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The Ladies of Strange is a comedy podcast where we talk about everything from true crime, paranormal, conspiracy, and anything else we find questionable, odd, or eerie. Sit down with us every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts and learn with us that everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why (sometimes) it’s not.
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Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to the episode that's dedicated to the notorious Area 51! (Aren't we clever?) In this episode we talk about the area of Area 51, how it cam to be known for aliens, and, what we all came back for, conspiracy theories relating to Nazis and Aliens! As a special surprise this week we have Tiffany's dad (now known as Large Male Tiffany) to give us his expert opinion due to his military background... and love of aliens. Join us this week as we discuss Alienstock, lizard people in antartica, and all about the Die Glocke (also known by the much more fun name "Wunderwaffe").This week's drink break is brought to you by 3 Spooked Girls Podcast! This podcast is hosted by some gal pals who love to talk about all things paranormal with a dash of true crime. Check out this week's blog to find Rebecca's show notes and links to check out 3 Spooked Girls: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! Have you heard about the Craigslist Ripper? The Giglo Beach Serial Killer? What about the Long Island Serial Killer? These might be three different people, or one crazy, sadistic person. Either way, Tiffany is telling us all about it this week. When Shannon Gilbert goes missing in 2010 after an erratic episode, the search for her opens a can of worms no one was expecting. As bodies of sex workers were being found along various roads and marshes in Long Island, New York knew they had an issue on their hands. As more is uncovered, not only are there multiple suspects but there are multiple victims that span almost the length of 20 years. Join us this week as Tiffany tells us about this wild tale as Ashley and Rebecca pay rapt attention to the craziness.As a special surprise this week, Tiffany has asked her friend Leah to tell us about what we can do to help this group of people who are statistically more likely to come in harms way. (like, 18% more likely. We discuss this during the episode.) More can be found about the organization Leah works with in this week's blog post on our website.This week's drink break is brought to you by An Hour of our Time Podcast! This podcast chooses a new topic each episode. Topics range from sociopolitical, to scientific, to historical, trying to maintain variety. The hosts (Joe Wallace, Dave Buker, and Mark Cracraft) then each perform an hour of research followed by a marginally focused one hour discussion. An Hour Of Our Time is fun for anyone who enjoys funny but sometimes frustrating tangents of referential conversation. Check out this week's blog post to find links to listen to them and find Tiffany's show notes: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:  
Hello, Lovelies! Have you ever heard of Doctor Ruth Westheimer? Born Karola Ruth Siegel in Weisenfield, Germany, to Jewish parents in 1928, Ruth immediately started an eventful life. However, she eventually hit her stride with the radio show "Sexually Speaking" and quickly became loved by everyone. Her casual and matter-of-fact nature when talking about a taboo subject quickly taught people about a subject that not a lot of people realized they needed help in. Join us this week as Tiffany gets way way WAY too excited and quickly renames the Glen Coco award.This week's drink break is brought to you by the Cryptid Technical Podcast! This podcast is all about cryptozoology with a little bit of nerd and a lot of humor. You can find links to this show and a ton of other fun stuff Dr. Ruth has done by checking out this week's show notes: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! What do cornering rifles (a.k.a. the kraumlauf), bouncing bombs, and a V3 cannon nicknamed "The Busy Lizzie" have in common? Not only are they state of the art technology invented during World War II, but they also have ties to Nazi Germany. This week Rebecca tells the ladies all about a few of the crazy things tried during World War II, unsuccessfully teaches the ladies about fluid dynamics, and we learn yet again Tiffany is a bit of a history buff. So pour a bit of jagermeister (if you're at home, and of age, obviously) and enjoy another episode where Rebecca gets way too sciency and excited about fire.This week's drink break is brought to you by HOLOSKY Podcast! The HOLOSKY podcast is brought to you by hosts Steve and Kyle, where they cover all things paranormal from aliens, ghosts, missing people, and much much more. Follow the link to view this week's blog notes (that includes links to the illustrations of the sun gun!): https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, lovelies! This week Tiffany brings to you the phenomenon that is Guevesdoces that is primarily seen in the Dominica Republic. This phenomenon happens when (follow me a bit with the pronouns