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Being a person is hard, and The Lazy Genius Podcast is here to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. From laundry to cooking chicken to making new friends, Kendra is here to welcome you into an easier way.
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Listen, I know this is super specific. I know this topic is privileged and it comes with baggage. But I also know it’s important to talk about these things, particularly if you’re in a season of life where something’s gotta give. This episode has practical thoughts about hiring a housecleaner, and a little pep talk about letting go of the shame and embarrassment that often comes with asking for help. Stuff Mentioned I first mentioned hiring a housecleaner in my monthly newsletter, The Latest Lazy Letter. If you don’t receive it and wish you did, you can get on the list here. I’ll be LIVE on Instagram this Thursday around noon EST answering your questions about hiring a housecleaner. Download a transcript of this episode.
Today, we’re diving into the logistics of building community — specifically in our female friendships. We all want to get together with friends and do fun things, have traditions and all of that. So this episode is important in its simplicity because friendship matters. Helpful Companion Links There’s a friendly space for Lazy Geniuses here on the Internet in the form of a private Facebook group. Join us and get help or give help in being a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t. I quote Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering multiple times in this episode. It’s a favorite. Join me over on Instagram Thursday where I’ll go LIVE around noon EST to answer any questions you have in real-time. If you miss a LIVE, most of them are cataloged on my IGTV. Download a transcript of this episode. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link to a product and follow through with a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.
I believe in a world where it is fun and not loaded to talk about our bodies because our bodies are awesome. Full disclosure: I haven’t always felt this way, not by a long shot. I understand the difficulty here, so let’s move into this topic together. Stuff Mentioned I got on my soapbox last week thanks to an episode on Living Without Food Rules. It’s a RUHL good time if you missed it. Sarah of @thebirdspapaya is one of the most powerful voices I’ve encountered around thinking about our bodies. Reading her words was a turning point for me. Download a transcript of this episode.
Let's play a game. Let's name all of the food rules you've experienced in your life. Yeah...we'll be here a while and we probably won't feel that great after we list them all out. That's why I'm so passionate about talking about living without food rules. We don't need them, y'all. Here's why. Helpful Companion Links I host a secret monthly podcast with my sister on Patreon. You can become a patron by signing up for The Lazy Sisters Podcast here. Here’s The Lazy Genius and Healthy Eating episode if you need a refresher. I’m reading Bill Bryson’s The Body, and it has made me so appreciative of my actual body and how it works. Here’s my recipe for my chickpea bowl lunch that I make almost every week. Two additional resources on intuitive eating are the podcast Food Psych and the Instagram account I’m guessing there will be a lot of questions about this, so I’ll definitely be on Instagram this Thursday around noon EST to answer your questions. Download a transcript of this episode.  
I know that so many of you folks who listen to this podcast love to read. You love books and more books and finding more ways to get more books into your life. In today’s episode, we’ll create a quick and easy path to figuring out what to read this winter if that’s on your radar and how to make the most of your reading minutes over the next couple of months. Helpful Companion Links Here’s my winter stack if you need to see my titles in black and white pixels. I take this seasonal approach to meal planning as well. You can hear all about it in Time to Make Your Winter Dinner Queue. My completely digital, downloadable short ebook The Swap is available through the end of the month. This episode covers the books I plan to read, but I share what I think of books I have read in my monthly newsletter, The Latest Lazy Letter. You can get on that list here. You can finder older reading stack blog posts here: Fall Reading Stack, Summer Stack, and Special Edition Stack: Kids. Follow me on Instagram @thelazygenius and share your own winter reading stack using #winterstack2020. Download a transcript of this episode.  
I love putting the proper importance on food and meals and gathering around the table but not wasting energy on the wrong things. Those wrong things look different for everyone listening, but today we’re going to figure out what matters and what doesn’t around your winter table. Stuff Mentioned The list of actual meals my family is eating from my Winter Dinner Queue this season. Hope*Writers is opening its doors to new members now through Friday, January 17th. If you already know you want in, you can click here to join using my affiliate link. If you’re interested in the From Dreaming to Doing webinar hosted by Lazy Genius mascot Emily P. Freeman, click here. Here’s how I built my fall dinner queue and here’s what we ate last summer. If you need a refresher on brainless crowdpleasers, here you go. And here’s a link to last week’s episode on planning your time this winter if you missed it. Download a transcript of this episode.
