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Author: Kris Krohn

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On 'The Kris Krohn Show,' we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the invaluable wisdom that guests can bring to the table. Expect to be inspired by a roster of exceptional guests from various walks of life. From successful entrepreneurs and real estate moguls to personal development experts and thought leaders, our guests are carefully selected to share their unique stories, insights, and strategies for success. Kris Krohn will engage in insightful conversations, drawing out the secrets to their achievements, and uncovering the pearls of wisdom that can help you on your own journey towards greatness. With each episode, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the best and gain new perspectives that can propel you forward in your personal and professional life.

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House Prices are very expensive right now and I don't see them going down anytime soon. I'll tell you how you can still make crazy money investing in properties in 2024.
Interest rates might be high but there are still a lot of places that you can find good deals.
After you finish school you have to start looking at how to improve your finances. I'll tell you what to invest in so you can retire the right way.
401k vs Real Estate

401k vs Real Estate


What is the better way to get rich? Saving in a 401k or investing in Real Estate. I'll tell you the numbers and you can decide
At the end of 2023 interest rates finally started to dip but should you buy a house now or wait?
Car prices have got so expensive and that has lowered your buying power for investments. I'll share with you a great way to earn extra money so you can always invest in the right things.
Kris discusses the trends in American Consumerism.
Pace Morby hasn't been in the Real Estate game for long but he is already crushing it in real estate.
House prices are getting ridiculous and people are finding some interesting alternatives to traditional housing.
401k vs Real Estate

401k vs Real Estate


What is the better way to get rich? Saving in a 401k or investing in Real Estate. I'll share with you the numbers and you can decide.
The average someone is going to have for retirement in their 401k is 250k but that isn't enough to retire on. On this episode, I'll give you the best solution to this.
Are Realtors Corrupt?

Are Realtors Corrupt?


Realtors consistently earn a substantial amount from home sales, despite performing similar tasks for both large and small transactions.
I recently created an episode showcasing my morning routine, and unexpectedly, it gained viral attention for unintended reasons.
The economic landscape is quite unpredictable at present. With soaring interest rates, securing a loan comes with considerable risk. However, I can guide you through a strategy to embark on a highly profitable venture with minimal initial investment.
Despite a booming economy and record corporate profits, people's happiness has not increased proportionally. This disconnect may be due to a variety of factors, including the unequal distribution of wealth, the erosion of social trust, and the rise of mental illness as a determinant of well-being. Additionally, economic growth often comes with increased social and environmental costs, which can lead to a decline in the quality of life and happiness.
Wholesaling is the best way to make a ton of money on a deal without having a lot of capital. I have a new company where I use some of the great deals with my buy and hold strategy.
It is impossible to have the American Dream anymore, an average job cannot get you a house and you won't have any money to retire. But I'll share with you what works.
I'll teach you how to make money in Real Estate with little or no money.
Generating Organic leads is time consuming and paid leads are less effect I'll share everything I know so you can start making more leads.
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you were right castbox works perfectly for this. I look forward to your content. how do I leave a review..... I'm a 23 year old that's less tech savvy.

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