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As I travel I have the chance to meet a host of very smart and accomplished people around the world. The objective of this podcast is for me to learn from them whether it is in business, investing, future and tech, or health. I welcome everyone to join my journey as we learn and grow together with this podcast.
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Kevin Shee and his friends travel through Siberia and talk to their Russian guide Bulat Sabirov. They've recorded this episode while traveling on the Transsiberian train.  During this episode, you will hear about the political situation between Russia and Ukraine and learn what Russians think about foreigners. Hear them talk about cultural nuances between Russians, Chinese, and Americans. Listen to the end to learn how to find true love in Russia. Links Bulat Sabirov on Instagram Time Stamps: 00:47 - About the conflict between Russia and Ukraine 05:04 - Advice to foreigners traveling to Russia 07:19 - Russian culture: love and relationships 09:28 - Are Russians open to meet foreigners? 10:56 - Cultural nuances: how different are Chinese from other cultures? 13:55 - How to find love in Russia and not get into a trap 18:29 - Should you move from Hong Kong to Russia?
Kevin Berry is a property investor and a location-based entrepreneur in Miami. He started his career in banking but soon discovered an opportunity to make money by investing in rental property. During this episode, you will hear about opportunities for property investment. Listen to Kevin Berry explaining why Airbnb is better than a long-term lease. Learn what are top considerations when looking for an investment property. Wait to the end of the episode to hear Kevin Berry's advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Time Stamps: 01:50 - Guest Introduction: Kevin Berry 04:35 - "If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to understand how money works" - Kevin Berry 05:52 - US housing crisis in 2008 07:28 - Buying first property with a credit card 08:49 - Top considerations when looking for an investment property 09:28 - Should you Airbnb your property? 10:00 - "The longer a tenant is staying, the more destruction it is." - Kevin Berry 12:24 - Rental Property Investing - US vs Canada 14:36 - "Everybody is your competition" - Kevin Berry
Michael Powers is now the president and business owner of Alliance Partition Systems. In past he had a history of serving a jail time twice, having bad experience with drugs and much more. In this episode, you will hear how Michael went from an ex-convict to becoming a successful business owner. He’ll share his untold story including ways he overcame personally and professional hardships. After listening, you’ll be inspired to come up with a new life plan for yourself! Links: Alliance Partitions Article Time Stamps: 1:39 - Guest Introduction: Michael Powers 07:40 - "There is not enough fear of going back to prison, when you don't have any responsibility outside. Life is much easier in prison." - Michael Powers 09:00 - What makes you really want to get your life straight 13:20 - When life throws more challenges at your and you respond with even more grit 19:00 - "I didn't have any plan to start a business, I just had an argument with my boss". - Michaels Powers 21:00 - Surviving after 8 hours in an open ocean after a boat crash 28:00 - Advice for young entrepreneurs 29:08 - "There is absolutely nothing that somebody else can do, what you cannot do." - Michael Powers
Sam Marks is an entrepreneur, investor, and self-proclaimed explorer. He is the founder & CEO of and co-hosts the Invest Like a Boss podcast. His investment portfolio includes 400 self-storage units in Hong Kong, a micro-brewery in Australia, rental condos across Thailand, and many more.  He has even visited more than 100 countries while living off his passive income investments and pursuing his bucket list. In this episode, you will hear Kevin and Sam discuss their investment and entrepreneurial journey.  Learn how to avoid mistakes early on in your investing career and make enough passive income to sustain your lifestyle while increasing your net worth. Listen to the end to find out what it truly means to live the boss life! Links: LinkedIn Time Stamps: 01:59 - Guest Introduction: Sam Marks 05:55 - Learning to invest and making first mistakes 09:57 - Making money with cryptocurrency 13:13 - "You have to make enough passive income to sustain your lifestyle while still increasing your net wealth” - Sam Marks 14:06 - ROI in startups 17:10 - “If you invest in a startup company at 2 million evaluation, and that evaluation goes to 50 million, you are not gonna make 25x return, you might make 4x return.” - Sam Marks 19:12 - Why investing in startups is not only about monetary gain 19:23 - Learning the curve and trends of investing in startups 24:30 - What living the boss life truly means
