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The Kirk Minihane Show is a daily podcast from America's most talented on-air personality, featuring Minihane's raw, uncensored commentary on sports, politics, culture, and things that matter. A former prisoner of corporate America, Minihane has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world. No one is safe. The PC culture has silenced many, but Minihane is ready to fight back. There is no other show like this one.

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Day 1 of the podcast rollout for Kirk Minihane's old partner did not go swimmingly, and Gerry Callahan is none too pleased with Dave Cullinane. Yet Minihane remains, as ever, Gerry's benevolent teacher and mentor, ready to help if asked. Steve Robinson's reaction to an old Don Imus bit provokes a fight over censorship and whether Minihane should go on shows hosted by the likes of David Duke or Alex Jones. The crew reacts to Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini's exclusive interview with the Minifan Show. A WEEI morning show host has survived the reemergence of questionable old standup material, but brand new audio raises hard questions for Entercom and the Boston Globe, two well known paragons of virtue and consistency. Troubling video of an old trip on the Starship Enterprise surfaces. Plus, conservative firebrand and Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh joins the program to make the case that the federal government should ban all online pornography.
Former Minifan MHB joins the show to explain why he's not a total pussy for crying about the headline of yesterday's podcast. His arguments are not convincing. Clint Eastwood's new movie about Richard Jewell is facing a second round of criticism for implying that a reporter might have slept with law enforcement officers in order to get scoops. Old audio of a Boston radio host's questionable comedy routine has surfaced and, as much as it kills Minihane to do it, he has to play it. Gerry Callahan and Dave Cullinane join the Kirk Minihane Show in studio to break major news about Callahan's forthcoming project: The Gerry Callahan Podcast. 
The only thing that sucked worse than Tom Brady and the Patriots last night was the New England sports media. Kirk Minihane says the Pats are done for, but Blind Mike is still holding out hope for one more Super Bowl. Clint Eastwood's new movie about Olympics security guard Richard Jewell, a man who was railroaded by the media and the FBI, is being criticized its alleged pro-Trump slant. MHB took to the hit YouTube show Mike & The Minifans over the weekend to offload some criticisms of the Kirk Minihane Show, but he struck a different tone in private messages to Kirk. Minihane regales us with stories from his prep school years. Spoiler Alert: Minihane was the shittiest roommate imaginable. The crew dives in to the simmering debate over calls for the federal government to ban porn. Gerry Callahan joins the show tomorrow. 
Game, Set, & Match

Game, Set, & Match


Kirk Minihane emerged victorious from the first ever Kirk Minihane Show Tennis Championship, and it wasn't even close. Kirk and the fellas recap the absolutely demoralizing defeat of Steve Robinson. Plus, a little bad play-by-play thanks to the meth addict Dave Cullinane found to call the match. Midshow activity on the KMS twitter account provokes suspicions of professional sandwich eater and one-time Minifan MHB. Has he gone over to the dark side? The KMS auction to benefit the Baldera family went live last night, and Minihane has a sneaking suspicion that the show is headed to Colorado. Several big announcements in today's show, including and announcement about an announcement that will be announced next week. 
It's Game Day. The most important tennis match in the history of organized athletic competition happens today, in Sudbury, MA, at 1:30pm. The stakes are clear. If Robinson loses, he sits for a lie detector test. If Minihane loses, he must go ice fishing in Madawaska. Looming over the entire affair the the question of whether anyone will ever see the match thanks to the prowess of audio visual whiz Dave Cullinane. It's no coincidence, by the way, that on the eve of such an important match, Blind Mike has decided to drop his journalistic investigation into Red Robingate. What is Robinson hiding, and why? Also today: NESN After Hours keeps getting worse, a 49ers radio guy is suspended for an interesting observation, Howard Stern slobbers all over Hillary Clinton, and Minihane checks in with Tubegalore. 
The  Minifans Suck on Ice

