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USC student resigns from student council over anti-Semitism; Feds discover ‘sophisticated tunnel’ along US-Mexico border; House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler runs to the committee one way with favorable witnesses like Al Sharpton, another way when he doesn’t like the witness like AG Bill Barr; Collapse of Marriage and the Traditional American Family
‘Morning Joe’ Defends Biden for Stereotyping Blacks: Point Was Right But He Spoke ‘Inartfully;’ Oprah Winfrey launches billboard campaign for justice for Louisville’s Breonna Taylor– – Body cams, at the time, not required to be turned on; Chuck Schumer Says Keeping Schools Closed Will Hurt the Economy
Trump criticize from the left and from the right over his executive orders on coronavirus relief; L.A. City Councilman Voted To Slash Police Budget. LAPD Called To His Home Eight Times Since April; Portland’s Mayor to Rioters: You’ve Become ‘a Prop for the Reelection Campaign of Donald Trump; NYC Shootings So Far Have Nearly Doubled from 2019
De Blasio splits with Cuomo: de Blasio wants to tax the rich, Cuomo opposes a new tax, thinks it will deter people from coming back to NYC; Minnesota’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Ilhan Omar Primary Challenger, Cites Omar’s “Ethical Distractions;” Contest: Can You Beat Kirk & Phone a Bro
Trump administration offers Elder, Hewitt among their 24 debate moderator suggestions; Young black man explains why he started “hating whites” and why he has since changed his attitude; Democrats introduce bill to give the Federal Reserve a new mission: Ending racial inequality–but there is already a massive infrastructure of laws, agencies, bureaucrats and corporate policies to guard against “institutional racism”
HHS Sec. Azar: ‘Incredible Last Couple of Weeks’ in Advancements in Vaccines and Therapeutics; N.Y. AG Letitia James Announces Lawsuit Seeking to Dissolve the NRA; Biden Doubles Down: Unlike Blacks, the Latino Community Is “Fully Diverse;” 17 days of violent protests in Portland–elderly white lady trying to put out fire is harassed and taunted, called a b—h; Biden: Illegal Immigrants Who Pay Taxes Should Have Access to the Same Benefits ‘Everyone Else Has Access To
Pence Calls Chief Justice Roberts a “Disappointment to Conservatives;” Studies on family breakdown and crime refute narrative of a connection between race and crime; New Gallup Poll Delivers Devastating Indictment of News Outlets by an Overwhelming Majority of Respondents; De Blasio Announces $10K Fines, Checkpoints for Travelers Flouting NYC Quarantine
Hill-HarrisX Poll: Biden leads Trump by 3 points nationally–Lead Was 7 Points Two Weeks Ago; Biden snaps at reporter who asked him if he’d taken a mental fitness test; Michelle Obama says “quarantine,” the “racial strife” and the “hypocrisy” of the Trump Administration are “dispiriting,” giving her “some form of low grade depression;” Over 80% of blacks want police staffing to levels to remain where they are–or want it increased.