Dan Cardon has 17 years of international Sales & Marketing Management experience in Australia, UK, Hong Kong and the Philippines for different corporations. Now he is in a Hotel business as a developer and owner.  During this episode, Dan will explain how he left his successful corporate career to start his own business. Learn the ins and outs of building a hostel on small remote islands like Boracay including other countries. Listen to the end so you can overcome your fears of making big changes in your career. Find out if the risk is worth it! Links: Chillax Flashpackers Hostel Time Stamps: 01:36 - Guest introduction: Dan Cardon 09:09 - Leaving a corporate career for a hostel business 13:35 - Ins and outs of building a hostel on an island 20:30 - What do you do when the island gets a tourist ban 12:11 - "The island was on shutdown, but you were not allowed to fire anybody." - Dan Cardon 24:57 Doing business in a developing country 25:51 - "I see a huge upside in a crisis like that, if you are resilient, there is so much opportunity!" - Dan Cardon 26:24 - Attracting customers and managing reviews 28:17 - Extending the current business into new areas 29:54 - Should you become a business owner if you have a successful corporate career  
John Sanei is a best-selling author, futurist and keynote speaker who helps brands across the globe to build the mental approach needed to make tomorrow more abundant than they ever thought possible. During this episode, John and Kevin discuss the future and the need for disruptive innovation. Learn how companies and individuals can become adaptable to the fast-changing world. Listen to the end to hear the latest future predictions you can apply to your life, today! Links: Time Stamps: 02:20 - Guest background and introduction: John Sanei 05:32 - Consumers have different needs in mature and emerging markets 09:32 - "If you stop chasing and you just fix yourself and fix your own way of thinking, you don't ever need to chase anything, you can have things magnetize towards you." - John Sanei 10:13 - Most businesses are driven by fear 13:37 - Transition from the industrial world to the quantum world 14:40 - "The future doesn't want us to be linear, it needs us to be adaptable." - John Sanei 17:55 - Why all businesses need disruptive innovation 20:47 - Understanding of success is going to change in the future 26:42 - Predictions of the future  
Jason Latimer, known by the stage name LATIMER, is an American illusionist. In 2003, he became one of four Americans to ever win the title Grand Prix "Best Overall" at the World Championships of Magic. During this episode, Jason and Kevin will share how the principles of magic can be applied to your business and real life. Learn what beliefs a businessman needs to move to the next level of success. By the end of the show, you will believe that the impossible is actually possible. Links: Jason Latimer on youtube Jason on the LATE LATE show Jason's talk on TED Time Stamps: 02:07 - Guest background and introduction: Jason Latimer 04:30 - "Continually ask questions, until you ask the right question and make impossible." - Jason Latimer 11:56 What new beliefs a businessman needs to move to the next level 12:12 - "In order to innovate and do something that was never done before you need to imagine an answer that hasn't existed before". - Jason Latimer 15:43 - How to become original at something 22:00 - Both in magic and in business you have to be unique and original 25:00 - Don't trick yourself into illusion of knowledge of what can and cannot be done
Barrett Bingley is an experienced international executive with a focus on growth and commercial success. Ben Yeung is the executive director at Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd. During this episode, Ben and Barret will discuss the current situation of the global trade war. Find out how it affects the global economy, including the USA, China, Europe and SE Asian countries. Learn ways to cope with the trade war as an operator. Links: LinkedIn - Barrett Bingley LinkedIn - Ben Yeung Time Stamps: 01:44 - Guest background and introduction: Barrett, Ben 03:01 - What is a Tariff? Who pays the tax? 06:56 - “Tariffs hurt everyone. Everyone will pay the price for a trade war.” - Ben Yeung 10:29 - Are tariffs an effective tool? Will countries adjust overtime? 16:18 - How the election plays a role in the strength of a country 18:50 - The effects of TPP on all parts of the world 22:24 - Coping with the trade war as an operator. What can you do? 34:13 - Understanding the de minimis tax rule  
Daniel Lo is the Founder and CEO of GoGoChart, an award-winning advertising technology company specialises in go to market strategy, paid search ads, ASO, user acquisition, and global mass scale for companies all over the world. During this episode, you will hear Daniel's story how he went from several failing businesses to success with GoGoChart. You will also understand how mobile apps marketing works and learn what tips and techniques can help mobile app's rankings. Listen to the end to hear Daniel's advice for all startups. Links: Daniel on Linkedin GoGoChart Time Stamps: 01:17 - Daniel Lo introduction and background 07:41 - Why it takes longer to build an app 10:19 - What affects app rankings in App Store 10:47 - "We bought cheap traffic to get to the top rankings, and then exposure gave us the high-quality traffic". - Daniel Lo 13:00 - Not every business needs an app 14:20 - "We were the first in Hong Kong to be certified by Apple for Apple search ads". - Daniel Lo 17:45 - Tips on improving app rankings 24:00 - Advice for all startups