Today, I’m giving you two simple questions to ask yourself as you move into 2020 so that you can see your time in a way that makes sense for the season you’re in and makes a difference in your everyday life. Helpful Companion Links January’s Latest Lazy Letter goes out on Wednesday, and I would love for it to land in your inbox if it doesn’t already. Join the Lazy Genius VIP mailing to get this once-a-month email chock full of book recommendations, podcast talk, and a little insight I don’t share anywhere else. Instagram LIVEs are back after a little holiday hiatus. Join me there @thelazygenius on Thursday around noon EST to chat about being intentional with our time this season. Download a transcript of this episode!
#138 - A Goals Pep Talk

#138 - A Goals Pep Talk


Goals aren’t so you’ll look or be the way you think you should. They’re not to make you fit in. They’re not to make you seem like someone who’s got their life together. They’re for you. Helpful Goal-Related Companion Links Don’t set stupid goals. Here’s how. The perfect solution to dealing with screwing up a goal. If you’re craving something a little more tangible today, listen to The Lazy Genius Sets Goals or read How to Set Goals like a Normal Person. If you’re great at setting goals but it’s hard to keep them going, listen to Set the Right Goals Without Fizzling Out. And finally, if you think you need to lose weight in the new year, here’s the Lazy Genius approach to that. (P.S. This is the most downloaded episode of the podcast ever.) Taking a little time for reflection is a great thing to do this time of year. Laura Tremaine has a new episode on her podcast about questions to help you reflect. And my favorite Emily P. Freeman talks about self-reflection on The Next Right Thing. Here’s a link to that episode. Download a transcript of this episode.
#137 - A Christmas Pep Talk

#137 - A Christmas Pep Talk


Christmas is in two days. Here’s a super quick pep talk that will remind you of two important things you can do during this season. Merry Christmas! Helpful Companion Links If Christmas Eve Eve has you feeling squirrelly, listen (or relisten) to last week’s episode Ten Ideas for a Holiday Reset. Download a transcript of this episode.
We have one week until Christmas, and it might already be time for a reset. No matter how intentional we are, how much margin we create, things surprise us. And that’s okay and normal and we’ll all be fine. Here are ten tips for a reset in case you need one. Stuff Mentioned A few crowdsourced Lazy Genius holiday traveling road trip tips. Make that trip to visit grandma enjoyable from the first mile through pulling back into your driveway. And here's a companion episode for holiday road trips. I’ve put my favorite Christmas albums and nine mood-based holiday playlists I had the most fun making for you in this blog post. Here’s a helpful episode about creating traditions for the holidays or for everyday life. Andrew Peterson’s book Adorning the Dark (Amazon affiliate link) If you’re interested, here’s that article on The Kitchn about Change Your Life Chicken. Netflix has a show that’s just a fireplace burning. Bonus: You have control of the volume of the crackle. If you want to try your hand at baking but you need a place to start, try my Baking Mini-Series here. All of my baking-related podcast episodes: The Lazy Genius and Holiday Baking, The Lazy Genius Bakes Cookies, The Lazy Genius Bakes Bread, and Lazy Genius Baking with Jamie Golden. Read this before you get started so your holiday baking will involve as little murder as possible. The Lazy Genius Makes Soup; use this if you want to make your life easier later. P.S. There’s an Instagram saved story on how I make my tomato soup if that’s your kind of thing. Two podcast episodes I recommend for taking care of yourself this season: The Lazy Genius Guide to Self-Care and The Lazy Genius Daily Act of Kindness. Ideas and suggestions for gathering well: Lazy Genius Ideas for Your Holiday Party, How to Never Run Out of Food at a Party, The Lazy Genius Guide to Hosting Anything, The Lazy Genius Feeds a Crowd, The Lazy Genius Hosts a Holiday Party, and Nailing Your Holiday Vibe. Download a transcript of this episode.
I love a good mood. I love a good vibe. And our holiday memories aren’t always what we did; it’s about how we felt. We remember the vibe, the feeling the environment gave us. Let’s focus on creating that vibe and let the activities happen as they will. Here’s how. Helpful Companion Links Background music is the perfect way to add a little atmosphere to your gathering (or your workday). Here’s a post with my favorite Christmas albums and nine carefully crafted holiday playlists I had the most fun making for you. Keep the playlist magic going by supporting The Lazy Sisters on Patreon, a companion show I do with my sister Hannah. Hannah makes seasonal playlists for our supporters, and OH MY WORD, they are the best. If you missed The Lazy Genius Gift Guide, you can find it right here. Every single item on there I use or have used in my daily life, so consider it Lazy Genius tested and approved. Download a transcript of this episode!
