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Author: Master Coach Brenda Lomeli

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By Master Coach Brenda Lomeli | Holistic Nutrition Specialist | Creator of The Last 10™ Method

On this podcast, I teach brilliant, driven, inspiring, high-achieving women how to STOP STRUGGLING with food and with their weight - so they can ENJOY results that they love.

On The Last 10 Podcast I give you the tools and strategies you need every. single. week. [New Episodes on Mondays!] to lose the weight you want to lose.

I have the tools and expertise to teach you how to lose the weight you want to lose (and be DONE with the exhausting weight struggle!) using my proven method and mindset strategies.

I am ON A MISSION to equip women from all walks of life be COMPLETELY DONE struggling with their weight & FEEL EMPOWERED in ALL areas of their lives- INCLUDING THIS ONE.

LISTEN EVERY WEEK for tools that will allow you to Understand Your Mind & Emotions as it relates to your weight goals and your relationship to food. We both know you're not lazy, far from it! You're a highly motivated woman who's never lacked ambition in any other area. You already know that simply printing out a new 'diet' won't be the solution because you've basically tried them all at this point ... and you end up returning to the same behaviors (caused by the same limiting mindsets) that keep you stuck.

This is why it's important to shift gears and actually understand your brain & emotions in order to experience new breakthroughs in a meaningful (SUPER-CONFIDENT!) and sustainable way.

It's simply a matter of understanding your mind.

...Let's get started!
254 Episodes
In this SPECIAL EDITION episode I'm joined by Judith Gaton- Master Style Coach and expert, to address ALL your swimsuit questions & woes! We talk about: -Swimsuit Bodies -Swimsuit Confidence Mindset -Practical shopping recommendations -Style Pro Tips Anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about how the heck to actually ENJOY swimsuit shopping, FIND what you're looking for that MEETS YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and (very importantly) HOW TO OWN IT once you've made your purchase (...yes, sister!) We believe that EVERY BODY is a 'swimsuit body' & we teach you how any woman from anywhere can strut whatever bathing suit she puts on her body WITH UNAPOLOGETIC CONFIDENCE. It's all here. LISTEN NOW psst... Wanna learn more from Judith?!She's created the Ultimate Swimsuit Guide for you HERE - xo Brenda To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
This episode serves as a PSA, because I need you to know one VERY important piece of information: Weight loss is NOT an emergency. An emergency is defined as a serious, life-threatening and/or dangerous situation requiring immediate action. If the thought of losing weight or any part of your weight loss process has you feeling fear, panic, anxiety, stress, overwhelm or worry, I want you to really, deeply KNOW this and never forget it. WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY  (again, louder for the people in the back!) There are MANY reasons why it’s important NOT to view it as an emergency.  One of them being, that when you do, this creates feelings of panic, fear, desperation, worry, anxiety, and inadequacy. & These feelings are not conducive to long-term, sustainable change. These feelings typically make us wanna shut down or completely throw in the towel. These emotions are so much of what fuel what I like to call “F-it moments”. NOT USEFUL. Instead, let’s retrain your brain to view weight loss SIMPLY AS A GOAL YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE. That’s it. SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT. Game changer. Once you let go of viewing weight loss as an emergency, and instead- simply see it as a goal you have CHOSEN to have (just because you want to!) you’ll be able to feel calm, cool, and collected ;)  ...vs freaking the F*ck out! I get it. I’ve been there. You’ll be able to stay checked IN with your body, your choices, your vision, your life. You’ll be able to keep showing up to create the change you want to create. Check out the episode to learn more- LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:



