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Being a person is hard, and The Lazy Genius Podcast is here to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. From laundry to cooking chicken to making new friends, Kendra is here to welcome you into an easier way.
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I love the idea of being thoughtful and intentional about anything, and traditions definitely fit the bill. So today, we’re going to walk through ten steps to creating your own so you’ll be able to think about traditions like a Lazy Genius and then maybe actually do them. This conversation is all about creating your own traditions, so no matter what your family unit looks like, this conversation is for you. Helpful Companion Links This week’s topic was inspired by a conversation during last week’s Instagram Live! You can find me there @thelazygenius. I usually host a LIVE Q&A on Thursdays around noon EST (except for this week), and you can re-watch previous Lives on IGTV. The Lazy Genius Black Friday Bundle will be available for a one-day only flash sale beginning Friday, November 29. Hop on my mailing list so you won’t miss out on buying all three Lazy Genius products for one low price. Download a transcript of this episode.
Y’all, we’re about to spend an entire episode talking about Thanksgiving turkey. Or just turkey if you periodically cook a ten pound bird when it’s not Thanksgiving. I want to talk through it a little because sometimes we need a voice telling us we’re doing okay, especially when we’re dealing with a giant dead bird and hungry, mildly judgmental family members. Stuff Mentioned I shared my absolute favorite turkey recipe a few years ago, and I still stand by it. Watch the crowd from New Girl defrost a turkey in a dryer. Do you have thoughts or opinions about cooking turkey? Share them with me over on Instagram. I’m @thelazygenius, and I’ll be LIVE on Thursday around noon EST. Download a transcript from this episode.
It is the first week of November, and all of the holiday hosting is about to hit hard so I want to give you some tools to enjoy this time, not dread it.  Helpful Companion Links Get this month’s Latest Lazy Letter by joining the Lazy Genius VIP list here. I share ten Thanksgiving hosting tips along with three keys to hosting success in The Lazy Genius Hosts Thanksgiving. If you’re already bracing yourself for the grating conversations you’ll have with family members you can’t not invite to things, listen to The Lazy Genius Navigates Family Tension. Did your hears perk up at my description of my sister’s magical playlist making abilities? We share some of her beautiful playlists as an extra for our Lazy Sisters Podcast listeners. No matter what you’re hosting, creating an environment that matches your purpose is such a gift to the people entering your home. I say more words about that in The Lazy Genius Hosts a Holiday Party. The best podcast episodes though to go along with this are The Lazy Genius Feeds a Crowd and The Lazy Genius Guide to Flexibility. If you need a tutor for food math, check out How to Never Run Out of Food at Your Party. It’s a proven method. By me. The Lazy Genius. Download a transcript of this episode.  
It’s about that time. Grandparents in faraway states are waiting, but getting in the car with all the stuff and possibly all the children can feel daunting. Hopefully, this episode will help that, but please note, this episode only covers being in the car, not packing or being on vacation or leaving or coming home. It’s just for being in the car, which is really the most exhausting part. Stuff Mentioned See how other Lazy Geniuses tackle road trips with Road Tested Road Trip Tips, a round-up of the suggestions you shared with me on Instagram recently. Speaking of Instagram, you can find me on the app @thelazygenius. I’m usually there every Thursday around 12:15 pm EST, but this week we’re holding that commitment loosely because of some family medical appointments. I’ll post about it on the feed if I can make it.  My travel guru is Tsh Oxenreider who says the more your kids travel, the better travelers they’ll become -- which is true of just about anything really. Join the VIP mailing list to get my monthly newsletter affectionally called the Latest Lazy Letter. Y’all, I take great pride in making that letter something you look forward to. If you’re not on the list, you can put your name on this list here. Download a transcript of today’s episode
