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This talk show/podcast started out as a pipe dream and with hard work and perseverance we have made it further and further each week! We have come to Patreon to make this show even better, with your help we can push the limits to the sky!

Now who are we? just a few dudes who had been encouraged and inspired to start a new show on Twitch. This show will be about all the nerdy/geeky stuff most of you like. We will touch base on video games (PC and Console) maybe even time to time a good mobile game. We will talk about movies, mostly in the science fiction, comic book adaption, action etc as well as TV shows!

There are two host on the show that will be talking, and from time to time we will have guest host. The main host are huge gamers and true fans of the stuff that we are chatting about! We will post on Facebook and Twitter before we go live to give everyone a chance to catch us broadcasting live. Anyone is allowed to watch but will be best suited for mature audiences due to language and some material we talk about.

While broadcasting on Twitch our fans and followers will have the opportunity to chat with us and ask questions as we are live, sometimes we wont be able to answer all the questions but we will do our best! Also! we have a discord set up everyone that views the show can join the discord and from time to time we will interact with the fans bringing you into our voice channel for questions or something else that could be entertaining.

With all that being said our show will consist of new information about the gaming industry, film industry and even hardware/software industry. So if that is interesting to you please like and share our page!
2 Episodes
Episode 1 - Coming Together

Episode 1 - Coming Together


Episode 1 - Coming together The first official Episode back in our show! After a small hiatus The Lan Party Talk Show has returned. On tonight's episode we chat about the toxicity within the gaming community and online. MCU and DCU news, Movies coming soon and games releasing this week! We hope everyone enjoys the show, please check out our website for more information about TLP. All our social media links are posted there, and our Patreon link. To find out more on how to help us grow as a show go to and read more about us.
Episode 0 - Reboot

Episode 0 - Reboot


First Episode back into the world of Talk Shows! This is The Lan Party's reboot! We hope this episode of us just messing around and having fun is a good welcome back! Please check out our website and social media!
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