Women will invest in just about ANYTHING (including new garage floors! *inside joke* listen to the episode to learn more ;) before they'll invest in THEMSELVES. THIS matters. THIS has a ripple effect in our lives. & btw, it's no coincidence that this tends to be the default setting for women in our lives- as women we are socialized to put others needs, wants and desires ahead of our own. In this episode, my client Jacki shares how making this one change (investing in herself!) had a ripple effect in her entire life. There was no area of her life that didn't benefit from her finally deciding to invest in HER needs, wants and desires. She didn't just lose the weight she wanted to lose, she empowered every area of her life. Whether you decide to invest in yourself or not- Check out this episode and be sure that you're making decision(s) about investing (or not investing) in things that matter for YOU, on purpose. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
If your weight and food feel like your biggest struggle... This episode is a must listen. This ONE shift in your mindset, will ELIMINATE even the ember of a 'struggle'... NO MATTER if your struggle has felt eternal, and as out of control as a wildfire. You don't wanna miss this one.   LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
For a woman to be raised in the 21st century ( especially within a western culture!) is synonymous with BEING TAUGHT TO BE AT WAR WITH YOUR BODY. This might sound exaggerated and overdramatic, BUT if you are a listener of this podcast- my guess is that the likelihood of you knowing EXACTLY what I'm talking about is pretty damn high. Most of my clients feel this way when they come to me. They are exhausted from the never-ending battle with themselves and their body. I understand this deeply because I've also been there. In this episode, my client Minta shares how she was able to lose 50 pounds (which she couldn't have even imagined was possible!) ... and she lost this weight by rebuilding trust with herself, and creating a completely new relationship with her body that is now driven by LOVE and even admiration, vs the decades of daily self hatred. She lost: 50 pounds. She gained: TRUST, CONFIDENCE & LOVE. If you're wanting a weight loss that doesn't just show up on the scale, but that penetrates to your VERY SOUL- you gotta listen to this one. It's possible for you too, my sister. It's time we put down the weapons and stop being at war with our own body (although, PLEASE know that it's not your fault, it's exactly what we've been taught...) The good news is that no matter what you've learned and how much you've battled with all of this in the past: it's never too late, and I can show you a new way. LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Ever feel like everyone else has got it ALL figured out except for you? HINT: THIS is what most of us naturally think about ourselves UNLESS we change our constant self-judgement approach ON PURPOSE. It's essential to make this change because as you might imagine: constantly thinking there's something wrong with you and your brain is NOT helping your goals AT ALL. In this episode, I'm on a mission to make sure you know THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT, perfectly 'behaved' HUMAN BRAIN. & here's the best news of all: You don't need your brain to ONLY think positive, motivated, useful thoughts ALL OF THE TIME in order to change your results and your life. YOU WILL NEED THESE 4 THINGS however: (perfection NOT being one of them) Curiosity, Compassion, Awareness, and deliberate decision making. In order to create epic results and transformation in any area of your life (including creating next-level weight results and upleveling your relationship with food) you can do it ALL with your human, imperfect brain.   LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
There's something about the way women are socialized that breeds so much of the 'struggle' experience with our bodies AND ALSO decisions about our bodies... That 'something' is this: We are taught to value OTHER people's opinions MORE than our own. eek. This programming that's been hardwired into many of our brains can be challenging to override, but it's absolutely possible. (...and I believe it's one million percent worth it! #freedom) Overriding this single belief leads to being able to actually feel liberated, empowered and actually ENJOY your decisions and your results in this area of your life. In this podcast episode I teach you the game-changing concepts of: UNAPOLOGETIC DECISIONS TRUE CHOICE PHYSICAL AUTONOMY I teach you how you can develop these 3 skills and why they matter if you truly want to be DONE struggling. THIS is the stuff that following a meal plan or  food tracking app ALONE won’t teach you. YOU are the boss of your body. Your body is YOUR property. YOU my friend, GET TO self govern. This is the road to empowered results & 'weight struggle' freedom. LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
When someone has struggled with their weight (and food) for years and even decades... it can start to feel like living WITHOUT a struggle isn't even possible. IT IS POSSIBLE. It's 100% possible, but requires that you re-program your brain. You gotta be willing to take your brain to 'school' and learn: brand new ways for doing weight loss. brand new ways for doing the food. brand new ways of doing life WITHOUT the sabotaging or frustrating emotional eating. brand new ways of taking care of, and loving your body UNAPOLOGETICALLY (like a #Boss!) It's possible. You ready?! Let's go. LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
