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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.
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Biden, Harris to appear for first time as running mates tomorrow;
Report: 97,000 children infected in last 2 weeks of July; Surge in positive child cases as school open doors across U.S.; GA school in viral photo temporarily closes after 9 test positive; GA lawmaker sets up whistleblower email for people to report issues in schools; Texas positivity rate hits record high at 20%; Reports: top college conferences weigh canceling football season; Experts: “no way” Moderna vaccine will be ready by Nov election; Report: U.S. among worst performing countries handling COVID-19; GOP’s Sasse calls Trump’s executive orders “unconstitutional slop”; Trump says top democrats reached out for negotiations, Schumer & Pelosi say there’s been no contact since Friday; Trump: convention speech will be at WH or Gettysburg; NYT: WH inquired about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore; Trump claims WH never asked about adding his face to Mount Rushmore but says it’s a “good idea”; Study: neck gaiters less effective than not wearing mask; Study: bandanas and knit masks do not offer much protection; Osterholm & Kashkari: we need another lockdown; Should the U.S. go into a second lockdown?; Intel officials feared Russia was trying to “recruit” Trump; Top U.S. official: Russia attempting 2020 election interference;  Concerns mount over mail-in ballots ahead of election; Postal worker: “we’re not providing the service that we provided” before Trump appointee took charge; Post office under scrutiny over cost cutting measures; Biden expected to name his running mate this week; Biden campaign pushes back against sexist allegations leveled at possible VP picks; Major U.S. cities continue to see uptick in violence & crime, some seek federal assistance; Over 100 arrested, at least 13 officers injured in Chicago as looters wreak havoc across downtown; Chicago police increase presence amid rising tensions & violence; New video captures moment blast decimated Beirut port;
New data shows 64% of cases are ages 25-64; Hospitals prepare as 250K expected in SD for motorcycle rally; COVID-19 testing declining in at least 29 states; Intel Officials: Russia spreading false info about Biden while China & Iran are attempting to damage Trump; Trump seizes on Biden’s comments on black and Latino diversity; Biden seeks to clarify comment that Latinos are diverse “unlike the African American community”; U.S. adds 1.8M jobs in July, unemployment falls to 10.2%; Cuomo: All NY school districts are authorized to open; Trump pushes for school reopenings, as the W.H.O. says the pandemic is skewing younger; At least 7.1 million students in the U.S. starting school fully online; AZ facing influx of thousands of students, tourists; Data shows stricter measures in AZ are working, but experts warn the state is not in the clear; AZ gov credits masks & distancing for declining cases; Woman still battling virus side effects after 140+ days; Michelle Obama says she’s doing “just fine” after opening up about low grade depression; Study: 1 in 3 Americans suffering from anxiety or depression; World confronts two deadly global crises; Experts warn of anti-science bias amid two crises; Postal Service head says election mail will not be slowed down despite Trump’s claims of delays; Dems want investigation into Postal Service before election;
Trump falsely says kids are “almost immune” to COVID-19; Trump claims virus will “go away”, Fauci says it won’t ever disappear; Trump claims Biden, a devout catholic, wants to “hurt god”; FDA commissioner denies political pressure over COVID-19 vaccine; Trump “optimistic” a vaccine would be ready by election while White House medical experts predict early 2021; WH, Dems “trillion of dollars” apart on stimulus deal; Another 1.2 million Americans file for unemployment benefits; Grocery store prices spike as more Americans are stuck at home and processing plants are forced to close; Ohio GOP gov tests positive ahead of meeting with Trump; State department lifts global “do not travel” advisory; Germany sees 1,000 new cases in a day for first time in 2+ months; Germany requiring tests for travelers from high-risk places; TSA to install plastic shields at airport security checkpoints; Delta CEO warns of “long and somewhat choppy” recovery; Biden could announce his running mate any day now; Kamala Harris, Karen Bass & Susan Rice among top contenders;
N.I.H. announces two new trials for antibody treatments; Without proof, Trump claims mail-in voting would be a “disaster,” then moments later, endorses Arizona mail-in voting; Families struggle to pay bills without $600 unemployment boost; Several people in Mississippi school district test positive after return to class; 100+ kids quarantined; Nurse saves her newborns at hospital near blast site; Lebanese officials: 2000+ tons of ammonium nitrate caused blast; Def Sec: most believe Beirut blast was an accident, after Trump suggests it was a bomb attack
