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You’ve heard it over and over and over again.  That you need to know your “why,” the reason that you do what you do.  Today, I’m going discuss why pushing your team to be driven by their "why" is a total leadership cop out.  Learn more at Follow me on IG @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Gaining an awareness of your self-talk doesn't just impact your life personally.  It could be the missing link to reaching the success you know you should be tapping into by now.  Listen in as we explore how judgement can be confused with self-improvement, and what to do instead! Learn more at and keep learning with me at 
Even the most modest estimates suggest that people lie at least 2 times per day.  The odds are, you have lied in the last 24 hours. So why did you do it?  And even if it didn't happen at work, what does it mean about you as a leader?   Listen in as we explore.   Learn more by visiting: and follow Liz on IG @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Need to improve your speaking, presenting, or facilitation skills right away?  Listen into today's episode for some actionable tips to up your speaking game quickly. Nee more?  I've got you covered.  Head to to pre-register for my Presenting Without Panic course and learn even more. 
You've heard the words, "emotional intelligence" before.  But do you have the skills of an emotionally intelligent leader?   Well developed EQ can help increase resiliency, effectiveness, and improve company culture.  Listen to emotional intelligence expert, Robin Hills explain more and give you tools to build your EQ muscles after listening to this episode!   Find TLCG's New Course: Find Robin:
Is there anything good after failing at "doing it all?"  There very well could be. Listen in to see how that might be...
As a leader, you likely have been told to be authentic.  However, the way you are assessed is probably more on your successes versus your authenticity.  So how do you bridge that gap and live as your most authentic self?  Listen in to explore this conversation further. Learn more at 
Want to know the big conversations that a strategic advisor would have with you about money?  Curious about what such a professional looks for in potential success stories?  Today, Henry Daas is here to discuss all that and more.
Communication is challenging on the best days.  But what do you do when you are pushed over the edge?  When your emotions are running so high that you almost feel your blood boiling?  Today's episode unpacks that.  And the biggest takeaway that you might not expect: I'm going to tell you to trust, and not bury, your emotions.  Listen in for more. Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Do you aspire to be the fearless leader that you have heard so much about?   Today TLCG founder Liz Howard and lead consultant, Richard Rieckenberg, are talking about the potential dangers of fearlessness in leadership and how to handle fear when it does arise.     Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Curious about how to maximize your effectiveness?  It's not always about doing it all.  It's about doing the RIGHT things.  It sounds easy, but many fail at the execution of the idea.  Well, Crista Grasso is going to break down how to be truly effective while cutting out a lot of the time stealing things that lead to stress, burnout and distraction.   Find Liz:  
Do you know what to do if you organization encounters a real crisis? What do you say, what elements are important to focus on? Today, an expert in crisis communication, Bill Coletti discusses all of the above, and why reputation management matters. Find Liz: IG@theleadershipcoachinggroup Find Bill:
Is there a place for love in organizational culture?  Today's guest, Helena Clayton, has been researching the role of love in organizational culture: what prevents it, what cultivates it, and why it matters.  Listen in to learn more about love at work. Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup Find Helena:
Can your leadership skills help you in building your influence, and even your personal brand? Today's guest, Dr. Jackie Noelke, says yes! Listen in to hear more about the parallels between leadership skills and social influence skills. Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup Find Jackie:
How has shame impacted your leadership journey? Shame is a complex topic. It can be tied closely to self-judgement. What's remarkable though, is when you do the introspective work to understand and move through shame, you might find self-acceptance on the other side. Listen in to Amanda JP Brown, a licensed trauma therapist and social worker discuss shame, how to identify it, how to live with it and after it, and why leaders need to think about it. Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup Find Amanda:
Litigator turned happiness aficionado, Becky Morrison, is discussing how to make life easier. We are talking about how to prioritize your time, energy, and how that might the key to a happier life.  Is money the ultimate goal?  Well…it is a consideration for many of us.  But the way we think about a one for one value exchange could be what we need to shift. Listen in as Liz and Becky explore priorities, happiness, and success. Find Liz: IG: @theleadershipcoachinggroup Find Becky:
High achievers have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on themselves to reach specific goals.  But in very unpredictable times, that can be problematic when the pursuit of goals might not follow a traditional path.  Instead of focusing on resolutions and goals for the New Year, Liz is going to challenge you to name your intention(s) for the work you do in 2021.  
