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Author: Aileen Xu: Lifestyle Design & Personal Growth YouTuber, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Artist of Life

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Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece. The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast about personal growth & lifestyle design. Hosted by YouTuber & entrepreneur Aileen Xu, this podcast shares weekly inspiration on how to create your dream life. New episodes released every Sunday | Show notes available at
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Hi loves! Popping in between podcast seasons to share a few exciting announcements: 1. I’m doing a guest takeover on the Optimal Living Daily Podcast! You can listen to me read an article I wrote, Living For Yourself and Not Others, today: Monday, Sept 2. Listen to episode #1361 here → 2. The podcast…The post LL 124: Optimal Living Daily Collab & NEW Lavendaire Shop Updates appeared first on Lavendaire.
“There’s no mistakes. Everything is aligned.” I truly believe you can only figure out your true path by exploring a bunch of different ones first. That’s how Lavendaire came to be, and that’s how my friend Branché Foston has found her own true path: making wellness & healing practices more accessible to millennials, especially people…The post LL 123: Spiritual Self Care & How to Make Wellness Accessible w/ Branché Foston appeared first on Lavendaire.
If you’re feeling spread a little too thin lately, this episode’s for you because we’re tackling everything related to stress, what happens when you have too much of it, and practical tips for trying to get your busy life back into balance. Today we’re talking to Dr. Samantha Brody, a naturopathic physician and author of…The post LL 122: Overcoming Overwhelm & Stress w/ Dr. Samantha Brody appeared first on Lavendaire.
We have a listener favorite returning to the show today: Andrea Owen! Andrea is a life coach who empowers women to *truly* value themselves, despite the messages from media and society telling them “You’re not good enough”. Last time Andrea was on the show, we talked about being open to feeling your feelings and how…The post LL 121: How to Stop Feeling “Not Good Enough” w/ Andrea Owen appeared first on Lavendaire.
Delighted to have my friend Jasmine Lipska on the podcast! Jasmine is a YouTuber, travel vlogger, author, and content creator. Her passion is bringing inspiration and light to self growth and modern spirituality. She’s currently on an indefinite solo travel journey, exploring and working from all around the world. We talk about her love and…The post LL 120: Self Love, Law of Attraction & Solo Travel w/ Jasmine Lipska appeared first on Lavendaire.
Hi loves! It’s a special solo chat for the podcast this week. I’m sharing a story I’ve never talked about publicly before: a painful experience I had in my early YouTube days where I learned that people I considered to be genuine friends, had never thought of me in the same way. This story shares…The post LL 119: About Betrayal, Learning to Stand Up For Myself & Turning Pain into Purpose (The Story Behind ‘Honestly’) appeared first on Lavendaire.
Are you treating your body from a place of love and celebration? Or from a punishment and deprivation? Susan Hyatt is a life coach spreading the message of empowerment: looking at and treating your body with genuine love. Aileen and Susan chat about negative body image as a ‘normal’ phenomenon for women, how to do…The post LL 118: Body Love, Emotional Eating & Healthy Self Care w/ Susan Hyatt appeared first on Lavendaire.
“It’s your responsibility to teach people how to treat you.” When you learn to say no more often, you teach others that you have boundaries. And the best part? They’ll usually respect you for it. Erin Falconer is a digital entrepreneur and author of How to Get Sh*t Done, a book on self improvement and…The post LL 117: Productivity, Saying No & How to Get Sh*t Done w/ Erin Falconer appeared first on Lavendaire.
Today’s podcast is a much-awaited treat! I mentioned being interested in astrology a while back and a lot of people asked me to share more. Since I’m a beginner, I wanted to bring on an expert: Debra Silverman. Debra is an astrologer, psychologist, and expert on marrying the two: interpreting the stars and how they…The post LL 116: Understanding Astrology, Birth Charts & Horoscopes w/ Debra Silverman appeared first on Lavendaire.
“If you can learn, then you can do anything. And if you can do anything, you can be anything.” Today’s guest is the expert on learning faster, remembering more, and being more productive. Jonathan Levi is the founder of SuperHuman Enterprises. His podcast, books, and courses teach people how to become “SuperHuman”: teaching them how…The post LL 115: How to Learn Faster, Improve Your Memory & Be More Productive w/ Jonathan Levi appeared first on Lavendaire.
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Oct 17th

Elize A Beth Muthoni

Omg!! I love Jasmine so much she is so inspirational

Aug 1st

Cassiopeia Gage

thank you for having Erika on your show. I just started listening to your podcast & I'm 💯💯% in live what your doing. thank you.

Jul 3rd

Minas Frangos

Thank you for providing this important information. I'm a influencer on YouTube for marketing and your Podcast is very insperational. You are a lifestyle influencer.

Jun 14th

Erica Cano

Sometimes I wish you would get to the point and give direct instructions on implementing some of the lessons taught. It feels more like a YouTubers vlog but there's still some good content in there. Perhaps timestamps so others don't have to skip around to get the point. I am listening to older episodes so maybe this has changed hopefully.

Jun 13th


i listen to these on my way to work! 💜

Jun 9th

Putu Eka

the audio quality is terrible. i hope there could be less noise here. But the content is very interesting. Thank you

Jun 8th

Audrey Schumer

Always love starting my mornings with one of you podcasts! inspiration and positivity are some things I always walk away with! 😊💕

May 28th

bboo bekah

omg I'm so happy I found this podcast. I'm 21 years old and I'm just staring to love/ accept my body. I was the same in elementary, I developed early and was bullied for it. people started making fun and saying stuff like "she must stuff her bra" and as silly as it sounds the feeling of being ashamed never went away. thank you 💜

May 13th

أروى فهد 📚

Love it 💙 thank you 🌸

May 2nd

Kim_ Goyo_Han

love you so much 😍

Apr 14th



Apr 12th

Ann Hood

love love 💘 this episode!! TY 😘

Apr 9th

Sarah Raad

OMG! You're an INFJ???😲😲 That's why I can relate to every single thing you say and do so deeply!! I am, too!

Apr 7th
Reply (1)

Jenny Kerr

It's hard to hear your guest. Sounds more quiet than you...

Apr 2nd

Kim_ Goyo_Han

I really love you.You made me changing my life .I am so greatfull that I found you on youtube really really love you . cirine from Algeria 😍

Mar 31st

Rebecca Hinson Beck

This was a fantastic episode! I learned so much about zero-waste living and there were a few resources shared during this podcast episode that will be very helpful to me in the future. Thanks so much for caring about the environment and sharing this fantastic journey with us.

Mar 21st

Eleonora Giannone Codiglione

This episode was so nice! Thank you Aileen ❤️

Mar 16th

Heather Scarlett

I really love the journaling and the revelations that are in this podcast

Mar 13th

Su-Marie Lombard

RIP earphone users 🎧 but great show 👍🏻 love this episode. ✨

Mar 11th
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