Dr. Fauci: New community spread outbreaks are “insidious”; Trump defends holding Tulsa rally by touting TV ratings; Trump falsely claims virus “under control” as death toll climbs; Study: Need comprehensive testing & tracing to reopen schools; “It is what it is”: Trump responds to 156,000+ Americans dying of virus; Trump makes false claims about U.S. testing, death rates; National Sec adviser at WH after recovering from COVID; Lebanese Red Cross makes urgent call for blood donations; Lebanese official blames “confiscated high explosive material” for blast injuring hundreds in Beirut; The testing crisis: what 20 experts say they need from fed govt; Trump testing Czar: “Tell me one thing we should be doing”; 20 experts to CNN: More supplies & support; Lab official: We need support at the federal level for testing; The consensus from 20 experts: Trump administration is not doing enough to increase testing capacity; Trump falsely claims there is too much testing; Voters cast primary ballots in 5 states, all offer mail-in-voting due to pandemic; Trump contradicts himself, encourages Floridians to vote by mail; Trump claims without evidence mail-in voting is plagued by fraud; Trump downplays John Lewis’ legacy, complains Lewis “didn’t come to my inauguration”; Vulnerable GOP lawmaker: If we can’t get a deal, “we have failed the American people”; 100M+ at risk for flooding, damaging winds as Isaias moves north;
Dr. Birx: U.S. has entered “new phase” of the pandemic; W.H.O.: COVID impact to be felt for “decades to come”; In Georgia county, 250 school employees not working after testing positive or being exposed to COVID-19; Study: some show signs of immunity without exposure to virus; Pelosi doubles down on lack of confidence in Birx; Trump still pushing hydroxychloroquine, contradicting WH officials; WH now requires staff to take random COVID tests; Trump promised new heath care plan two weeks ago, still no announcement; Trump’s new campaign manager wants “more debates, starting sooner”; Biden defends Dr. Birx, vows to focus on virus; Stimulus negotiations in a “bad pace” despite optimistic talk; Trump says he’s “totally involved” with stimulus talks, claims democrats “want bailout money”; The Atlantic slams Trump: “America first was America oblivious”; New report: “bloated, inefficient health-care system left hospitals ill-prepared” for wave of virus patients; New report: “racist policies” left minorities especially vulnerable; The Atlantic: “everything that went wrong with America’s response… was predictable and preventable”; Scientists fear Trump will try to roll out vaccine early; Dr. Fauci: there is no one-size-fits-all with vaccines; AZ couple “paid the price” for not wearing masks, social distancing; Mask debate rages on in parts of the U.S., as cases rise in rural areas; Judge speaks out about deadly attack against her family for first time, says her son died protecting his father from gunman; In powerful video, Judge Salas says son’s death “cannot be in vain”, calls for more protection for judges: this is “life or death”; Isaias expected to become a hurricane before landfall in Carolinas;
CDC Dir: 5 steps give “same bang for buck” as shutting economy; Fauci: Safe & effective vaccine by end of 2020 real possibility; Fauci: Virus got worse because U.S. unevenly shut down; Fauci: “Avoid crowds of any type no matter where you are”; Testing Czar: U.S. can’t guarantee test results in 48-72 hours; CDC forecast projects more than 173,000 U.S. deaths by Aug 22; Extra federal unemployment benefits expire tonight while White House & Pelosi trade jabs; Congress adjourns without stimulus agreement; Pelosi slams GOP stimulus offers “public relations stunt”; Trump claims without evidence election will be “rigged” as Trump campaign reviews messaging strategy; Trump claims 2020 will be “election disaster” as Dems & GOP agree he can’t delay election; Trump falsely repeats more testing has led to more U.S. cases; Report: Camp didn’t follow all CDC guidance, lead to outbreak; 60 of 101 largest U.S. school districts starting year with all online classes; NYC Mayor: Infection rate must be below 3% to reopen schools; Trump renews unfounded claim mail-in ballots will “rig” election; Postal workers warn of delivery backlogs, possible ballot delays in November; Postal Service: Notion of Trump’s political influence on postmaster is “wholly misplaced and off-base”; Trump holding event at airport in Florida; Parents die 15 days apart, leaving two young sons behind; Kurds displaced & helpless since U.S. forces abandoned them; Life on the Turkish-Syrian border nine months after U.S. abandoned Kurdish allies;
