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Helping you confidently become a leader that others will want to follow. Listen in as executive coach, Liz Howard, shares her personal tips on how to thrive, not just survive in business. We also have regular interviews with some of the top thought leaders in personal and team development.
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  As a leader, your primary focus is to create an environment to empower your team to do the work they are experts in.  What's one of the ways to that?  Ensuring that your business relationships, clients, and customers, are healthy associates for your team and your organization as a whole. Today, we are going to breakdown a few of the red flags that suggest that you could be interacting with, potentially, a less-than-ideal business relation. What We Cover: Why leaders should care about this How difficult associates differ from bad associates The top 4 red flags to look out for Want to learn more?  Check out our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
This month, the majority of our shows have brought up the very important topic of mindset.  How it can shape your success, how it can help you manage conflict, and now, we are taking the conversation one step further to explore how it effects your organizational effectiveness and even your happiness in life.  Listen in as TLCG duo Liz Howard and Richard Rieckenberg riff about mindset. What We Cover: What Richard has learned about embedded mindsets from teaching adult education  How your mindset can effect your overall career trajectory as a leader Why your mindset, as a leader, directly impacts your team's performance To learn more about TLCG, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
Do you ever wonder how some people are able to achieve elite performance in their career of choice?  Well today's guest is going to tell you how he did just that.  Roderic Yapp was an officer in the British Royal Marines.  He found an effective mindset to get him through the intense required training that he was required to complete and this mindset has served him well throughout his career.  He shares his views on leadership, mindset, and emotional intelligence in today's episode. What We Discuss: How being a part of the British Royal Marines shaped Rod's leadership style The mindset that helped him complete his elite military training that you can use, and teach your team to use, starting today How the gap between intent and impact as a leader can cause problems Mentioned In Today's Episode:  
  Managing yourself during conflict is an art and a skill that great leaders have developed.  But what is your role when your team is in conflict?  Today's guest, Judy Ringer, is an established author and coach on leading through workplace conflict.  Listen in as she provides her insights on how to keep your own cool and help your team thrive, even when conflict does arise. What We Discuss: Whether or not you can influence the behavior of others during conflict How to regain your own personal power after being in constant conflict The best approach to interacting with others who are deep in conflict For more information on The Leadership Coaching Group please visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup Mentioned In Today's Episode: Judy Ringer: "The Asshole Survival Guide" by Robert Sutton
  Today Liz is talking to Dr. Martha Saunders, the President of The University of West Florida.  Dr. Sanders has spent over 3 decades in academic leadership roles and today she is going to tell you what you need to know about college education for your children and for yourself as a leader. What We Discuss: The relevance of academic education in today's changing workplace How to balance real world experience and formal education What she learned as a female leader coming up in the ranks in the late 1960s For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup Mentioned In This Episode: University of West Florida:
  Have you ever felt frustrated with your work, your career, or how you are spending the majority of your professional time?  You're certainly not alone and today's guest, Grace Lee, is the expert on revising your career without going back to school or facing nonstop rejection.  Grace has a personal story of overcoming extreme personal strife with an impressive upturn where she became a neuroscientist and success coach.  She shares tips that you can use to help find your purpose now.  She also shares why finding your purpose is so much more important than finding your passion! Mentioned In This Episode: Grace Lee -   
  Today Liz is talking to podcast publicist, Kelly Glover.  Kelly has over 18 years of experience working in media including being a celebrity interviewer on the red carpet early in her career.  Today she shares the wisdom she's used to create her own company, The Talent Squad, which helps pitch top talent to various podcasters.  Business leaders should take note of this show because we are constantly having to pitch our messages to our employees, other executives, and board members.  Ensuring your message is on point and being received by your audience is vital - and helping people do that is Kelly's sweet spot.  Listen in to learn more. Mentioned In This Episode: The Talent Squad: Kelly Glover:
  Today we are talking to Christian Boucousis, a former Royal Australia Air Force fighter pilot who served for over 10 years.  Due to a medical condition that ended his Air Force career, Boo was forced to pivot professionally.  He first worked with the United Nations in Afghanistan and then became an incredibly successful entrepreneur. What enabled him to be so successful after transitioning out of his dream career?  He believes it was his training as a fighter pilot being utilized as a business person.  In this interview, he shares the tips that made all difference. What We Discuss: Why clarity is so important Why people often struggle to find clarity The role of the "debrief" in business For more information, please visit and follow us on Instagram @TheLeadershipcoachingGroup Mentioned in today's episode: www.
  TLCG partners, Liz Howard and Richard Rieckenberg break down some of their best facilitation techniques that they use to ensure the voices of any team, large or small, can be heard.  They discuss how proper facilitation is the key to maximizing the effects of diversity in an organization and give you real tools that you can use in your group right away.   To learn more, visit our website at: and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
  If you were to have an honest conversation with senior executives about why they struggle to integrate more diversity into their organizations, what do you think they would say? Today TLCG's Liz Howard interviews TLCG's resident Baby Boomer, Richard Rieckenberg to find out more. What we cover: The real reason senior executives could be struggling to embrace diversity How to begin organization-wide change to incorporate more diversity, even if you're not in the C-suite Why organizations should embrace different viewpoints and shudder at groupthink To learn more about The Leadership Coaching Group, please visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @theleadershipcoachinggroup
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