Jack Daly is a CEO coach and author of several books on company growth and sales: Hyper Sales Growth and The Sales Playbook. Jack has also completed a dozen full Ironman triathlon races, he ran 95 marathons, in eight countries, on five continents, and made team USA in 2012. During this episode, you will understand the secret of how a company can achieve hypergrowth. Be prepared to hear Jack talking about what makes a great salesperson and how to build the right team. Listen to the end to learn how to create a winning culture inside the company. Links: Books by Jack Daly Hyper Sales Growth The Sales Playbook Time Stamps: 01:40 - Jack Daly’s introduction and background 06:45 - “If you don’t have a playbook in your organization, by default, it means that every salesperson is doing it their own way.” — Jack Daly 07:48 - What makes a successful salesperson? 08:37 - “More than 50% of sales person’s time in most companies is spent on things that have nothing to do with winning new customers and growing the ones you have.” — Jack Daly 10:26 - Should you hire an experienced salesperson or grow your own? 11:26 - “The biggest mistake is to take the best sales person and make him a sales manager / sales coach. It rarely works” - Jack Daly 13:54 - When a company grows, should the owner step down as sales person and focus on managing the company? 16:28 - What to do when top sales stuff doesn’t want to follow new structure 18:51 - Talking about the success of Jack Daly’s clients 21:55 - How sales process is changed by new technologies  22:54 - Jack talks about his personal experience is marathons & ironman races
Scott Jensen is a Senior Marketing and Business Strategist. His recent work was as SVP of Marketing at Partner Fusion as the manager of SEM, Product, Creative and Data Science. In addition, his consulting practice helps companies around the world apply digital marketing to their business strategy. During this episode, you will hear Kevin and Scott discuss why every business should target each type of customer with a different value proposition. Understand how to segment your customers and define what value can be offered to different segments. Listen to the end to learn the price of converting a potential client into a sale. Links: Scott Jensen on LinkedIn Time Stamps: 00:24 - Customers segmentation & targeting 01:44 - How customers can be segmented for a Self-Storage business 06:44 - Using A/B testing for price increase decisions 10:44 - Differentiating value proposition for different types of customers 12:43 - “People who are on autopay, they stay longer” - Kevin 13:38 - Segmenting customers for a car dealership 17:21 - Price of converting a potential client into a sale
KK began his financial journey in 2013 when he was a freshman graduate. He started in the US market due to market liquidity and no lot size minimums. Now he focuses on stocks in the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore markets. During this episode, you will understand the potential upside of investing in Singaporean REITs. Learn how to know which REIT to invest in including the pros and cons of physical property vs. REITs. Expect to hear ways to diversify your REIT investment portfolio and when should you sell the REIT. Links: Time Stamps: 02:53 - KK’s introduction and background 04:43 - Specific REITS you should invest in 09:24 - Investing in Singapore REITS through USA listings 11:47 - The pros and cons of physical property vs. REIT 12:09 - “The main thing that I like about REITS over physical property is that it is easy to manage.” - KK 15:31 - How to know which REIT to invest in 19:49  - Big REIT and small REIT comparison 20:11 - “All REITs are good at  the right price.” - KK 23:05 - Diversifying your REIT investment portfolio 26:14 - When should you sell the REIT  
Hao Lam, CEO and Chairman of Best in Class Education Center and author of From Bad to Worse to Best in Class: A Refugee’s Success Story, has spent his entire career as an advocate for supplemental education, both as an instructor and as the business owner of Best in Class Education Center. During this episode, Hao will give you a glimpse into his inspiring tale of audacity and perseverance, hardship and personal growth from the perspective of one man’s voyage from war-torn Vietnam to a new life in North America, from penniless refugee to successful businessman. You’ll also find out how he opened his first education center, started a franchise, and overcame early obstacles through his professional journey.  This is essential listening for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, dedicated educators, and lifelong learners, Lam’s story is a lesson on finding the internal compass that leads to success—even when the journey there seems impossible.   Links: From Bad to Worse to Best in Class: A Refugee's Success Story - Book   Time Stamps: 01:09 - Hao’s background and introduction 02:37 - Escaping and leaving Vietnam at a young age 10:33 - Life in a refugee camp 14:19 - Opening the first education center 15:21 - “We couldn’t make ends meet. It was really rough from a refugee to an immigrant.” - Has Lam 16:23 - “Don’t chase money. Chase your passion.” - Has Lam 20:15 - Deciding to franchise the business and overcoming early obstacles 23:21 - Tips and tricks for all entrepreneurs 25:14 - How the recession affected the education business 27:49 - Passing your company to your kids 29:51 - Ensuring that your customers are successful  
