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Kevin Jackson is an award-winning radio show host and podcaster. His blend of humor, intellect, wit, and savage knowledge provides an entertaining daily two-hour ride. Rush Limbaugh would be proud of the best-selling author, TV host, political pundit, nationally recognized speaker, and comedian, as Kevin Jackson delivers political and pop culture humor from a unique point of view.
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In this episode, dangerous mandate buried inside legislation coming in 2026. Black voters are waking up from woke. Businesses willing to go on record.
In this episode, a head-to-head debate marks a climax in the fued between governors. Trump allies ramping high-dollar fundraising efforts until the Iowa caucus.
In this episode, FY 2024 President's Budget wants taxpayers to foot a $114M bill for DEI programs. Predictions for the Republican primaries has Trump - Game. Set. Match.
In this episode, a demise that's easier to predict than the desert sun. New state-level data polling shows Trump ahead in multiple states.
In this episode, this popular international spot becomes the first to institute a tourism tax. Re-litigating the deadly assault on the Capitol, by "investigating the investigators." Alexandria Pelosi tells quite a different version than her mother.
In this episode, in a whopper Biden claims he was close to securing peace in the Middle East. The anti-Semitism on display from radical Leftists, more dangerous than jihadists.
In this episode, Politico going after the Biden's through the magic of politics. Some calling Desantis the 2024 Jeb Bush.
Ep. 23-467 - Incognito

Ep. 23-467 - Incognito


In this episode, Democrats in office with psuedonyms to push their 'truth' incognito. The Harris problem in the 2024 election cycle.
In this episode, best time in modern history for Republicans. Historians on Biden tenure in politics.
In this episode, Biden gearing up to lose in a projected landslide. Hunter's addiction and dangerous defense.
In this episode, never have Democrats been so bold as to say their plan publicly until Trump. A massive rift in the New World Order.
In this episode, the release of thousands of hours of unseen security footage shows Democrats oversold J6. KJP says Biden has been successful because of his advanced age.
In this episode, 10 news stories they chose not to tell you this week. A modern day master's class in a presidency. Meta-Marxism through the lens of power.
In this episode, flirtation with a third-party presidential bid. Kicking the 81 million vote man to the curb. A delay lands in the hands of Republicans.
In this episode, journalist admits to being part of the resistance. 27 Democrats not running for re-election leaves a lot of opportunity for Republicans.
In this episode, not exactly the insurrection Pelosi and team presented. Thanks to Bidenomics - shoplifting is now a profitable skill! Average american reality doesn't jive with the claimed success of economic numbers.
In this episode, Kira Davis on Candace Owens problematic perception of believing to speak for the black community in general. Baltimore's former top prosecutor found guilty of perjury.
In this episode, who would watch if the fight for truth led to UFC Congressional edition. Trustworthy government agencies in 2023.
In this episode, Shapiro forcefully rebukes Owens over beliefs of her anti-Semitism. Enthusiasm is admirable, but delivery lacks substance.
In this episode, the U.S. sovereign crediting rating moves to negative from stable. Party leaders walk a tightrope going into an election year.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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