Congress deadlocked on new economic stimulus; Trump floats delaying election despite no authority to do so; Trump Campaign: Pres simply raising question of election security; Fauci warns virus resurgence is moving into Midwestern states; FDA could grant emergency use for vaccine in weeks after proven effective; Former CEO and presidential candidate Herman Cain dies from virus; Phillies cancel all stadium activities after 2 staff test positive; New study raises questions about young children transmitting virus; U.S. hits first recession in 11 years, weekly jobless claims rise for second week in a row; Next report on economic growth due out days before election; Eviction threat looms for millions of Americans; Aspen Institute: 20 million+ Americans at risk of eviction; Census survey: More than 40% of black renters say they had little or no confidence in paying August rent; CNN conducts first TV interview with head of operation Warp Speed, who is working on vaccine; Operation Warp Speed leader: Vaccine will likely be 90% effective; Amount of time vaccine will protect against COVID-19 still unknown says Operation Warp Speed leader; Operation Warp Speed leader “optimistic” vaccines will be available for all Americans in first half of 2021;
U.S. hits deadliest day of the summer from coronavirus; Second Republican set to meet with Trump today tests positive; Trump targets suburban voters with repeal of housing rule; Trump admits he never discussed Iran bounties on U.S. troops with Putin; Trump had at least seven calls with Putin since intel on Russian bounty plot appeared in his daily briefing; Trump plans to pull 12k troops from Germany, dozens of Republicans say move will encourage Russian aggression; Survey: nearly 50% of Brazil’s doctors feel pressure to prescribe unproven medicine as coronavirus treatment; Brazil’s president continues to tout effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine without proven success; Medical experts: “we’re failing” and to reopen U.S. need to fix testing, do two million tests per day; New push to renew Voting Rights Act after John Lewis’ death; GOP officials resist pressure to expand mail-in voting; Civil rights group: 1,688 polling places closed after Supreme Court invalidated Voting Rights Act; Texas man dies after getting COVID at father’s birthday party
Biden slams Trump: A change of “tone” over a few days doesn’t change the facts of last four years; Biden: I will choose a running mate the first week in August; AG  Barr: Calls to defund police “grossly irresponsible”; Barr to Dems: Can you point to one Trump enemy I’ve indicted?; Barr: No reason to think 2020 election will be rigged; Nadler: AG Barr “aided and abetted” worst failings of Trump; Republicans defend AG Barr, accuse Dems of playing politics; AG Barr claims he has been trying to “restore the Rule of Law”; GOP Rep. Jordan shows mashup of reporters saying “peaceful protests” out of context during Barr hearing; Dr. Fauci responds to Trump: I have not mislead the public; Florida reports new record number of virus deaths; 22 states seeing rise in cases, 20 holding steady, 8 declining; More Miami Marlins players reportedly test positive as commissioner warns outbreak could shut down season;
Pres Trump’s national security advisor tests positive, WH: Trump not at risk; WH testing czar says U.S. not where it need to be; Trump won’t say if alleged bounties on troops came up in Putin call; 7-day average for new case at lowest level in 10 days; COVID-19 deaths on the rise in at least 29 states; Moderna begins first phase 3 clinical trial of vaccine in U.S., 30,000 adults expected to participate; MLB season lasts just 4 days before new cases force cancellations; Hurricane slams Texas coast as state battles virus surge; Google extends work-from-home until at least July 2021; Some medical experts now calling for nationwide lockdown; Dr. Birx says Kentucky should close bars as cases spike; Florida reports nearly 9,000 new COVID cases, 77 more deaths; Hialeah mayor: Gov DeSanctis forgot about my city; CNN poll: 63% of Floridians say DeSantis could do more to fight coronavirus; 46 Florida hospitals reach ICU capacity President Trump using protests to spread law & order messaging amid slipping poll numbers; 47 arrested, 59 police officers injured as Seattle protests become riot; Man shot and killed during a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin; WH already floating a smaller plan B package on same day GOP unveils bill; GOP propose cutting unemployment benefits by $400/per person; Republicans unveil $1 trillion coronavirus relief package; Pelosi calls on republicans to work with Dems to “get the job done” on stimulus package; Lewis motorcade stops at MLK memorial, Lincoln memorial, Black Lives Matter Plaza before U.S. capitol ceremony; Rep. John Lewis is first black lawmaker to lie in state at U.S. capitol rotunda; Tonight: public allowed to pay respects to Rep. john Lewis; President Trump will not visit capitol to pay respects to Rep. John Lewis
