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Selected as one of Talkers Magazine's Frontier Fifty for 2011, The Kyle Warren Show is a fast paced and informative look at the days news events like you've never heard it before!

Kyle can also be heard 5 nights a week at 11:05 PM PT on the nationally syndicated Captain's America Third Watch Radio Program with host Matt Bruce across the Salem Radio Network from his flagship station on Tampa Bay's AM 860 The Answer!

So, tune in each weekday and hear Kyle as he broadcasts from his vantage point on the Pacific Rim in Southern California!

107 Episodes
Thursday Edition! 04-02-2020 Two cruise ships with coronavirus patients previously told to stay offshore will be allowed to dock in Florida to disembark heathy passengers. Sick will stay aboard for now. Disney will furlough non-union workers as theme parks remain closed. DNC postpones convention to August due to coronavirus. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announces checks will be arriving to most Americans in two weeks. In the midst of Democrat calls for a "9/11" style commission to review Trump Administration response to the pandemic. Will they also look at how NYC Mayor De Blasio downplayed the coronavirus in February and March?
Wednesday Edition! 04-01-2020 U.S. Intelligence report says China not forthcoming with real coronavirus data and the extent of the outbreak. How will Americans and the world react? U.S. Coast Guard orders cruise ships to stay offshore indefinitely during coronavirus emergency. Florida Governor DeSantis issues statewide stay at home order expanding on earlier orders that covered only the southeast part of the state.
Tuesday Edition! 03-31-2020 President Trump tells Americans to gird for a "very bad couple of weeks" as projections say coronavirus deaths could range between 100,000 to 240,000 people. Former Ambassador Susan Rice says Sec of State Pompeo's use of the term Wuhan virus "shameful." Meanwhile, Bill Gertz reports that Chinese researchers isolated viruses from bats near the Wuhan market where the outbreak apparently arose. Mall giant Simon Property Groups furloughs some 30 percent of its workforce and permanently lays off others. Major retailers also laying off massive amounts of workers across the U.S. Bernie Sanders says he is staying in the race with an "admittedly narrow path" to nomination.
Monday Edition! 03-30-2020 President Trump extends social distancing guidelines to end of April. Dr. Deborah Birx says 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in U.S. may be best case scenario if guidelines are strictly adhered to. One U.S. mall owner says tenants much continue to pay rent during coronavirus crisis. Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit rocket company to build ventilators. Gov. DeSantis issues stay at home order for southeast Florida until April 15.
Friday / Weekend Edition! Congress passes and the President Signs the $2.2 Trillion aid package for the American people and American businesses! British PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus. Dr. Deborah Birx compares initial coronavirus infection and mortality predictions to data we are seeing in real time. The news will surprise you! Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show with Salem host Captain Matt Bruce to talk about the coronavirus outbreak and more!
Thursday 03-26-2020 - $2 Trillion coronavirus relief package passes Senate unanimously late Wednesday night. The package now heads to the House. What's in the bill? Meanwhile, the Dow Jones closes 1300 points up in its best three days since 1931! Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says Dems had to do "Ju-Jitsu" on the relief package to make is "worker focused." But wasn't it worker focused to begin with? Cheesecake Factory is said to have informed landlords that it will not pay April rent for any of its locations around the nation.
Wednesday Edition! 03-25-2020 After what appeared to be an agreement in principle between the White House and Senate leaders on the coronavirus relief package, GOP Senator discover an error in the proposed legislation that could incentivize layoffs. Discussion goes on with America waiting for the relief it desperately needs! Nature and lack of numerous mutations of the COVID-19 virus could mean that any vaccine developed would be very effective for "many years." Plasma transfusion may help transfer anti-bodies to help fight the COVID-19 disease. California Governor announced four major banks will waive mortgage payments temporarily.
Tuesday Edition! 03-24-2020 Dow climbs 11 percent in best percentage gain day since 1933 as markets anticipate an agreement on the stimulus package. Los Angeles County Sheriff moves to shut down gun stores as "non-essential" businesses during coronavirus event. Retailers and restaurants looking for rent reductions in wake of shutdowns. Apartment landlords bracing for shortfall in rent payments. Actress Kirstie Alley takes heat for complimenting President Trump on his coronavirus response.
Monday Edition! 03-23-2020 U.S. Senate fails for second time to pass latest stimulus bill after Democrats make last minute attempt include extra items into the legislation. GOP Senators spar with Democrat Senators over the holdup. Can leases be broken because of the pandemic? Office/retail landlords and commercial/retail tenants alike looking closely at the "force majeure" clauses in lease agreements as companies suffer from coronavirus measures.
