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Peak performance in business isn't about removing the work or effort it takes to reach the top, it's about making the work the reward. In this episode, we look at the strategies used by the most elite athletes that help them get into a peak performance state where the work disappears and the level of aptitude far exceeds what could be imagined. This truly is a huge key to finding happiness in work and life.
Goal Setting is vital to your success, but if you go into the process without clear outlines and strategies it can be incredibly dangerous.  We dissect a Harvard Business School study about the negative side-effects of most goal setting and look at how to avoid them when setting goals for your business and life.
Are you dealing with burnout from work? It's a very real issue that has now been recognized by the general medical field. But what is burnout? Does it mean you're exhausted? Maybe you're just dealing with burnout from work today? We discuss the science behind burnout and the 3 key aspects of it. 
If you're an entrepreneur or high-level executive and you're skipping your time in the gym because you're just too busy, I have great news for you. In this episode, you're going to discover the science behind increasing your productivity through physical exercise.
The biggest hurdle to you launching your own successful podcast isn't the equipment or how you're going to promote it. The REAL hurdle is the fear INSIDE of you. You're going to discover what's stopping you and how to overcome it so you can get your message out to the people who need to hear it. Shownotes:
When you first think about starting your own podcast, you'll most likely ask "what kind of microphone should I use?" You might also ask "how do I record my show on my computer?" These are important questions to answer but they're never the reason a podcast ends up failing.  Over 70% of all podcasts fail in the first year. We share what you need to do to make sure you don't become part of that statistic.  NOTE: Be sure to listen to PART ONE in the previous episode.  The biggest hurdles we all have to success, whether it's launching a podcast, getting in shape, or starting a business, are the ones within us. Conquer these and you'll truly have a Fail-Proof Podcast.
Over 75% of podcasts fail in the 1st year! If you're getting ready to launch a podcast or you've just launched your show, we're going to give you the "Dirty Little Secret" why most podcasts fail.  TIP: It's NOT because you used the wrong microphone. The fact is, your podcast's success has very little to do with the equipment you use or how much editing you do, or even how well you've promoted it. Those all matter, but they're not the reason most podcasts fail. Listen and find out why your podcast may be destined for failure.
Discover the incredibly power of a true mastermind group and how it taps into the incredible collective mind of everyone involved.  You'll find out what goes into creating your own true mastermind or how you can tap into an existing elite mastermind group. Make sure you get the show notes at Are you looking for an elite level Mastermind to help you get to the next level? Find out about The Key Alliance at
If you're looking to increase the productivity and creativity of your team, this episode will go over the critical elements of "group flow."  Group flow is where your team will exponentially increase every element of their performance. But the leader must know the steps to take to bring the group into a flow state.  Have questions? We're looking to launch our first true mastermind group. If you're interested in tapping into the power of a mastermind, get more information and apply at
If you're a high achiever it's vital you give your mind and body a time of rest and recovery in order to continue to perform at the highest levels.  We go over the changes to your neurochemistry and explore various supplements you can take to enhance your recovery period. Have questions? We're looking to launch our first true mastermind group. If you're interested in tapping into the power of a mastermind, get more information and apply at
Discover the science of letting go of the struggle and find out what happens to your brain and your neurochemical makeup and how that helps to shift you into a Flow State. Have questions? We're looking to launch our first true mastermind group. If you're interested in tapping into the power of a mastermind, get more information and apply at  
No pain, no gain. We know that's true when it comes to bodybuilding, but is it true for entrepreneurs as well? Do we have to go through the struggle in order to achieve our success?  In this episode, we look at what the brain is doing when we're going through a struggle and how that prepares us to enter into a flow state and ultimately achieve greater success than we ever imagined. Most of us are going through the struggle hoping we'll eventually get things right and never have to struggle again. We hope to overcome struggle rather than gain from the struggle.  When you realize how much you gain while struggling, you'll learn to seek it out like you would seek out water in the desert. This episode is part of a series on achieving a Flow State. If you missed earlier episodes, you can start at the beginning here: IMPORTANT: Looking for a true Mastermind to help you break through to the next level? Follow The Key Podcast on your favorite social network: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:  
You've likely heard someone say "Mindset is EVERYTHING" but what really is the mindset for success? In Carol Dweck's book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Succes" she outlines the critical difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset and how one can go from the limiting "fixed mindset" to the powerful growth mindset needed for success. In this episode, we explore this thinking and how it relates to entrepreneurial success. John Hawkins Jr. breaks this all down into an easily understood application for anyone who wants to achieve peak performance. Make sure you get the show notes at Are you looking for an elite level Mastermind to help you get to the next level? Find out about The Key Alliance at
Part of getting into a flow state to achieve peak performance happens when you put yourself into the present moment and detach yourself from the past and the future.  
Get the full show notes at Learning how to let go of conscious control is the best way to gain greater control and is a big leap into a flow state. We explain in this episode. Remember, as you think about this process of letting go, you're not letting go of control. What you're doing is handing over control to a much more capable and powerful supercomputer
Discover the secret key to engaging your mind at hyperspeed through deep embodiment. Dig in deeper and grab the free guide to engaging with your body to boost your brain activity at
Go to the Show Notes: You will discover the three external triggers you must-have in your environment if you want to achieve a flow state. You'll understand out to create novelty, uncertainty, and complexity. You find out the science behind the need for a "rich environment" and why it releases neurotransmitters that increase focus and learning.
Discover how to incorporate calculated risk into your deliberate practice to help induce a flow state on your way to achieving peak performance.
Discover steps you can take to make your work more rewarding so your motivation comes from doing the work itself.  When your work becomes the reward, you are drawn into the work which makes getting into a flow state much more likely.  Once you're in flow, you'll eventually find yourself achieving your peak performance levels.
Go deeper at: Delayed gratification is an incredible discipline that pays a huge reward, but it's not the be-all-end-all to achieving our maximum potential.  In fact, there's a very dark side to those who take delayed gratification too far.  Discover how you can find the balance between a reward right now and a greater reward later. You'll also discover how to find your reward in your work.
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