Gabe Thayn and Cameron Urry are the co-founders at Adigma, a data-driven, innovative marketing technology company that uses custom-built, data-driven paid search marketing structure to create an individualized toolset for businesses. During this episode, you will learn how to how to boost your local business in paid search and SEO search rankings. Learn the difference between local and organic SEO including the role content plays towards traffic. Find out ways to obtain your customer's data the correct way and increase your new customer findings by 30%.   Links: Time Stamps: 02:08 - Background and introduction 06:08 - Success in the self-storage business 10:05 - The difference between local and organic SEO 10:18 - “If you get optimized and you're ranking high you’re going to get massive volume.” - Cameron Urrg 13:30 - The role content plays in this industry 27:50 - Monitoring the acceleration rate of occupancy 32:04 - “Everyone has some level of data. Max out what you can do, have a plan, and figure it out.” - Cameron Urrg 33:23 - Obtaining your customer data the correct way 40:06 - What else does Adigma has to offer its customers? 44:02 - Increase your new customer findings by 30%+ 47:40 - When to properly raise the rent for maximum yield  
Pak Hou Chau is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Since becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 16, Pak has built five consumer tech startups and has successfully exited two of them. Pak is also a personal development enthusiast, a productivity expert, a personal organization consultant, and the ultimate believer in humanity. During this episode, Pak Hou Chau will share the massive lessons learned as a young serial entrepreneur. Find out how the major wins and losses made him the strongest person possible both professionally and personally. Learn to prevent money from affecting your ego and judgment while living with a true life purpose.   Links:   Time Stamps: 02:03 - Pak Ho’s introduction and startup background 04:18 - “It’s that level of persistence, endurance, and that patience that you need to have in order to see long term results. Put in consistent work every single day.” - Chau Pak Ho 07:00 - The ups and downs of startups 16:16 - “Widen your world view a little so your first world problem doesn’t seem so big anymore. Get more perspective.” - Chau Pak Ho 17:02 - Living up to your father's expectations 23:38 - A platform for skateboarders, Pak’s third startup 36:09 - How money affects your ego and judgment 41:34 - The power of losing in entrepreneurship 45:50 - “Be yourself. Don’t try to compare yourself to someone else.” - Chau Pak Ho 47:46 - Living as a minimalist & living with a true life purpose
Michael Michelini is the founder and host of Global From Asia, a cross-border e-commerce community with four divisions including media, events, trips, and platforms. Michael’s passion is to help companies do business in China, and assist Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market. During this episode, Michael will share several podcasting tips that may help your show become successful. Find out why Kevin is starting this very podcast including his personal and professional goals. Learn to capture the best part of a conversation and listen for quick insight on how the trade war is affecting entrepreneurs in China.   Links:   Where We Are: Kevin Shee  - Lisbon, Portugal Michael Michelini - Chiang Mai, Thailand   Time Stamps 00:10 – Mike and Kevin’s background and introduction 02:38 - Why Mike started to the podcast & his daily downloads 06:31 - “Podcasts are a channel for building relationships and contacts.” - Michael Michelini 07:03 - Tips and tips for building a subscriber base and growing downloads 09:30 - Building a business from your podcast 13:21 - Is the trade war hurting entrepreneurs in China? 20:30 - Managing your work-life balance  
I am the founder of SC Storage, which started in 2001, I have grown my company from 1 to 66 sites. We became the biggest self-storage chain in Hong Kong and 2nd biggest in Asia, for a time. My passion and strength lie in the property development and digital marketing side of the business, and that's how I was able to thrive. Certain events in my life made me move away from the business side of life and search for more. Now I am slowly moving away from the day to day operation of my business to become more of an investor, advisor and world traveler. As I travel, I meet a host of very smart and accomplished people around the world. The objective of this podcast is for me to learn from them whether it's in business (how to remotely run my business better), investing, future and tech, and health. I welcome everyone to join my journey as we learn and grow together with this podcast!   Links: SC Storage  
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