Friday / Weekend Edition! 03-20-2020 California, Illinois and New York all impose "stay at home" policies for residents. National Guard general dispels rumors of a national quarantine. Dow Jones drops over 900 points on Friday. Dems question President's stimulus proposal of sending $1200 to most Americans. President Trump spars with reporter over possible effectiveness of malaria drug to treat COVID-19. Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show to talk about the coronavirus outbreak and more!
Thursday Edition! 3-19-2020 Stimulus package could mean up to $1200 per individual and $2400 per couple in fight against economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. California governor warns that 56 percent of the state could get virus in next 8 weeks. More temporary closings of major retailers. CNN's Dana Bash and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) praise Trump's response to crisis!
Wednesday Edition! President Trump activates the Defense Production Act to help ramp up manufacturing of materials to aid in fight against virus. Trump Admin looks to issue two sets of checks to Americans to help with expenses during coronavirus outbreak. FHFA stopping all foreclosure and eviction proceedings for 60 days. NY Governor Cuomo talks of great cooperation and response from Trump Administration. Dow drops 1338 points in continued coronavirus selloff.
Tuesday Edition! Note: Orange County, CA was place on lockdown, similar to Santa Clara County, CA soon after the show today. Kyle gives coronavirus updates from around the country. U.S. government moves tax payment deadline to July 15. You must STILL FILE your taxes. Possible direct cash stimulus may be headed to American's pocketbooks to help with crisis.
Friday / Weekend Edition! President Trump declares a state of emergency in the U.S. in response to the coronavirus outbreak. He announced that, in additional to extra money ($50 Billion) being released, the private sector is being marshalled to help with testing and other crucial aspects of America's response. Stocks rally in final hour of trading Friday to rise some 1985 points as President made his remarks from the White House Rose Garden. Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show with Salem Media host Capt. Matt Bruce to talk about the coronavirus pandemic & more!
Thursday Edition! Coronavirus reaction causes more closures and suspensions including MLB spring training, NBA and NCAA games as well. President Trump addresses nation and announces travel ban from Europe to the United States. Stock market has worst day since 1987 dropping 2,352 points. Meanwhile, Biden and Sanders give dueling speeches on how they would handle the crisis. However, were they more political than practical?
Tuesday Edition! Dems vote in primaries again today including the delegate rich state of Michigan. Will Biden continue to eclipse Sanders? Do the voters really want Biden or are giving a "no" vote to Sanders? The Joe Biden gaffes continue to mount! Meanwhile, President Trump continues to look for economic relief from the effects of the coronavirus by way of a possible payroll tax "holiday." Senator Chuck E. Schumer's (D-NY) comments (or threats) on the steps of the Supreme Court recently continue to draw ire and calls of ethics complaints.
Monday Edition! Dow drops over 2000 points on combined coronavirus and oil price worries. Id the economy robust enough to weather the storm? Meanwhile, Italy imposed country-wide quarantine. Additionally, Israel adopts policy of mandatory two week quarantine for anyone entering the country. President Trump and Vice President Pence give press briefing and update on U.S. government's coronavirus reaction and strategy outlining possible payroll tax cuts and help for small business to help get people through the crisis.
Friday/Weekend Edition! Meanwhile, President holds town hall and details government's response to the coronavirus in the U.S. Biden & Sanders will likely meet one on one in the next Democrat debate. Will Biden hold up? Will this be a preview of how he might do against Trump in the general election (if Biden is nominee)? Meanwhile, Warren supporters seem to very much want her to endorse Sanders or even be his veep pick. Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show with Salem Media host Capt. Matt Bruce to talk about the Super Tuesday results & more!
Thursday Edition! Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) drops out of presidential race. However, she is declining to endorse any other candidate at this time. Will she team up with Sanders? Many supporters in the Twitterverse want exactly that! Would it make a difference? Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says his remarks in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday were "the wrong words." GOP senators looking to censure him for the threatening language. Meanwhile, President Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow urges calm regarding the economy as nation confronts the coronavirus.
Wednesday Edition! Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declares "you won't know what hit you" to Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh if they don't rule a certain way on an abortion case currently before the Court. Biden wins big on Super Tuesday. Was this also a repudiation of Sanders and socialism? Elizabeth Warren weighs options after losing home state. Bloomberg drops out after only winning American Samoa. California governor declares state of emergency following first coronavirus death in the state.
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