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What if California seceded from the United States? If it did, what would happen? Would it usher in a new era of peace and prosperity? Or plunge the US into a new civil war?

This is The Last Resort, a new documentary podcast following the rise, fall, and rebirth of CAL EXIT: the campaign for Californian Independence.

It’s a story about a dream for a new progressive utopia on the West Coast. It’s about the fight for America’s future. And it’s also a tale of two friends who started on the political fringe and ended up in the middle of a still-unfolding global criminal conspiracy involving the FBI and Russian Intelligence.

Coming October 18th from Interval Presents and Awfully Nice. Narrated by Xiuhtezcatl.
9 Episodes
Could California secede from the United States? That’s the goal of activists behind the movement known as CAL EXIT. The Last Resort is a new 8 part series about their story. And it takes us to some wild places: from a far-right political revolution in upstate California to an international criminal conspiracy in Russia. Narrated by Xiuhtezcatl. Coming October 18th.See for privacy information.
1 | The Tipping Point

1 | The Tipping Point


Could California really secede from the United States? A group of activists believe it’s not just possible – it’s inevitable. They call their movement CAL EXIT. Sources: The Washington Post PBS NewsHour The New Yorker ABC7 News @sophiabollag on Twitter CGTN America KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco ABC7 News @Phil_Lewis_ on Twitter Pigeons & Planes BBC Music NewsNation BRUT Bloomberg The Washington Post News 5 Cleveland Newsweek Associated Press Real Time with Bill Maher Jesse Dollemore on YouTube MSNBC CrowderBits The Daily Wire Fox News Netflix Earth Guardians Skavlan United Nations Fox News See for privacy information.
Meet your new Founding Fathers: Marcus Ruiz-Evans & Louis Marinelli. Who are they? And how did they take CAL EXIT from the political fringe to the national news?Sources: The Seasteading Institute @SophiaBollag on Twitter KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco Fox News PBS SoCal Kayla Moon on YouTube Yes California Calexit Campaign Donald J Trump on YouTube Good Morning Britain CGTN America truth videos on YouTube Fox News Fox News Fox News See for privacy information.
3 | After The Gold Rush

3 | After The Gold Rush


California has always attracted dreamers. But the California dream had a dark side. From this complicated history, Marcus & Louis saw an opportunity to grow their movement. Sources: OHS Film and Video Archives CBS News Fox News See for privacy information.
California is perceived as a liberal state but the truth is a lot more complicated. No place better epitomizes that truth than Shasta County, where far-right activists are plotting a government takeover.Sources: Doni Chamberlain / Associated Press TMZ Action News Now CNN Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey MMFA | InfoWars truth videos See for privacy information.
Marcus & Louis file to get CAL EXIT on the ballot. But for CAL EXIT to happen, other states would have to agree. One big reason why they might? Water. Sources: FOX Weather PBS (Cadillac Desert: Water and the Transformation of Nature) BBC News CBS News The Sacramento Bee ABC 30 News Paramount Pictures (Chinatown) travelfilmarchive ABC News NBC News The Next News Network Slavic Sacramento MSNBC See for privacy information.
6 | Civil War

6 | Civil War


Shocking revelations about Louis threaten to derail the CAL EXIT movement. Can it survive the civil war within its ranks?Sources: CNBC CNN The Guardian PBS NewsHour @samadams593 on TikTok @sheepdogs17762.0 on TikTok The Next News Network MSBNC ABC 7 News MSNBC CSPAN Reddebrek on YouTube See for privacy information.
7 | People of the Sun

7 | People of the Sun


CAL EXIT is in disarray. But secession movements don’t happen in a straight line. In this episode, we tell the story of the Zapatistas. They fought for autonomy for decades. And in the 90s – it finally happened. Sources: ABC MIT Gerardo Uam on YouTube Radio Zapata Rage Against the Machine 20th Century Studios EZLN WGN News CNN NPR UVA Miller Center Associated Press ABC Bloomberg CNN See for privacy information.
8 | Alcatraz

8 | Alcatraz


Marcus tries to rebuild the CAL EXIT movement, but sabotage from Louis creates new jeopardy. Then, the FBI ensnares a supporter. Can CAL EXIT escape its complicated past? And we ask: how do we chart a new path forward for America?Sources: Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc. ABC Action News Slavic Sacramento MSBNC MSBNC The Rubin Report Fox Business American Archive of Public Broadcasting NBC News Archives See for privacy information.
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