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The Leadership Journey Podcast

Author: Dr Alan Wilson

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A series of interviews with leaders, for leaders, exploring the ups and downs of a leadership journey.
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Sam Balmer is chairman of Bible Educational Services (BES), an organisation committed to producing Bible resources that are used in some 40 languages in some 65 countries around the world. He is also an elder in Fermanagh Christian Fellowship, a vibrant church that meets on the edge of Enniskillen. In the course of our conversation … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Sam Balmer →
This week’s guest on the podcast is Peter Lynas, Northern Ireland director of the Evangelical Alliance. Peter is a trained barrister and has a degree from Regent College in Vancouver, where he serves on the board. In our conversation Peter talks about the influence of his father, Norman. At the time of posting this, Norman … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Peter Lynas →
This week’s guest on the podcast is Stephen Cave. Stephen is Senior Vice President for Translation with Biblica (The International Bible Society). He has also served as a Baptist pastor in Northern Ireland and has had leadership roles with the Evangelical Alliance where he is a member of the UK board. Perhaps unsurprisingly for someone … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Stephen Cave →
This week’s podcast is a bit different for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s international; and in terms of its content, it’s a discussion of a recent new book on leadership, rather than the exploration of one leader’s journey. The guest is Mark Strauss from San Diego, California. Mark is Professor of New … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Mark Strauss →
This week’s podcast was recorded with an audience (and live-streamed) at New Horizon in Coleraine. My guest is Gilbert Lennox, who was responsible for the Bible teaching each morning at New Horizon. Gilbert’s initial career path took him into teaching, but after a number of years left school teaching and devote himself to church leadership … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Gilbert Lennox →
Barry Forde is back on the podcast this week. Barry is the Anglican and Methodist chaplain at Queen’s University in Belfast. If you missed the first part of the conversation with Barry, you can catch up here. For your reflection: 1 – What do you make of the idea that a leader is ‘someone with … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Barry Forde (part 2) →
Barry Forde is the Church of Ireland and Methodist Chaplain at Queen’s University, Belfast, and he is the guest on the next two episodes of the podcast. Prior to taking up the role as chaplain at Queen’s, Barry was a curate in St Patrick’s Church, Coleraine, and before that had a career as a barrister. … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Barry Forde →
This week Sladjan Milenkovic is back to continue his story (you can listen to part one of the interview here). Sladjan is the director of HUB, a Christian centre not far from Belgrade, in Serbia. One of the main features of HUB is its Bible school, but its work includes other ministries. Some 360 students … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Sladjan Milenkovic (part two) →
For the next two weeks the podcast goes international as I talk with Sladjan Milenkovic. Sladjan is director of HUB (Christian Trust Belgrade), in Serbia, which includes a small Bible school that I have had the opportunity to visit on a few occasions over the past few years. The evangelical community in Serbia is small. … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Sladjan Milenkovic →
This week’s episode continues the story of Ken Clarke’s leadership journey. Ken (who recently celebrated the 49th anniversary of his 21st birthday) is one of the most respected Christian leaders in Northern Ireland and further afield. Ken has served the Church in several roles, including as a local church minister and as a bishop. Among … Continue reading The Leadership Journey Podcast: Ken Clarke (part 2 – repost) →
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