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The #1 show in late night delivered straight to your ears, every weekday. Keep up with all the whip-smart writing, hilarious monologues, and revealing conversations with celebrity guests, only on The Late Show Pod Show with Stephen Colbert.

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The White House is fully in the holiday spirit as the Second Family celebrates Hanukkah and the Capitol Christmas Tree gets lit, as the nation's supply chain issues get even worse, threatening America’s access to some of our favorite wines and liquors. Meanwhile… The government of Jamaica is promoting the joys of marijuana, and scientists spent a lot of time proving Thanos couldn’t have snapped his fingers wearing that bulky Infinity Gauntlet. The incomparable Jeff Goldblum agrees to embark on television’s most rigorous examination of mind, body and soul, known as The Colbert Questionert - see how he handles the pressure of revealing his favorite sandwich. And next, a special tribute to "the greatest composer and lyricist in the history of American theater:" Stephen's extended interview with the legendary Stephen Sondheim. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
That stench emanating from the Supreme Court Is the smell of conservative justices, five of whom were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote, doing exactly what they were put there to do: restrict access to abortions. Elsewhere, anti-vaxxers have been cooking up wild new pandemic conspiracy theories since the emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant. Next, don’t be one of those people who buys an expensive Peloton bike, only to watch it become a clothing rack after the first week. Save your money and get a Hangoton instead! Then the incredible Mahershala Ali returns to the show to tell Stephen about his latest project, “Swan Song,” and he offers a preview of how he is preparing for his upcoming role as Blade in a new Marvel film. And New York Times bestselling author Jason Reynolds makes his first visit to The Late Show for a fascinating discussion of the novels he writes for children, and he shares how he has dealt with a lifetime of anxiety. His latest novel, “Stuntboy, in the Meantime,” is available everywhere now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The first case of the Omicron variant hits the US, and Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows' new book revealed that the Former President tested positive for Covid a few days before his debate with Joe Biden, about a week before the diagnosis went public. Goop is back with their holiday gift guide, so Stephen's luxury brand, Covetton House, steps up their game. Academy-Award winning actor Javier Bardem tells Stephen what it was like to step into Desi Arnaz's shoes for the new biopic, "Being The Ricardos," with co-star Nicole Kidman who plays Lucille Ball. And of course, Stephen can't let Javier leave without talking "Dune." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Omicron variant makes waves in the headlines, and in Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz launched his campaign for a U.S. Senate seat. Meanwhile… In a move that symbolizes the nation’s shift away from British traditions and figureheads, Barbados bestowed a formal title to one of the nation’s most successful exports, the Right Honorable Rihanna. Next, Stephen welcomes Peter Dinklage to talk about his singing parts in the new film, “Cyrano,” and how he managed to approach the gig with confidence. Then the star of Netflix’s “Squid Game,” Lee Jung-jae, makes his first appearance on The Late Show and shows Stephen how to unlock the secrets of the Dalgona candy featured in the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This Cyber Monday, consider shopping at one of the small businesses profiled on Late Show’s #ColbertSmallBizBump, like Redmon’s Popcorn run by Zack Redmon in New Hope, Minnesota. How good is Zack’s luxury popcorn? Just ask Redmon’s official commercial spokesperson, Nick Offerman. And while 146 new Christmas movies were released this year, 2021 was set to give us zero Hanukkah movies until The Late Show stepped in with a slate of brand new holiday classics with titles like, “Home for the Challah-days,” “Casino Dreidel,” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rabbi.” In part two of his conversation with Stephen, Director Peter Jackson examines the mindset of The Beatles as they prepared for a rooftop concert profiled in the new Disney+ documentary, “The Beatles: Get Back,” and sheds light on why the band suppressed the footage for decades. Jackson also mentions a chat between George Harrison and John Lennon that might have changed the direction of the band had they ever shared the details with Paul. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This October, Stephen welcomed the cast of "Succession," including Brian Cox, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, and J. Smith-Cameron for their FIRST EVER group interview, celebrating the show's third season which which is now airing every Sunday on HBO and HBO Max. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at The Late Show! We'll be back with all new episodes on Monday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at The Late Show! Families around the country are planning a return to larger Thanksgiving celebrations as 53 million Americans are hitting the road and traveling this week for the holiday. Meanwhile… New York City’s elected leaders decided they no longer wanted to conduct business in the shadow of a man who enslaved people, so a statue of Thomas Jefferson was packed up and moved to a new location this week. Next, Rosamund Pike, the Oscar-nominated actor you know from "Gone Girl" and "Pride & Prejudice," shows Stephen how she used a pencil to train her British self to speak in an American accent, a lesson that came in handy for her starring role in the new Amazon Prime series "The Wheel Of Time." Then, in part one of their extended interview, Stephen welcomes Sir Peter Jackson and sets the stage for their in-depth discussion of Jackson’s work directing the incredible Disney+ documentary, “The Beatles: Get Back,” which is set to change the public’s perception of the relationship between John, Paul, George and Ringo in their final years as bandmates. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In Washington, D.C., two of the former president’s cronies are set to face the Jan. 6th committee as they investigate organizers of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, and Biden announced he'll be releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve to combat rising gas prices in the US. Next, join us in celebrating the incredible Jon Batiste on his 11 GRAMMY nominations! And the woman, the myth, the legend, Lady Gaga catches up with Stephen in a 4-part interview after a whirlwind year of performing the national anthem at President Biden's inauguration just weeks after the attack on the Capitol, collaborating with her good friend Tony Bennett, and starring in "House of Gucci" as Patrizia Reggiani. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In booster shot news, CNN’s Dr. Jonathan Reiner argues that it’s time to move the goalposts on what it takes to be considered “fully vaccinated.” Next, confused about Non-Fungible Tokens? That might be because everyone who tries to define them does a terrible job. Luckily, Stephen Colbert is here to help with an AFT (an Actual F****** Thing) that perfectly explains how NFTs work. Andrew Garfield gets emotional when talking about the recent loss of his mother, and relates her life to the life of Jonathan Larson, the man he portrays in the new film, “Tick, Tick, Boom!” Then, our good friend Chef José Andrés stops by for a holiday cooking segment and gets the party started with a fancy pour of some fancy Spanish sherry. For more information on Chef José's amazing organization World Central Kitchen go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nearly 1 in 10 younger U.S. children got a coronavirus shot in the first two weeks of eligibility, and the right wing media is still up in arms that Big Bird encouraged children to get shots in their arms. Meanwhile, a Pod Show exclusive Sesame Street story from A to Z! And Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's pants caught on fire during a football game. Kevin Hart sits down with Stephen and explains why his new project is intentionally darker and less comedic than the work he’s been known for to date. “True Story” is streaming now on Netflix.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's important to get accurate information on turkey preparation this time of year, so back in 2016, Stephen volunteered to man the phones at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, and his timeless advice has been coming to the rescue of countless Thanksgiving dinners ever since. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The FDA plans to authorize Pfizer boosters for all adults this week, and hundreds of QAnon believers are still in Dallas waiting for the late John F. Kennedy Jr. to show up. Next, The Late Show staff asks the superstars of WWE just one question. Stephen sits down with Adam Driver to talk "House of Gucci" and what motivates him to bring live theater experiences to members of the military with his organization Arts in the Armed Forces. America Ferrera returns to the show to talk about season two of “Gentefied,” the Netflix comedic drama she executive produces and directs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
