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Helping you confidently become a leader that others will want to follow. Listen in as executive coach, Liz Howard, shares her personal tips on how to thrive, not just survive in business. We also have regular interviews with some of the top thought leaders in personal and team development.
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Many people are suddenly working from home.  Some have never had to manage the distractions and adjustments associated with remote work. Bearing that in mind, TLCG consultant coach, Ashley Korman and TLCG founder and executive coach decided to sit down and share their own personal strategies that they have used as successful virtual employees. What We Cover: - How to manage your time - Balancing the distractions that arise while working from home -Professionalism while using virtual collaboration tools   To learn more, visit and to watch a live video of this conversation, go to
What does it mean to be a leader during a pandemic?  The landscape of work is changing dramatically right now.  Most of your team is likely working from home.  And not every leader feels they have the power to make an impact.  So...what can you possibly do from a leadership standpoint?  Today we discuss just that.
Roughly one third of the population self-identifies as an introvert. But even still, many ideals of great leadership tend to be reflective of extroverted personalities.  So how can introverts stay motivated, and confident, as leaders?  Today I am talking with Richard Rieckenberg, a self-proclaimed introvert, about how he was able to truly thrive as a military and business leader. What We Cover: What introversion is and what it means for organizations How to manage your energy when you are a true introvert The strengths that introverts bring to leadership To learn more visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Do you have someone on your team who is quieter than the majority of your team, who is less likely to participate in larger social gatherings, and who doesn’t speak up much in meetings?  Well, you may be managing an introvert.  And that might be one of the best things for your business!  Today we are going to describe how to be the best leader to the quieter personality type and how to really flex your adaptive leadership muscles. What We Cover: Common traits displayed by many introverts Whether or not leadership styles need to change for introverts and extroverts How to maximize the strengths of all the members of the team you are managing To learn more visit
What's that one thing you are so passionate about that you plan to accomplish...eventually? That thing that keeps being moved to the back burner but that you always say you want?  Today we are talking about why we have those lingering aspirations that never turn into accomplishments. To learn more, visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
What if all the things you thought you had to do, or believed you had to be, to become the perfect leader aren't quite right?  Do the best leaders have to be workaholics or is there a reason to have a life outside of the office?   What we discuss: The benefits of being multi-passionate How to determine how to balance priorities What makes some of the best regarded CEOs so popular Mentioned In This Episode: article on 20 best CEOs To learn more, visit
Can you...or should you, as a leader, be responsible for helping your direct reports love their work?  Today, we are going to explore a cognitive bias that often causes leaders miss the mark on understanding what their employees need to love their jobs.  We are also going to explore what Gallup has identified as the key elements that make up a quality job.  We tie it all together by looking at how leaders can use this information to take action to influence how their employees view their work. To learn more, visit Mentioned In This Episode: Gallup Study
What are the ingredients of great leadership? Today's guest, Rocky Romanella, has been an executive leader for years, taking on the presidency of several divisions of UPS, as a CEO of a telecom company, and now as a business founder.  He breaks down what he believes the essential elements of the very best leaders are. What We Discuss: How to know if you are deserving of the respect of your people Simple ways to help your staff rise to the next level of leadership Checking your corporate communication skills to ensure you are accessible to your team Mentioned On The Show: "Tighten The Lugnuts"  Want to learn more?  Visit us at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup  
How does leadership change in a real crisis situation?  Simply doing what you have done as a leader, but in a more urgent way, is not the solution.  However, Richard Rieckenberg knows what is. Richard is part of team TLCG and he has been a leader in wartime situations as a submarine officer during the Cold War, as the Mass Care Chief for the American Red Cross during several major U.S. disasters, among other interesting and high stakes leadership roles.  He is going to breakdown what core traits a leader must embody in order to be a successful leader when intense difficulty, danger, or trouble is imminent.   What We Cover: How decision making has to change in crisis The importance of modeling the behavior that will help the team function best while working through a crisis The importance of being indomitable  To learn more about us, visit
There are a lot of conversations about leadership right now. But can you define what leadership means to you in one concise sentence?  Listen in as we breakdown why you need to have a definition of leadership, all your own, to be an effective leader. To learn more, visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Today we are talking with the Senior VP of Product at Hubspot, Christopher O'Donnell.  Christopher helped grow Hubspot from a small startup to a publicly traded company worth over $600M in revenue! He has a passion for developing innovative and functional teams and embodying servant leadership. What We Cover: The necessity of letting go of the tasks you're familiar with in order to grow as a leader His people-centric definition of leadership How to build creative teams that actually want to show up to work Mentioned In This Episode:   To learn more, visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Today we are interviewing award-winning, best-selling author, Gregg Ward.  Gregg is on a mission to transform leaders and organizations through the power of respect. What We Cover: How a lack of respect causes a threat response in teams Why the old "command and control" style of leadership no longer is working How to be respectful up the chain when your leadership team is not respectful towards you Mentioned In This Episode: To learn more, visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
What if your priorities really weren't determined by what you say they are, but instead, they were determined by how you spend your time. Today we are going to explore how you could be living out of alignment with the things you truly want to keep front and center in your life and how focusing on your priorities might just be the best new years resolution yet.
