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Suzanne Redmond talks with artists about their artwork, techniques, and how they’ve created a successful business. With her background in accounting, finance, and exhibiting art, she knows what it takes to get your artwork seen and sold. She’s chosen artists who are working their business – exhibiting their art, teaching others, and finding unusual opportunities. You’ll hear from some unsung artists, who are extremely talented and creative, and hopefully you’ll look up their work and be inspired by what they do. Artists really do the coolest things, and they do this while running a family, traveling, and living an art-filled life. Enjoy listening to these successful artists who are happy to share the keys to their success with you.
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Munirah Rimer is a batik artist from Malaysia. She has traveled throughout Southeast Asia to expand her knowledge of batik designs, tools, and techniques. She now lives near Miami, Florida, and teaches batik in her home studio and throughout South Florida through AirBnB Experiences. Her workshops represent a tribute and a commitment to the authentic culture of her birthplace in Malaysia. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Artist Lara Cornell is a lifelong traveler who hosts creative retreats all over the world. She also has a space called Anahata Collaborative, where she holds creative seminars and events. Lara also facilitates entrepreneur meetup groups in her home town of Minneapolis. I met Lara in Morocco when we attended an art retreat. We talk about that and her upcoming retreats, including one in 2020 to Scotland. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Jan Rodusky is a grant specialist who helps artists find grants and apply for them. She has decades of experience working with grants. With her company, Venn There Grants Consulting, she provides classes and coaching for those looking to fund their art projects through grants. We also talk a little about fellowships, scholarships, and residencies. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
When Kasia Avery discovered art journaling, she realized that was exactly what she wanted to do and that she wanted to teach her techniques to others. She and her husband Jamie invited other artists to create classes, and they’ve put together a yearly group of classes called Wanderlust. They’re in their 5th year, and they offer one class per week for a year, including classes that they teach as well as classes from 24 other artists. December 31, 2019 is the last day you can sign up for Wanderlust 2020, so be sure to go to my website and look at the Show Notes for Episode 134 to use my affiliate link to sign up for Wanderlust. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Suzanne Redmond is the creator of this podcast. Each week she interviews an artist from all over the world. For this episode, the tables are turned and Suzanne is interviewed about how she came to art, how she developed her artistic style, and why she started this podcast. She also reveals who her dream artist interview would be. Suzanne is interviewed here by her son, comedian and fellow podcaster, Michael Springthorpe. The Show Notes and links for all the episodes can be found at
Artist Jane Davies lives in Vermont. She started her art career in ceramics, and eventually specialized in painting the designs on the ceramics. Now she paints abstracts and creates collages on wood panels. She teaches her techniques locally as well as all over the United States. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Deborah Engelmajer has a vibrant online community called Tizzit where she helps creatives develop a successful handmade shop. She offers lots of free resources on her blog and through her Youtube videos. She’s also created The Maker’s Roadmap, which breaks down the steps needed to dream, start, grow, and scale your handmade business. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Artist Mary Beth Shaw creates abstract and collage art from the St. Louis, Missouri area. She also teaches all over the United States her art techniques, often using the stencils that she designs. You may know her from her very successful stencil business called Stencil Girl Products. Not only does she manufacture thousands of stencils designed by her and many other artists, but she also offers online classes and has created a community of stencil enthusiasts. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Hope Barron is a CPA in Wellington, Florida. Not only that, she’s an artist in her own right, so she understands when artists need to buy more equipment before they’ve even made sales, and when they need to hire an assistant to help them with their administrative tasks so they can concentrate on making art. Hope makes beautiful fused glass, and she uses that as her creative release to balance her time with her thriving tax accounting and consulting practice. We’ll talk about her glass for a little bit, then we’ll dig into the world of business and accounting. We talk about: how to set up your business how to keep track of your sales and expenses, how you will report your taxable income to the IRS the tax benefits of having a home office or studio what you need to do when you’re ready to hire employees and how you can set aside some money for retirement. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Amy Maricle lives in Massachusetts and formerly worked as an art therapist. She’s taken those skills and she now helps artists find the time and the space to create art. Whether it’s getting past a creative block or tackling your self-doubt, Amy can help creatives to get back on track. She offers a variety of tools on her website that she calls Mindful Art Studio, like live retreats, self-lead retreats, and mentoring. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Dina Wakley is an artist based in Arizona. She has developed her own artistic style of mixed media art, using bright colors and many different mediums, like inks, sprays, stencils, stamps, and scribble sticks. She’s also a Ranger Signature Designer, and she’s developed her own lines of acrylic paints, brushes, rubber stamps, and more. Each year she teaches her techniques in cities all over the world. In 2020, she is even teaching at an art retreat in Mexico and combining that trip with her new love, scuba diving. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Artist Sandi Keene was new to Port Orange, Florida and wanting to further explore mixed media art, so she reached out to a local artist and asked that artist to show her what she does. From there, Sandi has developed her own artistic style, which includes watercolors, creating handmade books, using stitching on paper, and adding lots of other materials to her art pieces. Now she teaches online classes in book making and watercolors, and will be adding more classes later. She prefers to collaborate with other artists, so she teaches her classes with a partner, Rae Missigman, and she also hosts a podcast with artist Roben-Marie Smith, called Creatives Get Real. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Artist Carol MacConnell painted in oils for many years, and often in a figurative style. Now she is doing abstracts with acrylic, and adding other mixed media to her art. She even does acrylic paint pouring, but in a different technique than what most people have seen. She’s a lifelong learner, and takes classes from other artists both in person and online. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Caylee Grey is the creator of the Get Messy Art creative community. What began as two women challenging each other to finish a couple art journal pages in a week has become a huge community of artists bound together by their love of art making. The community offers classes, live art dates, and collaboration opportunities. I spoke to Caylee from her home in Germany, and let me tell you, the distance doesn’t diminish the fun that you can have talking to someone. Caylee and I laughed so much during this interview. Even before we officially started our interview, we were laughing. There’s one hilarious bit that I’m saving for my end of year wrap up episode. You’ll just have to wait for that one. But between our laughter and an interruption from her dog, you will gain some great business tips from Caylee about how you can start a community as well as how you can create your own business retreat. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Janine Vangool is the creator of Uppercase, a magazine for the creative and curious. In each issue, she tells you about artists and makers and the cool things that they do. She’s also created a series of books called the Encyclopedia of Inspiration, and that includes titles like Vintage Life, Ephemera, and Print/Maker. All of her publications are independent and ad-free. Janine works from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she started out in graphic design. She always had an interest in publishing, and after creating smaller books and magazines, she went all in with Uppercase. She’s in her 11th year with Uppercase magazine and it’s distributed all over the world. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Mural artist Renda Writer is known for his word art. He first started with a Love mural where he painted the word Love over and over on the wall. He now paints words all over the world in a style that’s uniquely his own. You may have heard of his World Peace Tour, where he writes World Peace thousands of times. One mural often leads to many more, as when people see him painting, they book him for more. He’s only been doing this for a few years, but he’s already painted murals in many countries. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Jo Packham is the creator and editor of Where Women Create magazine. She now has four magazine titles, and just over a year ago she switched to a new publisher. She’s always been an advocate for women and the arts, and she’s continued that with her new partnership with Women’s Leadership Live.  In addition to her magazine work, she is hugely involved in her community of Ogden, Utah. She recently opened up an event space there called Urban Studio, which people can use for parties and classes. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Rae started her art journey with simple mark making onto pages, and she later moved to painting and crafting her own mark making tools. She now teaches online classes, as well as live art retreats, including an upcoming one in Italy. Rae has also published a book of her techniques and projects called Paint Play Explore, and she tells us about the process it took to write and photograph her book. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Susan Lenart is a jewelry artist, silversmith, and designer. Looking for inspiration, she traveled the world to study different cultures and their adornment. Digging even deeper, she studied how things physically connect, not just jewelry pieces but all kinds of things, so she could adapt these connection techniques to her jewelry. She has created a unique style of jewelry, and she shares her techniques through her books, classes, and retreats. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
Artist Melissa Partridge is from Massachusetts, and she paints in acrylic with a bold color palette in an abstract manner. It’s very different than traditional New England artists, who often paint scenes of the ocean or the Fall leaves.  Melissa turned to painting as a healing mechanism during some rough times. She’s now created a thriving art business and teaches her intuitive style of painting to others. The Show Notes and links for all my episodes can be found at
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