President Biden hits the road on an infrastructure bill victory tour, and Jonathan Karl's new book "Betrayal" hits the shelves to reveal the actions taken on the former president’s behalf by pardoned criminal Michael Flynn and conspiracy lawyer Sydney Powell who pressed Pentagon officials to stage a coup and overturn the election results. Meanwhile, a messy situation at a Florida rock concert and a strange confession from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Stephen gets to know Eric Adams, the next mayor of New York City, a man who stays up late, gets up early, and is determined to change the way the city deals with thorny issues like policing and inequality. Next, Stephen challenges three-time NBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Dwyane Wade to a game of wastepaper basketball, stay tuned 'til the very end to find out who wins (pssst: it's the guy who says "WOO!") Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill today, and on Friday, Steve Bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury on contempt charges. Stephen can't stop raving about Peter Jackson's "Get Back" Beatles docu-series, until he's reminded of the NDA he signed and needs to "Let It Be." Sexiest Man Alive Paul Rudd is here to talk "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" and how his life has changed since being bequeathed with the sexiest title on earth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Some of the dumbest insurrectionists involved in the Jan. 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol are being brought to justice, including realtor Jenna Ryan and the guy known as the “Capitol Rotunda Doobie Smoker.” Then, find out what happens when a Late Show producer sends him mom, Bootsie, to a sex party. Next, iconic actor Jeff Goldblum indulges our host with stories of appearing on “The Tonight Show” and partying at Johnny Carson’s house prior to shooting the seminal film, “The Big Chill.” Jeff’s show, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum,” is streaming now on Disney+. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Experts are warning the U.S. could soon be facing a fifth major wave of COVID cases as the weather gets colder and folks gather indoors. Meanwhile, an age old tale about an exotic dancer, her monkey, a football coach, and a haunted house. Stephen sits down with writer and director Kenneth Branagh to talk about his new film "Belfast," which Stephen calls his "favorite movie he's seen in many years." Next, friend of the show Ellie Kemper was thrilled by the chance to play a villain in her role in the upcoming film, ‘Home Sweet Home Alone,’ which is a reimagining of the beloved holiday classic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
U.S. inflation hits a 30-year high, a nationwide truck driver shortage further derails the supply chain crisis, and a federal judge admonished our former president in a starkly-worded decision denying his claim to executive privilege over White House documents related to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th. Next, our new erotic/environmental segment "Dil-Do's and Dil-Don'ts" looks at how the sex toy industry is starting to lead towards greener pastures. Then, find out what The Boss's favorite sandwich is when Bruce Springsteen takes The Colbert Questionert, and then, it’s time for another episode of “Tea At The Plaza” with everyone’s favorite Late Show guest, Aubrey Plaza. Wait until you hear what she has to say about her famous co-stars like Kristen Stewart, Molly Shannon and Michael Caine. Aubrey’s latest project, “The Legend of the Christmas Witch,” is available everywhere starting November 16th. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Meat prices are soaring as a perfect storm of higher demand and supply chain issues hit America’s beef producers. In Washington, several former White House officials and advisors to the former president were issued subpoenas by the Jan. 6th committee who wants to examine their roles in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. AND AN EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Late Show reveals People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Up next, legendary director Quentin Tarantino grew up reading novelised versions of classic films, so the art form was already familiar to him when he got inspired to write a novel based on his 2019 film, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
President Biden spent the weekend passin' the bill and gassing Camill' after Congress approved his $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan and he reportedly cut the cheese in front of the British Royal Family, and Pfizer announced their COVID-19 pill cut the risk of hospitalization and death by 90%. Up next, who will be named the Sexiest Man Alive tomorrow night on the Late Show? Stephen talks to Jonathan Karl about his bombshell new book "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show," and sits down with Brandi Carlile to gush over her performance of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" at Carnegie Hall this weekend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Times, they are a'changing as daylight saving time kicks into effect this weekend and experts announce the pandemic seems to be winding down in the United States. Next, Stephen answers your kids' questions, and Hollywood agents sign the next viral sensation. Tony Hale stops by the Ed Sullivan to talk Veep, Arrested Development, and his new movie, Clifford The Big Red Dog. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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