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The Ladies of Strange is a comedy podcast where we talk about everything from true crime, paranormal, conspiracy, and anything else we find questionable, odd, or eerie. Sit down with us every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts and learn with us that everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why (sometimes) it’s not.
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Hello, Lovelies! This week Ashley brings us the story of Irena Sendler and the work she did to save children from the Holocaust. The website dedicated to her:
Hello, Lovelies! This week's theme was haunted objects! First, Tiffany tells us the story of the Black Orlov: a diamond that brings death to its owners. Next, Ashley discusses the Devil's Rocking Chair that was initially possessed... but still kinda is but it's with Zac Baggins now so that's under control. Finally, Rebecca discusses the painting called The Anguished Man. There's even a bonus surprise Large Male Tiffany! Well, he doesn't make an appearance, but he does startle Tiffany, which Rebecca found entertaining.
Hello, Lovelies! This week Tiffany is thrilled and Ashley is pissed! Why? Cause birds aren't real! Ever wonder about the history behind the great bird extinction in the United Stated? Let Rebecca be your guide as we discuss this mostly unheard bit of history! (Sarcasm. That is sarcasm. None of this is real.) 99% of the information presented in this episode came from
Episode 107: Bozart

Episode 107: Bozart


Hello, Lovelies! Apologies for the bad audio... Rebecca recorded remotely and was not there to assist and trouble shoot. This week, Tiffany talks about the science behind savants! From famous savants to us making it really obvious we don't know anything about classical music (Ashley was thinking about Tchaikovsky, by the way) we have a lot of fun this week Tiffany attempts to get sciency.
Hello, Lovelies, and welcome to our first Sage N' Tales! This month's theme was "what are new ways for us to deal with mental health"? Spoiler: It was not Rebecca spending 100 hours in a new video game (she's fine and totally doesn't have said video game on pause to post this episode >_>) P.S. We know the audio is a little wonky and we can't figure out why? Looks like the magical pixies wanted in on this week's episode I guess.
Hello, Lovelies! This week we discuss the important historical events surrounding the Little Rock 9 in honor of Black History Month.
Hello, Lovelies! This week we each brought a completely random topic. First up, Tiffany discuss how a clever lawyer kept rats from being thrown in jail. Next, Rebecca tries to tell the Ladies about the conspiracy theory that is the Black Knight, but learns she needs to just let Tiffany handle the conspiracy theories. Finally, Ashley tells us two heartwarming stories about bears. Pull up a seat, pour a hot drink, and enjoy this grab bag of topics!
Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to Rebecca's Musical! Episode. Musical episode. We talk about musical instruments. Especially weird ones. Sorry guys, you want a musical episode go ask Ashley. : D Instruments discussed in this episode: Octobass, pyrophone organ, Theremin, glass harmonica, Cross-Grainger Kangaroo-Pouch Tone Tool, Stroh Violin, Hurdy Gurdy, and Fluba.
Hello, Lovelies! This week, Tiffany takes us to the mountains of Kentucky to visit the Fugate family, also known as the Kentucky Blue People. Why are they blue? What is methemoglobinemia? And, why can Tiffany say that but not hemoglobin? Find out that and more as we travel in the way-back machine to the Troublesome Creek, KY of 1820.
Hello, lovelies! This week we discuss the Alaskan cryptid, the kushtaka! In reality, this was an excuse for Ashley to talk about otters.
Hello, Lovelies! This week, everyone’s favorite “Lady of Strange” is back. Large Male Tiffany is here to wish you a Happy New Year! Join us for a (briefer than) brief history of New Years resolutions and a quick update on LMT’s life. If you’d like to keep caught up with Earni’s podcast, you can find him on all the podcatchers. Just search for Deacon Dad. **This was recorded on Tuesday evening. Wednesday evening, Earni had another memory loss spell. He does not remember having a podcast so we can’t promise it will be updated anytime soon. You are more than welcome to check out what is currently out there though. As always, we love you and hope your New Year is beyond amazing.
2020 Can Suck It

2020 Can Suck It


Hello, Lovelies! During our impromptu break we still wanted to leave you a couple treats until we're back full swing in January. Make sure to mix something up and enjoy this song brought to you by the one and only Ashley.
Hello, Lovelies! And happy holidays! This week all three ladies brought traditions and holidays that are traditionally celebrated during the winter season. First up is Tio De Nadal, a tradition from Spain, that is similar (but not really) to Elf on the Shelf. (briefly discussing the tradition of the Caganar) Next, we discuss Hogmany: A new years tradition celebrated in Scotland! Finally, Rebecca brings two completely unrelated holiday games and lots of science to explain why three wise men traveled very far to see Baby Jesus. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! In 1944 the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus came to Hartford, Connecticut. There were lions, trapeze artists, pandemic clowns, the works! Suddenly, during the middle of an act, the band suddenly changed to playing Stars and Stripes Forever. What did this mean? It meant ish was going whack real fast. A fire had started up the side of the big tent and was quickly spreading. People quickly banded together to evacuate but not everyone made it. How did this happen? Why did the tent go up in flames so fast? Why is Rebecca getting fired? Join us as we discuss this and more! Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovely! This week Tiffany gives brings us our first Patreon Cohost pick! Ever look into the Denver International Airport? From underground tunnels to The Knights Templar, we discuss everything (well, almost everything) that goes into this airport that totally isn't a cover up for something else. What is it covering up? Illuminati? Lizard people? Masons? Join us as we leave with more questions than answers! Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! Ashley, for our special 100, tried to come up with a topic that encompassed all our favorite topics. She finally landed on Sherman Ranch a.k.a. Skywalker Ranch a.k.a. Skinwalker Ranch! Located southeast of Ballard, Utah, is a ranch that borders the Ute Indian Reservation is infamous for the strange, odd, and eerie. Originally owned by Kenneth and Edith Myers, the property changed hands in 1996 and was owned by Terry and Gwen Sherman... and this is when ish goes whack. Experiencing everything from legendary skinwalkers to mutilated animals, the Shermans had enough when in 1996 the ranch yet again changed hands and became the location of research for the paranormal and possible UFO activity. Join us this week as we discuss the theories behind this phenomenon and we scare Tiffany... Again. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! This week we bring you stories about our favorite thing... FOOD! From maple syrup shenanigans, food in space that wasn't supposed to go to space, to strange cocktails in the Yukon, your Ladies have you covered this week. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! In 1880, Elmer McCurdy was born. After leading a short, and unsuccessful, career as a train robber, he died in 1911. After having an undertaker embalm his body, Elmer went on the tour the US post mortem for almost 60 years. Weirdest thing Rebecca has covered so far? Probably not, but it's close. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! This week Tiffany dives into the medical conditions that lend credibility to the existence of these creatures! Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
Hello, Lovelies! On Halloween Night in 2004, roommates Adriane Insogna, Leslie Mazzara and Lauren Meanza had all gone to bed after a successful night of handing out candy to trick or treaters. Lauren would be woken up by strange noises and, after hearing a blood curdling scream, would grab her dog and hide in the back yard. It would be here she would see the figure of a man slip out of the open kitchen window and escape. After finding the bodies of Leslie and Adriane barely, the cops were quickly called an an investigation was opened. It wasn't until a year later, after the release of a statement from the police, Eric Copple turned himself in. Join us this week as Ashley tell us this dark tale of true crime. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
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the sound is very muted

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Is it just me or is the audio sound crackly? Love listening to that dudes accent though

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