The Minifans Suck on Ice


Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini is thrilled with Kirk Minihane. So thrilled, in fact, that she's asked him to attend the 2020 Barstool Pond Hockey tournament in February. No surprise considering Minihane has shown his keen interest in winter sports activities like ice fishing. Speaking of which: The Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition has been indefinitely postponed because Minihane is not happy with the fat and happy Minifans. On today's show, Minihane dissects some terrible TV from NESN and ESPN. Plus, a The Big Picture, a movie podcast, stirs a compelling cinematic debate on the show over some famous gangster movies. Red Robingate questions are still swirling after a whistleblower joins the show
The Red Robin conspiracy theory involving Steve Robinson, an uncertain number of french fries, and a terrible hair cut, has deepened today as a whistle-blower steps forward with shocking information. A former guest of the show has threatened Kirk Minihane with veiled references to Bob Murchison, and Minihane is none to please with her -- or her imaginary alter-ego. The Boston Globe has published a new story about the Boston Bomber and they choose none other than Kevin Cullen to write it. Minihane revisits the investigative journalism that exposed Cullen has a fabulist and began his long simmering feud with Shirley Leung. Blind Mike pans Kmarko's new labor of love -- The Barstool Book of Drinks. New evidence has come out about Prince Andrew's relationship with his accuser and Jeff Epstein. Meanwhile, Minihane is still not certain whether this entire world is all in his insane imagination. 
Kirk Minihane gives The Irishman a B- while the Mr. Rogers movie gets an A+. The crew talks about what they liked and what they hated from the much-anticipated Scorcese flick. Minihane plays mediator between Blind Mike and Steve Robinson following last Wednesday's pre-Thanksgiving clash and Mike's Friday night therapy session with the Minifans. Mama Geary makes an appearance vis-a-vis a post-family dinner interview live streamed to Periscope. A little politics talk after Joe Biden tells a bunch of kids about the hair on his legs. In the final hour, some real talk: God, Heaven, Hell -- the fundamental questions of human existence. And Steve's hemorrhoid. 
The Blind Mike and The Minifans crossover event with Dave Cullinane's Great Thinkers bombed last night in Woburn. Steve Robinson got a shitty over-priced haircut and now expecting to lose his tennis match against Kirk Minihane. Robert Redford and Robert DeNiro want you to know the hate Donald Trump. The Boston Globe put out a list of podcasts to enjoy this Thanksgiving, and surprise: The Kirk Minihane Show didn't make the list, but a bunch of shitty shows no one listens to did. Hunter Biden is suspected to have smoked crack in the VIP room of a strip club in DC. Minihane has a new live show idea to raise money for a charitable cause. Robinson's lunch yesterday with Minihane and his brother Adam prompts a tense and emotional discussion of Blind Mike's future. 
MHB Retires

MHB Retires


MHB has abruptly resigned and we're left questioning what the future holds for one of our generation's great poets. Steve Robinson is feeling a little more confident after his tennis lesson yesterday with his German tennis instructor Timo. Now it's Kirk Minihane's turn on the court. Dave Cullinane has a choice to make following Kirk's nasty phone call with Gerry Callahan. But first: Great Thinkers is live tonight from some golf place in Woburn. The greatest movies of the decade lists are coming out, and Kirk's got some disagreements with the "critics." Papa John and Bill Cosby both give awkward interviews as part of their comeback strategies. A journalist is suspended from Twitter for a tweet about transgender crime statistics. 
We're All Very Outraged

We're All Very Outraged


The theme for today's show: idiots are mad on the internet. Some Politico reporter is mad that Donald Trump Jr. gets to go on podcasts. Harvard and Yale students are mad that endowment fund managers invest in energy companies. Virtual signaling "influencers" are pissed off that some guy Twitter doesn't like Indian food. Feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian is angry that we invited her on the show to talk about how she's angry about Disney's The Mandalorian. The New York Times is upset with Saturday Night Live's portrayal of the androgynous character "Pat". Also in the angry column: Blind Mike, following the failure of the KMS interns to live up to his standards. 
Mike & The Minifans Arrives

Mike & The Minifans Arrives


On the eve of the debut of Mike & The Minifans, Kirk Minihane gets an exclusive preview of the all star line up Blind Mike is bringing to YouTube on Saturday evening. The primetime smash-hit-in-the-making will include the likes of DEC, RA Minihane, DJB, Steve from Providence, and more. The crew also gets into Hunter Biden's lovechild, the JFK assassination, the travails of the Encore casino, and the case of the Utah woman who's in trouble for showing off her boobs to her 13-year-old stepson.  
Kirk Minihane gets the Rough & Rowdy treatment with Big Fricka and Gun Show. Tomorrow evening Big Frick will be fighting for the honor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while Gun Show will be fighting on behalf of Rhode Island and the previously incarcerated. We're also joined by Krissy, a Rough N' Rowdy ring girl who will be wearing a special Kirk Minihane outfit. An Orthodox Jew joins the show to explain why he won't be able to attend the live show in Madawaska. Minihane books his own hotel room during the show and decides he's not a big fan of French Canadian customer service. (You can watch Rough N' Rowdy by getting Barstool Gold at
Kirk Minihane has always enjoyed the spotlight, but not in the literal sense. Tickets are nearly sold out for the Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition to Madawaska, ME, but not everyone in the Barstool world is happy with how this is playing out. Minihane is not looking forward to having the Rough N' Rowdy fighters in studio tomorrow, but hey: he's a team player. Blind Mike doubles down on his defense of Louis C.K. following a hit piece in the L.A. Times. Minihane and Robinson spar over the fundamental question of cinema: Is Nick Cage the greatest living actor of all time? A new hit parody song leads Minihane to question his reality. 
Kirk Grants an Interview

