possessed by the mind. Meditation and mindfulness are addressed. Round and flat earth are debated. Story:The philosophers are clued into twisted plans by the catholic church. The government brings the duo in to be briefed. They are to infiltrate the church and discover how it is using the western educational system to cause and promote mental disorders, focusing on schizophrenia. While across enemy lines, the duo is caught in the middle of a war between the round Earthers and the flat Earthers. Using their meditation ability they leave their physical forms behind, hidden safely away from the battlefield and they proceed to investigate the church from within the minds of the priests.If on Tumblr listen HERE!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedSystematic AbuseWestern Education Mental DysfunctionMental DisordersMeditationMindfulnessThe healing power of the mindDualityFlat Earth vs Round EarthEcstasyReligion & Mental Illness SchizophreniaFaithFast Food & Mental IllnessReligious GuiltDepressionJudgement
On this episode the philosophers discuss the possibility that ancient civilizations had advanced technologies and the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization.Story:Exploring the ruins of the fallen Mayan civilization the duo uncovers a trail of clues that reveals a dark truth. The Mayan’s, as previously revealed in their calander, predicted a tragedy likely to strike Earth and lead to mass extinction sometime in the 2000s. Investigating the clues the duo realized every so often a mass alien invasion takes place. Humans harvested as discussed in episode 2.12. The proof is staggering. Seeking the knowledge on how the Mayan’s planned and escaped this impending Earthling doom the duo ventures into the Mayan pyramids to uncover all sorts of advanced technologies and a plan orchestrated by the Mayans crazy enough that is might have just worked! Find out how on this episode!!+ Episode DetailsTopics DiscussedBuried Ancient TechnologyNatures CreationsAncient Nuclear ReactorThe First Intelligent LifeIntelligent Life Before HumansFlat EarthHollow EarthThe Mayan CivilizationAdvanced Technology in Ancient PyramidsAlien InvasionsMass Extinctions EventsThe Matrix Survival PlanMessages Left Behind by Advanced Intelligence
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