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Justin Flinner is the CEO of an award-winning primary holistic care center in downtown Washington, DC and a multiple-time U.S. National Martial Arts Champion. This podcast brings you expert advice and innovative thoughts from the world's top experts in health and wellness in addition to first-hand experiences from real people in our My Metro Medicine community to empower you to take control of your own health.

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Ep43 - The Stories We Tell
Our lives are built on the stories we tell one another, and our stories are alive. They keep us alive too. The lessons that every story contains depends on what you learn along the way. Each generation that came before us heard stories that gave them a reason to move on in the life with a sense of purpose. And each generation that will come after us will live their lives based on the stories that our lives have to teach them. How we live our lives will determine how interesting and how rich in wisdom our stories of life will be for the children later on. We must live each day with the intention of writing a new and better story than the day before. It must be filled with lessons of how to overcome challenges and lesson of how to enjoy the subtle moments in life. The stories we tell will shape the future of our loved ones and the future of the world we live in and will one day leave. Remember this when someone is telling a story about you so that you will feel proud and satisfied that you have changed the life of another. If you ever need help realizing what your story sounds like, then WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU 24/7! *** Find us on our website, find us on Facebook & Instagram @mymetromedicine, or contact us at or 202-505-2805. *** Care to contribute to The Justin Flinner Podcast? Follow this link and you can become part of our mission and help us impact as many lives as we possibly can: Thanks for tuning in! (Music used from Facebook Sound Collections. Thank you Facebook Music Artists!) Become a supporter of this podcast:

Ep43 - The Stories We Tell


ASK THE EXPERT---Jeff Millison, LAc, MSOM (Academic Dean, VUIM)
For this month's #AskTheExpert, we sat down with Jeff Millison, Academic Dean at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine and licensed acupuncturist. Jeff runs his own practice, Riverhill Wellness Center, in Ellicott CIty, MD. He has served the acupuncture and oriental medicine community by being a driving force for the development of high-level education and integrative medicine approaches. Jeff's passion for making a difference in the world stems from his professional life to his personal life. If you are a practitioner of oriental medicine, or even if you are a beginning student, then you will definitely benefit from this podcast as Jeff reveals some of the most important areas we need to focus on to preserve what we have accomplished in our field of medicine and strengthen its core together. As always, thank you all for listening, and please make sure you rate this podcast and leave us a comment! We'll see you back here next month for ASK THE EXPERT! And don't forget, we are here to help you 24/7. Contact us anytime you need support. ***FB & IG: @mymetromedicine --- Email: info@mymetromedicine --- Phone: 202-505-2805*** Care to contribute to The Justin Flinner Podcast? Follow this link and you can become part of our mission and help us impact as many lives as we possibly can: Thanks for tuning in! Become a supporter of this podcast:
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