Chaos and frenzy pull me under. I feel stressed out, I get headaches, I get mad, my body physically hurts, and I don’t enjoy what’s happening right in front of me. That’s no fun at any point in the year or my life, but it’s a particular bummer around this time of year. None of us want to feel frenzied, but sometimes even with intentional plans, it happens anyway. Today, let’s talk about one small way to keep that frenzy at bay. If you haven’t joined me over Instagram, you can find me @thelazygenius. I’m there live on most Thursdays around noon EST, but I won’t be there this week.  If you think you’ve missed out on The Holiday Docket, don’t worry. It’s still available here.  To get a jump start on your fall routine, there’s an episode for that --  The Lazy Genius Plan for Fall Routine.  Something I believe strongly in is using opening and closing ceremonies during hectic seasons of life (just like the Olympics). Here’s how to Plan Your Opening Ceremony. Take dinner off your stressor list by taking some ideas from my fall dinner queue. Download a transcript of this episode!
A few weeks ago, I shared how I plan a week like a Lazy Genius. That led us to a great conversation on Instagram about the many, many options available to us when we’re choosing a planner. But here’s the thing, there’s no perfect planner because there’s no way to manufacture a perfect life. This week, I’m sharing how to use planners as tools in being a genius about things that matter and lazy about things that don’t. Links That Might Be Helpful If you’re looking for planners that I’ve used in the past or use now or planners my friends have used, read The Lazy Genius Guide to Planners. Did you miss the weekly plan episode? Listen to The Lazy Genius Weekly Plan. If you want to know when the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which contains my ebook The Swap, goes on sale, click here to get on the list to be notified.  I’ll be LIVE on Instagram this Thursday at noon EST if you’re around. I usually post a photo in my feed before I go live, so if you have a question for me, leave it there. I’ll try my best to answer it. Download a transcript of this episode!
There are lots of ways to approach shopping for groceries from where you go to making a shopping list, and today I’m going to share my seven principles for buying groceries like a Lazy Genius. We can, in fact, Lazy Genius just about anything, including how, when, where, and even why you buy groceries. I think you’ll really be encouraged and motivated by the end of this episode.  Stuff Mentioned My ebook The Swap is part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale that’s happening October 16-17. Sign up for The Lazy Genius VIP email list to get a reminder when the sale goes live. Does your meal plan have House Hunters syndrome? Maybe your grocery shopping style has it, too. Some more of my thoughts on grocery shopping can be found all over my website, including The Lazy Genius Shops at Costco, The Lazy Genius Shops at Aldi, and The Lazy Genius Shops at the Farmers’ Market. Do you have thoughts or opinions about grocery shopping? Share them with me over on Instagram. I’m @thelazygenius, and I’ll be LIVE on Thursday around noon EST to talk about groceries. I mention The Nester in this episode. She’s a delight and so is her annual Nest Fest that happens later this month. Download a transcript of this episode.
Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do, but you’re allowed to ask for help, no matter the circumstance. It’s good, in fact, to ask for help. And today, we’re talking about the ways to do it – the different kinds of therapy and different reasons why or why not you might pursue them. Plus, I talk about how to be a good friend to someone else who needs help. It’s a heavy topic, but one that I want to join in the flow of normalizing it. Links You May Find Helpful If you’ve thought about joining Hope*Writers before, now is your chance! The doors open Tuesday, October 1 through Friday, October 4. Take the quiz to see where you are on the writing journey, and they’ll send you a notification when the doors open.  My friend, Laura Tremaine, hosts the 10 Things To Tell You podcast and normalizes therapy and mental health struggles in her Internet space. Check out her Instagram highlights or listen to her podcast. I suggest starting with the episode called 10 Thoughts on Anxiety.  Lazy Genius mascot and all-around beloved person Emily P. Freeman talks about how to be a good listener on her podcast The Next Right Thing in episode 94 called Ask the Second Question. The Liturgists podcast recently released a series of episodes on the Enneagram, specifically about the instinctual postures and the 27 subtypes. If that makes no sense to you but you’re interested in learning about the Enneagram, I have two episodes about it: The Truth About Your Enneagram Number and How to Make Sense of Yourself. The National Institute of Mental Health has a comprehensive overview of crisis hotlines and how to get started in finding a mental health provider in your area on their website.  