This is one of TLCG's best podcasts from 2019.  Listen in as we re-visit the interview with Oscar Trimboli, deep listening expert.  Oscar says that only 2% of the population has actually been taught to listen effectively.  If you are in the overwhelming majority of people who have not been taught listening skills, you may be missing out on opportunities personally and professionally.   Mentioned In This Episode: Oscar Trimboli: Book: "Impact Beyond Words" available on Amazon To learn more, visit and follow us on IG @theleadershipcoachinggroup
There are a few special considerations for leaders to be aware of during the holiday season.  Sometimes your workforce may be stressed, depressed, or simply over taxed.  What is the appropriate way to address these issues as a leader?  Today, TLCG's subject matter expert on leadership, Richard Rieckenberg, shares his thoughts.   What We Cover: What leaders need to be aware of during the busy holiday season How to care for your workforce even when your company culture makes it difficult Self improvement cues that you may discover during this season Mentioned In This Episode: Interview with Rocky Romanella, former VP of UPS: listen here: To learn more, visit and follow us on IG @theleadershipcoachinggroup
  We are reviewing one of our past episodes with the CEO of Pax Financial, Darryl Lyons.  Darryl focuses on teaching the middle class how to overcome debt, manage their money, and save for the future.  His very approachable manner makes talking about money accessible to almost anyone. What We Cover: Why fear is an ineffective motivator for wealth management How some people seem to thrive financially regardless of where they are while others seem to be stuck no matter the opportunities that are presented to them Money challenges unique to the middle class   If you are interested in personal or organizational coaching, email us at If you just want to stay in touch, follow Liz on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup and find out more at  
Past studies found that the most common day for people to have heart attacks was on Monday morning as people returned to their stressful work situations.  Ignoring self-care can have some serious consequences that could effect your health, happiness, and success.  Listen in to learn what self-care is, why it matters, and how you can start implementing it into your life...regardless of how busy you are. Mentioned In This Episode: To learn more about TLCG, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Have you been burned one too many times because of bad business relationships?  Maybe it’s a counterpart in your organization that has left a few knife wounds in your back or clients that have caused more financial drain than gain.  How do you stop attracting these bad business relationships?  Today we will be discussing just that! What We Cover: Establishing a growth mindset that allows you to work with many different types of people Understanding who the bad business affiliates are for you and your team How to improve your position and messaging To learn more about TLCG, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Sometimes, we can't pick and chose who we work with either inside our organization or externally.  And when that happens, flexing your leadership skills is a must.  But what are the best ways to handle really challenging business relationships?  Today we discuss just that! What We Cover: How to improve your listening skills to negotiate most effectively  Why building rapport matters The reason you should keep your own reputation in mind as you navigate this relationship Want to learn more?  Check out our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
  As a leader, your primary focus is to create an environment to empower your team to do the work they are experts in.  What's one of the ways to that?  Ensuring that your business relationships, clients, and customers, are healthy associates for your team and your organization as a whole. Today, we are going to breakdown a few of the red flags that suggest that you could be interacting with, potentially, a less-than-ideal business relation. What We Cover: Why leaders should care about this How difficult associates differ from bad associates The top 4 red flags to look out for Want to learn more?  Check out our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
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