US daily death toll topped 1,000 for third straight day; Hospitalizations hitting levels not seen since April peak; Birx: surge in U.S. “very serious” like we’re seeing 3 New Yorks; CDC pushes for schools to reopen in new guidance; Critics claim the agency is being politicized; Birx and Fauci: unclear how severely young kids spread COVID-19; Average new case counts down or flat in at least half of U.S.; Birx: Florida, Arizona, Texas & California plateauing; CA reports highest number of COVID-19 deaths in cone day; McDonald’s & Chipotle to require customers to wear masks; Trump cancels GOP convention activities in Florida, but North Carolina events are still on, for now; Sources: Trump erupted over defense dept ban on confederate flag; White House won’t say if Trump & Putin discussed election interference or bounties on Thursday call; Dr. Birx sees concerning rise in cases in two Ohio cities; Ohio governor’s statewide mask mandate is now in effect; At least one person died, 19 others infected at Ohio country fair;  WA tightens restrictions, announces mask requirement amid spike; Washington state sees surge in cases after easing lockdown; DHS admits to “inaccurate” statements in NY global entry ban; Any minute: China’s Houston consulate to officially close; Pompeo: China’s Houston consulate is “a hub for spying”; China forces U.S. to close consulate in Chengdu as tensions rise; U.S. officials: China’s consulates help run espionage network; Confusion & stress about policies and guidance on virus; The psychology of remote learning… for students, parents and teachers; CDC: COVID-19 on track to be a top 10 cause of death in 2020; Beloved Florida grandmother among victims of coronavirus;
Ex-FDA commissioner: U.S. could see 300,000 deaths; U.S. positivity rate rises as infections continue to spike; MLB returns tonight with no fans, handshakes or high-fives; U.S. timeline: Cases jump from 3 to 4 million in just 15 days, after taking 99 days to reach first million; Trump brags about passing test meant to detect early memory loss; Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV: What is Trump talking about?; Trump tweets warning about Biden to “suburban housewives”; White House says Trump and Putin spoke today about coronavirus & arms race; no mention of bounties; Trump to send hundreds of federal agents to “Democrat-run” cities; 1.4 million Americans file for unemployment, first weekly increase in almost 4 months; Sources: GOP stimulus proposals include new direct checks to Americans, $105B for schools, $26B for vaccine research; Senate Republicans reject Trump’s demand for payroll tax cut in new stimulus ban; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: Rep. Yoho called me a F*****g B***h”, gave permission to use “unacceptable” language against women; Alex Rodriguez on the return of baseball; Dr. Fauci to throw out first pitch at tonight’s Nationals game; Nationals star player tests positive ahead of tonight’s game; Remembering 13 nuns from single convent who died of virus;
HHS Secy commits to free or affordable vaccines for all; 53 Florida ICU's at capacity despite Gov. downplaying surge; NFL to require fans to wear face coverings at games; Trump admits virus will get worse, finally endorses masks; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package; WH counselor Kellyanne Conway says briefings are back because some states reopened "a little too quickly"; Cruz on GOP's coronavirus relief plan: "I'm a hell no"; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package; Trump says he's sending "hundreds" of federal agents to Chicago; Trump admin abruptly orders Chinese  consulate in TX to close; Houston Fire Dept: crew "denied access" when called to fire at Chinese consulate's courtyard; China calls order to close consulate "political provocation"; Trump sends well wishes to Jeffrey Epstein associate
Dr. Fauci on not attending today’s briefing with Trump; Dr. Fauci: As a whole, we need to improve testing; Dr. Fauci: I consider myself a realist rather than an alarmist; Dr. Fauci: I would not wait to see if one vaccine is better than another; Dr. Fauci: We should try “as best as we can” to get children back to school; 3 million more infections and 86K deaths since President Trump last held a coronavirus briefing; CDC number of Americans who’ve had COVID-19 could be 6 to 24 times more than the official count; Texas reports several days in a row of over 10,000 new cases; Surgeon General: U.S. needs to lower COVID-19 transmission rate; 54 hospital intensive care units have reached capacity in FL; Drugmaker says Astrazeneca/Oxford vaccine could be ready by Sept.; Meadows on stimulus negotiations: “At our own 20 yard line”; Top WH officials meeting with lawmakers on next economic deal; McConnell supports another round of direct payments to Americans; 1,100 inmates with virus at federal prison in Texas; 500+ women with virus at another Texas facility; While Trump publicly attacks China, the Trump Org has bought more than 8 tons of goods from China; City of Houston lost three employees in one week to virus; Texas border county orders people to stay home as cases surge;
