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The Kirk Minihane Show is a daily podcast from America's most talented on-air personality, featuring Minihane's raw, uncensored commentary on sports, politics, culture, and things that matter. A former prisoner of corporate America, Minihane has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world. No one is safe. The PC culture has silenced many, but Minihane is ready to fight back. There is no other show like this one.

86 Episodes
Marathon 4 hour show today. Kirk Minihane responds to Bob Murchison's latest pathetic attempt to ruin his life. Minihane checks in with his friends at Surf & Turf. Minihane, Blind Mike and Steve Robinson explains their problems with each other as well as when they lost their virginity. Turn out, some high schools are more sexualized than others and Blind Mike was too embarrassed to buy a condom and probably has a kid. MHB calls in to defend his honor against accusations that Rich Kelleher is now the more valuable Minifan. KFC calls in to talk about potentially relocating to Boston as part of a mass exodus of Barstool employees to HQ 2. Humor with Ronald Reagan. 
Kirk Minihane has changed his mind about the NBA. He's now a big fan, especially of the Maine Red Claws. Getro Man responds to yesterday's Cynthia Dill interview. Minihane reacts to Barstool CEO Erika Nardini's tweet storm yesterday about the podcasting industry and, more importantly, the Minifans. Philadelphia Magazine writer Ernest Owens joins the show to talk about Dave Chappelle and the boundaries we should set for comedy. Rich Kelleher's prank calls place him ahead of MHB in the Minifan rankings. Bad radio from all over the United States. 
Kirk Minihane enters the Twilight Zone. What began as confusion over the status of an old foe's Twitter account transformed into a timeless bit about an old partner's current travails. As Minihane explains at the beginning of today's show, this is an unusual episode. Minihane addresses his old hero Howard Stern's depressing performance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, #SlobGate, the most recent Minifan Show, Shirley Leung's recent column, and the China scandal roiling the NBA. Do-do-do-do-do...
Kirk Minihane offers his reviews of El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie, and Joker. Spoiler alert: Neither lived up to the hype. Section 10 producer Steven Perrault joins the show to admit that he was wrong to talk shit about Minihane behind his back. Ring, kissed. We can all move on. An insane liberal tries to get a man kicked off an airplane for wearing an "offensive" t-shirt. The Minifans make slight progress on Minihane's birthday prank calls. Minihane prepares to see his childhood hero Howard Stern debase himself with Ellen Degeneres. 
This isn't a war Kirk Minihane sought out, but it's one he will fight -- and win. On today's show, Kirk Minihane discovers that one of Jared Carrabis' minions on the Section 10 podcast -- which Minihane graciously did while he was in New York -- went behind Minihane's back to shit all over him on some podcast. Carrabis' water boy Steve Perrault is about to discover that Minihane has eyes and ears everywhere. Earlier on the podcast, Minihane takes a trip into his producers' early careers: Steve Robinson as a stand up comedian and Blind Mike as the operator of a legendary Twitter account and sometimes podcast guest. Minihane reacts to CNN's LGBTQ town hall. The crew tallies how many states have been prank called by the Minifans. Plus: Rich Kelleher scores a victory and some very bad news for Dave Cullinane. 
Kirk Minihane is back in Boston. After debriefing the trip to Barstool HQ in New York City, the boys decide they don't need to go back anytime soon. Ronan Farrow's new book publicizes never-before reported rape allegations against Matt Lauer -- and Lauer's response is stunning. Bill Simmons talks about the NBA, Hong Kong, Chinese censorship, Steve Kerr, and Gregg Popovich. Spoiler alert: Simmons is afraid to talk about China's mass violations of human rights. Minihane questions Blind Mike's loyalty over a comedy show. Dave Cullinane shows up at the end. Plus: Bad radio.
The conversation with Big Cat continues where it left off: With Kirk Minihane screaming at Steve Robinson to play bad radio -- much to Big Cat's delight. Big Cat tries his hardest to move from "work friends" to "friends" with Minihane, but he leaves the studio pining for a real text message rather than a DM. KFC joins the studio for a while and Minihane does not like getting tag teamed by two Barstool elders. Kevin Clancy ponders his future at Barstool and gets some negotiating advice from Minihane. Clancy declares himself the king of the Mincels. 
Kirk Minihane with Big Cat

Kirk Minihane with Big Cat


Big Cat joins the Kirk Minihane Show in an attempt to heal the multiple divides between Kirk Minihane and the Barstool world. Steven Cheah, Chaps, Kmarko -- Big Cat insists they're all great guys, Minifans in the making. But no one thinks the Willie Colon relationship will ever mend. Minihane probes Big Cat on his podcasting success, how many downloads Pardon My Take gets, and how much money he makes. The two also talk fatherhood, death, fame and fortune. 
Kirk Minihane is back in New York City, but he's not sure why. The boys break down their wonderful experience getting to NYC and the next few days at Barstool HQ. Plus, debriefing the Gerry Callahan episode, more prank calls, and more academic hysteria over The Joker. Jared Carrabis hops on at the end. 
Blind Mike's predecessor Gerry Callahan returns to Kirk Minihane's side for a brawling, contentious, and uproarious guest appearance on the Kirk Minihane Show. Callahan, who was unceremoniously defenestrated at WEEI after 25 years as a staple of Boston morning radio, dishes on his exit from Entercom, his former colleagues, and his plans for the future. The EBT card in his wallet hasn't changed Callahan a bit. The two former titans of New England sports radio discuss John "Dino" Dennis, the news media, politics, Trump, movies, who should apologize to whom, Rich Kelleher, whose parents' deaths were more tragic, and more. This episode is worth skipping your yoga class. 
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Douglas Miranda

I have listened to Kirk's show since he began radio. I love everything about the show Mike is funny keep fighting the good fight and window wall against these Pinhead liberals

Sep 23rd


This McAfee guy was a joke. The system is broken so write to your congressmen or post a meme on facebook. How does this get me free of slavery? I still have to pay my bills so I have to work dummy, theres no meme funny enough to pay my bills

Aug 27th
Reply (1)

Len Teceno

I would seriously punch that little trust fund baby in the face. Other than that, I love the podcast. And Mike is funny

Aug 16th
Reply (1)

Mike Gee

Holy shit, that went nowhere! Sorry Kirk, you're not that good to have your own following. I tried... terrible radio! Baba Booey. peace & love... peace & love

Jun 26th
Reply (2)

Oliver Johnson

tad bit long...the hobbit of podcasts

Jun 17th

David Carriveau


Jun 12th
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