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A Stephen King Podcast For Stephen King Obsessives 
68 Episodes
Mick Garris finally comes on The Kingcast and the conversation gets wild (and filled to the brim with Bill Malone and Miguel Ferrer appreciation).
Lisey's Story tells the tale of a widowed woman playing a sort of scavenger hunt set up by her late husband while also dealing with the mental decline of her older sister and threats from a crazed fan of her husband's books. It stars Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Joan Allen and Dane DeHaan.
Once upon a time, Michael Jackson wanted to make a short film that would top THRILLER so he hired Stephen King to write a script for a scary musical. That evolved into Michael Jackson's Ghosts, a 40 minute short that is largely forgotten today.
66: Trucks with Paul Soter

66: Trucks with Paul Soter


It was a dark and stormy night (literally, you'll hear the thunder in the background of this episode) when two Stephen King nerds were joined by a very funny guest to discuss the most frightening thing of all: a serious in tone Canadian direct-to-video remake of Maximum Overdrive. 
Do you want to hear Wampler geek out about Prometheus with a guest who was actually IN Prometheus? How about a deep dive into one of King's best stories that has never been adapted to the big or small screen? Well, then this episode is for you!
The boys are joined by acclaimed writer-director Issa Lopez for this super-sized deep dive into The Shining, with a focus on Stanley Kubrick's controversial (at least among King nerds) adaptation.
It's The Kingcast's One-Year Anniversary and to celebrate Vespe and Wampler are joined by over 20 returning guests from the past year to break down Stephen King's Skeleton Crew one story at a time. Buckle up, this is gonna get chaotic. 
Listener favorite Mallory O'Meara (author of The Lady From the Black Lagoon, co-host of the Reading Glasses Podcast and the mother of Kingcast's unofficial mascot, Chutt Buggins) returns to the show to take a deep look into the final Castle Rock story: Needful Things.
Anthrax's Scott Ian has been a longtime Stephen King super fan, so it was only a matter of time before he joined Wampler and Vespe to take a deep dive into a pivotal installment of King's Dark Tower series: Wizard and Glass. Warning: There are Dark Tower spoilers a-plenty this episode!
For the first time ever Stephen King has allowed his Dollar Baby short films to be viewed online and has put his full support behind a virtual festival called Stephen King Rules.
Comedian and host of the This Might Help podcast Matt Braunger joins Vespe and Wampler to take a deep dive into Stephen King and George Romero's Creepshow.
The boys are joined by legit horror royalty for this return trip to 'Salem's Lot. 
Author Mark Z. Danielewski joins the boys to take a hard look at Stephen King's Cujo and the 1983 film adaptation. Is Cujo and allegory for alcoholism? What is up with the monster in Tad's closet? 
The Koontzcast boys have finally broken through time, space and reality to deliver a full episode devoted to the Sultan of Shivers, Mr. Dean Koontz.
Why are old people scary to kids? Between the hosts and the guest, whose grandmother was the creepiest? Plus, Vespe tells a crazy real-life Harlan Ellison story.
Is Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (alias Jobe's War) a good bad movie or a bad bad movie? That is the question and there is some debate as to whether or not this film qualifies as good-weird. 
Happily star Joel McHale and director BenDavid Grabinski join Vespe and Wampler to take another trip into cyberspace and discuss all the ins and outs of the movie Stephen King hated so much he sued to get his name taken off of it: The Lawnmower Man.
Pop culture journalist and host of Barnes & Noble's Stephen King podcast, King of the Dark, Louis Peitzman joins the boys to discuss the differences between Doctor Sleep: The Book and Doctor Sleep: The Movie (there are many, buckle up!).
Topics discussed on today's episode: How many Netflix series that contain the word "Midnight" in the title will Mike Flanagan make? What is one particular filmmaking technique Frank Darabont uses to adapt Stephen King so well? How pitch perfect is this cast? Where did each guest buy their copies of The Green Mile when they came out? Which Kingcast host has actually spent time in prison? And so much more!
Dark Tower expert Bev Vincent joins the boys to answer some extremely nerdy questions plus discusses his frequent collaborations with the master himself.
Comments (7)

Sean Smith

More useless liberal white leftists, The scum of the earth. I look forward to your eternal destruction.

Feb 10th

Christian Allen

Super interesting episode! I've listened to almost all the episodes and am loving it. Keep it up guys!

Sep 10th

Ross Murdoch

It was very disappointing to hear otherwise intelligent individuals discussing the narrative of Leaving Neverland as factual when in reality it is a largely debunked one-sided hit piece. I was enjoying this podcast until that moment.

Aug 31st

Kathy Norris

what a great podcast. just finished episode 3 and I sure wish the dark tower tv series had been made

Jul 16th

Daniela Schwarz

oh, goodie!!! A Stephen King Podcast! I listen from Switzerland and am very excited. I have been reading the King since age 13 or 14. First in German but his books were one good reason for me to get really good at reading, understanding and speaking English so I could read him in the original version. That's what I've been doing for the last 25 years. And now I"m gonna enjoy listening to you guys. Thank you for this!

Jun 21st

Neil Beattie

Love the podcast. After watching the film (which i hated) I didnt want to read the book. When i did, it was way better than the film

May 15th

Neil Beattie

Hi guys really looking forward to listening to views on films. I was just wondering if you will be covering King tv series Under The Dome, Mr Mercedes, Castle Rock and 11/22/63 etc ?

May 15th
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