guys) someone is born female then, during puberty, they turn into a male. What? (we were confused too). Join us this week as Ashley and Rebecca ask all the sciency questions, Tiffany answers a lot of these sciency questions, gets a little bit political, and gives us a crash course in sex ed.This week's drink break is brought to you by Re-Sovled Mysteries Podcast! In this podcast three friends update & RE-solve the stories from the show Unsolved Mysteries. Watch along with us as we uncover the latest information on all of the segments in everyone’s favorite mystery show. We laugh, we cry, we drink cheap wine and we want justice! To check out the show (and see this week's show links) follow the link: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! Have you ever heard of Albert Flick? Ok, you probably have by now, but when we recorded this episode Rebecca and Tiffany had not. Originally imprisoned for the murder of his ex-wife, Sandra, in 1979, you'd think we wouldn't have to worry about him. But we do because we was released again in 2000. After getting in trouble multiple times for violence against women since then, it was finally stated by a judge that someone at Flick's age (which at this point was late 60's) is no longer a threat to society as he had grown out of it. (What?!) Join us this week as we discuss this case, why it makes the ladies angry, all the while listening to Rebecca make angry, sarcastic jokes about hysteria in men that negatively effects their duderuses.This week's drink break is brought to ya'll by the awesome I Say God Damn Podcast! Makes sure to give this awesome show a listen and, as always, links can be found in this week's blog post: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! Have you ever heard of the Fastest Knife in the West End? Does Tiffany think Rebecca has a thing for doctors? (She does, or doesn't, I mean Rebecca does, but not in that way... never mind...) Join us this week as we learn about Dr. Robert Liston during a time in medical history where, outside a stiff shot of whiskey, the only pain management readily available was the doctor being swift.This week's drink break is brought to you by Mirths and Monsters! (Thanks again for helping us with the pronunciation!) You kind find more info on this show and this week's show not by following the link: to check out the bonus content we have available over on Patreon? Follow the link: https://theladiesofstrange.comLinks to our social media and other fun stuff: 
Hello, Lovelies! Do we have another ghost story for you this week? Yes. Is it presented by Tiffany? Yes. Is this weird? Absolutely. What has more rooms you can count and skylights in the floors? The Winchester Mansion of course! Construction initially started in 1884 in San Jose, California by Sarah Winchester. Yes, she was part of the Winchester legacy. While stories vary, it's believed that as long as she kept building the longer she would be able to avoid the Winchester Curse, brought on by the soul that fell to infamous Winchester rifles. Join us as Tiffany uncharacteristically enjoys a ghosty topic while Rebecca gets really confused by architecture.This week's drink break is brought to you by Best Forevers Podcast! To learn more about this podcast, check out this week's blog post: in what's going over on Patreon? Follow the link: https://theladiesofstrange.comLinks to our social media and other fun stuff: 
Hello, Lovelies! This episode, after Ashley tells you all about her current YouTube binge, she has a paranormal story for the ladies this week. The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana and built in 1796 by General David Bradford, not only has incredible antebellum architecture but more ghost stories than you can shake a stick at. From phantom pianists to the paranormal tucking you in at night, this plantation has it all and is boasted as one of America's most haunted places. (shocker, I know) Join us as Tiffany and Rebecca get uncomfortable and Ashley finds a new favorite show in "Ghost Adventures".This week's drink break is brought to you by the Haunted Happenstance podcast! Follow the link to see more information on this podcast and this week's show notes: to support the show and get access to some incredible bonus content? (Including bloopers?) Make sure to check out our Patreon: https://theladiesofstrange.comLinks to our social media and other fun stuff: 
Hello, Lovelies! Pretty much everyone has heard about MKUltra and the use of LSD by the CIA during the middle of the Cold War, but have you heard of Operation Midnight Climax? No? Well, this project, which was run by George White with the help of Sydney Gotleib, involved brothels, spikes cocktails, and secrecy. Join us this week as we have a lot of feelings over a subject that doesn't have necessarily have a reason for the events. (Yes, Tiffany and Ashley are still annoyed at Rebecca for telling them about this open ended subject).This week's drink break is brought to you by Fataliteas! Links to check out this podcast and notes about this weeks subject can be found on the blog: https://theladiesofstrange.comPatreon: to our social media and other fun stuff:
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