We’re all in gift-giving and gift-buying mode and spending a lot of time on it or least are gearing up to. I want to help you be happy with the gifts you give and be more strategic and thoughtful about the time you spend on finding and buying those gifts. We’ll go through a step by step process, and I think that by the end of this episode, you’ll feel so much better about things. Stuff Mentioned Check out my Holiday Gift Guide chock full of gift ideas that are things that I have actually bought and use in my home all the time. Get my free Holiday Gift Tracker! Join the VIP mailing list to get my monthly newsletter affectionally called the Latest Lazy Letter (the next one goes out Wednesday!). Y’all, I take great pride in making that letter something you look forward to. If you’re not on the list, you can put your name on it here. Do you have thoughts or opinions about holiday gift giving? Share them with me over on Instagram. I’m @thelazygenius, and I’ll be LIVE on Thursday around noon EST. Download a transcript of this episode!
A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post titled Ten Commandments of Thanksgiving Weekend. Looking back on it, I realized some things changed, and that’s okay. That’s why I’ve put together ten strategies that will help your entire Thanksgiving week whether you’re hosting or not. This can be such a beautiful time of year, especially if you think like a Lazy Genius and be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t. Helpful Companion Links For Thanksgiving Week The inspiration behind this episode is The Ten Commandments of Thanksgiving Weekend. The first-ever Lazy Genius bundle will be on sale Black Friday through 8 a.m. EST on Saturday. Get The Swap, The Meal Plan, and The Holiday Docket for one discounted price! The best way to remember this limited time offer is to join my mailing list. If you want to embrace brainless crowdpleasers for your meals leading up to Thanksgiving, listen to One Simple Step That Changes Meal Planning Forever. The most downloaded episode of this entire podcast is The Lazy Genius Loses Weight. Spoiler alert: I do not think you need to lose weight. If you are deadset on cooking a new recipe this Thanksgiving: read How to Know If a Recipe is Any Good first. A fun, slightly messy, but delicious kid activity: Stupid Easy Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels. Download a transcript of this episode.  
I love the idea of being thoughtful and intentional about anything, and traditions definitely fit the bill. So today, we’re going to walk through ten steps to creating your own so you’ll be able to think about traditions like a Lazy Genius and then maybe actually do them. This conversation is all about creating your own traditions, so no matter what your family unit looks like, this conversation is for you. Helpful Companion Links This week’s topic was inspired by a conversation during last week’s Instagram Live! You can find me there @thelazygenius. I usually host a LIVE Q&A on Thursdays around noon EST (except for this week), and you can re-watch previous Lives on IGTV. The Lazy Genius Black Friday Bundle will be available for a one-day only flash sale beginning Friday, November 29. Hop on my mailing list so you won’t miss out on buying all three Lazy Genius products for one low price. Download a transcript of this episode.
Y’all, we’re about to spend an entire episode talking about Thanksgiving turkey. Or just turkey if you periodically cook a ten pound bird when it’s not Thanksgiving. I want to talk through it a little because sometimes we need a voice telling us we’re doing okay, especially when we’re dealing with a giant dead bird and hungry, mildly judgmental family members. Stuff Mentioned I shared my absolute favorite turkey recipe a few years ago, and I still stand by it. Watch the crowd from New Girl defrost a turkey in a dryer. Do you have thoughts or opinions about cooking turkey? Share them with me over on Instagram. I’m @thelazygenius, and I’ll be LIVE on Thursday around noon EST. Download a transcript from this episode.
It is the first week of November, and all of the holiday hosting is about to hit hard so I want to give you some tools to enjoy this time, not dread it.  Helpful Companion Links Get this month’s Latest Lazy Letter by joining the Lazy Genius VIP list here. I share ten Thanksgiving hosting tips along with three keys to hosting success in The Lazy Genius Hosts Thanksgiving. If you’re already bracing yourself for the grating conversations you’ll have with family members you can’t not invite to things, listen to The Lazy Genius Navigates Family Tension. Did your hears perk up at my description of my sister’s magical playlist making abilities? We share some of her beautiful playlists as an extra for our Lazy Sisters Podcast listeners. No matter what you’re hosting, creating an environment that matches your purpose is such a gift to the people entering your home. I say more words about that in The Lazy Genius Hosts a Holiday Party. The best podcast episodes though to go along with this are The Lazy Genius Feeds a Crowd and The Lazy Genius Guide to Flexibility. If you need a tutor for food math, check out How to Never Run Out of Food at Your Party. It’s a proven method. By me. The Lazy Genius. Download a transcript of this episode.  