Kirk Grants an Interview


Steve Robinson has booked two Rough N' Rowdy fighters for Thursday show and Kirk Minihane is not happy about it. Chick-Fil-A has finally cowered to the online rage mob, but what good will it do anyone? The crew provides updates on the ice fishing expedition, a few more parody songs roll in, and Robinson hates meatball subs. A young aspiring sports journalists joins us in studio for a surprise on air interview of Podcast Jesus. 
Whether it's the small comedy club in Massachusetts that got shutdown this weekend because the club owner didn't like mean jokes or an entire film industry that can only seem to produce crappy remakes of Ocean's 11 and Ghostbusters,"woke" culture is ruining our entertainment. Minihane previews his forthcoming film-centric podcast with a look at some real Hollywood flops. A radio show host in Colorado claims he was kicked off the air for being critical of President Trump, but we're not sure his story lines up. Minihane picks a date for his tennis match with his producer. Robinson provides updates on planning for the First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition. A new parody song offers a scary glimpse of what the ice fishing trip may become. 
The Kirk Minihane Show today announces the First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition. That's right, we're going to Madawaska, Maine, and all the Minifans and Mincels are invited. Now that Minihane wants to do a show about movies, we sample some of the other movie podcasts so he can get a sense of the competition. The parody songwriters were inspired by tales of Steve Robinson animal murdering exploits. Minihane shakes out some beef with Blind Mike. Violence at the Browns game and cheating with the Astros. WEEI puts out a video that none of us can explain. Plus, Minihane's interview with Adrienne, the mother of a trans child. 
Blind Mike tells Kirk Minihane about the trauma he suffered on his ride home from the studio. Comedy Central's South Park confronts the issue of transgender athletes. The crew reacts to the beginning of the impeachment hearings revolving around President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Ben Shapiro is coming to Boston University and the Boston Globe is alarmed. The media got a scalp with Don Cherry, but a left-wing TV host has made outrageous comments of her own and the reaction is somewhat more subdued. The KMS cabinet elections are over, so we talk with the newly elected Secretary of Commerce Dave Cullinane. Steve Robinson explains how to properly dress a deer. A new hit parody song has arrived. 
Kirk Minihane got his point across. Today, we recap all the content the Minifans are generating and put a few controversies to rest. The crew talks about the ever growing list things that public figures can't say or they will be run out of town, exhibit A being Don Cherry. Blind Mike has always wanted to run a bar, Minihane has always dreamed of owning a cinema, but Steve Robinson dreams of owning a bed and breakfast. A top-five parody song, Mama Geary's Touch, inspires us all. Steve introduces some classic Maine "humor" to the show. 
Kirk Minihane is annoyed. First, he-who-must-not-be-named refuses to stop pretending like he's part of the show and continues to crack suicide jokes to sell stickers. Kirk has asked him to stop, but he won't. Yesterday we drew a line in the sand. Then the Minifans began to question Kirk's treatment of the adultery scandal at WEEI involving his former producer Chris Curtis. After doing the only show in America that even talked about Entercom's mishandling the situation, Kirk's frustrated with the criticism. Worst of all, his producer was ambushed last night on the Discord by a small cohort of Mincels alleging that the prayer vigil was a corrupt enterprise. 
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best podcast there is. here to leave my review

Dec 5th
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Douglas Miranda

dr. drew??? kirk is great but why would he ever do that podcast idn bad bad bad

Dec 4th

David Laclair

Podcast Jesus for a reason!

Nov 23rd

Douglas Miranda

I have listened to Kirk's show since he began radio. I love everything about the show Mike is funny keep fighting the good fight and window wall against these Pinhead liberals

Sep 23rd


This McAfee guy was a joke. The system is broken so write to your congressmen or post a meme on facebook. How does this get me free of slavery? I still have to pay my bills so I have to work dummy, theres no meme funny enough to pay my bills

Aug 27th
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Len Teceno

I would seriously punch that little trust fund baby in the face. Other than that, I love the podcast. And Mike is funny

Aug 16th
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Mike Gee

Holy shit, that went nowhere! Sorry Kirk, you're not that good to have your own following. I tried... terrible radio! Baba Booey. peace & love... peace & love

Jun 26th
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Oliver Johnson

tad bit long...the hobbit of podcasts

Jun 17th

David Carriveau


Jun 12th
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