If weight loss is the one area you don't feel empowered in your life- you're gonna have to listen to this episode. One of the reasons that losing weight feels like a drag, and quite frankly, miserable for most people is because it's treated and approached as external-imposed rules that MUST be followed vs decisions you're making to create the life you want. Shifting from RULE FOLLOWING approach to a DECISION MAKING one changes everything. It will change your experience- which enables you to also change your results. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Figuring out how to eat in order to lose the weight you want to lose can feel: confusing. overwhelming. frustrating. Today I wanna make the food simple for you. I'm sharing with you the basic formula that was a complete game changer for me after decades of struggling with my weight, trying everything and feeling like nothing worked- This episode has ONE MAIN mission: help you make the food and nutrition simple. When things feel simple, they also feel doable. The more complicated something seems to us, the less likely we are to think of if as something we can actually do. Ready for the food to feel simple?! LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Do you find yourself worrying what people ‘might think’ about you, your body, or your appearance? - worried what they ‘might think’ if you gained some weight? - worried what they ‘might think’ if you lost the weight? - worried what they ‘might think’ if (insert any other appearance concern here). When you’re constantly worried about what someone else might think about your body, it steals you from being able to feel fiercely confident in your body. & listen sister, I get it... I’ve been there. I understand what it feels like to constantly be preoccupied about what others ‘might think’... Once upon a time, I used to live my life and make my own personal decisions feeling hostage to others opinions. Even decisions about MY BODY! (ie- for example, if I wanted to lose some weight) I would feel as if what I chose to do with my body or what my body looked like was a matter of public opinion, and I ruminated constantly about other people’s possible opinions. That. Was. Exhausting. Trying to always have everyone’s ‘approval’ was EXHAUSTING. Also, it was an impossible feat... because: People will always have opinions. Specifically, people will always have BODY OPINIONS. Let them. In this episode I teach you the most important thing you’ll need to do in order to have a rock-solid opinion about your body, and never again worry about anyone else’s opinion. (*hint: it involves your opinion, not theirs) LISTEN NOW TO LEARN MORE. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
People mistakenly think that the 'last' pounds are about being MORE deprived, MORE critical and HARDER on themselves than ever... I would argue that feeling deprived, being critical actually keep women stuck and sabotaging. I would also argue that the way to epic results are through curiosity, patience, understanding, LOVE and trust. Contrary to popular belief: the way I teach my clients to create results is about EXPANDING your life, diversifying, enriching, adding MORE pleasure, MORE comfort, MORE celebration. Through my LAST 10 approach my client Athena lost 20 pounds. & now she's maintaining these results with so much more peace and freedom than she even thought was possible! Once she learned my tools and my process for losing the 'last 10' she shared with me that her process was SO LOVING, it allowed her to break existing family patterns. She believes healed not ONLY her, but ALL the women in her family (past and future). #generationalchange To learn more about how to true freedom in this area of your life, maintain your results like NBD, and break personal/ family patters- LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Weight loss ALONE doesn't create body confidence. (Especially, not that unshakeable, rock-solid, unapologetic, kind-of-body-confidence ) Let me tell you, I know this very well. I had to learn this the hard way and I definitely don't want you to have to learn it the hard way- There was a point in my 20 year weight struggle, where I had lost all the weight I wanted to lose- and yet felt more insecure, anxious and inadequate then ever... #truestory HERE'S WHY THIS MATTERS: It matters because in order to stop feeling shame and inadequacy about your body- you must understand that THE ONLY way to change the way you feel in your body is to change: The way you think about your body. Your relationship with your body. THIS PODCAST EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT UPGRADING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BODY (along with your results). Changing the way you think about your body and relate to your body will allow you to change your experience AND your results, more than any 'diet' or 'meal plan' EVER could. I was able to go from utterly despising my body, constantly feeling inadequate, sabotaging daily/weekly, to now: LOVING my relationship with food, LOVING my relation with my body, and loving my results. I can tell you with certainty, that there's no amount of kale or quinoa that would ever have created THAT kind of change ;) With the approach that I teach you today, you'll be able to upgrade your body image AND your results. Do NOT skip this episode. It's a must listen. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Women are socialized to believe they shouldn't invest in themselves. Their kids? yes. Their families? yes. Their businesses? yes. Their communities? yes. Themselves, just because they want to? nope. Society tells us: that's selfish. that's a waste. that's vain. But here's my take on it: A women's body image, her relationship with herself, her body, with food... impacts ALL aspects of her life. Not only is it NOT a 'waste' or 'silly' to invest your time and energy to uplevel this area of your life, IMO: IT'S PRICELESS. Listen in to todays episode, as I chat with my client Andrea. Andrea is a successful life coach and entrepreneur that felt empowered and like a total #boss in ALL other areas of her life, except this area (food, weight). She shares how she was able to finally be done struggling with food and weight. Now, this part of her life feels totally ON HER OWN TERMS, easy and even fun! And guess what? Creating that change, meant she had to give herself permission to invest in HER. If you are someone that has been able to feel successfully in so many areas of your life- except this one (especially if you're an entrepreneur!) You gotta check out this episode. It's jam-packed with value and tons of gems for you, so that YOU can also continue to feel empowered in your own journey- LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Women