Still no new national strategy as U.S. nears 141,000 deaths; Trump tweets photo of himself wearing a mask, calls it “patriotic”; Death toll up week over week in at least 20 states; WV governor: multiple outbreaks linked to seven churches; MO gov on schools: infected kids will “go home” & “get over it”; Source: white house objecting to more funding for CDC and for states to increase testing, contact tracing; Trump says he’ll bring back briefings as his approval ratings falls; Miami to begin fining people for not wearing a mask; Emergency rooms overwhelmed, Miami-Dade ICU bed capacity at 130%; California reports 6,800+ new cases today, rise in hospitalizations; Air force medical team deploys to CA hospital amid surge; CA battling new surges despite being first state with shutdowns; What went wrong in California, as cases continue to surge; Los Angeles mayor: “on the brink” of another stay-at-home order; Gunman in NJ shooting identified as a lawyer; Had appending case in front of federal judge; Feds use tear gas on Portland protesters; Navy vet beaten & sprayed by federal officers in Portland; Mayors of five major cities call for removal of federal troops in joint letter to Trump & Barr; Trump announces plans to send more federal law enforcement to cities run by democrats; Longtime DC radio host Patrick Ellis among COVID-19 victims
AZ Doctor: People are fainting in line waiting for tests; CA Gov: Most counties shouldn’t have in-person school this fall; Moments ago: FL Gov says he won’t close gyms, says a healthy lifestyle will lead to lower coronavirus risk; Fauci: “Default” position should be to get kids back to school; Study: other coronaviruses may provide some immunity to COVID-19; Kellyanne Conway says Trump should resume daily briefings; Unpublished WH Task Force report shows 18 states in virus “Red Zone” should roll back reopenings; CDC delays release of more details on reopening schools; Sources: WH allows Fauci to resume national TV appearances; Fauci: State & local leaders should be “as forceful as possible”; Home Depot & Lowe’s join cascade of stores to require customers wear masks after Walmart, Target, CVS; Clashes escalate over mandatory mask rules; Corporate America takes lead on mask mandates in absence of national policy; 21 retail CEOs: “enough is enough”, all U.S. governors need to require masks in stores; Russia touts vaccine development but faces accusations of stealing research; Exclusive video of Russian lab Kremlin claims is close to coronavirus vaccine;
Only two states seeing a decline in coronavirus cases; One month ago, Pence said “panic” over second wave “overblown”; Georgia governor bans all local mask mandates; Cases increase in 39 states, 9 states flat; only 2 declining; U.S. travel bans came too late for NYC according to CDC; Texas hotel being turned into hospital for non-coronavirus patients; Gov Cuomo tightens enforcement for NYC bars, restaurants; WH: “Science should not stand in the way” of schools reopening, citing study showing low risk to kids; New Study: Hydroxychloroquine touted by Trump doesn’t help any patients, hospitalized or not; WH: Trump “doing a lot of things at once” amid coronavirus surge; U.S., U.K. Canadian intelligence: Russian hack groups tried to steal COVID-19 research; American Airlines warns 25k employees of potential furloughs; NYC Mayor proposes hybrid of classroom & online learning; Mississippi & Connecticut: Similar states, opposite outcomes; Remembering a California father, veteran & community activist;
Trump backs away from attacking Dr. Fauci after advisor pens op-ed saying Fauci is wrong about Covid; Hospital data will now be sent to Trump admin instead of CDC; Alabama becomes the 36th state to require masks in public; Miami-Dade testing positivity rate at more than 30%; Walmart mandates masks at all stores starting next week; CA reports 2nd highest one-day increase in cases & deaths; New poll shows Biden widening lead on Trump, as Trump's job approval drops to 36%; CDC estimates 20m cases in the U.S., when only 2m were diagnosed; Seven months into pandemic, questions remain on immunity, symptoms, and how it spreads; Study: nearly 25% of all U.S. teachers have conditions making them more vulnerable to coronavirus; Fauci clarifies remarks comparing Covid-19 to the 1918 flu pandemic; Florida surpasses 300,000 total Covid cases, 10k added today; 1 in 3 children tested for Covid in Florida tested positive; Deaths in Florida top 100 per day for third time in one week; Disney opens more parks in FL today as virus worsens in state
Comments (29)