It’s about that time. Grandparents in faraway states are waiting, but getting in the car with all the stuff and possibly all the children can feel daunting. Hopefully, this episode will help that, but please note, this episode only covers being in the car, not packing or being on vacation or leaving or coming home. It’s just for being in the car, which is really the most exhausting part. Stuff Mentioned See how other Lazy Geniuses tackle road trips with Road Tested Road Trip Tips, a round-up of the suggestions you shared with me on Instagram recently. Speaking of Instagram, you can find me on the app @thelazygenius. I’m usually there every Thursday around 12:15 pm EST, but this week we’re holding that commitment loosely because of some family medical appointments. I’ll post about it on the feed if I can make it.  My travel guru is Tsh Oxenreider who says the more your kids travel, the better travelers they’ll become -- which is true of just about anything really. Join the VIP mailing list to get my monthly newsletter affectionally called the Latest Lazy Letter. Y’all, I take great pride in making that letter something you look forward to. If you’re not on the list, you can put your name on this list here. Download a transcript of today’s episode
Chaos and frenzy pull me under. I feel stressed out, I get headaches, I get mad, my body physically hurts, and I don’t enjoy what’s happening right in front of me. That’s no fun at any point in the year or my life, but it’s a particular bummer around this time of year. None of us want to feel frenzied, but sometimes even with intentional plans, it happens anyway. Today, let’s talk about one small way to keep that frenzy at bay. If you haven’t joined me over Instagram, you can find me @thelazygenius. I’m there live on most Thursdays around noon EST, but I won’t be there this week.  If you think you’ve missed out on The Holiday Docket, don’t worry. It’s still available here.  To get a jump start on your fall routine, there’s an episode for that --  The Lazy Genius Plan for Fall Routine.  Something I believe strongly in is using opening and closing ceremonies during hectic seasons of life (just like the Olympics). Here’s how to Plan Your Opening Ceremony. Take dinner off your stressor list by taking some ideas from my fall dinner queue. Download a transcript of this episode!
A few weeks ago, I shared how I plan a week like a Lazy Genius. That led us to a great conversation on Instagram about the many, many options available to us when we’re choosing a planner. But here’s the thing, there’s no perfect planner because there’s no way to manufacture a perfect life. This week, I’m sharing how to use planners as tools in being a genius about things that matter and lazy about things that don’t. Links That Might Be Helpful If you’re looking for planners that I’ve used in the past or use now or planners my friends have used, read The Lazy Genius Guide to Planners. Did you miss the weekly plan episode? Listen to The Lazy Genius Weekly Plan. If you want to know when the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which contains my ebook The Swap, goes on sale, click here to get on the list to be notified.  I’ll be LIVE on Instagram this Thursday at noon EST if you’re around. I usually post a photo in my feed before I go live, so if you have a question for me, leave it there. I’ll try my best to answer it. Download a transcript of this episode!
There are lots of ways to approach shopping for groceries from where you go to making a shopping list, and today I’m going to share my seven principles for buying groceries like a Lazy Genius. We can, in fact, Lazy Genius just about anything, including how, when, where, and even why you buy groceries. I think you’ll really be encouraged and motivated by the end of this episode.  Stuff Mentioned My ebook The Swap is part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale that’s happening October 16-17. Sign up for The Lazy Genius VIP email list to get a reminder when the sale goes live. Does your meal plan have House Hunters syndrome? Maybe your grocery shopping style has it, too. Some more of my thoughts on grocery shopping can be found all over my website, including The Lazy Genius Shops at Costco, The Lazy Genius Shops at Aldi, and The Lazy Genius Shops at the Farmers’ Market. Do you have thoughts or opinions about grocery shopping? Share them with me over on Instagram. I’m @thelazygenius, and I’ll be LIVE on Thursday around noon EST to talk about groceries. I mention The Nester in this episode. She’s a delight and so is her annual Nest Fest that happens later this month. Download a transcript of this episode.
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Routine is not about what you are doing but where you are heading 😊

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Love it!💙 Kendra always amazes me with her life changing tips and hacks. This podcast is to the point and fun to listen to.

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