Fmr. Acting AG Sally Yates Says She’s “Shocked” by the Horowitz Report, Wouldn’t Sign Carter Page FISA Application Today; Fmr. Acting AG Yates: Comey Went “Rogue” with Flynn Interview; CNN’s Dr. Gupta: T-Cell Immunity Could Be Protection from Covid; 40 Percent of the Population May Already Have It
‘Ellen’ Ratings Hit All-Time Low Last Month Amid Reports of Toxic Workplace Culture–senior producer terminated, a man Larry Elder knew and respected; California 13.3% Tax Rate May Be Raised To 16.8%…Retroactively; Joe Scarborough: “Is Trump Signalling to White Nationalists By Refusing to Praise John Lewis;” Dem Senator Hirono walks out of Ted Cruz’s Antifa hearing: refuses to denounce AntiFA; Flashback: 2012 New York Times article racist out about mail in voting
Louisville Cuban business owner decries BLM’s ‘mafia tactics’ after letter of BLM “demands;” Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent; NBA’s Jonathan Isaac explains why, as a Christian, he wouldn’t kneel–then suffers season ending torn ACL; AOC on Green New Deal: We’ve Been Creeping Towards Getting a Majority of the Democratic Caucus on Board
NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot Resigns, Sites Frustration with Mayor; De Blasio: I’m Laying off 22,000 City Workers if the Feds Don’t Give Us a Bailout; Stanford expert: Stopping COVID-19 cases is ‘not the appropriate goal;’ Huge Explosion Rocks Beirut; 78 Dead, 4000 Wounded in Possible Attack; Illinois High School Teacher Fired For Facebook Post Rejecting Idea Of ‘White Privilege;’ California District Attorneys Association Asks NFL to Pull Video Of a police shooting–even the leftwing California AG found the shooting justifiable
Outed: Names revealed of hundreds of females who anonymously signed letter urging in NCAA not to boycott Idaho over transgender ban; Trump: “I don’t know how history will remember John Lewis, he chose not to attend my inauguration.“ Trump could’ve said worse, but didn’t; Trump, Republicans worn against mail in voting; New York residents blame Mayor de Blasio for rise in crime
Interview with Republican opponent of Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx); Google manipulates search results to help liberals, hurt conservatives; MSNBC staffer explains why she’s leaving the “news“ organization; Joe Lockhart, former chief of staff of Bill Clinton, warns Biden not to debate Trump; Congresswoman Karen Bass, on Biden’s VP list, has long admired Fidel Castro; Rapper wants $44 trillion in reparations; Black Lives Matter activists send a letter to Louisville businesses listing five demands
Footage released of George Floyd and his encounter with the police before his death; Trump: none of the experts wanted me to order travel bans on China in Europe – – but now they agree with it; Private schools are taking extensive coronavirus precautions, Maryland bureaucrats don’t care; President Trump Press Conference LIVE
Bernie Sanders: I’ll ‘Do Everything We Can’ To Make Biden Most Progressive in History; One player in the NBA chose not to kneel; Rapper T.I. demands $44 trillion in reparations, thinks that since blacks are 13% of the population, they should own 13% of the land, be on 13% of the boards of Directors of companies
Calif. Sheriffs Take Extreme, Racially Targeted Verbal Abuse from Anarchists; President Trump on Obama: ‘I Did Much More for Minorities than He Did; New York City has more shootings and killings in the last six months then all of 2019; Chicago mayor blames violence on guns and President Trump's failure to pass gun control legislation
CNN’s Bash to Dr. Birx: ‘Why Has the U.S. Failed So Badly’ at Handling the COVID Crisis?; Nancy Pelosi Says She Does Not Have ‘Confidence’ in Dr. Deborah Birx; Jim Jordan Grilled Dr. Fauci on Whether Protests Should Be Banned; PBS Host: Republicans’ Covid Policies Amount to ‘Mass Murder,’ ‘Genocide, It’s Mania
4:20: David Horowitz, “The Blitz–Trump Will Smash The Left And Win” Susan Rice, in the running as Joe Biden’s VP, says the Obama Admin. gave Trump a “Pandemic for Dummies” Playbook How’s the Democrats is Bill Barr was rude at the recent hearing, was particularly disrespectful to women, brought no “people of color” with him Tom Cotton: The 1619 Project Will Indoctrinate Our Kids To Hate America
Rep. Jim Jordan Calls Out Google for Supporting Dems: “In Spite of the Fact That You Did It in 2016, President Trump Still Won” Poll: 40% of Families More Likely to Homeschool After Lockdowns End Local CBS News Tests Voting By Mail–And Found Big Problems ESPN Investigation Finds Coaches At NBA China Academies Complained Of Player Abuse, Lack Of Schooling Sen. Kennedy: Joe Biden Will Not Be Strong Enough to Say ‘No’ to the Dem’s Hard Left
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