Roberto Krebbers

this (Kamala Harris) is the kind of thing the USA needs right now,something to be proud of..I really hope Trump doesn't win,but what I don't get Trump is actually rigging the election, I hear a lot of outrage but no action...The outcome of this election is going to be a mess (thanks to Trump and criminal friends)and Trump is going to loose and saying the election is not legal and all those flat earthers,science deniers,vaccination deniers, Trumpers going to believe him or doubt the election outcome...really hope this works out

Aug 12th

Syl Grant

Unfit people use gyms too, they go there to get fit. People with autoimmune diseases use gyms too. People with diebetes go to gyms too because their doctors have told them to get fit or their life will be shortened.

Jul 18th

Roberto Krebbers

what a difference between Trump and Mr.Biden very refreshing someone with feelings warmth love and compassion for other people..someone who will tell the truth and do actually the right thing for the USA...after all the chaos and crazy the USA needs calmness and a sense of normal..Mr Biden can and will do that if he get the chance..personally I can't wait...

Jun 26th

Syl Grant

OMG, that drug is not aspirin or something, it is a very powerful drug that alters the immune system response and not always in a good way. After only a few days on it I was rushed to hospital, I almost died and was in Hosp for 2 weeks. I was on it for a legimate prescribed reason.

May 20th

Syl Grant

I hope US population can take on what they are being asked. Their brains are going to have to think of Trump as a leader in this and not someone spewing as usual. I hope they believe the situation is serious.

Mar 17th

FunkierLion074 Lion

Why haven't new episodes been posted in the last week?

Jan 26th
Reply (1)

Iris Mendoza

WTH? Bernie is the only candidate who hasn't changed his stance on things, has always been clear about things, sometimes too bluntly, and has a long career of not just being a person of words. He's a person of action. Opinions of someone doesn't make them true. Give me facts, but you can't.

Jan 16th

Jacob Bruce

I feel the need to unsubscribe to all CNN content after the egregious dishonesty of CNN regarding Bernie. Sorry Jake.

Jan 16th


Jake, interviewing these appalling Trump sock puppets is CNN's worst strategy ever. Because of their pathological lying and constant repetition of their trumped up conspiracy theories (and apart from the fact that it makes for terrible TV), it succeeds only in giving them another platform for their propagandizing. How can Zucker not see this? I'm sure I'm not alone in raising this very serious problem he has created.

Dec 17th

Nonya Bizness

watch: on april 20, 2020, trump will legalize weed in a bid to win the election.

Dec 13th
Reply (1)

ann conway

a place nationale

Oct 10th

Luke Simmons

no sound

May 30th

Chris Phelps you have no audio people??

May 24th

Chris Phelps

get the site to no audio? did you drink the kool aid or what?

May 24th


Franklin Graham needs to go f**k himself.

Apr 26th

Nonya Bizness

i think trump has a political form of munchausen syndrome. he deliberately manufactures chaos in order to position himself front and center to 'save' america. this health insurance thing is a perfect example- listen to the chaos and high emotion in the voices of the media. if trump actually does ~anything~ about this, he will 'save us' by re-branding the aca to trumpcare. same for the border- a thing that has been essentially unchanged since our founding without notice, but trump 'made the country sick' in order to position himself center stage to 'save us' and build a trump branded monument to himself.

Mar 27th

Robert Becker


Jan 15th


Who is that woman talking over everyone?! NEVER have her on again. She is obnoxious!

Jan 9th

Scott Thomas

As a matter of fact Im NEVER going to book my all inclusive vacation. how much more of that commercial do we have to endure?

Dec 23rd

Adam McAlister

Its not isolation....its the start to peace.

Dec 19th
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