Download a transcript of this episode. October 3, 2019 Update: Some Lazy Genius listeners chimed in with some thoughtful commentary on terms and distinctions not included in this episode. I’ve listed them below: “In California, my official title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In my state, all therapists have to have a minimum of a master's degree plus supervised 3000 intern hours in order to be eligible for Licensure. I know all states have different titles for various offerings of mental health professions. The description you gave of counselors in the episode is what my training was, but we are known as therapists where I live. I thought it might be helpful for your audience to know that the area they live in may use different titles as they explore their options.” “Psychiatrists have a MD, not a PhD (although of course, some may have PhDs in another field). They go through medical school and a psychiatric residency.” “I am a clinical social worker, and beyond my master’s degree in social work, I had to get about 2,000 supervised hours, and pass a test at a clinical level. For most social workers who do not want to teach at college or do research/get a PhD, this is the highest level we attain to. Social work is a strengths-based area, instead of deficiency based, as some areas are.”
If you’ve ever purchased multiple planners in a year, this episode is for you. Today, we’re walking through three questions to ask when planning your week, and then we’ll use my own weekly plan for this week as a kind of case study to see how the questions are put into practice. It’s a simple approach but incredibly impactful. Helpful Companion Links If you want to tackle learning how to freeze food this fall, don’t miss out on The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Freezing. If nothing else, give @naptimekitchen a follow on the ‘gram. Kate is an absolute delight. I’m currently using the Sacred Ordinary Days planner, and it works well for me.  When I have a busy week, I lean on my list of brainless crowdpleasers to make dinner easier. Listen to One Simple Step That Changes Meal Planning Forever if you want to know how I develop that list. I share my Meal Plan Monday every week on Instagram. Follow me there to grab the template and share your own.  Speaking on Instagram, I’ll be there LIVE this Thursday around noon EST to answer questions about this episode. Join me. Download a transcript of this episode.
Snacks, homework, playing, chores, making dinner, not to mention those extracurriculars if your kids are into sports and clubs. The reason why the hours after school is over feel frenzied is because it IS frenzied. But a routine can help. In this episode, we will talk about why a routine is helpful, how to build one that works for you, and I’ll share our personal after school routine in case you need specific ideas.   Stuff Mentioned If you’re looking how to Lazy Genius a routine, take a look at my series on routines: Morning, Evening, Skincare, Exercise, Bedtime for Kids, and Cleaning. Listen to How to Lazy Genius Kid Chores to learn more about Daily Sheets. The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan If you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to join me for an Instagram LIVE on Thursday around 12 or 12:15 p.m. EST. Get behind-the-scenes info and my latest book, podcast, and music recommendations by signing up for the Latest Lazy Letter, a newsletter I send out every month. Download a transcript of this episode.
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Kalaila O'Neill

Routine is not about what you are doing but where you are heading 😊

Sep 16th

Jodi Skrip Horsley

So funny!! I save Garnet Hill too but never actually take the time to go through it. LOL

Mar 28th


Love it!💙 Kendra always amazes me with her life changing tips and hacks. This podcast is to the point and fun to listen to.

Feb 24th

Debi Zahn

Kendra, this is quite possibly your most genius episode yet!!! It never occurred to me that I could change my pantry based on the need for a giant vat of hot chocolate mix!!!! Love it!!

Nov 26th

Barbara Bryon Wisdom

this was great! thank you

Nov 13th

Debi Zahn

Such a great episode! And the last minute made me laugh so hard! Love it!

Nov 5th

Lupita Juan

música normal

Sep 3rd

Rebecca Hinson Beck

Such a great episode! The tips on Lazy Genius are spot on!!

Jul 26th

Krystal Bickel

I love your podcast! You are so funny and have great tips!

Feb 8th

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I really like your Podcast! It really encourage me for my busy life. Thank you!

Jan 25th
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