Listen in as executive coaches Liz Howard and Richard Rieckenberg reflect on 2020.  We discuss the role of change, kindness, and resolutions in the new, and equally uncertain, year.
Can leaders actually make innovation happen? Listen as Liz and her guest Jeff DeGraff talk about this and the six skills that empower innovation. Jeff is both an advisor to Fortune 500 Companies and a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is an author several times over and just released his new book The Creative Mindset; he also has a regular segment on the Next Idea's public radio. Listen in and see if you can learn some creativity skills on this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group. Jeff shares how working with Domino's Pizza gave him the start to where he is today. Jeff discusses the one thing about creativity; he thinks every business owner should know his definition of creativity and where creativity lives. He believes that if you diversify the gene pool, meaning to talk to people outside of the business, you are in, they will usually be able to give you insights that will help you. Jeff also shares his one piece of advice for new leaders. In This Episode [01:03] Welcome to the show, Jeff! [01:22] Jeff shares his background and how he got into the field he is in today. [02:27] Jeff discusses the thing about creativity every business owner needs to know. [03:50] Jeff gives his definition of creativity. [04:22] Where does creativity live? Is everyone creative? [07:13] Jeff talks about diversifying the gene pool. [10:04] Being creative comes from the inside, not what you look like on the outside. [12:46] Jeff believes that talking to people from the outside can create points of departure. [13:19] See one, do one, teach one is Jeff's one piece of advice for new leaders. [14:12] Thank you for being on the show! Find Liz: Liz Howard Email Instagram | Facebook Find Jeff: Jeff DeGraff LinkedIn
Have you heard of off the rack leadership advice? You know that advice that doesn't fit everyone the same way and for some may not fit at all. Listen as Liz and her guest Jodi Hume talk about leadership myths, what they are, and how to overcome them. Jodi was the COO of a growing architecture firm for over 15 years, so she has real leadership experience and is the lead singer of a band called the Wafflers. Listen to learn more about leadership myths and how you can debunk them on this episode of The Leadership Coaching Group. Jodi shares how to behave if your leadership advice doesn't work and how to listen for the unmet need that someone is trying to show you. You have to be an authoritarian leader is one myth that Jodi wants to debunk; she believes you need to create curiosity instead.  Can questions be weaponized? Have you ever felt like someone was trying to make you uncomfortable by asking unneeded questions? Listen as Liz and Jodi talk about how this can happen and what to do about it. Jodi also discusses decision fatigue and how you can ease the stress of making decisions. To wrap up the episode, Jodi shares one piece of advice for a new leader, manage your energy, listen as she explains. In This Episode [01:40] Welcome to the show, Jodi! [02:01] Jodi shares how to behave if leadership advice doesn't work. [03:39] Jodi speaks about listening for the unmet need that's being expressed. [04:40] Leadership being led with authority is one myth she wants to debunk. [05:41] What is the first step to breaking the authoritative way and creating a curiosity instead? [06:22] "Knowledge is a love affair of the answers, and wisdom is a love affair with the questions." [08:22] Listen, as Jodi discusses how questions can be weaponized. [10:11] Jodi speaks about decision fatigue. [13:49] Prioritizing your decision making can ease the stress. [15:25] Unless the stakes are truly high, don't roll the mental dice, decide. [16:10] Jodi shares one piece of advice for a brand new leader. [17:07] Thank you for listening! Find Liz: Liz Howard Email Instagram | Facebook Find Jodi: Jodi Hume So Here’s My Story podcast Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter
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