experience SO MUCH SHAME AND GUILT when it comes to: food, eating, over-eating, emotionally eating, their bodies, their weight, wanting to lose weight... and more! Emotional eating is one of the most common topics I talk about. But what if it isn't bad?". (hint:'s not!) On todays podcast I'm teaching you that emotional eating is NOT a 'bad' behavior. It's simply: a behavior. The reason women experience shame, guilt and other intense-negative emotions (which btw only drive more emotional eating! Almost ironic, right?) because we label emotional eating as 'bad' and then label ourselves and 'defective' or 'bad' for having done so. There IS a solution. There IS a way to stop feeling shame and guilt about food. This approach is exactly how I de-conditioned feeling food shame and food guilt for myself, and it's how tons of my clients have also de-conditioned shame and guilt. The first necessary step is to STOP telling ourselves that emotional eating is bad. Listen Now to learn more.
I'm a badass at creating the results I want in my life...but it hasn't always been that way (far from it!) My weight felt like a never ending battle- until I was able to deeply understand and integrate THE 4 KEY PRINCIPLES OF CREATING ANY RESULT (including losing weight). If you ever feel like weight loss is 'easy' for everyone else but not for you, you absolutely much listen in on this one. (As much as I understand feeling this way, it's never gonna help you achieve your goals! On the contrary, it will create more stickiness and more emotional suffering..) Most women treat 'losing weight' like it's an emergency and show up to it with urgency (maybe even desperation!). It's important to shift gears and change up your approach in the 4 specific ways that I outline in this episode. After you listen to the podcast, hop on over to the website and check out ALL the new updates (the site is fi-yahhh!) WWW.BRENDALOMELI.COM
The statistics on weight regain are this: roughly 90% of people that lose weight regain it. I was part of that statistic for 20 years. However, now I maintain my results with ease, with joy, with love. In order to stop struggling, battling myself and drastically regaining weight time and time again there was ONE MAJOR THING that had to happen: I had to RE-DEFINE 'MAINTENANCE'. It was essential and necessary to re-define what it meant to 'maintain' (aka: I had to change the way I was THINKING about myself, my body, my choices, my weight and HOW I 'maintain' my results...) If you've struggled with maintaining weight loss results or you experience fear, anxiety and worry about regaining weight- THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU. It's time that we re-define maintenance! To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
If you have a goal of losing weight (this is true for any amount) CHANGE is going to be involved. Here's the thing though... our human brains don't like change! Our human brains' default setting is to interpret change as 'danger' and/or as 'un-safe'... If you want to successfully arrive at your goal AND be able to maintain your results, it's going to be really important that you UNDERSTAND CHANGE, your brains response to change, and how to navigate it IN YOUR FAVOR. In today's episode I give you examples and teach you a concept to help you UNDERSTAND CHANGE in a simpler way + navigate it to your advantage. LISTEN NOW TO LEARN MORE. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
Most women mistakenly believe (on some level…) that getting to their goal will require them to be ‘perfect’ everyday for the rest of their lives. (sounds exhausting, right?! It’s no wonder perfectionism leads to sabotage). Here’s the truth: that isn’t the case at all. Perfectionistic thinking actually creates struggle; it fuels sabotage. Perfectionistic thinking created MY struggle and fueled MY sabotage for decades... In this episode, I teach you what actually works instead: [hint: ASSESS & REVISE as your go-to strategy as-needed] I’ve watched client after client after client, arrive at their goal- loving themselves more than ever by using THIS approach. Do NOT underestimate the power of assess & revise. LISTEN NOW to learn more. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
How do you create results you aren't even fully convinced are 'possible'...? There IS a way. Listen in as I chat with one of my clients about what was necessary for her to lose more weight then she even thought was possible for her (...and for it to actually feel simple!). She had struggled for years... She thought losing 12 pounds was going to be impossible for her- and she ended up losing 25! *Very Important* She did so by UPGRADING the way she addresses her needs AND feeling more unstoppable + empowered than ever. We talk about: Getting over 'people's opinions' Creating results/change ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Choosing to believe in yourself: even if you've never done something before. Role modeling 'food relationship' and 'body relationship' to our daughters. & MILLION DOLLAR CHOICES. If you want to create results that are WAY BEYOND anything you can possibly imagine- This Episode is a must listen. LISTEN NOW. To lose your ‘last 10’ using my proven method JOIN THE LAST 10™ Program- GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE:
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Belen Adams

My weight loss journey is no longer frustrating and depressing, it's exciting and fun! Listening to this podcast guided me in losing 32 pounds in 16 weeks. Brenda's techniques are really life changing, not only for weight loss. She'll become your new best friend you've never met :) I'm so excited every day when I get dressed, I'm amazed at the changes. Listen!

Nov 19th

Liz Griffith

I love Brenda's podcast! I was looking for a podcast that would motivate me to get to my ideal body fat %. I am a super healthy person already but I needed those "tweaks" to really shed the pounds around my lower half. Learning about the hormones involved, the "mindset" involved, and developing a plan are all things Brenda teaches that are now making a difference.

Jan 12th
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